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About Us

The Team Behind the Games serves as the launching pad for games created by Blockdot, an award winning creative and technology firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Blockdot founders Dan Ferguson and Mike Bielinski developed the Advergame concept in early 1998 and are considered by many to be the forefathers of this technology. They are most recognized for creating the 1999 Internet game phenomenon Elf Bowling*no] which according to ComScore/Media Metrix, made them the first independent game developer to have a Top 10 PC Game that did not come bundled with a Microsoft operating system.

"In the four years that Media Metrix has tracked game usage, it is unprecedented for non-traditional or unbundled games like Elf Bowling to reach a number-six ranking," said Bruce Ryon, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New Media Group, Media Metrix. "For Elf Bowling to generate usage of 7.6 million users would have to be described as a phenomenon. Other popular nontraditional or non-bundled PC games, such as Myst, Doom, Deer Hunter, and Quake, have never reached more than two million users in any given month."

Since then, Blockdot has gone on to create awarding winning web sites, Advergames and Viral Marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Their work has garnered many awards including Ad:Tech Best Use of New Media Award, Brandweek's Marketers of the Next Generation Award, Macromedia's Site of the Day, and the SXSW People’s Choice Award.

The company has a history of launching successful interactive projects for a list of well recognized companies including American Airlines, AT&T, AUDI USA, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, SBC Southwestern Bell, T.G.I. Fridays and Volkswagen. generates over 500,000 game plays a day and is a Top 50 Game portal on the Internet. The site generates over 500,000 game plays a day and has a registered user base of over 1 million people.

To learn how Blockdot can help your business make better sense of the Internet, give us a call at 214.890.4150 or drop us an e-mail at

(*trademark of comMOTION Interactive)