Auto Racing Essay Examples

  • The Sun Also Rises Betrayal

    620 words - 3 pages

    In the novel The Sun Also Rises , written by Ernest Hemingway the main character Jake, makes a decision to introduce the woman he loves to a young bull fighter. Jake makes this decision very much against the will of Montoya, which leads to the betrayal of both Montoya, Pedro Romero, Mike and himself. Jake does this because he is unconditionally committed to Brett, and is willing to do whatever necessary to bring her happiness, even if it is only temporary. Jake's first reaction to the news that Brett is interested in meeting and spending time with Romero is one of negativ

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    Illegal Street Race

    316 words - 2 pages

    Street racing is a form of unsanctioned and illegal auto racing which takes place on public roads. Street racing can either be spontaneous or well-planned and coordinated. Spontaneous races usually occur at intersections where two cars stop at a red light before they begin racing. Well coordinated races, in comparison, are planned in advance and often have people communicating via 2-way radio/citizens' band radio and using police scanners and GPS units to mark locations of local police hot spots. (See participants, below). Street racing is reported to have originated prior to the 1930s due to

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    Winstons Conversation With The Old Man

    726 words - 3 pages

    In the novel 1984 by George Orwell Winston’s curiosity about the past overpowers and convinces him to go into the pub and talk to an old man, which he believes could be a connection to the past. As Winston entered the pub he set one goal for himself, is to gain knowledge from the only person he could about the past. Winston entered the pub and a strong smell of beer hit him in the face. He was feeling as though everyone was staring at him in his blue overalls. As he made his way through, he came into contact with the old man who was arguing with the barman. The barman and the old man were

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    Hannibal Hamlin

    780 words - 4 pages

    Hannibal Hamlin was born in Paris, Maine in 18091. As a teenager he worked a numerous amount of odd jobs that ranged from a cook to a journalist2. However, he then found his true calling when he began to study the government and became a lawyer at youthful the age of twenty-two. He then started his very extensive career in the world of politics where he was nurtured his views having to do with the ongoing civil war. By the time he was put up for the vice presidential candidacy he seemed like the best choice, due to the fact that he had recently changed political parties and had expressed many

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    1984 Review

    741 words - 3 pages

    1984 Review One year before his death in 1950, well-known author George Orwell wrote a book entitled 1984. Since the release of the book, 1984 has become one of the most widely read books across the world. Not only is the book written so powerfully and fluently, but also the book is written in a manner that gives valiant statements about humanity. The protagonist in 1984 is Winston Smith, a man who opposes Big Brother’s totalitarian government of Oceania, a super state in 1984. The story begins with Winston, a rebellious character who opposes the new language, Newspeak, and the entire

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    778 words - 4 pages

    Doublethink The idea of “doublethink” emerges as an important consequence of the Party's massive campaign of large-scale psychological manipulation. Simply put, doublethink is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in one's mind at the same time. As the Party's mind-control techniques break down an individual's capacity for independent thought, it becomes possible for that individual to believe anything that the Party tells them, even while possessing information that runs counter to what they are being told. At the Hate Week rally, for instance, the Party shifts its diplomatic allegi

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    Golf Cart

    1108 words - 5 pages

    What a perfect day it was going to be; my best friend Jimmie Veitch and I had just agreed to both, not do our homework, for it was way too time consuming (and boring) and go for a round of golf. We sprinted to the car, a black and silver Eclipse Spyder, and sped off without looking back. We were turning onto the highway when the car jerked into the other direction, slamming my face into the window. As this searing pain stretched along my face, I glared at Jimmie with my one good eye. “Dude, we forgot the clubs,” was his response. I could not help but laugh; nothing, not even immense pain, was

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    Father And Son

    262 words - 2 pages

    In the short story father and son written by Owen Marshall an event took place that could be life changing for the father and son’s relationship. Norm’s son left school and was waiting in the bushes for him to finish work. The boss and the assistant walked over to Norms shed and gave him a verbal warning about how he wasn’t doing his job properly. They were making fun of his name and he just accepted the abuse, for example “He’s not a pansy isn’t he” and he didn’t even stand up for himself. Before this event the boy admired his father, they spent a lot of time together and they were b

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    Drag Racing Dreams Descriptive Essay

    697 words - 3 pages

    Drag Racing Dreams The heat was unbearable as I pulled up to the starting line. The smell of exhaust gases and burned rubber filled the air. The starting light received my fullest attention, zoning everything out of my conscience. light! I stomped my foot on the accelerator as I side stepped my clutch. Shifting into second gear, I flipped the switch to my nitrous oxide system. Instantaneously I was thrown back into my seat. All of a sudden a loud pop disturbed the smooth roar of my engine. Halfway down the track my engine sh

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    No Free Time George Orwells 1984

    376 words - 2 pages

    Authoritarian governments control their people by stripping them of their individuality and liberty of free time. George Orwell’s 1984 is a dystopian novel about a government that has a firm hold on its citizen’s thoughts and actions. In this essay I am going to prove that although The Party watches and controls the way of life of its citizens, sometimes there are loop holes in their system. In this paragraph I am going to prove that the Party controls the people of Oceana by forcing them to attend organized groups and activities. The Party creates these groups and activities to repla

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    Street Racing

    2648 words - 11 pages

    Street Racing Street racing is a major social problem, which needs to be treated seriously. In 2005 there were approximately 42000 deaths between drunk driving and street racing. 7200 deaths were the result of street racing, a nine percent increase from the year before. (Harrison, 2008) It is a dangerous event that mainly kids take apart in, but they are not aware of the serious injuries or fatalities that can occur to themselves and others. Street racing goes back to the 30’s. This is a worldwide issue, but the United States has the biggest problem. The issue compares to the seriousness of

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    Mixed Blood

    361 words - 2 pages

    In his article, entitled Mixed Blood Jeffery M Fish examines the cultural base of racial beliefs and concludes race to be a myth. To support his argument, Jeffery Fish illustrates an outline of human evolvement. He argues that that individuals differ physiologically because of adjustment to regional environments and these relative adjustment does not define human into individual races. In America, racial terms such as “black” or “white” does not discriminate between separate human species. Its very much alike the terms tall or short. Fish proposes the idea that our perception of race is cultu

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    Significance Of The Last Stanza In The Road Not Taken

    532 words - 3 pages

    Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is about a man or a woman facing one of life’s major decisions, where only one direction may be chosen. Frost wrote this poem with a calm narration, spoken through the traveler, who is the one facing the decision on which road to take. The narrator states that he or she chose “the one less traveled by”, and will be telling a story about his or her decisions on the fork on the road and whether it was a good or bad decision. The significance of the last stanza is based on the imagery, tone, and theme. Imagery is shown in this line “Two roads diverged in a w

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    1112 words - 5 pages

    Scott Markowitz Period 2 October 2, 2006 1984 When someone meets a person who understands their secret motives, a comforting feeling arises within the person. In 1984, by George Orwell the main character, Winston, is confronted with an emotional battle. He is under the rule of an organization that does not allow personal opinion or feelings of any sort. Although he should not give into the feelings to disobey “Big Brother,” he does even though he knows that there would be dire consequences if he is caught. He g

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    430 words - 2 pages

    50 Years of Speed The Goodyear Thunderdome was the first purpose built Oval speedway outside of the continent of America. Construction started in November 1984 and it was officially opened by the Mayor of Keilor on August 3rd. 1987 although it was christened by Americans Richard Petty, Bobby Hillin Jnr. and Rodney Combs along with local men Jim Richards,Graeme Crosby and Gary Rush. The first race was only a couple of weeks later when a 300 Km. Touring Car race was run on the combined Oval/road circuit.The race was won by Terry Sheil and John Bowe in a Nissan Skyline(the only time

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    Race And Revolution

    311 words - 2 pages

    "Race and Revolution" Race and Revolution" is the compelling story of that failed quest for the promise of freedom. It was the most profound crisis of conscience for white Americans at the end of the eighteenth century which became their most tragic failure. Nash analyzes the controversial issues challenging the Founding Founders, such as slavery and property rights, while emphasizing that the impressive accomplishments of the Founders far outweigh their failure to effectively resolve the contentious issue of slavery. Nash presents a persuasive narrative emphasizing that the Founders wer

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    855 words - 4 pages

    You could call NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, a successful business but that would be an understatement. NASCAR is the biggest spectators sport in America, out of the 20 highest attended sporting events, in America in 2004, 17 of them were NASCAR events. NASCAR has 75 million Americans follow NASCAR. That is one and three people in the US that follow the sport, and it’s the number two rated regular season sport on TV in America. Their was more than 2 billion dollars in licensing in 2005 and over 200 licensees. More fortune 500 companies participate in NASCA

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    1313 words - 6 pages

    shown, Apple is Apple -- nobody else is. Can it save Sprint? Hardly. Sprint believes the target customer for the new Samsung Instinct phone may have concerns about being "nickel and dimed" to death on all the charges needed to make the phone work with all its functionality intact. So, the carrier decided to have a flat-rate price and get rid of those concerns. Fair enough -- but don't automatically force the customer to a $70 plan. In Sprint's defense, that larger minimum hasn't swayed iPhone customers from buying gobs of that device with AT&T. But again, this is no iPhone -- it just looks lik

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    3153 words - 13 pages

    The novel 1984, story of a totalitarian society which is controlled by a character known as Big Brother. Big Brother has the ultimate power over the people in society. He controls the minds of the inviduals. In this dictatorial society it is a man by the name of Winston Smith, who stands out. He realizes that Big Brother makes everything go his way. He also has realize that Big Brother has the ability to change everything as he pleases, even the past. As the novel begins, Smith is just as every other person in the society with physical problems in this case it is an ulcer in his ankle. “Winst

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    708 words - 3 pages

    Traits of a Great Sports Car There are many types of different sports cars out in the market today. They all catch everyone’s eye in one way or another. Although, the exterior of the car does play an important role it does not define a great sports car. There are three basic categories that a sports car excel in, in order to be great. These categories are engine/power, interior/comfort and of course the exterior of the car. In order for a sports car to be great it must excel in all three of these basic categories. The first category that a sports car must excel in is its engine. A great s

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    742 words - 3 pages

    The True Relationship It is truly a bombshell when the reader finds out that Mr. Charrington is a member of the thought police. However, if this is a surprise, then the only way to describe O’Brien’s true identity is ironic. It is exactly the opposite of what the reader would think he is. On the contrary the reader always knows who and what Julia is about from the first time Winston made conversation with her. All of her facts were plainly on the table for Winston to know. As the books progresses it is evident that Julia is more of a sexual friend whereas O’Brien is a mystical friend until W

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    Physics Of Space Mountain

    947 words - 4 pages

    In April 1975, a few months after Space Mountain opened at Walt Disney World and proved to be popular, it was decided that there would be a Space Mountain at Disneyland. Because of space limitations at Disneyland, an entirely new design would be required and it had to fit in a 200-foot diameter building that would be less than half the volume of the WDW version. The following paragraphs summarize the engineering process involved in building a space themed, gravity run rollercoaster. The goal for a ride with a space theme is that it be smooth and flowing; thus proper curve banking and smooth t

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    Danica Patrick

    692 words - 3 pages

    Discrimination. It’s a very strong word. It was a major issue in the past, & it still is today. Blacks were treated differently than whites, poors were treated differently than the wealthy, & women were treated differently than men. Although those problems are still around today, the major issue is a woman being told they aren’t good enough to do the things a man does. This leads me to the world of racing, a, quote, Male Dominated Sport. Some one who has faced discrimination is a young lady named Danica Patrick. Danica Sue Patrick, or otherwise known as just Danica, is one of 3 females to

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    Drag Racing

    417 words - 2 pages

    Over the summer I drag raced my dirt bike. There are about fifteen races all over Indiana. After the first race I sat my goal to win a race. When I raced the first time I got third place. The next two races I got third place. I was happy with that for my first race on my new bike. The next race was at the fair in Columbus Indiana. There were about eight dirt bikes in my class. It was single elimination and I got to see three races before mine. I pulled up to the line and waited. As my opponent pulled up I was anxious. The lights flashed yellow and I took off. When I took off the fr

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    Nellie Mcclung

    1419 words - 6 pages

    Nellie McClung, known as an important leader in Canada’s first wave of feminism, lived an influential life with bold statements as a political activist. Of the two articles and resourceful websites examined we are given an insight into whom Nellie McClung was, and the views taken on her political activism. In the following essay I will establish comparisons of how Nellie McClung is regarded in the documents read, who Nellie McClung is and how the authors exemplify her valiant endeavours as a 20th century Canadian feminist. To begin with, an illustration of Nellie McClung is needed to help fur

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    I Search

    410 words - 2 pages

    Whenever I think about road trips i think of senes from movies where your in your car filled with your best friends, listening to music and just non stop laughing and talking. Just cruising through the country down open roads. my dream road trip would be from san diego califonia to miami flordia. i always hear how fun road trips are but what things do i have to look out for while traveling the open road? What places should i stop at on the way? how much money will i need to dave before i can travel? how long should i make the trip last? what states should i advoid going through on my was

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    Neanderthals Race Concept

    276 words - 2 pages

    Final Essay Questions #1. Explain why anthropologists no longer think the race concept is the best way to understand human variation. There are many anthropologists that argue that race concept is not a scientifically useful term. The reason for this is because race concept is a social construction and race is a relative construct. Arbitrariness of classification varies from place to place and person to person. Race can also be defined differently by anyone or any place. Many have used the concept of race to attack people. There is actually no such thing as a pure race. There is no proof

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    Julius Ceasar

    304 words - 2 pages

    In the novel, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar , the author William Shakespeare portray Julius Caesar as being sick, arrogant, and powerful man. Although Julius Caesar was powerful but he was also sick to. Casssius recall a windy day when he and Caesar stood on the banks of the Tiber River and Caesar dared him to swim to a distant point. They race through the water, but Caesar became weak and asked Cassius to save him. Cassius had to drag him from the water. Cassius also recount an episode when Caesar had a fever in Spain and experienced a seizure. Casea notes however that Caesar fit did not see

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    35 Questions To Ask A Coach

    463 words - 2 pages

    1. How did you get the job here? 2. How many miles a week do you have your runners run? 3. How many workouts do you do each week? 4. Do you believe in doing doubles? 5. How much do you get paid? 6. How many scholorships do you have for your athletes? 7. What is a good piece of advice you would give to another coach about how to handle athletes that give you trouble? 8. Do you have your runners run a lot of miles during the summer? 9. Do you have your runners take any downtime between seasons, or are they training year around? 10. How fast are your interval sessions? 11. Do you have y

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    Change In Ending For 1984

    290 words - 2 pages

    Change of Ending: “1984” In the book “1984” the character Winston Smith is a low man on the totem pole type of guy that is living in a world that is monitored to the tee, meaning everything he does, everything he says, and everything he thinks is monitored by this group of people called the “Big Brothers”. Winston however is against this group of people in the book, and he hates everything they do and does not support them at all. The respected leader Obrien in the book, ends up tricking Winston into a trap to get him to reveal his thoughts of “Big Brother”. Obrien than kidnaps/ arrest Winst

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    Sport Drink

    340 words - 2 pages

    Current Marketing Situation Ellis-LaPointe Inc., was founded 18 months ago, and is about to offer athletes an all-important sports drink, like no other in the current industry. H2E’s has an aspect of maintaining hydration, while using carbohydrates to maintain energy levels, which water does not. Research shows that a properly formulated carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage, can significantly improve exercise. Controlling approximately 77% of the US market, Gatorade is H2E’s greatest competitor. Followed by PowerAde, with 21%. To gain market share in this ever changing environment, Elli

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    Nascar Vs Formula 1

    754 words - 4 pages

    NASCAR and FORMULA-1 RACING by Eva Reed English Composition 161-52 Instructor Campbell 31 October 2010 OUTLINE * Thesis Statement: How NASCAR and Formula-1 racing are alike but different? I. Both are races A. Standards set by governing body B. Excuses for people to drive fast C. Competition II. Roots A. European races of the 20’s and 30’s B. Beach course at Daytona Beach III. Formula-1 A. Open wheel racing B. Money and time spent C. Mostly road courses D. Fuel E. Races all over the world IV. Nascar A. Stock car raci

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    The Field

    636 words - 3 pages

    The silence on the field was awful, no one could stand it. I felt like I was going to collapse right where I was standing and just cry and cry. We were called into the dugout by all of our coaches, although I'm sure a team chat was the last thing any of us wanted to do. I looked around at all the faces that I had come so familiar with, some I had known for years, the others I had just started getting to know over the past few months. We went and sat down in front of our head coach, Scott waiting for him to say something, anything, but he didn't he just looked at all of us. I hung my head down

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    Discrimination Of Asians

    667 words - 3 pages

    | Discrimination of Asians | | | [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] | Introduction and Thesis Statement: Discrimination still persists in America today. People use labels everyday to describe the people different from themselves. The word “Asian” is often used to describe an actual race. An actual race requires four distinct characteristics to be considered a distinct race, but d

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    Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes

    1286 words - 6 pages

    Need For Speed: Carbon = Cheat Codes At the "Click to continue" screen or main menu, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Entering a code incorrectly will require the game to be restarted. Result Cheat Code All tracks canyonalltheway 2005 Aston Martin DB9 givemethedb9 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 givemethechargersrt8 Mazda Speed3 speed3foryou Mazda dealership chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk Corvette Z06 Interceptor in Quick Race mode chasingmobile Cross Corvette Z06 in Quick Race mode guesswhoisback Dump truck in Quick Race mode w

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    Life Is A Race

    841 words - 4 pages

    LIFE IS A RACE It has been rightly said that life is a race. Yes it is as I consider all aspects of our daily activities on the planet earth. From the simple acts of sleeping and waking; from the cradle to the grave: Life is a race. Whatever your place in the society you are in a race. I was born by a poor man, nursed by a poor woman and grew up in a very crude environment. My place both in the society and family was at the bottom. But that was no excuse for exemption from life’s race. As long as you live you are in. A very balanced race I’d say. Rich or poor, we all start the race on the

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    375 words - 2 pages

    The Goodyear Thunderdome was the first purpose built Oval speedway outside of the continent of America. Construction started in November 1984 and it was officially opened by the Mayor of Keilor on August 3rd. 1987 although it was christened by Americans Richard Petty, Bobby Hillin Jnr. and Rodney Combs along with local men Jim Richards,Graeme Crosby and Gary Rush. The first race was only a couple of weeks later when a 300 Km. Touring Car race was run on the combined Oval/road circuit.The race was won by Terry Sheil and John Bowe in a Nissan Skyline(the only time a Japanese car has won on

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    868 words - 4 pages

    CASE APPLICATION: FAST COMPANY DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Q1) How do you think good decision making has contributed to the success of NASCAR? Ans) Every business needs a good decision making strategy to hit the success. Considering NASCAR’S success, I think that there are must be some good decision making processes going on to get the unlimited success for the NASCAR company. For Example: During the early year the founder of the company Big Bill had a decision to promote their NASCAR car as a sports official with the help of the race track owners. Therefore, NASCAR got promoted and spon

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    My Favorite Hobby Is Nascar

    468 words - 2 pages

    My favorite hobby is nascar for several different reasons. The first reason is I love the excitement of being at a race or watching it on television. Watching the racecars race around the track at such fast speeds and hearing all the fans, including myself, getting excited for our favorite drivers as they race past each of us. Each track, whether you are sitting in the stands or on your couch at home has a different level of excitement. Second reason is I love traveling to different tracks around the country. The passion I have for the sport only makes the car ride so much more exciting

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    486 words - 2 pages

    Every business needs a good decision making strategy to hit the success. To raise a company to the success level needs a solid plan and effective decision. Considering NASCAR’S success, We think that there are must be some good decision making processes going on to get the unlimited success for the NASCAR company. During the early year the founder of the company Big Bill had a decision to promote their NASCAR car as a sports official with the help of the race track owners. Therefore, NASCAR got promoted by the sponsorships and dealing with the television networks for live telecast. After that

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    1984 Summary

    5527 words - 23 pages

    Book 1 Chapter 1 The book opens by introducing the main character Winston Smith who is described as a thin thirty nine year old man. As he is going up to his apartment, he sees a large poster with a man’s face on it that says big brother is watching you. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth, which is the branch of the Party that ‘corrects’ history. The other branches of the Party are the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty and the Ministry of Love, which deal with war, shortages and enforcing the law respectively. All of the citizens of Oceania (England, North and South America, South

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    424 words - 2 pages

    Head Rush A hormone that increases rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism, secreted by the adrenal glands, This adrenaline the greatest natural high anyone can experience. You can’t put a price tag on this intense feeling of euphoria. There are many ways in which to experience this feeling, from playing sports to getting in a fight. I am going to let you in on a little secret. One of the most intense ways I have been able experience getting my fulfilment of this drug like natural substance, is in the process of street racing. Street racing has been taking place f

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    716 words - 3 pages

    AS 151 Lecture 2 1/20/11 * Ethinicity, race, class – how are they different? * Race does not exist in social sciences today, ethnicity means culture, people are different by culture and not by racial mix * Caste – The social class, you cannot change * Gender sex, a binary concept? * Continuous between the opposite sex * Foreign Born – immigrant * Culture - accent, vocabulary, language, religion, identity * Class is an economic basis, vertical concept, you can change the class position by education, marriage and other means * Hierarchical - social

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    The Birth Of Nascar

    428 words - 2 pages

    “The Birth of NASCAR” Founded over 50 years ago, NASCAR, a popular southern racing tradition, has become one of the largest spectator sports in the world. Along with racing came an American marketing revolution. Why would one make that claim? Just watch a race, each car is illustrated with logos and marketing slogans of Fortune 500 companies. How did NASCAR emerge? Escaping from the great depression mechanic William France Sr. moved to Daytona Beach from Washington D.C. There France participated in many races and then in 1936 France participated in the Daytona Event, finishing fourth. Soon

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    Sodas Should Be Sold At Schools

    454 words - 2 pages

    SEBINEZA NDASARARA TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE COMPOSITION I&II WRITTING ESSAY CELL PHONE USAGE BY DRIVERS SHOULD BE BANNED As it have been said many times in different department of safety, the usage of cell phone consists many risks to both sides the driver and other road users. The reason being is that not only distraction but also disturbance of mental and physical use while driving. Therefore, after that short breaking apart of the subject, each one can understand how deepest it is to be disturbed while performing any act. Normally human brain needs a lot of concentration especi

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    High Classed Wine To A Tall Draft Beer

    1043 words - 5 pages

    High Classed Wine to a Tall Draft Beer Jeffrey.F Oct 9, 2010 Spending more than 49,000 dollars per second, forcing the engine to 18,800 rpm within 8.6 seconds, reaching its top speed of 360 km/h marks the highest class of racing in the whole world. It is obvious that Formula One competitions’ are a lot more world-renown than Nascar. The only similarity between Formula One and Nascar is the fact that, surprisingly, Nascar’s average speed is faster than that of Formula One race cars. Of course, to states the obvious, most people are more interested in their differences. Upon closer inspectio

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    1310 words - 6 pages

    NASCAR Safety: Review Essay Although NASCAR is frowned upon for not being safe enough to some viewers a lot of authors have highlighted key points on safety and how safety is influencing the car of tomorrow. The seats in a stock car have to be as modern as any other part of the car. The seats are molded to fit each driver and are molded tight so that the driver does not move around when going around corners. After the seats have been molded they are fitted with cushions and a five point quick release safety harness made of heavy duty nylon webbing. Driver’s helmets rank the highest in saf

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    371 words - 2 pages

    NASCAR Racing is not just a sport but a true science. There are many different things to consider about NASCAR racing. There is an average of 250 to 400 laps in a race. There is usually 400 to 500 miles in a race. There are many types of tracks. Some tracks you ride on a 30?° turn and flat straightaway. There are small oval shape tracks or large oval shape track. There are also street tracks that range up to 200 laps. There are 43 racers on the track at the start of the race (see appendix A). There are seven types of flags. There is red, white, checkered, black, yellow, and green flag (see

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    Some Title

    1186 words - 5 pages

    The management of race by multiculturalism, then, is discussed by Stratton and Ang, Perera and Pugliese and Lentin. However, the link between multiculturalism and race is not the terminal point by which race has been historically managed in Australia. Indeed, whilst the Office of Multicultural Affairs was set up under the Bob Hawke-led Labour government in the early 1980s, the management of race by other discourses, namely economic discourses and the understanding of liberalism in conjunction with citizenship.The management of race by multiculturalism, then, is discussed by Stratton and Ang, P

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    Case 2 Goodwind Tires

    407 words - 2 pages

    Case#1 Stock Valuation at Ragan Engines Ans. 1 EPS= $5.08 No. of shares= 300,000 r=20% ROE=25% DPS=Total dividend/No. of shares=640000/300000=$2.13 Net income = EPS*No. of shares =5.08*300000 =1524000 g=Retention ratio*ROE =[1-(640000/1524000)*0.25 = (1-0.42)*0.25 =0.58*0.25=0.145=14.5% Po=D1/r-g =Do (1+g)/r-g =2.13(1+0.145)/0.20-0.145 =2.43885/0.055 = $44.34 Ans. 2 Industry growth rate g = Retention ratio*ROE = (1-0.41)*0.13 = 0.59*0.13 = 7.67% For the initial 5

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