Bicycling Essay Examples

  • Fixed Gear

    515 words - 3 pages

    The oldest and simplest type of bicycle is the “fixed-gear” bicycle. This is a single speed bike without a free wheel; that is when ever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. You cannot coast on a fixed-gear machine. Many enthusiastic cyclists ride such bicycles by choice, at least part of the time. Why would anybody do that? It is not easy to put into words. There is an almost mystical connection between a fixed-cyclist and bicycle; it feels like an extension of your body to a greater extent than does a free wheel equipped bike. If you are an enthusiastic, vigorous cyclist, you re

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    Biking Vs Driving

    987 words - 4 pages

    Many people’s first mode of transportation is a bicycle. Then, when the individual reaches the appropriate age, the individuals’ bike gets traded in for a car. Eventually, upon reaching college the individual must remove his or her reliance on a motorized vehicle and switch back to an easier more practical mode of transportation, a bicycle. This is especially true for the students of University of California of Davis. Riding a bicycle and driving a car are two forms of transportation that assist an individual in reaching a destination. Riding a bicycle is beneficial for both the individual r

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    Descriptive Essay

    487 words - 2 pages

    OPERATE A TWO (Two Wheels Only) As I watch, the transparent sunbeams shining through the cloud as they make their way toward the ground. I can feel the oppressive heat in the air and witness the innocent water vaporize. I think to myself, “This is perfect! Sun, sun and more sun.” I climb aboard the giant beast Suzuki GsxR-1000 to make a final preparation for my journey. As I push the start button and the bike roaring to life, the power vibrates my seat at first and then settle into a soft rumble. I navigate my way through the clutch until I am in the right gear. I engage the throttle and hang

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    My Journey

    1678 words - 7 pages

    My Journey I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results. -- Michael Jordan As I was growing up, all the kids around me had a nice bike. I still had my old raggedy tricycle, my friends would make fun of me because that was for little kids but most importantly they did not want to hang out with a little kid. Even when as a young child I learned that I had to get bigger and better things then the rest. it was maybe mid November when they really got on my case

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    Business Plan

    3567 words - 15 pages

    Executive Summary Breakaway Bicycle Company designs and builds custom bicycle frames to the exact specifications of the finest road and mountain bike racing professionals in the world. Breakaway has earned this right because its founder and master builder, Mike Giro, hand crafts road and mountain frames that satisfy the one common specification of all competitive cyclists — it helps them to win races. Since 1990, Breakaway has designed and built bike frames for racing professionals and those biking enthusiasts who take their riding seriously and want to own the best equipment. As more

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    Civil Peace

    642 words - 3 pages

    In the story Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe, we enjoy a detailed journey about Jonathan Iwegbu and his life surrounding the Nigerian civil war. In life you can tell a lot about a person by their actions in different situations. Reading how Jonathan handled himself in various situations that occurred in the story you were able to get a good feel for his personality and his characteristics. Some of the more notable ones were his resourcefulness, poise, determination, faith, and his positivity. Jonathan showed his resourcefulness with his bike. During the war he was able to keep it by burying the

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    Family Biking Trip

    397 words - 2 pages

    Imagine, cycling along the hillside with dearest ones, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the nature. No doubt this event is a very healthy one, attractive indeed. It gives your whole body a great workout; meanwhile, spending a great time with family too. Let’s talk about some benefits and drawbacks of it. Biking trips are inexpensive activities comparing to others, all we need is a bike, a set of kit and some other supplies. Luxuries are not needed, no cabs no hotels, all natural. There aren’t any beautifully decorated swimming pools or any well-built gym rooms, yet it provides you the oppor

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    725 words - 3 pages

    Studio 401 Thesis KEVIN To my understanding of the site, there are two zones, the Canal Zone & the River Zone. These two zones are defined by the bodies of water that reside in that particular area, but each has their specific sub zone regions. For example, the Canal Zone is made up of the canal itself, the bike path, the bridge, the existing parking lot, and GW Prkwy. The River Zone includes the field, the shore, the boat dock, and the River itself. There are also certain paths that already exist and pull people through the two Zones. One of these paths is the bike trail, and the others a

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    3111 words - 13 pages

    Eventually, the kids began to modify their bikes, making them stronger and better at surviving the hazards set up on the tracks they built. These early racetracks were usually built on empty sandlots and neighborhood trails. They included mud hazards, jumps and other obstacles. Kids were now seen on their modified bicycles not only tearing through the dirt, but also creating their own tracks. The next step in the growing sport was organized races. In 1976-1977 two bicycle organizations were born. They were the National Bicycle League (NBL) and the American Bicycle Association (ABA). T

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    Act Essay

    325 words - 2 pages

    People in general have experienced failure at some time in their life, the worst thing that happens is letting obstacles stop a person from getting back up again. Learning from one failure to another is a good route to success whether its from learning to ride a bike, pass an exam, or even subsatning fame. Many people have are facing failure at some point in there life. Many people don’t understand that learning from your mistakes can only better a person. For example the first time a person learns to ride a bike, they typically fall down a few times before getting the hang of it. This puts

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    Civil Peace Essay

    471 words - 2 pages

    “He had come out of the war with five inestimable blessings- his head, his wife’s Maria’s head and the head of three of their four children”(358). In Chinua Achebe’s short story “Civil Peace”, Jonathan has to overcome many obstacles inorder to keep his family and self alive. To make things worse the war has just taken place leaving them with very little to survive . Although there is many obstacles in life, a person can accomplish them if determined and motivated to do so, despite the situation one is in. The challenge may be harder but if one sets the mind to it, nothing is impossible. A

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    697 words - 3 pages

    Bike Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Sep 25, 2008 in Bike Advice       Print This Post Be it your new Lord of the Streets or your cute budget bike, they are such loyal buddies taking the lazy you to office, to grocer, carrying you and your monthly grocery through the crowded streets to home, after you’ve had enough of the rest-of-the-world experience. Don’t you think we need to pay back our 4-stroke bike at least giving it a once-in-a-while cleaning at house? So said, I would like you to read through the following lines. You got all those bike accessories as because you liked the way they

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    Civil Peace

    397 words - 2 pages

    Alexis Robles Mrs. Ewing English 4 10/25/2011 Civil Peace The story “Civil Peace” written by Chinua Achebe portrays an independent, loving character named Jonathan. His family and he consider themselves lucky and will not take anything for granted. They all work hard to earn the money they receive. This story shows true character in comparison to the other, “The Wife of Baths”. Jonathan is enduring compared to the knight because at the beginning of the story he shows the reader how he handled being robbed during war that just taken place. Then there was the knight who at first

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    Observation Example

    702 words - 3 pages

    Subject: Snowboarding, Audience: Anyone Interested in Snowboarding Purpose: Describe Snowboarding Conquest He stands on the edge, adrenaline coursing through his veins, heart beating in his chest, still sweating from the arduous climb. The cold, crisp mountain air whips past his face and into the nothingness behind him, yet he stands still. Cold creeps into his finger and his toe, as he stands on the mountain gazing at the slope below. Calm and quiet, at least that is how the slope appears to be with the freshly fallen sugar-like snow. How sweet it will be, he thinks, to plummet and dance

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    Forbidden Love

    1259 words - 6 pages

    November 2, 2011 Forbidden Love in Wendy Wasserstein’s The Man in a Case In the play The Man in a Case by Wendy Wasserstein there are two people that are meant to be but are blinded and, although Byelinkov and Varinka are two completely different people they share one very important thing, love. Varinka is a carefree soul, while Byelinkov is a successful and worrisome. Their love is and would be great. They are the perfect match for each other they over take each other’s personalities so it allows them to see nothing but love. All the love they have for each other, only one can see past all

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    Drivers Vs Cyclists

    480 words - 2 pages

    Drivers vs. Cyclists Who’s better? Did you know the average number of deaths caused by cyclists each year is 4000 and that are just the UK, Let alone the world! Ok cyclists, there are a lot of aggressive drivers out there, but us regular drivers have to deal with them as well. This doesn’t make you angels though. There are way too many cyclists who disrupt the flow of civilised traffic on purpose and break traffic laws frequently. Other drivers will know what I am talking about here. I’m not going to say something irrational like “cyclists suck and we shouldn’t have them on our stre

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    359 words - 2 pages

    It was a bright and crisp spring morning with a touch of winter in the air. The sun had melted away the dew on lawns of the houses that lined a narrow street on both sides. A young woman with long light brown hair, wearing blue jeans, old sneakers, a red hooded sweat shirt and carrying a backpack broke the stillness on the deserted street. Her lone footsteps echoed through the empty street as she approached her destination. The mint green house with white trim and white bars on the windows that belonged to her grandparents was waiting for her. As the young woman approached the walkway that led

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    Biking Instead Of Driving

    1799 words - 8 pages

    Should I Ride My Bike To Work Instead Of Driving? Biking to work instead of driving seems to be a great way to save money these days due to the rising cost of gas. Riding a bike is also a very good way to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. Just the other day I got stuck in traffic on my way to work, and this man riding his bike just passed right by me. And for that moment I wished it was me on that bike because I was late for work. The way gasoline prices are going up all over the world, biking to work instead of driving will be the best way to offset the rising cost of gas, an

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    Easy Rider

    305 words - 2 pages

    Title: Easy Rider Date: 28 September 2011 Author: Michael Brooks Pages: 44-47 Edition number: Source: New Scientist Year of Publication: 2011 After the invention of the bicycle more than a century ago, have we finally found the formula for a super-stable bicycle? After a lot of good and also ridiculous forms of bicycles the still isn’t a physical explanation why the bicycle keeps itself upright while rolling along. Many theories seemed to be untrue and nobody no one knows exactly why a bike can keep itself stable. The more we come to know about the bike the more likely it is

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    The Civil Peace

    532 words - 3 pages

    Freshman English 102 [ 7 February 2012 ] Civic Peace In the story, the first major scene I felt that was important was when Jonathan used his family earnings to buy wine. His family picked mangoes near the military cemetery and sold them to the soldiers wives for some pennies. Jonathan uses the money to buy palm-wine for his bar that he opened up for the soldiers and other lucky people with a lot of money. Jonathan cheats his way out of many things. One was with the running public tap water down the road, Jonathan diluted the wine with water to cheat the soldiers thinking its fine wine

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    My Fay

    976 words - 4 pages

    This morning Darian, Danny, Laura, and I were bored so we decided that we would all go on a hike at Blue Ridge Mountain. All of us went home, got our hiking equipment, and packed a lunch. We then met at my house. I drove all of us up to Blue Ridge Mountain. We got there in a half hour it was around 10:30 AM. It was probably one of the most beautiful days we had all year, it was around seventy to seventy five degrees and there was barely any humidity. Even though we have all four seasons and varied amounts of precipitation throughout the year it felt like it was either a scorching humid summer

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