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  • Science Of Scientist

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    I am no scientist, neither am I a mathematician nor a philosopher. I may never be one of those, though, at one point in my eighteen years of living, I have dreamt of being one. Maybe I still do. After all, who doesn’t? To have one’s name placed on the same category as the greatest and most respected scientists, in whatever field, is truly a great honor and, sometimes even, a great deal of luck. But what is a scientist? Before I try to answer that question, I would have to ask you for a favor. A favor I know you wouldn’t be able to turn down. Scientists, Philosophers, Mathematicians, Statisti

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    Biomedical Engineers

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    Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to be a Biomedical Engineer? Biomedical engineers use many traditional engineering methods to figure out and solve different problems in the medical field to provide many enhancements in health care. In this health care field there is a continual change and new areas that allow a quick advancement in technology. Most biomedical engineers are employed by universities, industry, hospitals, research facilities of educational and medical institutions, as teachers, and government regulatory agencies. Throughout this paper you will learn about the differen

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    Research and Reading Worksheet 1) Directions: Choose a subject of interest. Explore the GCU eLibrary ( databases for articles related to your subject. Locate a minimum of five articles and create a bulleted list of them using the two-column chart below. Write a two- or three-line summary of each article. Use complete sentences with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. An example is provided in the first row of the chart. Be sure to use scholarly/peer-reviewed articles (usually journal articles), NOT popular literature articles. (Note: You can limit your r

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    Ahp Technique

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    Geoff Coyle: Practical Strategy. Open Access Material. AHP THE ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS (AHP) INTRODUCTION The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is due to Saaty (1980) and is often referred to, eponymously, as the Saaty method. It is popular and widely used, especially in military analysis, though it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, restricted to military problems. In fact, in his book, (which is not for the mathematically faint of heart!) Saaty describes case applications ranging from the choice of a school for his son, through to the planning of transportation systems for the

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    Free Trade Vs Protectionism

    1203 words - 5 pages 1-Read the article many times and identify and define all the economic concepts you learned in class that you see in the article. In this article, the author outlines that many nations around the world consider international trade unfair because it imposes economic hardship in some countries so that others may gain. Solutions for the issue on International trade is shown on the third paragraph where it says that there should be limitations on trade between nations to make them costly or the international goods should have quotas, in order t

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    Cross Cultural Management

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    INTRODUCTION Dutch psychologist Hofstede describes culture as a situation by which people’s way of thinking contrasts hereby makes people from one cultural group different from the other. It focuses on common set of values as well. Some people see culture as a cause of competitive advantage and stress the significance of finding out cultural alliances because this is a place where knowledge, values, language, experience from different cultures are being transmitted Schneider and Barsoux (1997: 156). However, the repercussions of cultural diversity must be taken into consideration Barsoux (

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    Medicinal Plants

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    Journal of Ethnopharmacology 62 (1998) 173 – 182 Short communication Screening of 34 Indian medicinal plants for antibacterial properties R. Perumal Samy, S. Ignacimuthu *, A. Sen Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai 600 034, India Received 22 October 1997; received in revised form 25 March 1998; accepted 26 March 1998 Abstract A total of 34 plant species belonging to 18 different families, selected on the basis of folklore medicinal reports practised by the tribal people of Western Ghats, India, were assayed for antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Kle

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    Plasma Res

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    The Institute for Plasma Research is a premier scientific institute under the Department of Atomic Energy; Govt. of India devoted to research and development activities in the areas of basic Plasma Physics, Magnetic Confinement fusion and industrial applications of plasmas. Applications are invited from highly motivated and result oriented candidates for the posts of : Sl.No.1 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT (PROJECT) (PHYSICS) (No. of Posts – 4) QUALIFICATION & EXPERIENCE: B.Sc. (3 Years) (Fresh) (First Class) with (Physics) as a main subject. JOB DESCRIPTION : The selected candidate will have to carry

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