Campers And Rvs Essay Examples

  • Outdoor Polemic

    497 words - 2 pages

    I like my life, my school and friends. Even more, I adore the outdoors more than anything on this beautiful earth. The clean air to breathe (after the spring storms); quite, stillness and space; an enchanting view of every night of sun, sky, stars and mountains; a sense of time to let you run to the edge of the world and back; something intimate about the soothing atmosphere of all the attributes which you cannot name. The sound of crickets chirping at night, sitting in my usual lawn chair looking out at Black Creek Reservoir, shoeless with my toes soaking into the bottom of the lake bed. S

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    Mountain Vacation Descriptive Essay

    796 words - 4 pages

    The Mountain Vacation My family and I have always loved our camping trips, especially the ones that take us deep into the depths of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. There is a very unique and beautiful camp ground near Mammoth Lakes called Devils Postpile. It’s beautiful, two gigantic crystal clear lakes, wildlife sites that could easily be posted in any National Geographic magazine, and trout that have enough meat on their bones to survive in the deepest of any ocean. One little problem I always have had was that my father was a better and more experienced fisherman than I was

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    Summer Camp

    674 words - 3 pages

    One of my greatest passions in the world is a camp that I attend during the summer. This camp is called Camp Virginia and it is an overnight camp that is in session for six weeks during the summer months. The people that I have met and the values I have developed through this camp have undoubtedly attributed to the person I am today. One thing I am very proud of in my life is my loyalty to this wonderful camp. I have been attending Camp Virginia for ten straight years and have recently been recognized as the youngest person in the history of this storied camp to be a “ten.” My role at this cam

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    The Camping Trip Of No Return

    653 words - 3 pages

    There is a family moving and it consist of a Dad named Chris, a Mom named Joy, Son is Jeff, Friend 1 is Kyle, Friend 2 Mike, Friend 3 Roger, and Friend 4 is Jessica. The Family just got moved into their new house when a few of their friends call and ask them if they want to come on a camping trip to the deep forest with them and they say yes. The family is going to be taking their motor home. Before they get out there they stop for gas and the clerk tells them a story about what happened up their a few weeks ago and it was about three people going up their and getting killed and cut up like a

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    Book Report

    564 words - 3 pages

    Jesus Esquivel 10/02/09 Goosebumps Ghost Camp Brothers Harry and Alex are the sole occupants of the bus to Camp Spirit Moon. Alex starts to get carsick and Harry, being the helpful older brother, tells him to take his mind off it by singing. Alex has a beautiful singing voice and so he takes his brother's advice and starts singing a Beatles song. Alex's voice is so good that he was supposed to go to music camp for the summer, but because their parents enrolled them both so late in the summer, the only camp that was available was Camp Spirit Moon. The two kids lug their luggage through

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    Camp Happy Valley

    645 words - 3 pages

    ASSIGNMENT – CAMP HAPPY VALLEY Question 1 answer: His influence is a positive one due to the fact that the he has worked there for the last 4 summers, and knowing a lot about the camp itself, the organization, the staff, the kids and the programs that were offered, people trusted him. He’s filled with pride and enthusiasm about the place he works at, and the role of leader that he will undertake. The least experienced staff went to him always for advice, so he is a loved and admired person at the camp, which will raise the morale of the other staff members. Question 2 answer: Fact

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    Winnebago Indian Tribe

    789 words - 4 pages

    The Winnebago Indians were first discovered by the French in 1634, at the western end of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We do not know how long they had been living in this region, but based on the archaeological evidence, they did not reach Wisconsin much before A.D. 1400. The Winnebago’s were taller than other natives (taller than most Europeans). Their clothing was fringed buckskin, which the Winnebago frequently decorated with beautiful designs created from porcupine quills, feathers and beads .Men originally wore their hair in two long braids, but in time this changed to the scalp-lock and roac

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    Romeo And Juliet

    350 words - 2 pages

    Application received in office: GREENE COUNTY 4-H CAMP COUNSELOR APPLICATION DUE: NO LATER THAN December 16, 2010 in Extension Office by 4:30 PM Camp Counselor selection is based on an application, interview, former camper experience, character, and mental maturity. Age limits are: counselor, 16 & older and at least a sophomore in high school, CIT, should be 15 years old and a freshman in high school. Name Address Date of Birth / / School Grade City Phone_______________________ Zip____________ Age as of January 1 ________ List the years you have attended Greene County 4-H Camp as a c

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    This I Believe

    633 words - 3 pages

    This I believe: I believe in the strength and power of relationships with friends. I find myself repeatedly reflecting on the relationships with other people in my life. Recently, I found myself thinking about those friends as I made my way to the funeral of a friend who I used to practically live with. The long car ride to the graveside service with my best friend Ryan, and my ex-girlfriend Catie gave me excellent time to think. It let me realize that all the things I had been striving for and focusing on recently were pointless. All that mattered were the people I cared about and living eve

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    The Canadians In Normandy Their Success And Failu

    3142 words - 13 pages

    The Canadians in Normandy: Their Success and Failure March 2, 2007 The Normandy Campaign of the Second World War would prove to be the deciding factor in the war against the German Third Reich. The ability of the Western Allies to gain and maintain a foothold in Northern France would bring the war to Germany’s western border, coupled with the Soviet Union’s advance in the east and on to Berlin. For the most part the Allied soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6th 1944 were green, untested men who bravely charged ahead towards Hitler’s Fortress Europe and their destiny o

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    Treasure Island

    1124 words - 5 pages

    I. One day Captain Suave and Captain Crunch set off on an adventure to find the lost treasure of Captain Pacman. They went to the local bar and got super drunk so they could find good crew members. They ended up finding four people that had clues to where the treasure was. We invited them to join us in our adventure and their names were Midnight Beetle, Iron Man, Big Papa, and Lil Caesar. They all agreed to join us in our adventure. II. On Sunday, Oct 18, 1887, we set sail to look for our first clue. Midnight Beetle had our first clue and she said our first stop should be the island of

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    Youth Adventure Camp

    956 words - 4 pages

    “Youth Adventure Camp” Summer vacations are some of the fondest memories that many of us will ever have as teenagers. There are some teenagers that like that fact that there is no school, no teachers, liking staying up and sleeping in late. Others like the vacations taken with family, swimming and having fun at many amusement parks. This is a typical teenager’s summer of fun; a time to relax and not worry about a single thing. Many years ago, I was inspired in more ways than one to volunteer for youth ministries. Volunteering at a Youth Adventure Camp taught me a lot about team work

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    397 words - 2 pages

    “Learning can be done anytime and everywhere”, finally I understood what it really means. Actually I have been involved in some similar camp during my high school time. Although this is not my first time to take participate in the leadership camp, I was still looking forward to this camp. Don’t ask me why, I think the only reason is just because I am an adventurer! That’s right, I am only interested in adventure. There is no luxury villas or gorgeous swimming pools in Gopeng, only the natural woods and the clear river can be seen. However, it is still better than our imagination, at least we

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    Green Mountain Camp

    589 words - 3 pages

    Brielle Mills [email protected] Professor Buchanon BUA 102 Chapter 10- Green Mountain Camp: It’s More than a Summer Job Summary The Randall’s had a vision for themselves and their children: to live at a summer camp and enjoy the out door activities they did when they were younger. Green Mountain Camp in Vermont was for sale so the family came up with enough money to purchase the camp. The Randall’s had a more serious problem than they thought, they had no employees for the camp. They had reached out to the previous camp chef and head counselor but were unable to reach them. Th

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    Sales Forecast

    933 words - 4 pages

    Sales Forecast (12 Months) | Pan de Frutas |   | Products |   |   | 7-Jun | 7-Jul | 7-Aug | 7-Sep | 7-Oct | Unit Sold (Pan de Piña) | 900 | 900 | 950 | 930 | 950 | Sale @ Unit | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | TOTAL | 5400 | 5400 | 5700 | 5580 | 5700 | Unit Sold (Pan de Mangga) | 950 | 860 | 960 | 920 | 910 | Sale @ Unit | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | TOTAL | 5700 | 5160 | 5760 | 5520 | 5460 | Unit Sold (Pan de Buko) | 950 | 980 | 950 | 970 | 950 | Sale @ Unit | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | Php6.00 | TOTAL | 5700 | 588

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    Being A Twin

    618 words - 3 pages

    It’s not fascinating – at least not to me. People act like it’s the most remarkable thing they have ever seen. We look absolutely nothing alike, share very little in common, and have completely opposite personalities. So, what’s so amazing? It’s a never-ending discussion of “Who’s the better twin?” or “You look just like your sister,” even though we are fraternal twins and couldn’t look more different. I have freckles with light brown wavy hair, and Dara, who is four inches taller, has no freckles with dark black curly hair. The constant comparisons have been a challenge for years: compared so

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    The Forbidden Field

    373 words - 2 pages

    I look at the clock, 7:00 am, wait for it. “Elia it’s time to get up”, my mom hollers form her bed room. Ah there it is. Now, you may ask why I’m getting up at 7:00 o’clock on a summer morning. Well I’m going to camp. My camps name is Pegnita, which I personally think is a stupid name but I still love the camp. Yep, the way I see it there’s only one bad thing about it: the counselors. A few years ago I loved the counselors but now they’re mean, but I’m getting off topic. Camp there is great; they have all types of sports, swimming, archery, art and the woods. Now the woods were my favorite

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    Holes By Louis Sacher

    362 words - 2 pages

    Have you ever wanted to go to summer camp but never could. That’s how Stanley Yelnats felt. Stanley, also known as “Caveman”, is a character in the book Holes by Louis Sachar. One day he got to go camp, but not the camp he had in mind. The book Holes is about a boy who was accused of stealing and sent away to a boys’ camp to get rehabilitated. The camp counselors made him dig and all the rest of the boys dig holes 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep every day for the rest of their sentences. This book tells of all of the stuff he was into while there. In this story the boy Stanley was accused of

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    Reflection On Once More To The Lake

    374 words - 2 pages

    ?? ?????? 09 November 2011 Reflection on Once More to the Lake The first time I contacted E.B White’s work was during the period I was in junior high school. It is an novel named Charlotte's Web, from which I am still impress by his concise and lively writing style. Today when I turned over this essay, through the familiar writing style, I found his reflections to the time passing and nature remained. In the whole passage, we can see the author compared the lake past with now over and over again. In the second paragraph, the author started to wonder “the tarred road would have fo

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    Green Mountain Camp

    533 words - 3 pages

    ONLINE CASE GREEN MOUNTAIN CAMP: IT’S MORE THAN A SUMMER JOB Nick and Carol Randall had a dream for themselves and their two sons: to live at summer camp, re-creating their own memories of swimming in a lake, hiking the mountains, and laughing around the campfire every evening. So, when Green Mountain Camp in Vermont went up for sale, they scraped together their savings and bought the property and the business. Soon they learned why the camp was for sale: the cabins were run down, the kitchen was below health standards, and the dock was falling into the lake. But as they assessed the situat

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    444 words - 2 pages

    Leah Bailey 8/18/11 English 10H Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” A character I can say that I could really identify with is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I am able to identify with her very easily. She and I are alike in many ways. Alice is a very complex character who cannot seem to keep her out of trouble. No matter what she does, she’s always finding herself in a situation that is not easily gotten out of. Alice and I are alike in the ways that we are very curious, stubborn, and emotional. However, she does not let things hold her back. Her curiosity and stubbornness overcome h

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    My Testimony For Piggy In The Lord Of The Flies

    421 words - 2 pages

    My Testimony Well, I was in an evacuated plane and they were going to take us to an unnamed destination because there was a nuclear war in London. Then the plane crashed and it was dragged out to the sea and leaving us stranded on an unfamiliar island. That is where I meet Ralph. At first, we attempt to form a culture similar to the one they left behind. We elect a leader, Ralph, who, with the advice and support by me to strives to establish rules for housing and sanitation. Ralph also makes a signal fire the group's first priority, hoping that a passing ship will see the smoke signal

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    457 words - 2 pages

    Strirpe Junior Guard Stripe When I finished Junior High, I didn't know what to do. Somebody proposed to me to go to the Junior Lifeguard camp. I was interested in this camp, and agreed with this idea. So I went to this camp, and you know what, I had a lot of fun. It was the best summer of my life. I made a lot of friends, and at the end we got Junior Guard bags, T-shirts, and of course Junior Guard Stripes. This stripe has a lot of sentimental value for me because this is a symbol of the Junior Lifeguard camp. I went through a lot of t

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    Npdc Visit

    358 words - 2 pages

    RE: REPORT ON THE VISITATION OF NPDC (NIGERIAN PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY.LTD). Sequel to the email dated on the 22nd of March 2011 sent from the Lagos office on information regarding the Visitation of the officials for inspection. I write to inform the Management that the said officials by Names: and O.U, both of the Drilling Department of N.P.D.C Visited the Rig location as of 1:00pm and conducted a Satisfactory and Hitch Free inspection process. The inspection process was lead by the Maintenance, Materials Man and the HSE supervisor. Inspection was done at the Rig site and as well a

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