Career Planning Essay Examples

  • Graduate Degree Paper

    436 words - 2 pages

    Graduate Degree Paper: Reasons for an MBA A successful women’s clothing designer Diane Von Furstenberg was once quoted in an American Express credit card ad referencing her years as a young professional. She stated that she never knew what she wanted to do but that she always knew the kind of women she wanted to be. Diane was referencing the hardships she experienced as a young professional while trying to figure out what career path she should choose. Yet during this time she was able maintain her integrity, which enabled her to become eventually an established designer. Like Diane I t

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    In this essay I will attempt to highlight some of the most important aspects that have led to the emergence of a new models of “Career” A career is seen as a course of successive situation that together make up a person’s “work life”. Most frequently careers in the 20th and 21th century referenced the series of positions or jobs by which one people earn money Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a person has to make in their life. It is important because that is what we will have to do to support ourselves throughout life. Imagine being stuck in a dead end job and hav

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    460 words - 2 pages

    1) So what exactly do you do? Drywall finisher- I make sure a wall is flawless of all cracks and crevices so that it is ready to be painted. Stucco- Apply Styrofoam for insulation, then a base coat, then finally a finish coat which is coloured. 2) How long have you been doing this job for? - 22 years 3) What kind of education/training did you need to get into this career? - Started as a summer job, but turned out to be my career. I didn’t have any education or training for this job. 4) What kind of skills do you need to perform good at this career,(Technical, Transferable, Persona

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    Career Planning

    844 words - 4 pages

    Planning Your Career After College Once the excitement and anxiety of your graduation are over, it’s important to set the stage for your career.? Career planning is a necessity well before graduation, but many students in China make the mistake of waiting until after the ceremony to begin mapping out their blueprint for the future. Ideally, career planning can begin as early as the junior year of college. This is the optimal1 time to begin fine-tuning2 a resume, outlining strengths and weaknesses, and assessing your career standing and outlook for the next few years. Making a clear choice ab

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    Caree Management

    839 words - 4 pages

    Having a clear career management plan is extremely important. Knowledge workers who are committed to managing their career should have a plan. A career should never be left to chance; it should be shaped and managed more by the individual than by the organization. In this report, a career management plan will be outlined for the new sales staff of InterClean, Inc. Feedback Following the completion of a thorough performance appraisal, the employee will receive detailed feedback describing the results of the appraisal from their supervisor. The employee will be able at that time to share his

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    HR Strategies

    4293 words - 18 pages

    1 Introduction For most of the 20th century, the number of tasks and levels in large organisations grew incrementally, with new job and career opportunities to full-time employees. The introduction of the 21st century brought about fundamental changes because of numerous factors including global developments both technological and economical, changing labour market trends and the need for flexibility. As such, organisations have cut back their operations, closed facilities or outsourced non-core activities to specialist providers. The need for cost reduction, speed and flexibility lead org

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    Time Management

    453 words - 2 pages

    Time management is thus defined as the process of making every second of the day count by truly being focused and positively boosting one’s personal daily output and productivity. It is an essential trigger to advance career success. Professionals with effective time management skills tend to have better access to career opportunities, more accomplishments and a more balanced, stress-free lifestyle. Their skills enable them to prioritize tasks and get more things done efficiently on a daily basis. On the other hand, people with poor time management skills find themselves, more often than not,

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    Business Mentoring

    6220 words - 25 pages

    MENTORING IN THE BUSINESS ENVIORNMENT Shaun Brown Marketing ABSTRACT Mentorship entails the development between more experienced individuals and less experienced partners. Newcomers to organizations are paired with experienced people in order to obtain information, good examples, and advice as they advance. The purpose of this study is to examine the importance of mentoring in the business environment and how beneficial it is rather than attempting to excel in a particular field independently. INTRODUCTION: Mentorship refers to a developmental relationship between

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    621 words - 3 pages

    It has been said that internships are a very important part of the college experience. There are thousands of internship opportunities throughout the world for every career field. It is important that students know what career they want to pursue before taking up an internship. There are many steps that students should take to attain an internship. The first option should be looking into your university career services office. Their job is to help place you in an internship or job. They can only suggest the opportunity to you, it is up to you to make an impression on the employer and attain th

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    Self Efficacy Beliefs

    2068 words - 9 pages

    Strategic interventions are required to keep young people who are disadvantaged because of poverty, cultural obstacles, or linguistic barriers from dropping out of school. Recent studies showing a relationship between a student's belief structure and behavior suggest that self-efficacy beliefs may be an important focus for intervention. This ERIC Digest discusses ways in which self-efficacy beliefs are influenced by various internal, external, and interactive factors and reflected in career-related outcome expectations and performance. It examines ways of channeling self-efficacy beliefs to

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    Research Report On Webmaster Occupation

    553 words - 3 pages

    WEB MASTER I chose to research the occupation web master. This job seemed interesting to me because I have always been interested in computers. This job might fit me well because of my abilities to handle and create web pages. Here is a brief description of the job. Web masters will maintain web sites on the internet. If a website fails to operate correctly, the web master will find out what is the problem and find a way to fix it. They also design and create their own websites for potential customers. Most of the favorite websites that people today visit are created by these people. The

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    Career Essay

    383 words - 2 pages

    Career Essay When I was interviewing Mae I got a chance to think about my answers to the questions and a look back on my life. In my life I have had a lot of guidance on school and career from my parents and friends. They have always been there for me and always know the right thing to say. While doing the interview I started to think about home and my support group that I have left behind. Everyone I know has a role model who is always there for them. My role in my life has been my mother. She has always been there for me and has always given me guidance even if I didn’t want to hear

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    Career Development Plan Part II Development Of Training And Mentoring Program

    1292 words - 6 pages

    Introduction As InterClean merges with InterClean/EnviroTech, training and mentoring needs of employees will be assessed. The company will no longer sell only cleaning products, but will venture to offer full-service cleaning solutions for organizations within the health care industry. As a midlevel sales manager, I realize that culture in addition to business practice change is to come, thus employees have been selected to create a workforce capable of executing the organization’s innovative business strategy. A training and mentoring program has been created to better place the company and

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    377 words - 2 pages

    The reason why I want to be a part of this internship is because I believe this internship can provide me with a real world experience that relates to my major and my goal of running my own business in the future. I know that there are other internships available but I believe that this internship can provide me with the experience that can help reach my goal; to start my own business. The internship can allow me to get a firsthand experience of what it takes to be a business owner. This internship can challenge my abilities of running a business and can help me find out what are my weaknesses

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    Black Boy Richard Wright

    271 words - 2 pages

    There are two major points that I pulled out of pages 100-101 in Richard Wrights Autobiography Black Boy. First, that the events in Richard’s childhood affected his decisions in life more than any other factor. The second point was that the severity and toughness of Richard’s childhood caused him to be more successful as a writer later in life. First, the harsh event of Richard’s early childhood molded and shaped his personality therefore influencing every single one of his decisions in life. He wrote “Her life set the emotional tone of my life, colored the men and women I was to meet in t

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    An Organization

    330 words - 2 pages

    Every human being has some dream in life, which varies from person to person according one’s attitude towards life. Some have a craze for riches, others for brilliant academic career still others have vaulting ambition to hold some key position or a plum host. In the modern age of materialism there are very few people who have philanthropic inclination. How nice it is to blend one’s ambition to some mission in life. After all people who enhance the happiness of humanity and work in the service of society and the nation at last are essentially great persons in the real sense of world. My aim ha

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    345 words - 2 pages

    MY DREAM ORGANIZATION Every human being has some dream in life, which varies from person to person according one’s attitude towards life. Some have a craze for riches, others for brilliant academic career still others have vaulting ambition to hold some key position or a plum host. In the modern age of materialism there are very few people who have philanthropic inclination. How nice it is to blend one’s ambition to some mission in life. After all people who enhance the happiness of humanity and work in the service of society and the nation at last are essentially great persons in the rea

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    The War For Talent

    589 words - 3 pages

    Are you winning the war for talent? China is currently experiencing a level of growth and development the likes of which we have never seen before. As the world’s largest population transitions towards an open market economy, we are confronted by a myriad of opportunities and challenges. Local and multinational companies are racing to establish a foothold in the Chinese market and secure their place in what, over the next 25 years, will become the world’s largest economy. Ironically, given its 1.3 billion inhabitants, one of the most perplexing challenges facing companies in China is the unde

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    Career Development Plan Part Ii

    1508 words - 7 pages

    Career Development Plan Part II – Training and Mentoring Program InterClean Inc. merged with EnviroTech and will be embarking on a new strategic direction. As a result, under a new solutions/service model sales representatives will be grouped into multi-talented teams. InterClean completed a job analysis, workforce planning and selected a new sales team. In order for the new sales team to succeed a new training and mentoring program will be developed. Training and Mentoring Needs Under the new solutions/service model the new multi-functional sales teams will support InterClean’s high-qual

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    440 words - 2 pages

    American Corporate Trainers The American Corporate Trainers and Presenters of America (ACTPA) is an organization that I think will benefit me as I pursue a career in management and training. Once I obtain my degree I will need experience in training to pursue a bigger pay check. This organization provides additional training on how to be a better presenter, and allows you to take online classes as well as present in a class room to other people. They have a support network to allow you to build acquaintances, and many other benefits such as placement assistance. ACTPA provides certification

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    Career Goal

    387 words - 2 pages

    Career Goal I have different career goals in mind during my adolescent years. When I was young, I used to dream about being an archaeologist, an astronaut, a news-reporter and even a singer. But, I didn’t know the real purpose of having a career goal. So, what exactly is a career goal? Not until now have I discovered that a career defines how one wishes to spend a large part of their lives. A career should suit their life's purpose and passion as well as the possession of their best skills and abilities. Therefore, I for one have decided to be a teacher. I discovered that students ar

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    Development Of Training And Mentoring Program

    1830 words - 8 pages

    Career Development Plan Part II - Development of Training and Mentoring Program HRM 531 October 6, 2010 Joann Spurlock Career Development Plan Part II - Development of Training and Mentoring Program InterClean has completed the staff selection process and the new sales team has been announced. The next step in moving toward the projected goals as outlined by the strategic plan is training of the selected employees. The concept associated with training is training will improve performance. This improvement will be evident in the actions of the selected employees. Trained employees will

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    315 words - 2 pages

    We seem to think that choosing the right career is an easy task. I too felt the same way until I found myself stuck in a dead end job. As a elementary student we are taught to set goals that predefine what we will be when we grow up. Those careers appeared to be very promising at that time. By the time we reach middle school not only have those goals changed but they are now completely opposite of the career path chosen in elementary school. At the high school level after having experienced working in our various part-time positions, we now know what career path we should not choose. Even at c

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    368 words - 2 pages

    MY DREAM ORGANIZATION Every human being has some dream in life, which varies from person to person according one’s attitude towards life. Some have a craze for riches, others for brilliant academic career still others have vaulting ambition to hold some key position or a plum host. In the modern age of materialism there are very few people who have philanthropic inclination. How nice it is to blend one’s ambition to some mission in life. After all people who enhance the happiness of humanity and work in the service of society and the nation at last are essentially great persons in the real se

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    Witchcraft In Nupe Society

    1015 words - 5 pages

    Story of the Search I began my research by asking my professor about my problem. She told me to have a career guidance and research on it. I drew a line down the center of a piece of paper and started writing pros and cons about being an engineer and on a different sheet of paper I did the same for a teacher. I set them both next to one another and looked at both of them. From what I knew, I found out that the main difference between these two careers was the salary, hours and dependence. Apparently that answer just wasn’t good enough for me, so I looked into both careers. Next, I knew I ha

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    Ideal Career

    360 words - 2 pages

    Ideal career Currently, the mostly concerned problem is the ideal career. More and more people have complained that it is really difficult for them to find an ideal career, that is to say, they have to engage themselves in the field that they are not enthusiastic about. It causes many problems to begin with; many people complain that they chose the wrong major in their college years which has a negative impact on their present conditions. And also they are not very active in their present position. They are at a loss. They try their best to find some solutions, but all efforts are of no avail

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    Graduate Jobs

    1509 words - 7 pages

    ------------------------------------------------- According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters the graduate job market is becoming increasingly competitive with 49 applicants per vacancy in 2009 compared to 28 in 2006. Evaluate the importance of work experience as a valuable way of developing the employability skills required to be successful in achieving a graduate job. This essay will delve into the importance of work experience and evaluate how it can develop your employability skills and discuss how imperative it is to gain work experience before you apply for a graduate job

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    Preparing For A Career

    420 words - 2 pages

    Krista Stinson Ms. Harris Comp. I 10 March 2011 Preparing for a Career Intro: Many people consider a college education a way to obtain a better job. However, there is a significant difference between obtaining a job and pursuing a career. In society today, making money and supporting a family is the top priority for most college students. In Preparing for a Career by Derek Bok, the two types of college degree programs, vocational and liberal, are examined for the education they offer, argued to determine the best future for the student, and questioned on whether these programs should b

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    Career Exploration

    612 words - 3 pages

    Career Exploration Essay Career exploration is important for everyone because it yields structure and direction. An assessment from this determines which careers will best suit an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally. As time passes so does ones aspects, abilities, and skills making career exploration a life long process. This process is beneficial to a job because it betters a person's ability to become aware of their values, interests, skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Once one discovers the skills and abilities they would like to focus on they can use them as the le

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    344 words - 2 pages

    searchers and practitioners have shown strong and steady interest in the fields of mentoringand work-family balance for the past several years, yet few research studies have attempted to link these two domains. Moreover, increasing numbers of organizations have implemented myriad programs and practices, such as alternative work arrangements (Hammonds, 1996; Thomas and Ganster, 1995) and formal mentoringprograms (Forret et al., 1996; Tyler, 1998), in an effort to support and enhance employees' personal and professional lives. Given the potential synergy of these two important support mechanisms

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    7354 words - 30 pages

    COUNSELING FRAME OF REFERENCE My Counseling Frame of Reference Daniel W. Murphy James Madison University My Counseling Frame of Reference Two years ago, when I first entered the College Student Personnel Administration program at James Madison University, I was not even sure if I had made the right decision. I was so new to whole world of Student Affairs that I wasn ot prepared for the huge decision that I had made months earlier. Did I want to be in a counseling based program? Or was the administrative based program more of what I was looking for? At the time I did not know

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    Training And Mentoring Program Development

    1722 words - 7 pages

    Training and Mentoring Program Development HRM / 531 March 28, 2011 Training and Mentoring Program Development The merger of InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech required a restructuring of the Sales Department to ensure the goals of the new strategic direction are met. With the Sales Department in place there is now a need for the training and mentoring program. “Change is a fact of organizational life, and to cope with it effectively, planned programs of employee training, development, and career management are essential” (Cascio, 2006). Before the training and mentoring program is created,

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    Human Resource Management

    3403 words - 14 pages

    Chapter 9:   Management development, management development process (figure 9.1), management inventory, management succession plan, needs assessment - Process concerned with developing the experience, attitudes, and skills necessary to become or remain an effective manager - - Specialized expanded form of skills inventory for an organization’s current management team; in addition to basic types of info, it usually includes a brief assessment of past performance and potential for advancement. - Chart or schedule that shows potential successors for each management position within the organ

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    Mentoring In The Workplace

    2361 words - 10 pages

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: the “Why?” 1 The “What?” 1 Definition 1 History 2 Recurrence in History 2 The “Where” and “When” 3 Workplace 3 Throughout 3 The “Who” 3 Defining Roles 3 The “How?” 4 Stages of the Mentoring Process 4 A Working Model 5 Mentoring best practices 8 Conclusion 9 Endnotes 10 Bibliography 11 Appendix A 12 Appendix B 14 Figure 1: Stages of the Mentoring Process 4 Figure 2: The Mentoring Process: A Working Model 5 MENTORING IN THE WORKPLACE - THE POWER OF THE TWO Introduction: t

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    Co Op

    476 words - 2 pages

    Q:would you recommened co-op to future students and why? A: Yes i would recommened co-op to future students unless they are looking for an easy credit. and expect to keep the job through the entire semester because they work for no pay. i think for students that are going to put the effort forword will find that this class is very helpfull to pick a career choice that they enjoy. Q:How did you grow as a result of you placement? A: As a result of my placement i found that i am able to control my anger better when working in frustrating situations. i thought this would be a huge problem for m

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    Krumbolts Theory

    3347 words - 14 pages

    Basic Assumptions of Krumboltz’s Theory This manuscript will explore a class assignment, “Career Development Theory Paper”. The assignment is an undertaking designed to increase counselors’ knowledge and understanding of career development theories, thus obtaining a better understanding of the application of these theories in an effort to better serve our consumers. This paper will discuss Krumboltz’s theory, which is comprised of the Social Learning Theory of Career Decision Making (SLTCDM), Learning Theory of Career Choice and Counseling (LTCC), and Planned Happenstance. The developmen

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    Enlightened Power The Inextricable Link Between

    412 words - 2 pages

    Enlightened Power: The Inextricable Link Between Mentoring and Leadership We all wear a mask; One that’s hides who we really are and allows us to move up and protect ourselves. Stacy Blake-Beard cites Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem. “Nay, let them only see us, while we wear the mask.” As a black person, we wear on mask and as women we wear yet another. Blake-Beard talks about being able to remove the mask with a mentor. I know about keeping your mouth shut, because you don’t want to be known as that angry black woman or that sensitive woman, or that radical. I also know about stripping off tha

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    Comm 150

    434 words - 2 pages

    in charge of the dosages of medicine that the patient is given and what type of medication that the patient is put on. Doctors always have the final say in what type of treatment their patients will receive and they make the final decision. The salary of a doctor differs depending on what they specialize in, if anything. For instance, a general medical doctor will make far less than a gastroenterologist or a gynecologist. When doctors specialize in a certain field, they also have to complete a far deal more of schooling. All of the areas draw me to this particular career field and are extrem

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    Five Year Development Plan

    1224 words - 5 pages

    Five Year Development Plan For the past seven years, have been working as a sales/marketing representative and a senior sales analyst. During this period, I have been exposed to the top to bottom, bottom to top functions necessary to effectively and efficiently run the entire sales department. This five-year career plan is the result of my experience and expertise in sales. This five year career plan is designed to help me develop skills and to prepare me to assume a sales management position anytime. Furthermore, this five-year plan is very much an individual and personal plan, and is

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    Summarization Of What Will Be The Hot Jobs Of 201

    649 words - 3 pages

    Running Head: Summarization of “What Will Be the Hot Jobs of 2018?” Summarization of “What Will Be the Hot Jobs of 2018? What Will Be the Hot Jobs of 2018? by Sue Shellenbarger located on discussed the specific career paths that forecast growth over the next several years. Forecasting of job growth for the future is based upon stability of economy, however, is affected by many dynamics that change sometimes without notice. Research as a student allows time to evaluate and determine what career path to take. The article presented information that gives much insight to what the f

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    Job Training

    2008 words - 9 pages

    Abstract In my report, I decided to focus on job satisfaction, stress, and motivation in regards to job training. Landy (1985) views training as strategic actions taught by a corporation to expand the job expertise and abilities or to alter the mindsets and common performance of its associates in ways reliable with the objectives of the corporation and the necessities of the occupation (p. 306). Examining the favored processes of professional training and in what way they relate to workers being prosperous skillfully and directly, dissecting every process stated by reporting the good and ba

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    Expectancy Theory

    841 words - 4 pages

    Individual Case Analysis Template Insert title of your work above Feel free to play with the presentation of this page but all elements noted here must be present in your final assessment submission. Student: Amanda Tan Ying Ying Student Number: 31615407 Tutor: Miss.Hanaliza Workshop Time: ********** Due Date: ******** Contents 1.0 Analysis Using Motivation Theories 1 1.1 Expectancy Theory 1 1.2 Other Relevant Motivation Theories Error! Bookmark not defined. 2.0 Main Problems Defined 1 3.0 References 1 4.0 Appendices 1 4.1 Appendix 1: SWOT Analysis 1

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    376 words - 2 pages

    Important Aspects of a Career Shift Career is a profession with opportunities for progress and promotion. In ancient times, birth, caste, family and heredity decided one’s career. But today, career range is wide and the youth gets confused about which one to choose. One can seek guidance from parents, teachers and career counselors. The best time to choose a career is during the high school stage. One should choose a career according to one’s talent, interest and financial resources. One he chooses a career he should not retract his steps but work hard. His success will provide him and his f

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    Graduate Admission Paper

    486 words - 2 pages

    I am writing this essay in support of my admission into the Master’s program at (name) University. I believe that completing this program will assist me in advancing my career. I have specifically chosen University’s Master (name of program) due to the option of an online delivery format. I believe that this format, along with my time management skills will provide me with the skills to achieve work life balance, and meet the demands of the program. I am a (profession) with over (put in number) years of experience in the (type of field you are working in/ or experience with) field. When I fir

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    3937 words - 16 pages

    . | Question : | In an online class, class participation: | |   | Student Answer: | Is not possible since we are not together as a group. |   | | Will be graded by participation in mandatory online chats. |   | | Will take place in weekly discussion posts & responses. |   | | Will be optional since everyone is not available at the same time. | | |   | Comments: | | | |  2. | Question : | When I have a class related question I should first: | |   | Student Answer: | Call Luis' cell phone first since he is a 24hr resource to us. |   | | Review the Syll

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    Masters Degree

    459 words - 2 pages

    Importance of a Masters Degree: How Will IT Help My Career? A master's degree is often necessary to land certain jobs or for career advancement within some fields. Many careers that require master's degrees are typically found in sectors such as research and academia. Professionals with a master's degree often benefit from higher pay and increased job responsibilities. How Master's Degrees are Important for Career Opportunities What Can I Achieve with a Master's Degree? A master's degree can open many career doors, including certain career fields, advancement opportunities and higher sal

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    982 words - 4 pages

    Career Investigation- Travel and Tourism Management Description: Tourism and hospitality are so closely related, it makes sense to deal with them together. But they are distinct and your interest will influence which course of study to choose. The industry accommodates approximately 380 000 employees and 42 000 employers. It is organised into five sectors namely travel and tourism; conservation and tourist guiding; gaming and lotteries; sport, recreation and fitness, and hospitality. Travel and tourism includes transportation, resort management, travel agencies and government an

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    Eq Foe Sucesful

    632 words - 3 pages

    White Paper: EQ and Performance Freedman, Ghini & Fiedeldey-Van Dijk White Paper: Emotional Intelligence and Performance Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini and Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk Recent research by Six Seconds’ Institute for Organizational Performance finds that 54% of critical success factors are predicted by scores on the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test (SEI). This white paper explains the power and importance of this claim. In his best-selling 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman reported that research shows that conventional measures of intelligence – IQ

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    Careerer Management

    1147 words - 5 pages

    In this report we will be discussing the how company policies and practices influence the employees career management strategy. Career management can be defined as a lifetime process of planning ones career which as to do with choosing and setting goals and creating strategies for achieving the goals set. Career management is a blend of structured planning and active management of one career choice. Scomi is a multinational corporation based in Malaysia; it’s an international service provider generally in oil and gas business, the company is listed on the Malaysian stock exchange market,

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    690 words - 3 pages

    If one thing is clear about life, it is that every one of us has an unimaginable amount of potential. What is also clear is that for many people that potential is barely realized even by the time we reach are full stride in our careers and personal lives. Either we don’t define our goals or we don’t take the measured steps necessary to achieve them. The body of this paper will clarify the important relationship between personal career goals and career planning. Inspiring yourself to greatness is one component in the equation, and going after the tools and techniques you need to achieve y

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