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  • School Uniforms

    1529 words - 7 pages

    Throughout the State of Florida, numerous school boards have been attempting to standardize the clothing that students wear. The school superintendents who are in favor of uniforms will argue that the children who wear them will experience many benefits. I disagree with this position. I feel that the use of uniforms will strip identity, stifle creativity, and unnecessarily burden the families that cannot afford them. The use of uniforms has already been implemented in several long-standing social environments. The penal system uses uniforms to brand those persons

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    career Career Essay Sport Management For the longest time I could not decide on a major and a career to study throughout college. When I came to Georgia Southern University I discovered that they had a major that was very interesting to me. Sport Management id the ideal major for my interest and me. Since I love sports I figured that this would be the career for me. A degree in Sport Management helps to prepare for success in sport related occupations. The job market varies in the field of sport management. Some occupational opportuniti

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    For the longest time I could not decide on a major and a career to study throughout college. When I came to Georgia Southern University I discovered that they had a major that was very interesting to me. Sport Management id the ideal major for my interest and me. Since I love sports I figured that this would be the career for me. A degree in Sport Management helps to prepare for success in sport related occupations. The job market varies in the field of sport management. Some occupational opportunities include: athletic trainer, coach, sports official, Sports agent, camp director, sporting

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    Women President

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    1) I don’t think that we will have a women president in my lifetime, because our society still isn’t expecting of women. Most women and men think that a women is to emotional and that she will just give money away to any country that asks and basically that she will give away all our money away to any one who shows a tear. I think that women would give more money to education and hospitals. I don’t think that they would focus so much on war and more on the peace and love aspect, but that could just be me being stereotypical. 2) I wish that there were more women in the political parties, so t

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    Women As President

    893 words - 4 pages

    “A Women as President?” Should there be women as the United States President? The controversy about this idea has many pros and cons, which are mostly based on people’s opinion and culture. In the eyes of most Americans (who actually care who the president of our great country is) believe sex doesn’t matter in politics. A survey taken by CBS found that ninety-two percent of adults now say they would vote for a woman for president from their political party if she were qualified for the job. This support has increased steadily over the past 50 years. In a Gallup poll conducted in 1955, 52

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    Singapore Stories

    567 words - 3 pages

    Introduction The group’s theme is on ‘Singapore Stories’. Singapore is a small country and many of the stories found are similar on many international media. The team has taken the approach to zoom into the angle of unique Singaporean stories or events that have an effect on many people. Research has been done mainly on the Internet on the text type and sourcing the data needed. The text type explored was interview on television program shows. There are many similarities found between an interview on air and other human interaction such as a job interview. Behavioral, eye contact and th

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    Four Fundamental Patterns Of Knowing In Nursing Practice

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    It is generally considered that the nursing profession is one of the noblest and most important professions in the world. This is also why this profession requires a lot of skills and patterns. The aim of this essay is to argue that there are four fundamental patterns of knowing that nurses must learn and master to be experts and provide better care for their patients. These patterns of knowing according to Carper (1978, cited in Haynes, Boese & Butcher, 2004) are Empirical, Aesthetic, Personal, and Ethics knowing. Empirical knowing relates to the science of nursing. Aesthetic knowing repr

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    Becoming Influencial

    853 words - 4 pages

    Influence is not freely attained. It must be earned through education, practical knowledge, peer respect, communication and interpersonal skills. Even though I am a degreed professional, competent in my job skills and confident in my abilities, I feel that I have little influence at my current job because I am not a licensed nurse. Will gaining a nursing degree increase the level at which I am able to impact others? Or is it by identifying and honing additional skills as well as employing learned strategies that will allow me to become an inspiration to others? My goal is not to become influen

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    Evidence Based Practice Critique Of 2 Articles

    1738 words - 7 pages

    “A critique of a research article from a professional journal” This assignment aims to exhibit an ability to effectively critique a chosen research article from a professional journal. Strengths and weaknesses of the article will be addressed and the validity of the research methods utilised within the research will be analysed and discussed. The results that came from this research will be examined and evaluated, considering validity and any bias. Overall a reflection and analysis of the true value of this piece of research will be completed including examining the policy and the ability t

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    Option B; Many think that to be a nurse, all you are required to do is to care for the patient until returned to a complete physical health…this is the thought of a simple thinker. However, to a critical thinker a nurse provides more than just physical bedside care. As a nurse, we are to provide a happy, hygienic and comfortable place of rest to encourage a speedy return to complete holistic health. Critical thinking is a skill that takes years to develop and appreciate, and even longer to recognise, but it is something that will stick with you for life and will no doubt make you a much more

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    The Not So Golden Years

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    The Not So Golden Years At a first glance, walking into a nursing home makes one wonder why there is such a negative stigma placed on the term. A typical scene usually involves walking into a roomy, well lit lobby leading into one or more long hallways. Residents are scattered about, a few in front of the big screen T.V. watching a movie, another few may be in a reading group, led by someone going over the daily newspaper. Aides can be seen moving busily about, pushing residents in their wheelchairs and bustling to answer a handful of call lights. The nurses move about greeting visitors, an

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    Midwifery History

    1349 words - 6 pages

    Throughout history, women's roles as care givers, healers, and nurturers have been evidenced in the practice of midwifery. "From time immemorial women have helped each other in child-birth, midwives have been recorded from the beginning of history. In the ancient world, childbirth was regarded as a female 'mystery,' of which women alone had special knowledge and understanding, and which was presided over by female deities ... to whom pregnant women prayed for safe deliverance in their travail" (Donnison, 1997). Midwifery came to the United States with the earliest settlers. In this setting,

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    The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

    2999 words - 12 pages

    The Importance of Communication in Nursing The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and the importance of communication within nursing by relating it to an example from clinical practice. The clinical practice example is based in a healthcare setting on a hospital ward (appendix 1). With reference to The Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2008), confidentiality will be observed throughout, therefore the patient’s details have been changed to Mr Jones. The example will demonstrate the achievement of two clinical competencies from the clinical practice assessme

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    Nursing Labor Market For The State Of Kansas

    1040 words - 5 pages

    Nursing Labor Market for the State of Kansas The nurse labor market comprises all employers of Registered Nurses (RNs): hospitals, home care agencies, long-term care facilities, clinics and physician offices, schools, etc. Total Full-time Equivalent (FTE) RN employment in the nurse labor market in the United States has been growing steadily for many decades. Recently, FTE RN employment grew from an estimated 1,987,389 in 2001 to 2,073,283 in 2002, an increase of nearly 86,000 FTE RNs. The 2002 Legislature authorized Senate Bill 509 requiring the Director of the Division of Personne

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    Critique Of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

    288 words - 2 pages

    I enjoyed reading this book because of it’s wit, occasional chaos, and ultimate tragedy. The characters certainly didn’t hurt either. In fact, I could stand to see them developed even further. I loved Kesey’s choice in making Chief Bromden the narrator. Because no one in the institution believes he can hear or speak, he is privy to all of the goings-on, which struck me as brilliant. However, he did suffer from hallucinations, which leaves it up to the reader to sort the "real" from the "imaginary." McMurphy, the charismatic and breezy spirited iconoclast, becomes instantly likable. He is the

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    Martha Rogers

    839 words - 4 pages

    Martha Rogers was born on May 12, 1914 in Dallas, Texas. She was the eldest of four children born to Bruce Taylor Rogers, and Lucy Mulholland Keener Rogers. During her first year of life, her family moved to Knoxville, TN. Martha never felt like an oldest child, she had a young aunt and uncle that were more like an older sister and brother. They kept Martha in line. Martha’s thirst for knowledge had started at a very young age. She had such a large, extended family that she never craved companionship. She preferred to go off and read a book. By the fourth grade she had read every book in th

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    Newman S Theory Of Helath As Expanding Conciousness

    3408 words - 14 pages

    Abstract Audio-taped report has been one of the most traditional methods for relaying change of shift report in hospital settings. Patient Safety advocates and many healthcare regulating bodies are challenging organizations to implement face-to-face hand offs, including shift change report, to promote active rather than passive communication. These same agencies also recommend including the patient and caregivers in goal setting and planning. In order to meet current regulatory standards for acute care hospitals, improve patient safety, and encourage patient and family participation in

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    1092 words - 5 pages

    The commentary will look at a Malnutrition risk assessment; using the MUST tool, carried out on a patient who was admitted due to a fall and who had a history of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and weight loss. The commentary will identify a definition of risk assessment and a rational for the chosen event, with arguments on the benefits of appropriate nutrition and the negative effects of being underweight; supported by the relevant literature. The commentary will also looked at an action plan created and how it was integrated in the patient’s care together with an evaluation of

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    Patricia Brenner

    371 words - 2 pages

    Patricia Benner was born in Hampton, Virginia and raised up in California where she resides now as a professor of the University of California, San Francisco. She is the director of a National Nursing Education Research Project under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching. She gains her first degree in nursing from Pasadena College in 1964 and continues on to work on her master, which she achieved in 1970 from the University of California, San Francisco in medical-surgical nursing. She also received her PhD in 1982 from the University of California, Berkeley i

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    Criminal Justice Careers

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    For me, the most interesting careers in Criminal Justice would have to be dynamic. The pay would not be a big deal as long as I am not bored. I could not be the guy sitting at a desk staring at the same thing day after day. Therefore, the careers I would choose have to be interesting and have me moving a lot. With these things in mind, I have chosen my top three criminal justice careers. The first career I would be most interested in is a Crime Scene Investigator. Crime scene investigators evaluate entire crime scenes and produce reports of the scene. That information is used by police of

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    Rn Scholarship Essay

    499 words - 2 pages

    November 15, 2000 Personal Statement for .... Scholarship Dear Selection Committee: I am working toward my goal to be an R.N. I have been taking Pre-Med courses at ... for the past few years. I was a Certified Medical Assistant, but since my father was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, I wanted to do more to help people. Last July, I became a CNA through ... program, and have been working at an assisted living/nursing home for $ hour for the past four months. I know that I need something more to help the patients/residents and want to be more proactive in their diagnosis a

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    Journal Entry

    1983 words - 8 pages

    My First placement as a mental health student nurse was at a unit where the patients/service users are not ill enough to be in hospital but are not able to look after themselves in their own homes or their family find it too difficult to look after them. On the drive to my placement I had a lot of mixed emotions in one way I was excited as this was a new chapter in my life but in another way I was really nervous, will I fit in, will I get on with the staff as I had heard so many stories of staff do not like student nurses and can be quite nasty towards them and will I be able to deal with the

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    Self Care Deficit

    1171 words - 5 pages

    Self-care is defined as the practice of activities by individuals, which they personally initiate and perform on their own behalf in maintaining their own life, health, development, and well-being (Parissopoulos & Kotzabassaki, 2004). Eating a nutritious diet, using an airway clearance system or even demonstrating an ability to self-manage a chronic illness are examples of self-care. Self-care must be learned and it must be performed deliberately and continuously in time and in conformity with the regulatory requirements of the individuals (Parissopoulos & Kotzabassaki, 2004). Mature and matur

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    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Essay

    794 words - 4 pages

    Mason Kochanski 20th Century Literature Nepper-7th 11/24/08 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest #2 The combine, the machine, the man; these are but a few of the many names disgruntled populaces have applied to their perceived oppressors. Warring against the powers that be is portrayed as ultimately hopeless yet undeniably necessary. McMurphy is one such champion of the people, forcibly rousing those around him to leave their apathy behind. The main target of his endeavors is Chief Bromden whom McMurphy pulls out of the fog time and time again. In the beginning, McMurphy is forced to d

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    Dream Job

    343 words - 2 pages

    I believe doing something you love and becoming a happy person overall, means having the right job. The right job includes: the people you will be working with, growth opportunities, business environment; and, what satisfies you and your employer. For some individuals ideal job means different from the others. Some may look for a team environments, some just for the pay. However, I look at ideal job as being something that brings me joy. To understand what would be my ideal job I really have to understand myself first. By being aware of my interests, motivations, so as personal and professiona

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    My Learning Style

    977 words - 4 pages

    Interview for a Receptionist Position Good Interview (Interview 3) Interviewer: Hi, I am Jane Doe and I want to thank you for coming in today to interview for our Reception Clerk Let me tell you a little about the job. It is our main receptionist in a very busy office. You will most likely be the first point of contact for many people and therefore the person who creates the first impression people will have about our company. This is a busy job that requires the ability to multi task, and remain calm, and organized through many interruptions. Let’s start by your telling me why you are

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    621 words - 3 pages

    It has been said that internships are a very important part of the college experience. There are thousands of internship opportunities throughout the world for every career field. It is important that students know what career they want to pursue before taking up an internship. There are many steps that students should take to attain an internship. The first option should be looking into your university career services office. Their job is to help place you in an internship or job. They can only suggest the opportunity to you, it is up to you to make an impression on the employer and attain th

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    Recruiting Methods

    354 words - 2 pages

    There are a number of ways for an organization to recruit new talent into their company. Internal and external resources often prove to be extremely successful, but no method is without its downside. A company can recruit internally in a few different ways. You can always distribute job postings internally looking for references. One more effective way is to recruit talent internally. Many companies will promote from within to fill positions that require experience in the field. There are pros and cons to this type of recruitment. From a positive perspective, the person that fills the

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    Unit 13 Recruitment And Selection

    8540 words - 35 pages

    UNIT 13- RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION TASK 1 (P1) RECRUITMENT PLANNING McDonalds The business began in 1940, with a restau rant opened by siblings Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants, primarily selling fast food. More recently, it also offers salads with the successful expansion of McDonald's into many international markets; the company has become a symbol of globalization. In 1974, McDonalds opened its first restaurant in the Auk. Today more than 2.5 million people in this country place their tr

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    Philosophy Of Nursing

    296 words - 2 pages

    Nursing as a human science tries to find and explains the phenomena of human life and human health experiences of individuals, families, or other variety group of people. How can human life be defined? Each person has different points of view to define human life. Human health experiences as science are behavioral functions of human life. The nursing profession bases its practice on human science. This generates knowledge for nurses through education, experience, and research. There are three concepts related to my reflections. The first concept is Humanism and Humanistic Nursing Theory. Enc

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    Interview Etiquette

    360 words - 2 pages

    Dress Code: For my interview I will dress in a very smart manner and present my self to be ‘well-cared-for appearance’ as this will have an effect on what the employer thinks about me and what my first impression on the employer will be. ( for example, instead of wearing my normal jeans, tea-shirt and trainers; I will wear black trousers, white shirt and comfortable shoes.) Language Skills: The language I will use for my interview will be formal and very polite. I will speak in confidence and mention how my skills could be useful for the day-to-day running of the workplace. I will al

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    1231 words - 5 pages

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND UK BUSINESS LETTER FORMATS The main formats for business letters in the US are full block format and modified block format. • Full block format means that the start of each line is at the left-hand margin. This is the more formal style. • Modified block format means that some elements of the letter are shifted over to the right. Nowadays, this style is appropriate in most contexts. Here’s a full block format letter 123 Main Street New York, NY 10001 January 31, 2009 Mr. Bob Dobalina Music Inc 154 Record Rd Los Angeles, CA 90001 Dear Mr.

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    Registered Nurse

    589 words - 3 pages

    Registered Nurse Career Research 1. Nature of work: • Registered Nurses usually work in hospitals, walk-in clinics, prisons, schools etc. • They supervise practical nurses and other caring personal; registered nurses require more education then practical nurses. • They examine patient’s physical, mental and emotional health status, such as blood pressure, temperature and basic physical exams. • Nurses educate patients about medical options and educate them about health issues like nutrition, personal hygiene and lifestyle choices. ( • Most registered nurse choose

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    429 words - 2 pages

    LPN LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS To practice as an LPN in NYS a license is required. To qualify for licensure one must have: good moral character, meet NYS license examination requirements,have a high school diploma or equivalent and one must be at least 17 years old. An application for licensure must be filed along with other forms that are indicated. When one applies for licensure, one also has the option of filing for a permit to practice. A permit to practice without a license is good for one year and has a $35.00 fee. The permit to Practice must be mailed in with the l

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    Harvard Essay

    918 words - 4 pages

    Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. "Ni jiao shen me ming zi?" asked the interviewer in Mandarin. Puzzled at first, I quickly answered back in Chinese, my native language: "Wo shi Alvin"(My name is Alvin). Eager to relieve my anxiety, I began playing with my hands and glancing at the certificates covering the walls. I was being interviewed for a counseling position in the International Exchange Foundation, a program that invites students from around the world to come and study in America. My interviewe

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    295 words - 2 pages

    How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core Where Ive become so numb Without a soul My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold Until you find it there and lead it back home -CHORUS- [wake me up] Wake me up inside [I cant wake up] Wake me up inside [Save me] Call my name and save me from the dark [Wake me up] Bid my blood to run [I cant wake up] Before I come undone [Save me] Save me from the nothing Ive become Now that I know what Im without You cant just leave me Breathe into me and {make me real Bring me To life -CHORUS- [wake me up] Wake m

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    First Job

    953 words - 4 pages

    In the eighteen years I have been on this planet there are a few important things I have learned. One of the most important things I have learned is that jobs are not for me, at least not at this point in my life. Many different employers have employed me and I have had a taste of what the job world is all about, but I don’t want any part of it. Every job I have had has had people above me who were not always the most intelligent people around. There is nothing I hate more than unintelligent people telling me what to do. I have worked at a grocery store, a trailer campground, a beach and a poo

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    581 words - 3 pages

    Hospice care is provided by a coordinated team of professionals that includes a physician, nurse, home health aide, bereavement counselor, spiritual counselor, and social worker. A volunteer is available to help with errands, chores, or relief for the family. To help family members heal, hospice bereavement counselors are at their side for at least a year after the death .In the interview Sheila Magee MSW she explains her history with The American Hospice Foundation she states “This was the hardest job I have ever done.” When ask to elaborate she stated “the feeling of hopelessness was overwhe

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    1087 words - 5 pages

    Fish! Summary Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results is a book that enlightens employees and employers on how to make work enjoyable as well as productive. In this book, the author gives four basic concepts on how to achieve a better, more productive, and enjoyable work environment for everyone involved. The book begins with the story of Mary Jane and her family, who shortly after moving to Seattle for her husband’s job, she lost him due to an aneurysm. Soon after moving to Seattle with her family, she found a supervisory job at First Guarantee Financial, one of

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    Compare And Contrast

    932 words - 4 pages

    Ambulatory care starts at the moment the patient calls and gets a continuation in the hospital, where the patient continues getting medical assistance but on a regular base. Ambulatory care is an integral part of the work of medical establishments, because it is an express mean of communication between the nurse and the patient who is not well at home. There are millions of people who would have died without it. The effectiveness of the ambulatory care has grown a lot for the past 10 years. Another important fact is that there also has been noticed a growth of home care in USA. We consider hom

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    Professional Judgement

    276 words - 2 pages

    Director of Nursing Applied Healthcare Houston, TX 77040 Dear Mr Sir, I would love to apply for a position of a registered nurse with your facility I currently possess a Bachelors of Art in Community Mental Health/Health and Human Service and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and currently licensed as a Registered Nurse to practice in any healthcare facility in the State of Texas. My professional and clinical background include, currently worked as a medical surgical RN in critical care facility/hospital. This experience has given me the opportunity to provide first hand

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    Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreichs

    531 words - 3 pages

    Analysis: The notion of a day-by-day theater will loom large in this book, as it is essentially the chronicling of a writer’s assuming a role. Ehrenreich starts off with a flurry of disclaimers, in an effort to distinguish her endeavor from some sort of Method actor’s exercise. She aligns herself with scientists, not performers, noting that she holds a Ph.D. in biology and that what she is undertaking is akin to an experiment, an effort to “plunge into the everyday chaos of nature, where surprises lurk in the most mundane measurements.” Fair enough, but fiction writers have said much the s

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    Statistical Information

    905 words - 4 pages

    Running head: STATISTICAL INFORMATION PAPER Statistical Information Paper University of Phoenix HCS/438 Statistical Applications PA07BSN10 Michael Pasqual, JD/MPA April 27, 2008 Statistical Information Paper The Los Angeles County medical center has attempted to implement a rapid response team to respond to patients who show early signs of deterioration prior to going into full cardiac arrest. The purpose of this paper is to review the kinds of statistical information gathered over the previous six months regarding this pilot project. Additional issues to be examined are what data

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    Nursing Shortage

    2541 words - 11 pages

    Abstract Nurses play one of the most critical roles in the delivery of healthcare. They work in different settings that include hospitals, nursing homes, private practice, rehabilitation centers, clinics, schools, retirement communities, ambulatory care centers, community and migrant health centers and emergency medical centers. After the First World War, many nurses in America did not continue practicing nursing. This was the beginning of nursing shortage in America. The shortage was further worsened after the Second World War. Currently, America experiences an acute shortage of nurses withi

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    Recruitment And Selection

    1419 words - 6 pages

    Recruitment and selection Identify the vacancy -what types of job become available to Tesco? There are a number of jobs of which can become available in Tesco. Customer services-this is the area of which people come to seek advice on a certain thing, for example, giving something back etc. Security- looking after the welfare of everyone and the business. Making sure no one steel etc. Stock stacking- a simple job to simply stack shelves in there allocated area. There are a number of jobs available at Tesco ranging from a wide range of skills needed for the right job. Who identifies

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    Witchcraft In Nupe Society

    1015 words - 5 pages

    Story of the Search I began my research by asking my professor about my problem. She told me to have a career guidance and research on it. I drew a line down the center of a piece of paper and started writing pros and cons about being an engineer and on a different sheet of paper I did the same for a teacher. I set them both next to one another and looked at both of them. From what I knew, I found out that the main difference between these two careers was the salary, hours and dependence. Apparently that answer just wasn’t good enough for me, so I looked into both careers. Next, I knew I ha

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    Nursing Research Paper

    1544 words - 7 pages

    On June 12th, 1989 around eleven in the morning my grandma was released from the hospital after a surgery. Little did she know a few hours later she would be back in the same hospital to visit the birth of her first and only granddaughter, me. In the next thirteen years my grandma had eighteen different surgeries. The surgeries ranging from gall bladder removal to her leg being amputated and having leukemia. In visiting her I saw a lot of different people and nurses. The biggest problem or situation that came up was the way a nurse would treat a patient. Some nurses were great, caring, did th

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    Ideal Career

    360 words - 2 pages

    Ideal career Currently, the mostly concerned problem is the ideal career. More and more people have complained that it is really difficult for them to find an ideal career, that is to say, they have to engage themselves in the field that they are not enthusiastic about. It causes many problems to begin with; many people complain that they chose the wrong major in their college years which has a negative impact on their present conditions. And also they are not very active in their present position. They are at a loss. They try their best to find some solutions, but all efforts are of no avail

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    Comparison Between Being A Student And Working

    460 words - 2 pages

    Comparison between being a student and working full-time When you are in the race, all you think about is when it will end. Urge you to show the world what you've learned and do not really realize that a student is a life stage really cool and comfortable. Studying has more upsides in the long term than working full-time. Many people think is better working without any kind of study than studying five years and after start to work. Studying and working full time have many differences, such as better quality life in the future, different benefits and new knowledge. Firstly, s

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    331 words - 2 pages

    Torres, Paolo T. III-10 Nursing Research Ma’am Cristita Tan “The Giant Leap” Last March 9, 2011 we attended the first international nursing research conference done in the Philippines. During the entire length of the program, we learned a lot of stuffs about research and its current state in the Philippines. It also enabled present and future nursing researchers, student and professionals alike, to take part and share their different thoughts or views about research as well as to present their own researches. Through the aid of renowned re

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