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  • Cat In The Rain

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    cat in the rainCat in the Rain 1spark noteSummary Only two Americans are in the hotel. Their room faces the sea, a public garden, and a war monument. Many Italians come from far away to see the monument. That day, it is raining, and the American wife is looking out the window. She sees a cat under a table that is trying to keep dry. She tells her husband that she is going to get it. He tells her not to get wet. Downstairs, she is greeted by the hotel operator, whose seriousness and willingness to please she adores. When she goes outside, he sends a maid after her with an umbrella. She does n

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    Superstition Amp Insanity

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    Mental Instability & Superstition Both superstition and mental instability are used in a vast amount of literary works, frequently as the motivating factor of a character’s actions or as the motif in the story. The following short stories are told by narrators all with similar, but slightly different, mental states. In the beginning of two of the stories, the narrators are seemingly ordinary people, but as the story progresses, the reader watches the narrator gradually lose their grip on sanity; of these two, only one is able to see this occurring. “The Black Cat” is a classic horror

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    What Can You Do To Save Wildlife

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    10.1 INTRODUCTION The previous essays should have made it clear that everything we do affects wildlife. We are the dominant creatures on this planet and we can choose to wipe out most of the species just by continuing on our present course of accelerating population growth and accelerating resource use. To save wildlife requires positive action; it requires changes in life style and changes in our general way of thinking (or not thinking). We must heed the maxim "Think Globally, Act Locally" and realize we are bound with all other forms of life in one gigantic ecosystem. The following are a

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    Pearl And The Pear Tree Katherine Mansfield S Bliss

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    “Bliss” by Katherine Mansfield is filled with wonderful symbolism and underlying meaning. As the short story unfolds, it becomes quite clear that the majority of the symbols, depicted by Mansfield, work together to create an image of evolving life and female sexuality. The most prominent symbol is Bertha's perfect pear tree which is in full bloom. Bertha describes the tree in great detail referring many times to her own life in relation to the beautiful leaves and blossoms. Part way through the story, images of the moon begin to weave their way into the writing. The mo

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    Analys Of The Black Cat

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    Analysis - Like the narrator in Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart", the narrator of "The Black Cat" has questionable sanity. Near the beginning of the tale, the narrator says he would be "mad indeed" if he should expect a reader to believe the story, implying that has already been accused of madness One of Poe's darkest tales, "The Black Cat" includes his strongest denouncing of alcohol. The narrator's perverse actions are brought on by his alcoholism, a "disease" and "fiend" which also destroy his personality. Allusions - The use of the black cat evokes various superstitions, including the idea voic

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    Hemingway The Cat In The Rain And Hills L Ike White Elephants

    1234 words - 5 pages

    In both of Hemingway's short stories there is much left unspoken between the characters that can be picked on with a little bit of looking. The “Cat in the Rain” was written in 1925 by Hemmingway and it depicts an American couple on vacation in Italy. They were the only two americans in the hotel, with their hotel room located on the second floor facing the sea. The wife first say the cat looking out of the window, she was under a table “trying to make herself compact so that she would not be dripped on.” The wife wanted to go out and get it and a dialog about it was spoken between her and

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    T S Eliot

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    “The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.” —Carl Sandburg In the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot has created a persona who can see the possibilities of life but is unable to give such ideas a spirit. The poem revolves around how he feels inadequate, how his hesitancy results in inaction which he then tries to rationalize. On one level the poem is a very personal one, about a sad and tormented man with his ‘love song’ for all to hear; wanting someone to see and understand his plight. On another level it is a cri

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    Remains Of The Day

    1300 words - 6 pages

    "Examine pages 100 to 115 of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "The Remains of the day" in detail. Show by a close reading of key scenes within this how the novelist's language and form both reveals, and conceals, central issues of character, emotion, politics and memory." Pages100-115 of Ishiguro's novel describe the beginning of a journey to the west country taken by a man called Stevens, (a model English butler). Stevens narrates the novel and Ishiguro writes in such a way that the reader is able to examine intersections of his memory, national history, politics of the era, and the way langua

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    Enil Of Gambling Addiction

    8152 words - 33 pages

    10/20/2004 MY LAST BET, MY CAT ENDED UP SACRIFICING HER LIFE I sit here at my computer desk, waiting for Sparky (my cat) to come strolling in, jump upon the computer desk and walk in front of my monitor. I await for her soft meow, for she had one of the quietest meows you ever heard, as she turns and looks at me. I await for her to hop down upon my keyboard and straddle my chest, looking at me and voicing that soft meow as she turns and nestles upon my lap. I await for all that, I await for those soft meows, but they will never come again...for Sparky is no more, and because of her, I lost

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    The Lion King

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    The Lion King is most often viewed as nothing more than a childhood movie. It is a movie that deals with the search for ones identity and responsibilities. It is about Simba’s cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and his place in the circle of life, as King; a critic Roger Erbert agrees but with a slight variation, he says “it is based on half the stories in classical mythology. It tells the tale of the birth, childhood and eventual manhood of Simba, a lion cub. (Ebert)” Although there is a much deeper meaning in The Lion King, it is a story of a hero’s journey. A hero’s journey consists of thre

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    Ethical Or Not

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    Psychologist have always had to be careful of the experiments they do because of the people that will try and take them down for these experiments. When psychologist perform these experiments they think to themselves, are the experiments going to be scrutinized by other people if they are ethical or not. They have to make sure if all the subjects in the experiment are going to be treated right in the experiment. If the psychologist do treat the subjects of the experiments badly they can loose their license or have a chance of getting put in prison. When we think of ethical experiments we wond

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    Declawing Cats The purpose of this paper is to explain the different declawing methods and the alternative methods so that a person can make informed decision about whether or not to declaw their cat. There are many people who claim that it is inhumane and harmful to declaw a cat. Arguments against declawing include: cats can no longer climb trees without their claws, it causes the cat major pain, a declawed cat cannot catch prey and has lost their ability to defend themselves. These are just few of the conflicting viewpoints in declawing a cat. Cats and Their Natural Instincts Cats cl

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    Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory

    1177 words - 5 pages

    Introduced by Chuck Berger, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory was a way in which to explain the interactions, or the absence of which, between strangers. "Berger's uncertainty reduction theory focuses on how human communication is used to gain knowledge and create understanding," (Griffin, 125). It details how, upon first meeting, strangers go through several steps in order to reduce the uncertainty they have for each other during their initial conversation. With this theory, people are able to gain the amount of knowledge they feel they need in order to asses whether or not they take a liking

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    1056 words - 5 pages

    ENGLISH WAY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH Course: Third Adult Mid-term Test Date: ____ / ____ / ____ Name and surname: ______________________________________________ Mark: _______________ 1) Fill in the gaps with the correct PREPOSITION. a) I think that my mother is wrong. I don’t agree _________ her. b) We might have an exam. It depends _________ our behaviour. c) What are you talking __________? d) What did you do __________ the weekend? e) The weather in England is unreliable. __________ summer it can

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    Cat In The Rain Hills Like White Elephants

    1314 words - 6 pages

    English 102 B45 1)a. During the story “Cat in the Ran” by Ernest Hemingway, I didn’t feel any sympathy towards the wife or husband. Most of the story depicts about an American couple that stay at an hotel of Spanish orgin. The wife seees a cat through the window but was unable to retrieve the cat as she hoped to keeping it, this caused a conversation between the husband and wife. The conversation was mostly about her yearning to keeping a cat, if not she would want to grow her hair longer if she wasn’t able to have a cat and the husband disagreed. The entire plot basically revolved around

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    Animals And Reasoning

    1833 words - 8 pages

    Humans and animals are both creatures created by God. Evolution of creatures takes place creating new transformations that we like to compare and distinguish between. A new species evolves from a descending one due to adaptation to the surrounding environment. All creatures in nature adapt and learn new ways in order to survive. Evolution takes part for a species to better oneself for survival. All species evolve differently, coming up with the simple transformations they personally will benefit most from. Descartes claims human beings have reasoning in order to survive. He claims humans have

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    Between Time And Friendship

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    Between Time and Friendship RRINNGG...!!! The school bell rang. Time to go to the class. Sarah and Felicia locked their lockers and walked to their class. As soon as they entered the class, Felix and Mark were smiling and waving at them. Sarah, Felicia, Felix, and Mark were best friends since childhood. They sat together in class. Five minutes later, their English teacher, Mrs. Sharma entered and greeted her students, “Good morning class. Okay now, have you ever read Life’s Brief Candle a poem written by William Shakespeare?” Her students nodded slowly. “So tell me what you think about life?

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    Scaredy Cats

    2206 words - 9 pages

    Scaredy-cats has no chance I have always dreamt about, living inside a fairytale. My favorite one was Alice in Wonderland, because that one didn’t make me feel sick, while reading it. No bad guys, monsters or anything evil, got killed. I have always dreamt about, living inside a fairytale, but that is impossible. Because, I’m a demon. I’m a demon cat, the last one alive. You might not know what a demon cat is. I’m a demon, I look like a human, I can hide my tail and ears. I have cat reflexes and an inhuman strength. Inside me, hides a dark and bloodthirsty monster, who are ready to come o

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    Analysis Of The Black Cat

    3736 words - 15 pages

    ANALYSIS of “The Black Cat” (Part of a thesis in Univ. Al Azhar Indonesia) By: ADYA ANISA IMAN The Black Cat is one of Poe’s works, written on 1843. The time setting of the story much affected the story. During that time, 1830s and 1840s, there was a movement in America. The movement made by young people from Boston. “Among the younger people, there was much talk about “new spiritual era”, The young intellectual of Boston felt dissatisfy with the old patriotism. America’s power and wealth did not interest them. They wanted to explore the inner life.” High (1986:41, my underline) According t

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    Romeo And Juiiet

    2572 words - 11 pages

    POPPY'S LIFESTYLE GUIDE NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Kittens have a lot of growing up to do, and fast. A kitten grows very rapidly, reaching 75% of adult body weight in just six months, building muscle, bone, hair, teeth and all his/her internal organs. Full of curiosity about the world around them, kittens need lots of energy to explore. So it’s hardly surprising that they require the highest quality nutrition, and plenty of it. For a healthy start to life your kitten‘s diet needs to achieve the right balance of each of the major nutrient groups essential for cats – protein, fat and oil, m

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    The Black Cat

    3758 words - 16 pages

    ANALYSIS of “The Black Cat” (Part of a thesis in Univ. Al Azhar Indonesia) By: ADYA ANISA IMAN     The Black Cat is one of Poe’s works, written on 1843. The time setting of the story much affected the story. During that time, 1830s and 1840s, there was a movement in America. The movement made by young people from Boston. “Among the younger people, there was much talk about “new spiritual era”, The young intellectual of Boston felt dissatisfy with the old patriotism. America’s power and wealth did not interest them. They wanted to explore the inner life.” High (1986:41, my underline) Accor

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    Cat In The Rain

    1612 words - 7 pages

    Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Cat in the Rain” is the narrative of an American woman, who travels to Italy with her ignorant husband, and who spends her day worrying about a cat in the rain, which reflects her relationship with her husband. Through the depiction of the relationships of the American woman with her husband and the padrone, Hemingway explores the way males from different cultures interact with women. Hemingway’s contrast of the woman’s relationship with, both, her husband and the padrone, reflected by her worrying about the cat, argues the desire for comfort by the American wom

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    Feral Cats

    2181 words - 9 pages

    Feral cats and their management A feral cat is a descendant of a domesticated cat that has returned to the wild. It is distinguished from a stray cat, which is a pet cat that has been lost or abandoned, while feral cats are born in the wild; the offspring of a stray cat can be considered feral if born in the wild. ------------------------------------------------- Behavior of "feral" cats Feral versus stray The term "feral" is sometimes used to refer to an animal that does not appear friendly when approached by humans, but the term can apply to any domesticated animal without human co

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    My Diary

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    I'm not going to write dear diary every time because only girls do that. I told Dad and he said I should write, "Yo, Diary!" But I'm not going to do that either because Dad's jokes are dumb. So I'm putting numbers on top of the page. My name is Bobby. I'm writing in a journal because I'm moving into a new house soon and Mom said it would keep me busy for the car ride. It was sort of bad news when they said we were moving, but they said it would be better than the old house. School will start in a few weeks. I hope I make friends soon. At least my cousin Robin lives in this town. She's my favou

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    1091 words - 5 pages

    The Best Pets: Cats vs. Dogs Deidre Turnbo ENG 121 Instructor Jennifer Miller December 3, 2011 The Best Pets: Cats vs. Dogs The estimated percentage of Americans that own pets is 63%. (American Veterinary Medical Association (2007). U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. Retrieved from The obvious most popular pets being cat and dogs. When looking at the numbers of just cats and dogs alone - this equates to approximately 75 million dogs and 85 million cats that are pets in the United States. (Source: Pet Food Institute

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    Hamlet Vs Lion King

    1081 words - 5 pages

    It has been said by many intelligent and informed people that Walt Disney's The Lion King is a children's version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. There are certainly many parallels between the two stories, and even in the actual dialogue. Both are the story of a young man who is torn apart by the early demise of his father and both stories have an uncle that takes over the thrown that should rightly belong to both of the young prince’s. The similarities between the storylines and the ways they are portrayed, especially on screen, are incredible. The three biggest parallels of the stories are the pres

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    Cat In The Rain

    1818 words - 8 pages

    The sample of emotive prose, which has been chosen for stylistic analysis, is a short story "Cat in the rain" by Ernest Hemingway. It has been chosen because it is suggestive and contains a definite psychological implication. The story is interesting from the point of view of the author's approach to conveying the main idea to the mind of the reader. It is always implicit and remains unspoken. It is the reader himself who should find it behind the simple, at first sight, description of the events. Hemingway presents only sequence of outward actions and leaves the reader to imagine more than t

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    Epic Qualities In The Lion King

    1121 words - 5 pages

    Epic Qualities in The Lion King In the beginning to Roger Allers The Lion King, Simba appeared as a spunky cub. Simba's personality is described as adventurous (Ellis). The Lion King represents an animated “Hamlet” (Renshaw). Later in the beginning, Roger Aller introduces a young, naive cub; Simba represents every young child. Simba gets into trouble and at the end he learns his lesson. Roger Aller is one of the most greatest animators ever; his ability to come up with a good story with animation and direct it is well known in the 21st Century. The Lion King is a perfect hero film with a vi

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    Cat In The Rain

    1311 words - 6 pages

    "Cat in the rain", a short story written by Ernest Hemingway, comes across to the majority of readers as an extract of a novel rather than the full story itself. It falls into the genre of "prose fiction" quite simply. The story has a deeper meaning than meets the eye at first glance. "Cat in the rain" is based solely on a young American couple staying in an Italian hotel. The main aspect of the story, as the title portrays, is about a cat in the rain. It is set in the 1920s, after the time of World War One. At first sight, "Cat in the rain" has a fairly simple plot, but delving deeper into

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    The Noise From The Zoo

    1613 words - 7 pages

    “The noise from the zoo” & “Fixing a hole” The short story “The Noise from the Zoo” is written by Janice Elliott, and is about the guy Felix, who suddenly one day decides to dig a hole without knowing why. The hole has no purpose for Felix; it is completely pointless. And Felix wants it to stay that way – simple and uncomplicated. But as time goes by, the interest for the hole increases. Other holes start to appear across the city of London, and Felix gets in trouble for digging the hole. People are creating demonstrations and are extremely desperate to keep the hole. At the end, the hole

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    Alice In Wonderland

    4569 words - 19 pages

    ALICE IN WONDERLAND SUMMARY: Chapter 1 – Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice is feeling bored while sitting on the riverbank with her sister, when she notices a talking, clothed White Rabbit with a pocket watch run past. She follows it down a rabbit hole when suddenly she falls a long way to a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. She finds a small key to a door too small for her to fit through, but through which she sees an attractive garden. She then discovers a bottle on a table labelled "DRINK ME", the contents of which cause her to shrink too small to reach the key which she has

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    With A Little Help

    3820 words - 16 pages

    A8 TOWN COLUMNS Ch a th am C h at ter fr om t he Chic k i n t he Bl ac k D res s B y S e sa m e C am p b e l l This week’s column will be different, dear friends. While I try to restrict my writing to Chatham Chatter (i.e., what’s happening in Chatham) the last two weeks of mine were not spent in Chatham, but on the Rosebud Lakota Reservation in South Dakota. At this time last year, while I was the Lois Lane of the Chatham Courier, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Africa and write about the humanitarian efforts of the African Reflections Foundation, an NGO that I

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