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  • Microsoft Edit A Users Guide

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    Welcome to Microsoft Edit, the latest trial addition to Microsoft Office. Microsoft customized Edit to accompany TCC’s ENC 1101; with its help, students may have multiple edits prior to submitting their first, second or final drafts in only moments. This manual explains Edit’s features in detail so that any student may create an excellent piece of writing without leaving the comfort of his/her home. Though one-on-one analysis with a tangible, human editor is always ideal, Microsoft Edit replicates the vital qualities of excellent editors; it features an overall scan, an easy-to-follow mark

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    Essay 1

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    The Rape of the Lock begins with a passage outlining the subject of the poem and invoking the aid of the muse. Then the sun (“Sol”) appears to initiate the leisurely morning routines of a wealthy household. Lapdogs shake themselves awake, bells begin to ring, and although it is already noon, Belinda still sleeps. She has been dreaming, and we learn that the dream has been sent by “her guardian Sylph,” Ariel. The dream is of a handsome youth who tells her that she is protected by “unnumber’d Spirits”—an army of supernatural beings who once lived on earth as human women. The youth explains that

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