Construction Essay Examples

  • Green Buildings LEED

    1815 words - 8 pages

    Green Building There are many Cities, Municipalities, and States all over the US that support green building practices with LEED based incentives including here in Boulder. The incentives for building with a LEED scorecard in mind can range anywhere from allowing density bonuses, to grants, to expedited permitting, etc. Currently in boulder a program exists to provide for sustainable building practices on the residential scale; “The Green Points Building Program” encourages the use of cost-effective and sustainable remodeling and building methods and technologies that conserve energy, water

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    Ship Construction

    1693 words - 7 pages

    Jason Swartbooi Construction Assignment FRAMING SYSTEMS Contents INTRODUCTION Page 3 FRAMING SYSTEMS Page 4 TRANSVERSE FRAMING Page 5 LONGITUDINAL FRAMING Page 6 Transverse and Longitudinally Framed Double Bottom Page 7 BULK CARRIERS Page 8 CONTAINER SHIPS Page 10 TANKERS Page 12 CONCLUSION Page 15 BIBLIOGRAPHY Page 16 Introduction Ship’s, whether at rest or underway, are constantly subjected to a wide variety of stresses and strains. These forces are produced either internally or externally an

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    Suzdal Goldring Of Russia

    1513 words - 7 pages

    uzdal Suzdal has appeared on pages of Russian annals in 1024 and has defined(determined) the whole period in development of Russian national statehood and culture. In XI century Suzdal - large city in northeast of powerful Kiev power, in the middle of XI century Suzdal reaches(achieves) the highest blossoming: it(he) becomes capital of the Ростово-Suzdal princedom, large shopping center-craft. It was in days of reigning son Vladimir Monomakha Jury Dolgorukogo who has become(begun) by the first independent Suzdal prince. In 1152 in a country prin

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    Personal Protective Equipment

    2391 words - 10 pages

    Personal Protective Equipment Prepared for: Occupational Heath and Safety Columbia Southern University Prepared By Faylene Ahlers Student July 22, 2006 Regardless of the industry safety of the employer, employee and work site should be of the utmost importance as there are a myriad of hazards that can be encountered in a normal workday. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) is meant to avert safety and health issues on the job through the use of various federal regulations governing the issue

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    Embodied Energy

    3896 words - 16 pages

    Embodied energy The embodied energy of construction materials has been of increasing concern over recent years. As new buildings become more efficient in energy consumption during their operation, so the proportion of the energy consumed to construct the building and to manufacture the materials of construction becomes greater. The energy consumed has significant environmental impact both because of its use of natural resources but also because of the pollution caused by the products of combustion. Traditionally considered, embodied energy is an accounting methodology which aims to find

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    North African Mud Brick Architecture Simple But Effective In Both An Ecological And Economic Sense

    3404 words - 14 pages

    Mud brick is used aesthetically around the African regions, these individuals have no doubt taken advantage of this material to build their homes and communities. People who have no money have been using this old method of building for centuries. There is no need for schooling or intensive courses to be taken to learn how to build such dwellings , the knowledge of constructions has been passed down from generations. Homes are easily repaired, extended if needed and fit well into the environment. This type of building should be in encouraged in places where appropriate. It has been victimised

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    5736 words - 23 pages

    I encourage you to investigate an area of interest to you with the objective to identify potential improvements or to provide an insight into the b-environment or operations that you are investigating. The resulting Term Paper could follow the format of (a) an exploratory field investigation or (b) a case study. This investigation should be especially attractive to students who either work (or did work) in a project-oriented business environment, or are willing to investigate a project-related situation reported in the media (e.g. Big Dig, Boeing, Mars exploration, presidential election, produ

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    Sustainable Construction

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    Sustainable Construction As the population grows civilization must find ways to expand without depleting resources allowing later generations to live comfortably. Green building is an idea evolving from this need. One concept of green building is sustainable construction. This is an on the rise eco-friendly method of construction intended to reduce negative impact on our environment throughout the building process and a structures life cycle. Obtaining sustainable developments calls for strict coordination from the architects, engineers, and owners. The process begins with locating a site bes

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    Neglecting Crimes Of The Powerful The Construction Of Public Ambiguity

    2424 words - 10 pages

    Why are the crimes of the powerful neglected in popular conceptions of social harm and criminal justice? ________________________________________________ In the early hours of 2nd June 2006 Mohammed Abdulkahar was shot inside his home. He later stated in a BBC interview that after sustaining this serious injury, he collapsed, completely incapacitated, still unaware of the shooter’s identity. He was then dragged by his left ankle down a flight of stairs while his 60year old father was punched as he lay on his bedroom floor in his underwear, because he didn’t understand English c

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    Why Are The Crimes Of The Powerful Neglected

    2432 words - 10 pages

    Why are the crimes of the powerful neglected in popular conceptions of social harm and criminal justice? The social construction of ‘ambiguity’. ________________________________________________ In the early hours of 2nd June 2006 Mohammed Abdulkahar was shot inside his home. He later stated in a BBC interview that after sustaining this serious injury, he collapsed, completely incapacitated, still unaware of the shooter’s identity. He was then dragged by his left ankle down a flight of stairs while his 60year old father was punched as he lay on his bedroom floor in his underw

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    2959 words - 12 pages

    TC 380, Winter 2009 Questions for Mr. Wright before Preparing the Requested Proposal The following document is a transcription of your interview with Mr. Wright about the project for the Village Grill. Questions about the restaurant and the restaurant operations Could you please describe your company culture and the restaurant’s atmosphere? The Village Grill is known for providing comfort food, made from locally grown ingredients in a relaxed, family style atmosphere for economical prices. Everything on the menu is less than $10. The tables are bare wood. The floor is wood.

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    1238 words - 5 pages

    5. Relative pronouns A pronoun which is used to begin a subordinate clause can be referred to as a relative pronoun, since it indicates the relationship of the subordinate clause to the rest of the sentence. For instance, the underlined words in the following sentences are relative pronouns. e.g. The woman who is standing near the window is a doctor. The door, which was bright red, was very conspicuous. Have you found the book that was missing? A subordinate clause which is introduced by a relative pronoun is often referred to as a relative clause. a. Defining and non-

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    I 35 W Mississippi River Bridge Disaster

    3160 words - 13 pages

    I-35 W Mississippi River Bridge Disaster Tyler Rose November 10, 2008 IENG 2020 Author’s Vita TYLER W. ROSE Student, East Carolina University Greenville, NC (252) 560-5577 [email protected] Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to explain why the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota failed. It will also show why it is important not to cut corners in business. This paper will include: • A background on the history of the bridge o The designers, and construction companies involved o When constructio

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    Ecological Architecture In The Context Of Waste

    1704 words - 7 pages

    Ecological Architecture in context of Waste: Ecological architecture in India currently is a much sought of label which is based on standards developed by LEED or BREAM. These though being very exhaustive, require a lot of input in terms of context and scale. With the rising economy, scale is a determining factor when one looks at sustainable construction. Here scale does not factor in the size of a project alone but also the number of construction taking place. Definition of waste as undesirable elements has now grown to encompass many categories. In the context of ecological architect

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    1877 words - 8 pages

    Stonehenge The megalithic ruin known as Stonehenge stands on the open downland of Salisbury Plain two miles (three kilometres) west of the town of Amesbury, Wiltshire, in Southern England.It is not a single structure but consists of a series of earth, timber, and stone structures that were revised and re-modelled over a period of more than 1400 years. In the 1940s and 1950s, Richard Atkinson proposed that construction occurred in three phases, which he labelled Stonehenge I, II, IIIa, IIIb, and IIIc. This sequence has recently been revised in Archaeological Report (10) published by Engl

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    Highrise Building

    4593 words - 19 pages

    A high-rise building, (also known as skyscraper) is a very tall, continuously livable building. There is no clear definition or height limit which a building may be classified as a tower or skyscraper. Rarely cities does not consider the term empirically; even a building of 90 meters may be considered a skyscraper if it is above its built environment. Outlines • 1 The Definition • 2 Towers History o 2.1 Before 1900 o 2.2 The Firsts skyscrapers o 2.3 Modern skyscrapers o 2.4 The history of tallest skyscrapers • 3 Today’s skyscrapers o 3.1 Super tall towers • 4 Future skyscr

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    Competitiveness Of The Cement Industry In Bangladesh

    1403 words - 6 pages

    Industry Overview: Growth & Present Scenario The cement industry of Bangladesh is a rapidly developing sector of the economy. Over the years, the amount of construction projects have followed an increasing trend as the urban growth rate has boosted all across the country in places like Chittagong, Bogra, Mongla and others in addition to the expanding capital city, Dhaka. Currently, domestic production is unable to meet the complete demand for cement. Approximately 60% of the demand is met by the local cement industry while the rest is imported. According to the Banglapedia, per capita

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    Vulcan International

    1007 words - 5 pages

    Vulcan International, Inc. Vulcan International is a chemicals (40%) and construction materials (60%) company. Due to the high ratio of transportation costs relative to product value the construction materials industry is highly fragmented, consisting largely of local firms. At the time of the occurrences narrated in this case, Vulcan was the largest construction materials company in the US, controlling about 20% of the market. As of 2007, it had sales of $3.0 billion with approximately 11,000 employees. According to company information, Vulcan • Owns 334 aggregate production and rel

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    Diversity Action Plan

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    Introduction Women have entered the construction industry in increasing numbers over the last twenty five years. As a result, male employees and their male dominated employers been forced to adjust their behaviors about women working in the trades they once monopolized. Thanks in part to women's lib and organizations like Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), this has become possible. Women have increased opportunities to advance in the field of construction more than ever before. These opportunities are not merely available for w

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    Ancient Architecture

    1469 words - 6 pages

    Ancient Egyptian Architecture In these days it has, happily, been realized that, to make a study of a country, whether its ancient or modern, a great deal more must be done than describe it’s geography, catalogue its kings, discuss its internal politics, and relate how industriously it fell foul of its neighbors; we must not forget, for instance, the immense importance of being able to gauge the degree of civilization to which the inhabitants of country may have risen. Even at an early stage mankind strove to build higher and higher. We build on a ridiculous scale and spend thousands or milli

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    Pavement Construction

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    Life Is A Highway

    1158 words - 5 pages

    Life is a Highway (& a Bridge or Two) By: Trae Funderburk 1st period 1/3/11 (Illuminated Highway at night Across the world, what America was going to use as federal defense roads, turned into a quick way to travel from one city to another while getting to cross some of the most exquisite bridges on the way. Over the next few paragraphs, I will inform you on the original interstate highway and some of the bridges that you can drive across while traveling on a highway anywhere in the world, and how they helped contrib

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    The Relationship Between Management And Personal M

    3000 words - 12 pages

    TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND PERSONAL MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES The purpose of this assignment is to highlight the importance of having an understanding of people & organisational management principles in the as built environment. To facilitate the same, let me first of all provide a brief on the nature of the construction industry, and go through the various definitions of management and a history of its evolution, and then finally through the various personal management competencies that the as-built professional should strive to develop. The Construction

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    Analyzing Problems Policies And Politics

    3120 words - 13 pages

    Analyzing Problems, Policies, and Politics Part 1 One of the many problems that I see in Spokane County is the way road construction is distributed and executed. Many major arterials are under construction at the same time making it hard for commuters and public transportation to get around, such as STA, school routes, and other services that are hired. These situations affect all of the commuting public in more than one way. Some of the basic problems is making their commute longer, causing more traffic in certain areas, and inevitably causing more road rage in certain drivers. These proble

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    2431 words - 10 pages

    INTRODUCTION Ship construction industry is one of the biggest income for some country like Korea and Japan.Malaysia also has this industry ,where there are several big company that bulid the ship.In order to bulid a ship or boat there will involve in the hazard area, which it is important to make sure the working place and worker safety. Safety is the condition where the enviroment or person being protected from the physical, mental, finical or any damage position or any accident.Safety is so important thing that to be pay attention because if there are no safety condition it may cause i

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    Zonal Planning Metro

    4025 words - 17 pages

    Impact of Delhi Metro on real estate Prof. H.M.Shivanand Swamy CEPT University U i it Transportation Investment Impacts • Direct economic benefits – Travel Time savings, vehicle cost savings, transit option value, environmental benefits • Indirect – increase in property values p p y – land use changes, – benefits of improved access to jobs & critical locations, benefits to employment wage & productivity Research Focus • Analyse land value changes y g – Over Time – Project Stage • Project Formulation stage (year 1990-1996) • Construction stage (1996 2000) and (1996- • pos

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    1587 words - 7 pages

    Running Head: ANCIENT EGYPT PYRAMID Ancient Egypt Pyramid When most people mention Ancient Egypt the first thing that comes to mind is the Pyramids. To construct such monuments required a mastery of art, architecture and social organization that few cultures would ever rival. The pyramids are said to have built Egypt by being the force that knit together the kingdom's economy. Their creations were so substantial, that the sight of these vast pyramids would take your breath away. Egypt’s pyramids, the oldest existing buildings in the world, also rank among the world’s large structures. It

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    Teamwork Advantages And Disadvantages

    1600 words - 7 pages

    Describe the importance of “behavioural aspects” of international business Teamwork is an essential part of running a successful organisation, especially if it is an internationally based business. Teamwork is defined as a group of people who cooperate with each other to complete a set task or to reach a given goal. It is beneficial to an organisation but problems can also arise within the team. International organisations also to resolve situations regarding cultures and backgrounds. There are many people however, who prefer to work individually. Working individually places the burden

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    All About Risk In Contracting Priceing

    1935 words - 8 pages

    RESEARCH PROPOSAL ON ‘AN ASSESEMENT OF RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY’ BY AKINWALE, O. ISAIAH 030505067 TO Department of Building, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos. April, 2011 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The primary goal of any construction project is the transformation of the expressed desire of the owner into tangible artifacts that satisfies that desire (Manavazhia and Adhikarib; 2002). Thus for this to be achievable there are associated risk that could hinder the set object

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    Network Server Operating Systems

    12168 words - 49 pages

    qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyui opasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfgh jklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb nmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwerty uiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdf ghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxc vbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwer tyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmrtyuiopasdfg hjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcv bnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzx

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    Water Quality

    2153 words - 9 pages

    Chemistry Assessmet Water Quality “Water quality is commonly defined by its physical, chemical, biological and aesthetic (appearance and smell) characteristics. A healthy environment is one in which the water quality supports a rich and varied community of organisms and protects public health.” The quality of drinking water is maintained by individual water bodies of all the metropolitan cities. Sydney Water and Hunter Water are the two large organisations that aim to provide high quality drinking water for all in these regions. Drinking water is treated to meet the Australian Drinking W

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    1595 words - 7 pages

    INTRODUCTION The term Terracotta Hollow Bricks is an alternative to the common bricks used in construction. Its used to refer to items made out of baked clay which gives it natural, brownish orange color, that varies considerably. Its unique ability to control the temperature of the atmosphere to a pleasurable level has made it the hot choice of most of modern architects who build in the cities. Its cool touch on the wall and floor inspires your soul and keeps it calm and contented. The products are widely used in construction activity. These blocks have more tensile strength, th

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    3350 words - 14 pages

    Abstract: The term Height as per wikipedia is the measurement of vertical distance, but has two meanings in common use. It can either indicate how "tall" something is, or how "high up" it is. Height in Architecture: The architectural height of a structure is the elevation from its base to its highest architectural element. Height is one of the factors to describe a 3-Dimensional object. Comparing different typefaces and typesizes is only possible when object height is expressed in its relation to object width. Whereas the term typesize refers to object height only , oject width just as

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    Treadway Case

    1001 words - 5 pages

    Treadway Tire Case: In the Multimedia presentation in Segment 4 Ashley Wall and John are having a discussion over what might be ways of resolving the conflicts within the company structure so that the turnover rate can be alleviated among the foreman and job dissatisfaction can be minimized. Ashley Wall seems to be on track to correcting the problems at hand. Ashley has given all of the material a lot of thought and she seems to demonstrate great leadership skills. It is obvious Ashley is critically thinking about all of the ideas and the problems that have been taking place. One key area

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    Dlf Case Study

    3775 words - 16 pages

    DLF Limited Chaudhury Raghvendra Singh - Founder of DLF Limited or DLF (Delhi Land and Finance) in year 1946 in NCR Region with vision to provide homes to millions.1 Dr. K. P. Singh is the current chairman of the Board of DLF Limited, India’s largest real estate company with the presence in over 30 cities across 18 states.2 The company was incorporated in the year 1963 as American Universal Electric (India) Limited. The group has over 224 million sq. ft. of existing development and 748 million sq. ft. of planned projects. DLF is the company, which committed to quality, trust and customer s

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    1417 words - 6 pages

    A Summary Report on Muzaffarabad Earthquake, Pakistan by Dr. A. Naeem, Dr. Qaisar Ali, Muhammad Javed, Zakir Hussain, Amjad Naseer, Syed Muhammad Ali, Irshad Ahmed, and Muhammad Ashraf Earthquake Engineering Center at the Department of Civil Engineering, N-W.F.P. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan General Information An earthquake of Magnitude Mw = 7.6 occurred on October 8, 2005 at 08:50 am local time causing damage and casualties over an area of 30,000 km2 in the N-W.F.P. province of Pakistan and parts of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The main event was follow

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    Decision In Paradise Part 3

    1818 words - 8 pages

    Decisions in Paradise Completing each step in the decision-making process and creating a strategic plan of action has introduced the final phase of the Decisions in Paradise project. Implementing the decisions is an important part of the decision-making process, and it is imperative that everyone, including stakeholders, understand the plan and its rationale. Shah (2000-2010) stated, “Decisions are valueless until they are translated into positive action, which in turn involves the decision-maker in making a series of operational decisions and choices” (Implementing a Decision, para.1).

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    Project Proposal

    4978 words - 20 pages

    1. TABLE OF PROJECT SUMMARY |PROJECT |Plastic Products Manufacturing Industry | |Project Objectives |To manufacture different standard Plastic products at a competitive selling price and to create job | | |opportunities | |Project Production Capacity |410 tons of Plas

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    Health And Safety On Site

    1037 words - 5 pages

    Question 2 Construction work in the very nature, involves many potential risks to workers and equipment, for example dust, heat, vibrations, noise and toxic chemicals. Therefore, the safety issue in the construction site had always been a very big concern for many projects in the construction industry. This is because accidents in the construction site not only affect the workers, their families, but also the progress of the work to be completed. The cost of lost time of injured workers will cause work delay which in conclusion will result in loss in the form of fine for the time delayed for

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    Financial Risk Assessment

    5220 words - 21 pages

    FINANCIAL RISK ASSESSMENT – RESIDENTIAL LAND SUBDIVISION AND DEVELOPMENT, SPRING AVENUE RESERVOIR For Hills Development Pty Ltd Contents Research Scope 3 Research Approach 3 Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Assumptions 5 3. Decision Tree 6 4. Costs 7 4.1 Time for Completion 7 4.2 Construction Cost / Contract Price 7 4.3 Borrowing Cost 9 5. Revenue 10 5.1 Option 1 10 5.2 Option 2 11 5.3 Option 3 13 6. Profitability 14 6.1 Option 1 15 6.2 Option 2 16 6.3 Option 3 17 7. Sensitivity Analysis 18 8. Risk Analysis 19 9. Risk Management Options 21 10. Conclusio

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    Various Methods Of Accelerated Curing

    7817 words - 32 pages

    Various Methods of Accelerated Curing for Precast Concrete Applications, and Their Impact on Short and Long Term Compressive Strength CE 241: Concrete Technology Paper #1 Brent Vollenweider Due: March 16th, 2004 Due: March 16th, 2004 CE 241 Research Paper #1 Vollenweider, 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS ITEM 1) 2) 3) 4) Abstract Introduction General Curing Process -Cement Type Accelerated Curing: Physical Processes -Conduction/Convection-Electrical Resistance Curing -Low Pressure Steam Curing -High Pressure Steam Curing (Auto Claving) Accelerated Curing: Mineral Admixtures -Microsilica

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    Water Harvesting

    2656 words - 11 pages

    CHAPTER - II WATER HARVESTING – OUR AGE OLD TRADITION CHAPTER - II WATER HARVESTING – OUR AGE OLD TRADITION 2.0 HISTORICAL OVERVIEW India is a country with very deep historical roots and strong cultural traditions. These are reflected in our social fabric and institutions of community life. In spite of social movements of varied nature through the millennia we have retained the spirit and essence of these traditions and have remained attached to our roots. Some of our traditions, evolved and developed by our forefathers thousands of years ago have played an important role in different

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    Toothpick Bridge Instructions

    1209 words - 5 pages

    [pic] Bridges are complex constructions that rely on physics to support their weight.  Now is your chance to design and construct a bridge of your own.    Objectives: 1. Estimating Spatial Configurations 2. Estimating Dollar Amounts in Thousands 3. Measuring using Graph Paper, Ruler, and Manipulatives 4. Understand the concepts of stress, forces, force distribution, the law of gravity and the strength of various geometrical shapes 5. To design and construct an economically and structurally sound bridge that will support a maximum load.   Requirements: 1. Each const

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    1930 words - 8 pages

    Cantilever Bridge ? The cantilever bridge is a bridge that is built using brackets. Brackets are structures that project horizontally into space, supported only at one end. Small pedestrian bridges may be simple beams, but major bridges designed for road or rail have beams that are constructed of structural steel or beams of pre-stressed concrete. Cantilever bridges with steel beams meant a major breakthrough in the first deployment, because they can have a long span and can be built easily. A classic arched bridge made of stone required enormous support scaffoldi

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    Constructiondocuments That Come With The Territory

    1223 words - 5 pages

    Documents that come with the territory By Josh Turnage Everglades University 1 Someone may look at a contractor and say “he has it easy, they show up, build stuff, and then go home”, but this person fails to realize the impending consequences of the contractor not performing to the contract that they engaged in before the start of the construction. In turn, being exposed to this other world that lives deep within the construction industry can destroy people’s dreams or make their wildest ones come true. Yes, I'm talking about the world of construction contracts. This document is goi

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    Funtional Grammar

    4945 words - 20 pages

    331 SYSTEMIC FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR AND CONSTRUCTION GRAMMAR Francis Y. LIN Alex X. PENG (School of Foreign Languages and Literatures / Beijing Normal University) ABSTRACT: Construction Grammar (CG) as developed by Fillmore, Goldberg and others is a recent development in syntactic theory, which has become more and more influential. Its central claim is that in a language there are a large number of grammatical units, called constructions, which are the basic forms for the speakers to express their meanings. Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG), put forward by Halliday, also pays great attention t

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    7967 words - 32 pages

    Source 1 Stonehenge is a prehistoric, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England. Construction on the great monument began 5,000 years ago; the famous stones that still stand today were put in place about 4,000 years ago. The great age, massive scale and mysterious purpose of Stonehenge draw over 800,000 visitors per year, and several thousand gather on the summer solstice to watch the sunrise at this ancient and mystical site. The stones are aligned almost perfectly with the sunrise on the summer solstice, and it is almost unquestioned that Stonehenge was built as a spectacu

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    3791 words - 16 pages

    1 Q. M/s ABC MONEY Express Ltd., is an authorized money changer registered under FEMA 1999. It expects to enter into the following transaction of money changing: (a) Sold 10,00,000 US$; and 1,00,000 GBP. Purchased 9,80,000 US$; and 94,000 GBP. (b) Sold 50,000 units of Currency ‘ABC’ and purchased 48,000 units of that currency. (c) Sold 9,750 US$ for 5,000 GBP and sold 14,625 GBP for 30,000 US$; (d) Selling Rates for foreign currencies by M/s ABC MONEY Express Ltd., : 1 US$ = Rs. 40; and 1 GBP = Rs. 80; and I unit of Currency ‘ABC = Rs. 20. (e) Purchase rates of foreign currencies by M/s ABC

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    1716 words - 7 pages

    Justin Roper    Research Paper 1 Stonehenge Professor Poteat Humanities 1 Stonehenge The monument of Stonehenge is the most celebrated prehistoric monument in Europe. Located in the English county of Wiltshire the construction of Stonehenge ranges from 3100 BCE to 1600 BCE. Through the years there have been many beliefs of when and why Stonehenge was built that have been proven wrong and others evolved. The main three theories are that it was built for religious gatherings, burial ground, and a way of a historic calender. These three theories have all been tested by scientists and archeo

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