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  • Chinese Food

    295 words - 2 pages

    Chinese Food Chinese are famous for their cuisine. Chinese are the ultimate gourmet. Especially in south China, they would say they'd eat everything that has four legs besides the dinner table, everything that has two wings besides a plane. Many of the dishes served in China may really surprise newcomers. And many of these dishes are so called medicinal dishes believed to have extraordinary nutritional value, including Shark Fin, Swallow Nest. Snake soup is among the most treasured soups in China. Then there are also snake gall and blood mixed in liquor which supposedly will brighten y

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    1130 words - 5 pages

    Chinatown: The Chinese Youth As a child, Chinatown was known as my second home. It was a place for me to get rid of my stress whenever I’m around with the ghetto kids in Chinatown (They were actually labeled “Ghetto“). This is coming from a child who came from a slightly dysfunctional family whom still love his parents, but needed to get away. Though I wasn’t born in Chinatown, it was still nonetheless a place where I can call my home. When I was given a chance to write about “My City” for a History class, I just had to spread the wonderful roots of my beautiful city to whoever reads this. Do

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    1000 words - 4 pages

    I have never tried Japanese food or knew how to use chopsticks. I was told by a friend Japanese cultural focuses on appearance and on the existence of four tastes. I knew from all my years on cooking we all eat with our eyes first. Who knew that Japanese food is eaten with chopsticks because of the small pieces they cut their food. Therefore its easy to use chopsticks to lift up their food and less of a mess on the table. Well on my first take on Japanese food was very imaginary. It's not just about just eating what you order its about taking a little trip to Japan and enjoying every bite o

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    Three Finger Joe

    410 words - 2 pages

    The treacherous Three-Finger Joe constantly looked over his shoulder as he rode his massive stallion Black Star. Joe had been on the run every since he killed a man in Abilene three weeks ago. The man had gotten into Joe’s face, because he suspected Joe of cheating in a card game. Joe had shot him point blank with no regards. As Joe scanned the terrain far ahead, he noticed a small cloud of dust coming his way. Quickly altering his course, hoping not to make contact, Joe turned Black Star into a small valley surrounded by red sandstone formations. Cautiously making his way through Redst

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    The mainstay of the Mexican diet was, and still is, the tortilla, made from corn. The tradition continues today with little change. The kernels are cooked with lime to remove the husk and then ground on a stone slab with a grinding stone. The dough is formed into little round balls and then patted out by hand into thin round cakes or wrapped in a corn husk, the tamale, to then fill and eat. The versatility of the tortilla as a wrapper in endless. They are used for tacos and enchiladas, among native Mexicans, tortillas are commonly used as eating utensils, as a plate as in a tostada, and much m

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    Anne Redpath Backround

    213 words - 1 page

    Anne Redpath Biographical Details. The artist i have chosen to evaluate is Anne Redpath, who was born in a town in Scotland called Gallashields in 1895. Redpaths most common subject matter to focus on were mainly landscapes and still life compositions. She often focused on not making her paintings look realistic and she also concentrated alot on patterns. Most of her influences came from the work of the Italian Primitives. She liked the way they used lines and how they made things look flat instead of taking the

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    Joy Luck Club Last Four Chapter Quotes

    506 words - 3 pages

    Joy Luck Club MAGPIES- “And even though I taught my daughter the opposite, still she came out the same way.” An-Mei Hsu is saying this to show how she raised her daughter. That even though she raised her to do or be one thing, it was inevitable that she come out how she wanted to be. He mother might have had some influence on her, but not as much as she thought. Her mother raised her to be American, but in her heart, she was Chinese, and always will be. WAITING BETWEEN THE TREES- “I have always known a thing before it happens.” Ying-ying remembers herself as a young girl. She was wil

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    Web Page Comparison

    437 words - 2 pages

    Introduction I have visited two different websites on the internet that I need to compare which is and Both of the website is a Japanese restaurant that offers variety of food and they specialized in sushi. Sakura restaurant has a very well decorated and beautiful home page however the Sakae Sushi has a very simple home page. Although it is simple its still looks a little interesting with some graphical buttons. Navigation The Sakae Sushi are using graphical buttons for the navigation purpose, meanwhile Sakura restaurant choose to use scroll down options

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    Restaurant Review

    560 words - 3 pages

    As she walked into Olive Garden she was immediately impressed. Right as she walked into the door she was greeted by the hostess, and she was immediately taken to a table of her choice. As she was walking, she noticed that her surroundings were the most beautiful site she had ever seen. The music playing in the background was soft and pleasant. When she sat down they didn’t waste time asking her what she wanted to drink and what she would like for her appetizer and unlike other restaurants they have perfect timing. While she was at Olive Garden she didn’t have to wait a long period of time f

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    154 words - 1 page

    ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is divided into two parts. First, the general purpose of this research is critically to evaluate whether or not Chinese MNCs should adopt different cultural and HRM practices to respond to local circumstances in their subsidiaries. More specifically, it is to explore which HRM practices should be adopted when Chinese MNCs extend their business oversea. This study adopted multiple case studies, analyzing three companies including NAC, MG-Rover and NMUK. Meanwhile, six UK worke

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    The Broken Chain

    364 words - 2 pages

    The Broken Chain is a movie about the english, french, and spanish whom sailed to America and fought against each other along with the Indians whom where the Native Americans. These Indians had a small tribe allies and would side with the British in their fight against the European settlers such as the French and Spanish. Both the British and the Indians had conflicts because they both fought to survive. However, both had their own different reasons for fighting. The Indians fought to keep their beautiful land and tribes and were sadly disappointed by the British. While the British fought to b

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    Chinese Culture

    860 words - 4 pages

    Chinese Culture China has about five thousand years history which is a very long period of time. Also, the Chinese civilization was growing with these periods of time and it will continues greater than ever. Many wars and unhappinesses were happening during this period. Although, the time has passed, the histories and the civilizations have not passed. These family virtues, serious, working attitudes, sense of justice and the great Confucian tradition have been deeply assimilated into the Chinese people. Some Chinese traditions are different from North American s. The Chinese culture has many

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    709 words - 3 pages

    Babbo Versus Gusteau’s The two stories of Ratatouille by Brad Bird, which is about the rat who becomes the chef in Gusteau’s restaurant with the help of his human friend, Linguini, and the actual story of Heat by Bill Buford, which is about an Italian restaurant named Babbo that is owned by Mario, have points in common such their eccentricity and their being liked by their critics: Anton Ego in Ratatouille and Frank Bruni In Heat which makes the two restaurants comparable, but the major difference that separates them is their location and the advantage that Gusteau’s restaurant has over Babbo

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    The Struggle To Be An All American Girl

    295 words - 2 pages

    The Struggle to be an All-American Girl “The Struggle To Be An All American Girl,” Witten by Elizabeth Wong, was about a girl struggling to cope with two different cultures. She wants to fit in – to be an American, but on the other hand he mother is trying to encourage her to learn the language of her heritage. Wong wants to express her self the American way. In my opinion she is suggesting that this is the only way she will be accepted by Americans , but at the same time she still needs to deal with the ways of the Chinese. I think it is sad when she expressed her feelings on ho

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    Career Essay

    644 words - 3 pages

    Career as a Fortune Cookie Writer How many people here enjoy Chinese Food? What about their Fortune Cookie and the little message it leaves inside? Have you ever taken into consideration where these fortune sayings comes from? You may think that a computer simply prints these fortune sayings out, but guess what you're wrong. There are people in the world that write fortune cookie sayings for a living. Yes, a person does actually have to think and write all these fortune sayings down on paper. These saying are read over and over again and searched for fortune sayings that are unpleasing to

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    605 words - 3 pages

    Tamale Around the holiday, I have three things on my mind: family presents, and food, specifically my grandma’s tamales. Every year my grandma, mom, sister, dad, uncle, and I sit down to make tamales. My grandma’s exquisite tamales have so many flavors. My grandma starts by making a red chili Colorado sauce and a green chili Verde. To cook the meat in. Next it’s our turn to spread out the masa a type of corn dough, which we spread on corn husks. We act like a well oiled machine doing our jobs quickly and efficiently. After spreading the masa someone puts the right amount of sauce. Then my si

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    History Of Asia

    342 words - 2 pages

    Attitudes about personal interest and career choices are influenced by a person‘s culture and age. “I want to be a pilot.” “I want to a lawyer.” Younger generations always decide their interest and what they want to do as their career based on their own benefit. Observing from the past in the U.S., very limited opportunity is offered to the Chinese immigrants. They might consider if they can do it, in stead of if they want to do it or not. Regardless of what education level they possessed most of the Chinese immigrant work as a waiter, waitress or some low paid jobs. However, the Chinese immig

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    333 words - 2 pages

    Happy New Year! It’s 2011 and this is going to be a great year. How do I know? My fortune cookie said so! Let me say this, I love sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and pan fried chow mein. But, I spend far too much of my hard earned cash eating out. After tracking my expenses for 1 year, I’m spending $175 USD. per month on average eating out. For some this won’t sound like much, to others it’s a lot. That works out to $2100.USD per year. In order to continue building our dream sized Forex account we need to track where all of our hard earned cash is going. The best way to do this is by

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    281 words - 2 pages

    2048-8.2-44A AID: 897 There are no restrictions as to whether the scoops have to be different flavors. a) For first scoop we have 31 choices and for the second scoop again we have 31 choices thus by Multiplication Principle (Suppose n choices must be made, with [pic] ways to make choice 1, and for each of these ways, [pic]ways to make choice 2, and so on with [pic] ways to make choice n. Then [pic] different ways to make the entire sequence of choices) the number of different double-scoop cones will be [pic] = [pi

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    Historical And Cultural Background Of The Awakenin

    408 words - 2 pages

    The Awakening was written at the end of the nineteenth century. That was a time of tension between the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. The industrialization, urbanization and changing social norms of the turn of the century all contributed to the fact that life was changing. Louisiana had its own set of problems that added to the confused feelings. It was a state created out of three different cultures. It is American in many ways, but it is also southern, and Creole. The combination of these three cultural forces was very strong. The aftermath of the Civil War was still re

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    Compare And Contrast The American And French Revol

    824 words - 4 pages

    According to, a ‘REVOLUTION’ is an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed, but how thorough and governed were the new nations of France and America when their ‘REVOLUTION’ took place. Now, in this text, not to confuse an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed with the establishment of what we think would be best only to realize we were wrong, the later will, from hence forth, be referred to as a ‘REVOLUTION’

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    Qdoba Mexican Grill

    667 words - 3 pages

    The franchise we plan on opening is the Qdoba Mexican Grill. Our restaurant will be opened in the Fruitland area located by the Wal-Mart, Texas Roadhouse, and Uno’s. Qdoba is the largest franchised fast-casual Mexican restaurant company. Qdoba was first opened in 1995 when two men imported the San Francisco style burrito to Colorado. The restaurant immediately won over customers and critics with their unique flavors and fresh ingredients. They have a variety of Mexican foods, including burritos, tacos, taco salads, nachos, quesadillas, soups, and their own signature flavors. Qdoba restaurants

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    Benjamin Franklin An American

    434 words - 2 pages

    Benjamin Franklin epitomizes a stereotypical American as someone that is organized, doesn’t waste their time, and is just. An American should be sincere and humble. They should be able to avoid problems and not get into any if it does not involve them. One other thing is that an American should be clean. An American should be always cleaned and look good in a presentable way. An American’s achievement should be able to help everyone and not only one person. A stereotypical American in the mind of Ben Franklin is someone that is useful with their time and has their day well organized. An Ame

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    My Favorite Restaurant

    308 words - 2 pages

    My Favorite Restaurant If you are looking for a good place with Italian food, I will recommend you the Olive Garden. It is my favorite restaurant to dine in. It is a chain of restaurants located all over the United States. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian food that I love. I go there with my friends at least once a month. Every time I go there, I enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, the taste of the food, and the friendly service. The Olive Garden is a good place where I always experience welcoming atmosphere. The walls’ décor makes me feel like I am in Italy. The servic

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    Knowledge By Obseravtion And Participation

    392 words - 2 pages

    Thomas Liszewski Written Assignment 3 October 2011 Gaining knowledge using observation and participation is more effective than using just one or the other; you gain a better understanding of content for a particular subject or skill. Writing this essay is using knowledge by participation because of applying the techniques learned from A Writer’s Repertoire, and reading about the writing techniques in this book is knowledge by observation. I have watched my grandmother for many years cooking her famous Italian cuisine for our family. As I got older I took a keen interest in learning

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    653 words - 3 pages

    There are so many delicious and diverse restaurants in the Pittsburgh area that I have been lucky enough to dine and experience. These restaurants range from family restaurants like Pittsburgh’s very own Eat n’ Park, to more romantic places like The LeMont, a restaurant atop of Mt. Washington with one of the best views of Pittsburgh. As for me, my favorite restaurant is Buca di Beppo. Any time I am given the opportunity to pick where my family will go out to dinner, I never have to think twice! Buca di Beppo is a great family restaurant that has wonderful Italian food, and is a very uniqu

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    443 words - 2 pages

    Rebeico Town is a special town to remember because my mother lived her childhood there. She grew up and enjoyed all her childhood in that place. Rebeico town is located in Sonora, Mexico. Rebeico is smaller than a city. There are approximately 500 people living there. Its weather is extremely hot in the summer, but all the other seasons are cold. This town has many streams to go to fishing in, and to go walking along too. Those streams are filled with sweet water. Their water is a clear blue color. The water is a little cold. Those streams are not deep. You can walk above the water, and wa

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    1008 words - 5 pages

    Destination Evaluation Traveling has been my hobby since I was a child. I visited many countries and had a lot of friends over the world. The most memorable place that I still want to visit again is China. I came to China with my close friend who have experienced in China before, so I had chances to enjoy many kinds of Chinese food and visit many landmarks for only one week. It was said that “"Heaven is a place with an American house, Chinese food, British police, a German car, and French art,"” (Bower). It is a reason why that the country that passed a long history impressed me firstly by

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    As Performance

    1582 words - 7 pages

    Zimin Xu THE-111 25/10/2011 “As Performance” In China, the most important day of the year is the first day of the first lunar month, which is the Chinese New Year, and it usually starts at about the same time as the western month of February. There is a very important term in Chinese culture, which is using the lunar calendar. The calendar that we use in the western world is based on the sun. And the passage of a year is measured by the time it takes the Earth to make a single orbit around the sun, which turns out to be 365 and a quarter days. In some parts of the world you often fin

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    Italian Food A Delicacy

    683 words - 3 pages

    My father was born and raised in Abruzzo, Italy which is about 50 miles from Rome. Although my parents were never married and never lived together, they are still close. I live with my mother, but see my father on a regular basis. Most kids whose parents are separated go through some type of depression, or even need further help coping with the situation. Italians truly value their family and it comes first no matter what.         As I got older, I realized that it was a privilege to be born into a 100% Italian family. Right after family comes the beloved food. Cooking and eating are usually

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    Marketing Plan Chilis Red Hot Burrito

    1471 words - 6 pages

    Unit 9Project Attractive New Menu Item Opportunity Research Report for Wendy’s David Stepp MT355-01 Kathryn Kelly PH.D May2, 2011 Introduction In observing and studying fast food sales trends in The U.S. and abroad, I have discovered a potential new item for our Wendy’s menu that can generate added sales to our existing menu line up. The item I am referring to is a “chipotle burrito”. I wish to present some of the preliminary research I have done that gives a bird’s eye view of the potential for this product in our stores. If the product management team sees this product

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    Econ 2

    299 words - 2 pages

    2.d. Shortages and Surpluses A shortage occurs when the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied. 2.d.1. According to the graph above, the market equilibrium is when the price is $10 and the quantity demanded is 3. However, at a price of $6, the quantity of pizza demanded is 4 and the quantity of pizza supplied is only 2. This means that the suppliers are willing to supply less pizza while buyers want more pizza because of the lower price. This causes a shortage of 2. 2.d.2. When shortages occur, and there are no price ceilings or floors, suppliers raise prices (f

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    Mexican Meals

    252 words - 2 pages

    La Comidas: México On Monday, February 13, 2012, I watched an American chef go around the most well-known cities in México trying out different cultural cuisines. I found this program really interesting because they turned everyday ingredients into mostly spicy and delicious meals. Everything was looked so tasty on the television, everything except the roasted grasshoppers, which just looked nauseating. I know that tacos were a daily meal and were very common in Mexico. They consisted of some meat, a tortilla wrapping, and you could add any topping such as hot sauce, guacamole, and more.

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    Make A Pizza

    267 words - 2 pages

    Make a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizzaMake a pizza

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    Departure Movie Analysis

    814 words - 4 pages

    Anh Truong Nguyen Movie Analysis “Departure” or “Okuribito” in Japan is the successful Japanese movie that has won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars in 2009. It is an affecting film about death and leading watchers to see it as a departure for a new journey to the new world although death is always a sacred matter and hard to deal with in cultures. Departure is the realistic and marvelous poem about an encoffinment ritual in regard to Japan culture despite of its outstanding negative aspects. The story is about Daigo Kobayashi- a talented cello artist in T

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    French Presence In Huronia

    360 words - 2 pages

    Name Andleeb Waizi Course Code Hist200 Student #1110348 Date Feb/25/2012 Bruce G. Trigger, “The French Presence in Huronia: The Structure of Franco-Huron Relations in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century.”Canadian Historical Review 49, no. 2 (June 1968): 107-141. Thesis: This article on “The French presence in Huronia.” Argues that the historical studies in the early seventeenth century expose the Huron as significant native people; they played a main role in the establishment of New France. Colonization, trade and missionaries adapted to key customers into French cultur

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    Case Study Conflict

    744 words - 3 pages

    Andrew Nichols Case Study: A teleconference meeting at Astellas. Image yourself as an American employee at the Norman manufacturing plant: How does structure and culture of an organization influence conflict style and climate? Astellas is global pharmaceutical company that was established in 2005 by the merger of two Japanese pharmaceutical companies (Yamanouchi and Fujisawa). It has 25,000 employees worldwide which consists of eight manufacturing sites: one in the United States (Norman, Oklahoma), one in Ireland and six in Japan. Each manufacturing site makes products for their

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    Shes Dating A Gangster

    979 words - 4 pages

    Princess Athena says: she’s fine. She went out AGAIN with some guy. ^_^ SangMin says: Sara talaga. Btw, mag tagalog kayo ha. dont speak in Korean or english, parahinde na kayo magkaproblema sa new school, ok? Princess Athena says: opo kuya! ^^;; SangMin says: good! ^o^ SangMin says: dc na ko! take care! Love you princess!Mag tagalog daw kami. ano ba meron sa pag eenglish? May mali ba? Christ. I am Sushi says: hindi ka na naman sumulpot.. Princess Athena says: sira ka pala eh! dapat hindi ka na nag hintay! I am Sushi says: pero sabi ko mag hihintay ako, kahit anong mangyari..Ok,

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    What Defines An American

    1792 words - 8 pages

    What Defines An American? The United States of America: It is a story of progress, of ever-expanding freedom, and of an always widening definition of what it means to be an American. As we can see today, there is no simple answer to the question, ‘What defines an American?’ When our founding fathers were constructing our social contract for the United States of America, which was the Constitution, the opening words, “We the people,” had a certain meaning. This meaning was that the power of government comes from the people, and based off this, has shaped America to what it is today. When

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