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  • Chinatown

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    Chinatown: The Chinese Youth As a child, Chinatown was known as my second home. It was a place for me to get rid of my stress whenever I’m around with the ghetto kids in Chinatown (They were actually labeled “Ghetto“). This is coming from a child who came from a slightly dysfunctional family whom still love his parents, but needed to get away. Though I wasn’t born in Chinatown, it was still nonetheless a place where I can call my home. When I was given a chance to write about “My City” for a History class, I just had to spread the wonderful roots of my beautiful city to whoever reads this. Do

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    The mainstay of the Mexican diet was, and still is, the tortilla, made from corn. The tradition continues today with little change. The kernels are cooked with lime to remove the husk and then ground on a stone slab with a grinding stone. The dough is formed into little round balls and then patted out by hand into thin round cakes or wrapped in a corn husk, the tamale, to then fill and eat. The versatility of the tortilla as a wrapper in endless. They are used for tacos and enchiladas, among native Mexicans, tortillas are commonly used as eating utensils, as a plate as in a tostada, and much m

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    As Performance

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    Zimin Xu THE-111 25/10/2011 “As Performance” In China, the most important day of the year is the first day of the first lunar month, which is the Chinese New Year, and it usually starts at about the same time as the western month of February. There is a very important term in Chinese culture, which is using the lunar calendar. The calendar that we use in the western world is based on the sun. And the passage of a year is measured by the time it takes the Earth to make a single orbit around the sun, which turns out to be 365 and a quarter days. In some parts of the world you often fin

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    Marketing Plan Chilis Red Hot Burrito

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    Unit 9Project Attractive New Menu Item Opportunity Research Report for Wendy’s David Stepp MT355-01 Kathryn Kelly PH.D May2, 2011 Introduction In observing and studying fast food sales trends in The U.S. and abroad, I have discovered a potential new item for our Wendy’s menu that can generate added sales to our existing menu line up. The item I am referring to is a “chipotle burrito”. I wish to present some of the preliminary research I have done that gives a bird’s eye view of the potential for this product in our stores. If the product management team sees this product

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    What Defines An American

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    What Defines An American? The United States of America: It is a story of progress, of ever-expanding freedom, and of an always widening definition of what it means to be an American. As we can see today, there is no simple answer to the question, ‘What defines an American?’ When our founding fathers were constructing our social contract for the United States of America, which was the Constitution, the opening words, “We the people,” had a certain meaning. This meaning was that the power of government comes from the people, and based off this, has shaped America to what it is today. When

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    Market Research For Chipotle Restaurant

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    1. Problem Identification and Market Research Objective 2.1. Problem Identification * Is there a demand for Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant at North York center? * What type of restaurant? Is it fine dining restaurant or fast food restaurant? * Does the menu offer many nutritious or healthy selections? * How many of those restaurants are franchises in G.T.A area? * Who will be our target market? What are the characteristics of our customers? * What are the requirements of our customers? What prices will they able to pay? What types of Mexican food they woul

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