Diving Essay Examples

  • Unforgettable Journey

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    Micronesia medical ministry is the most valuable work that I ever done in my life. Throughout this ministry I found my calling as a nurse and it also made me to continue my education more further, which I was hoping eversince before I got married. It was the turning point of my life. When I was involved, I really liked to help the people who needed medical assistance and teach them about God. The medical ministry team has a group of doctors, nurses, and translators to do medical ministries throughout the islands of Micronesia. We went to Yap, one of the Federated St

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    Please remain seated, no flash photography allowed, cell phones must be off or on silent. The pungent smell of chlorine fills the room. This is my first time diving in front of a crowd. As the judges prepare I step onto the base of the diving board. The rough surface, which I’ve cut your foot on a few times during practice, runs through my legs. The sign is given and I can now start. While the whole room, which is dead silent, is looking at me all I can acknowledge is the still water of the pool. Though I’m allowed to take as long as I need to mentally prepare myself my thoughts are that wai

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    Comparative Commentary Paper 1

    895 words - 4 pages

    Section A Discuss the similarities and differences between the texts and their theme(s). Include comments on the ways the author’s use of elements such as structure, tone, images, and other stylistic devices to communicate their purposes. The two texts which are given for comparison includes a passage from the novel White Noise (1984), written by Don DeLillo and a passage My daily dives in the Dumpster taken from the essay collection Travels with Lizbeth: Three Years on the Road and on the Streets (1993). Text A has been written in first person and it mainly focuses on a inquisitive perso

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    Subterranean, A suspenseful Journey “Small nostril flaps, spread like Chinese fans, tested the air as it hunted. It shield from his light, then stepped into view. It walked upright on two thickly muscled legs. Its mouth gaped open, almost like it was grinning.”(Pg. 145) Beneath the top of the world lies a cavern, hidden from the outside world for millions of year. The United States has discovered this hidden cavern, and explored, only a small portion of it. In the main chamber of this cavern, archeological markings have been found that are old and believed to have been made by an extinct civ

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    Brown Pelicans

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    These big brown birds are being found everywhere, miles away from their homes. They are being found disoriented, bruised, and sometimes even dead airport runways, farm fields, alleys, backyards, even on highways (two dead on the 110 freeway while another smacked into a car, dead). The wildlife rescuers from San Francisco to San Diego are freaked out and they do not know why this distressing biological mystery is occurring. At the International Bird Rescue Research Center in San Pedro and other animal rehabilitation centers where being swarmed with injured/disoriented pelicans of all ages and s

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    Roatan Coral Reef

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    Traffic on the anillo? Your clothes sticking to you in La Lima? The comforting side to anybody living in Honduras is knowing that when the heat and stress of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula or any other hectic city reaches its peak; tranquility can be sought in nearby nature. Whether it’s the bird watching paradise of La Tigra, or the rapid waters of La Ceiba’s El Cangrejal, nature can serve as an oasis of calm to residents and visitors alike. While Honduras is blessed with a variety of ecosystems from rainforest to woodland, the jewel in its Mayan crown is without doubt the coral reef of the C

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    Summer Vacation

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    This summer vacation One of my favorite family tradition is summer vacation. Every summer since I was born I’ve been to Spain. My grandma is spanish so we always go to her home in Tamariu close to Barcelona. It’a a small villa, with a big garden and a pool with an amazing diving board, where my brother and I spend the whole day diving. There is also a barbecue where my mother cooks kebabs and steaks. Tamariu is a small, cozy fishing village settle down in a very scenic bay. It’s surrounded on thre sides by cliffs. Homes are white and there is a very small harbor, where the typical fishing

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    Tourism A Gift Of Nature To The Province Of Negros

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    Tourism has many potential benefits according to Dennis Brown in 1999. Tourism can be an important source of jobs to local residents. Tourism not just offer business opportunities to the community, but can serve as a vehicle of marketing a place for potential residents and firms. Nature, in the other hand is a gift—a gift not all places are so much blessed. Negros Oriental—a province of nature’s beauty is one of the best destinations in the Philippines. From beaches to waterfalls, caves, beautiful mountains and even historic churches, Negros Oriental has a lot more to offer. There are reaso

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    Coral Divers

    3732 words - 15 pages

    ORAL DIVERS RESORT Introduction Mr. Jonathan Greywell is contemplating a business decision in which there are four realistic options. He is the owner of Coral Divers Resort, located in the Bahamas on the island of New Providence. He caters to customers looking for a resort package that includes diving. This case discusses a decline in revenues for the three-year period of 2005-2007. His options include: selling the resort, partnering with another business, focusing on higher margin business, or improve his current business to be more competitive. Business Description • Coral D

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    Factors To Be Considered In Scuba Diving

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    Dear Reader, Scuba diving or Deep sea diving is an exhilarating adventure and its Deep sea diving involves greater depths than just below the surface diving. How deep also depends on the training and skills of the diver. Deep diving requires the appropriate training. Deeper depths can take a toll on the human body. Deep water diving involves many different environmental aspects that have to be considered: • Temperature As the temperature of the water is well below the body temperature,[so this temperature gradient causes the body heat to be conducted out into the water] so water takes the

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    742 words - 3 pages

    Charles Robert Darwin Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. His youth was a happy time. His parents were wealthy, and had three older sisters, Marrianne, Caroline, and Susan. He had an older brother named Erasmus and a little sister named Catherine. Charles was educated in his house by his sister, Caroline that played a strict disciplinarian. Charles became a great horder, collecting things in his interest. Until the death of his mother, Charles’s life changed. Robert Darwin, Charles father, was a wealthy society doctor and financer. His father wante

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    Nanga Island

    334 words - 2 pages

    Linapacan, Palawan - Nanga Island with pinkish white sand for SALE | MEASURE: | CURRENCY: |   | Email Inquiry | 125.274 Acre | EUR 874,000 (1.9/sqm) |   | CODE: IL013 | 50.7039 Hectare | USD 1,110,000 (2.4/sqm) |   | STATUS: Tax Dec | 5,461,155 Square Feet | CND 7,548,000 (16.3/sqm) |   | Currency Converter | 507,360 Square Meters | PHP 55,000,000 (108/sqm) |   | Money Back Guarantee | OVERVIEW - Nanga Island has four good quality beaches. The east beach is the longest, and has a natural harbor fronting the Island of Malobot-lobot. The other beaches face west, south west and north e

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    765 words - 4 pages

    THE LIFE OF A SCAVENGER INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the essay "On Dumpster Diving," by Lars Eighner. Specifically, it will summarize the essay, observe the author's life, ethics, and give an opinion on them. The job of Dumpster diving would seem sleazy and disgusting to many, but Lars Eighner gives his scavenging dignity and purpose in his poignant essay about the life of a scavenger on the streets. THE LIFE OF A SCAVENGER Lars Eighner writes of his years as a Dumpster scavenger with humor and pathos. It is very clear he is an

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    1161 words - 5 pages

    Natalia Paduret [email protected] English Writing 299 Professor J.Valle 09/12/2011 “On Dumpster Diving” The essay on “On Dumpster Diving” written by Lars Eighner is about a homeless man, accompanied by his dog, explaining the strategies and guidelines of surviving from dumpster, thereby exemplifying the wasteful nature of Americans, while explaining the etiquette involved in the process. The author began dumpster diving about a year before he became homeless. He used all of his infrequent income for rent, consequently having to derive all of life necessities from dumpsters. He the

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    Coral Divers Resort Case Analysis

    262 words - 2 pages

    Greywell has developed a good name and reputation in the industry. * The company makes money, but not profits. * The resort has invested in infrastructure and equipment. * The aficionado diver does not spend as much on resort-type activities as a new class of diver (family-oriented) would. * Greywell's capital position is not solid (see detail below). * Resort is unable to compete with full family resorts. * Increased expenditures in travel. * Diving, as an activity, has broad generic appeal beyond targeted market groups. * Wide acceptance among sophisticated and

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    How Might An Understanding Of The Information Proc

    1001 words - 5 pages

    of different steps (Neisser, 1976, p1). The information processing concept is a top down approach based on a computer metaphor. It argues that data or information is fed into the brain like a computer; the data is then interpreted and finally run off or performed. For example, a student would be given information visually and verbally about the basic dive, the student would then process the information and perform the action once this information has been understood, the learner will then demonstrate the dive. There are three important stages within the information procession

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    Coral Resort Case

    1978 words - 8 pages

    W of three options and Problem The first option that Greywell has would be to move Coral Divers Resort to New Providence Island in the Bahamas. The island has a large population, and Nassau the capital has the most developed tourist attractions in the Bahamas. One of the strengths of moving to New Providence would be the large tourist population that gathers there. The island also offers underwater movie sets from popular Bond movies which remain popular dive attractions today. There are also natural underwater dive spots which are ideal for tourists looking for reef or drop off dives. The we

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    Critical Situations

    536 words - 3 pages

    Dumpster diving In this selection, the author, Lars Eighner, tells about his personal experiences and opinions of Dumpster diving. This story is explaining the pros and cons of the Dumpster diving lifestyle and how to benefit from living off the wastefulness of other people. As a pro, Eighner states, that people throw away good things all the time, except for his jeans, all his clothes, boom boxes, candles, bedding, he acquired from Dumpsters. (pg. 22) Knowing what’s safe to eat, good locations, and having some knowledge and experience serves as big tools. Eighner tells about finding object

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    Pulau Tioman merupakan sebuah pulau yang terkenal dikalangan peminat sukan menyelam. Pulau Tioman memiliki keluasan 39 km panjang dan 12 km lebar.Pulau Tioman merupakan sebuah pulau di sebelah timur Semenanjung Malaysia,di antara sempadan Pahang dan negeri Johor. Pulau Tioman sebenarnya terletak dalam pentadbiran negeri Pahang Darul Makmur. Bentuk Pulau Tioman dari udara seperti seketul paha ayam. 70 km dari Mersing, Johor. Mersing ialah jeti yang paling popular di kalangan pelancong. Jumlah pelancong sebulan antara 800-1200 orang pada tahun 1998. Pelancong datang dari Jerman, Perancis, Itali,

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    2599 words - 11 pages

    GOZO COMINO www.visitmalta.com The Maltese islands truly mediterranean and set in crystal waters, Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer you a memorable experience, where moments of complete relaxation can be combined with the exploration of the islands’ many cultural, artistic and natural treasures. Long considered to be a microcosm of the Mediterranean and a favourite with travellers who seek an authentic island experience, our islands offer an impressive range of historical and cultural sites, together with a wide spectrum of activities, making Malta a truly unique year

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    254 words - 2 pages

    This summary discusses how peer mentors can help mainstream students achieve great success in their secondary educational careers. Many times when students are mainstreamed there is a struggle to get the special needs students integrated into the everyday class routine, but through the usage of peer mentors educators are able to create a common learning median between themselves and each individual student. By using the buddy system the limited time that educators can spend with their students not to mention their mainstream students on the subject matter can be enhanced by this process. Pee

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