Electronic Components Essay Examples

  • Semiconductors

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    Silicon is the raw material most often used in integrated circuit (IC) fabrication. It is the second most abundant substance on the earth. It is extracted from rocks and common beach sand and put through an exhaustive purification process. In this form, silicon is the purist industrial substance that man produces, with impurities comprising less than one part in a billion. That is the equivalent of one tennis ball in a string of golf balls stretching from the earth to the moon. Semiconductors are usually materials which have energy-band gaps smaller than 2eV. An important p

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    From Cradle To Grave The Life And Death Of A Circuit Board

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    Anjelica Hernandez Mr. ********* Senior Project February 25, 2008 From Cradle to Grave: The Life and Death of a Circuit Board I am writing my Senior Project Paper on circuit boards and their effects on the environment. A PCB is a printed circuit board, also known as a printed wiring board. It is used in electronics to build electronic devices. What has gotten me interested into this topic is my shop. My shop teacher, Mr.Cardoso actually gave me the idea. In class one day we were talking about possible senior project topics and his big idea was called “From C

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    The Origin Of Perception

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    How do we perceive truth? Where do our personal perceptions of "moral" and "immoral" come from? In this essay I will attempt, using the 8-circuit model of consciousness presented by Dr. Timothy Leary (as interpreted by Robert Anton Wilson in his book "Prometheus Rising") as a template to give one possible way of understanding how we develop into the people we are, and how many use the same process in order to imprint NEW "truths" on others. The first four circuits in Dr. Leary’s model of consciousness are the base for most people's perceptions of reality depending on which they are dispose

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    Win At Monopoly

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    The game of Monopoly was developed by Charles Darrow, who sold it to Parker Bros. in 1935. It is a game where you need luck, strategy and people skills. Understanding and applying these components can increase your chances of winning. The first component of the game is luck. You are controlled by the roll of the dice. After the luck of the dice you must then have strategy. The most important strategy as you start the hame is to buy every property you land on. The exception to this strategy are the utlitiy properties. The utlities are small time and not worth the investment. As you acc

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    Circuit Lab

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    The main purpose of Lab 1 was to familiarize the students with the equipment within the lab. This was done by taking measurements from multiple circuit setups. The instruments used within this lab include a digital multi-meter, an oscilloscope, and an ammeter. The first section of the lab was to measure the resistance in 10 different resistors to determine if they all fell within the 5% tolerance they are guaranteed. Three of the resistors measured were required to be 4.7k and 3.3k resistance because they were to be used later on in the lab. The other 7 resistors were chosen at random. Table

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    The decade of the 1980’s saw an explosion in computer technology and computer usage that deeply changed society. Today computers are a part of everyday life, they are in their simplest form a digital watch or more complexly computers manage power grids, telephone networks, and the money of the world. Henry Grunwald, former US ambassador to Austria best describes the computer’s functions, “It enables the mind to ask questions, find answers, stockpile knowledge, and devise plans to move mountains, if not worlds.” Society has embraced the computer and accepted it for its many powers which can be

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    ENTPs value their ability to use imagination and innovation to deal with problems. Trusting in their ingenuity to get them out of trouble, they often neglect to prepare sufficiently for any given situation. This characteristic, combined with their tendency to underestimate the time needed to complete a project, may cause the ENTP to become over-extended, and to work frequently beyond expected time limits. Complicating this situation is their predisposition to experiment with new solutions. This makes them eager to move on to the next challenge when things get boring. ENTPs become stressed when

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    Q Of A Ressonant Circuit

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    Q of a Resonant Circuit Experiment 1.10 Abstract Experiment to determine Q of an LCR circuit using 2 methods. Basic LCR setup: L = 31μH, C = 680 pF and R = 3kΩ. The first method is plotting ln Vm against Peak No. and returned Q as 5x10-13. The second method used a capacitor of about ¼ pF to create a weak capacitive coupling and the plot of V0 /Vi gives Q = 2.5. The second experimental method returned the best result. Introduction The aim of this experiment is to measure the quality factor Q of a parallel LCR circuit. This will be achieved by two methods. Simple har

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    80286, 80386, Pentium 1, 2 3 and 4 are microprocessors a silicon chip also know as a CPU or central processing unit that are attached onto a motherboard. 80286 were released as early as 1982 while Pentium 4, the most up to date version of microprocessor was released in year 2000. The microprocessor itself is actually just a type of integrated circuit. Microprocessors are necessary to many of the products we use every day such as televisions and most importantly, computers. (http://www.intel.com/education/transworks/). There are similarities between all the different ‘generations’ of micro

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    Ultrasonic Range Meter

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    Receiver circuit The receiver circuit is almost same as the "Ultrasonic Range Meter" which is not used PIC. Signal amplification circuit The ultrasonic signal which was received with the reception sensor is amplified by 1000 times(60dB) of voltage with the operational amplifier with two stages. It is 100 times at the first stage (40dB) and 10 times (20dB) at the next stage. As for the dB (decibel), refer to "Logarithm Table". Generally, the positive and the negative power supply are used for the operational amplifier. The circuit this time works with the single power supply of +9 V. Ther

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    Instrumentation Amplifier

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    Typical instrumentation amplifier schematic An instrumentation (or instrumentational) amplifier is a type of differential amplifier that has been outfitted with input buffers, which eliminate the need for input impedance matching and thus make the amplifier particularly suitable for use in measurement and test equipment. Additional characteristics include very low DC offset, low drift, low noise, very high open-loop gain, very high common-mode rejection ratio, and very high input impedances. Instrumentation amplifiers are used where great accuracy and stability of the circuit both short- and

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    Samsung DRAM

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr.No. Particulars Page No. 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Problem Definition 4 SWOT Analysis 5 Strategic Alternatives 6 Recommendations 7 Appendices EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Semiconductor industry has seen average growth rates of 16% per year since 1960. Semiconductors were classified into two broad categories, memory chips and logic chips. Memory chips would be further classified into DRAM, SRAM, flash memory. DRAM represent approx 55 % of memory market and SRAM and flash memory represent 10% and 32 % respectively. Share of DRAM has reduced from 80% to

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    Ohm's Law defines the relationships between (P) power, (E) voltage, (I) current, and (R) resistance. One ohm is the resistance value through which one volt will maintain a current of one ampere. Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is proportional to the potential difference and inversely proportional to the resistance. ( I ) Current is what flows on a wire or conductor like water flowing down a river. Current flows from negative to positive on the surface of a conductor. Current is measured in (A) amperes or amps. ( E ) Voltage is the difference in e

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    Internal Resistance Of A Dry Cell

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    Physics Experiment – Internal Resistance of a Dry Cell May 16, 2009 Written by Daniel Chiuchiarelli 1. Contents Contents Background Aim Equipment Method Results Discussion Conclusion 2. Background Ohm’s law, a law that applies to electrical circuits, states that if the temperature or resistance of a device is constant, and an electric current is sent through it, then the current flowing through will be directly proportional to the electric potential across it. In mathematical terms, I ∝ V. From this relation, the formula V=IR was derived, where V is the

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    LIGHT DEPENDENT RESISTORS LDRs or Light Dependent Resistors are very useful especially in light/dark sensor circuits. Normally the resistance of an LDR is very high, sometimes as high as 1000 000 ohms, but when they are illuminated with light resistance drops dramatically. What is a Light Dependent Resistor? A light dependent resistor is a small, round semiconductor. Light dependent resistors are used to re-charge a light during different changes in the light, or they are made to turn a light on during certain changes in lights. One of the most common uses for light dependent resis

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    Centre Number Candidate Number Name CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education PHYSICS Paper 2 May/June 2003 1 hour Candidates answer on the Question Paper. No Additional Materials are required. 0625/02 READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in. Write in dark blue or black pen in the spaces provided on the Question Paper. You may use a soft pencil for any diagrams, graphs or rough working. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid.

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    Sport Obermeyer

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    Supply Chain Management Assignment 1 Liao Zhiwen 07823351D Wang Fangyuan 08702514D Yu Lu 07800988D Zheng Anqi 07845644D Question 1 As it is mentioned in the case, the major concern of the company is the accuracy of the forecasting. The previous practice was to make production commitments based on the consensus of a committee of six key managers. By doing so, Wally could not find out each individual’s prediction and the discrepancies among the forecasts. The managers were quite influenced by others so that their professional judgments might be weakened. Nonetheless, the new pract

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    Lab 7

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    Objective: To get a better understanding of Series-Parallel Circuits, and able to determine resistance and resistance total in a Series-Parallel Circuit.? Equipment Used: Breadboard, DMM, 100? resistor, 330? resistor, 680? resistor 9v battery or power supply ,jumper wires. ? Explain what is meant by a series-parallel circuit. A: A series-parallel circuit is a circuit made up of all sorts of components, where the components are not just in series or just in parallel. One way of measuring the total resistance of the circuit is to disconnect the power supply, and Then use the ohmmet

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    A Woman

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    I don’t know this photo’s title; however, I chose this woman because she is a sort of an icon of a negative side of New York City. From 1960s to 1980s, New York City was full of hipsters and prostitutes. I think she might be one of them because of her appearance. Her hair is overly curled upward to show her height and smallness of her face. She is putting on high heeled sandals which are not formal and translucent stocking. The dress she is wearing is very short length. Her outfits are definitely for a dancing party but her face doesn’t show this. These components are helpful in

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    Notes by Sir Arsalan EE380 SSUET Fall 2010 EE380 Integrated Electronics Integrated Circuits In electronics, an integrated circuit (also known as IC, microcircuit, microchip, silicon chip, or chip) is a miniaturized electronic circuit (consisting mainly of semiconductor devices, as well as passive components) that has been manufactured in the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material. Integrated circuits are used in almost all electronic equipment in use today and have revolutionized the world of electronics. Introduction Integrated circuits were made possible by experimenta

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    Basic Electronics Essay

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    Military equipment, toys, communication, home electronics, computing, cars, satellites and others. This is only a partial list of products, which contain electronics. Actually electronics won our world. We wake up with the ring of electronic clock, drink coffee from an electronic coffee machine, work with computers, learn by using video conferences, and listen to the music from a sound system and go to sleep while adjusting our electronic watch for tomorrow morning. It is hard even to think that only a hundred years ago our world seemed different at all from this point of view. Theoretical

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    555 Timer

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    The 555 timer IC is an amazingly simple yet versatile device. It has been around now for many years and has been reworked into a number of different technologies. The two primary versions today are the original bipolar design and the more recent CMOS equivalent. These differences primarily affect the amount of power they require and their maximum frequency of operation; they are pin-compatible and functionally interchangeable. This page contains only a description of the 555 timer IC itself. Functional circuits and a few of the very wide range of its possible applications will be covere

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    An RLC circuit (or LCR circuit) is an electrical circuit consisting of aresistor, an inductor, and a capacitor, connected in series or in parallel. The RLC part of the name is due to those letters being the usual electrical symbols for resistance, inductance and capacitance respectively. The circuit forms a harmonic oscillator for current and will resonate in just the same way as an LC circuit will. The difference that the presence of the resistor makes is that any oscillation induced in the circuit will die away over time if it not kept going by a source. This effect of the resistor is called

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    Are Three Components To The Structure Of Personali

    300 words - 2 pages

    . According to Freud there are three components to the structure of personality. Name and describe these components. Freud’s view consists of three components; the id, the ego, and the super ego. All three components are considered strong because they do not fail to prove Freud’s theory. The first component is the id, it is considered the unconscious part of the human personality, the source of our basic drives; sex and aggression. The id operates through pleasure, it is always seeking pleasure though the immediate satisfaction of its needs. He also considers the id to be unrestrained, ir

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    Fm Demodulator

    4751 words - 20 pages

    ABSTRACT Frequency demodulator, also called frequency discriminator, is a circuit, which converts instantaneous frequency variations to linear voltage changes. It changes the frequency deviation of the incoming carrier into an AF (Audio frequency) amplitude variation (identical to the one that originally caused the frequency variation). There are many types of circuit used in communication system such as FM to AM conversion, balanced, and phase-shift discriminators and phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency demodulator. This seminar paper introduces the principles and operations of Slope FM detec

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    Afa History

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    DIODES configuration 1.The atom's electrons orbit the nucleus in a specific shell 2. each shell has a predefined capacity and is always filled from the inner shell to outer shell, or valence shell 3. The number of electrons in valence shell determines how the atom will react with other atoms The atoms with four valence electrons are not stable and will tend to combine chemically with other atoms to acheive a stable state. This menas that the atom will try to obtain 8 electrons in its valence shell. This process of sharing electrons is called covalent bonding. N TYPE SEMI-CONDUCT

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    Diversity Reflection

    1793 words - 8 pages

    Diversity Reflection Paper: Luci Heinz Both, A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege, and Oppression and White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack present well-developed points on the multi-faceted views of oppression and the range of privileges that are experienced in our society. Some of which the “average Joe” would never stop to think twice about – I can say this because I was once part of this ignorant populace, until taking this class. Equally, these articles show the portrayal of how those who are favorably advantaged or have “unearned assets,” are completely obl

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    Technology Is Boon Or Curse

    13094 words - 53 pages

    “MOBILE BASED MOTOR SPEED CONTROL” INDEX S. No CONTENTS PAGE NUMBERS 1. Abstract 2. Chapter-1: Embedded System 1. Introduction 2. Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3. Introduction to Application of embedded system 4. Industrial functions of embedded system 5. Compared with commercial system 3. Chapter-2: Over view of the Project 1. Introduction of project 2. Block Diagram 3. Software used in Project 4. Chapter-3: Microcontroller

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    Introduction To Control Systems

    13160 words - 53 pages

    Outline of the Course • Fundamentals of Control Systems • Introduction to Microprocessor-Based Control • Operational Amplifiers & Signal Conditioning • Switches, Relays & Power-Control Semiconductors • Mechanical Systems • Sensors • Electrical Machines • Electric, Hydraulic & Pneumatic • Feedback Control Principles • Relay Logic, PLCs & Motion Controllers • Basics of Modern Control Theories Dr. Kadir ERKAN Introduction to Control Systems 3 First Lecture : Fundamentals of Control Systems Headlines • Introduction and Motivation for Control Systems • Basic Definitions and Backg

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    Digital Report

    1120 words - 5 pages

    Formal Lab Report Table of Contents: Cover sheet ……………………………………………………………………………………………..….Pg.1 Contents……………………………………………………………………………………………………..Pg.2 List of Figures ……………………………………………………………………………………………....Pg.3 List of Tables………………………………………………………………………………………………..Pg.4 Objective………………………………………………………………………………………………….....Pg.5 Equipments and Parts list…………………………………………………………………………………Pg.5 Theory……………………………………………………………………………………………………..Pg.5/6 Procedure: Step 1………………………………………………………………………………………….Pg.7 Step 2………………………………………………………………………………………….Pg.8 Step 3……………

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    4290 words - 18 pages

    Introduction Pressure Sensors - Motorola A sensor is a device that produces a measurable response to a change in a physical condition, such as temperature or thermal conductivity, or to a change in chemical concentration. Sensors are particularly useful for making in-situ measurements such as in industrial process control. Sensors are an important part to any measurement and automation application. The sensor is responsible for converting some type of physical phenomenon into a quantity measurable by a data acquisition (DAQ) system. ________________________________________ Choosing

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    1122 words - 5 pages

    05-May-10 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Competitor Analysis Identify Competitors Assess Strengths and Weaknesses Obtain Relevant Information 1 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com) 05-May-10 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Identify Competitors Competitor Analysis Identifying Current Competitors Identifying Potential Competitors APPROACH 1: Examine the perspective of customers who must make choices among competitors APPROACH 2: Place competitors into strategic groups according to their competitive strategy Identifying Cu

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    Business Intelligence

    637 words - 3 pages

    EVAS INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Subject code: BUS1MIS Subject Name: Management Information systems Tutors name: Anne Petts Tutorial time: 11am Tuesday Student id: 171777257 Student Name: Eva Antoniou Contents page Page 1: Abstract Full text Page 2: Full text Referencing list ABSTRACT ‘Microsoft tunes up Bi with maestro’ is an article providing the reader with information on the new server-based product that maestro has selected to implement within their organisation. The product has been created to push data from Microsoft Bi stages like SQL Server Analysis Services to

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    Strive For Development Of Science And Technology

    1342 words - 6 pages

    Electronics is the branch of science and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. The nonlinear behaviour of these components and their ability to control electron flows makes amplification of weak signals possible, and is usually applied to information and signal processing. Electronics is distinct from electrical and electro-mechanical science and technology, which deals with the generation, distribution, switching, storage and conversion of electrical energy to and from other ener

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    5116 words - 21 pages

    CONTENTS INTRODUCTION.................................................................................3  Definitions of Sensor and Transducer..........................................................................................3  Sensor Classification......................................................................................................................3 Sensor Selection...............................................................................................................................4 What are Electrical Transducers..................................

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    2075 words - 9 pages

    Introduction Digital devices are used by almost everyone in the U.K. on a daily basis and these devices require a DC voltage. Such devices include computers, radios and televisions. However the electricity transmitted into homes is AC, which is fine for some appliances but not for digital devices. Therefore to power these devices the AC mains must be converted to DC and the voltage must be stepped down as the rated 230V of the mains will damage most digital circuitry. DCPS To achieve this DC Power Supply (DCPS) is used. It works by taking an AC input into the primary side of a transfo

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    Troubleshooting Electric Circuits

    873 words - 4 pages

    Troubleshooting Electric Circuits Date 3-11-2011 Table of Contents Page Number Narrative: 1-3 Bridge: … Narrative I have always had an interest in finding out how all things electrical work. From a very young age I started helping my father fix things electrical around the house and started going on side jobs with him to re-wire homes and restaurants. By being around s

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    Hall Effect

    2718 words - 11 pages

    Innovations Embedded Applications for Hall Effect IC Switches in Portable Applications White Paper ROHM MarketingUSA Presented by ROHM Semiconductor Applications for Hall Effect IC Switches in Portable Electronics 19th century magnetic technology merged with 21st century ultra-small IC package innovation offers beneficial alternative to mechanical devices According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, consumer electronics became the largest user and primary driver of semiconductors in 2004 and continues to increase over the corporate market segment. In consumer electronic

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    History Of Singapore

    1908 words - 8 pages

    Procedure 1: RC Circuit The objective of this part of the lab is to confirm the steady state model of capacitors and inductors. Using the observed data from a circuit including these components, the time constants can be determined using mathematical equations. A Single Pole Double Throw switch is especially useful in calculating data of capacitors and inductors. This switch has one moveable arm that can connect two different nodes. The switch has three prongs that fit into the breadboard holes. In one direction of the switch, the center prong is connected to the prong at that end. In the oth

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    Power Supply

    3607 words - 15 pages

    POWER SUPPLY FOR DIGITAL CIRCUITS Summary of circuit features • Brief description of operation: Gives out well regulated +5V output, output current capability of 700 mA. • Circuit protection: Built-in overheating protection shuts down output when regulator IC gets too hot. • Circuit complexity: Simple and easy to build. • Circuit performance: Stable +9V output voltage, reliable operation. • Availability of components: Easy to get, uses only common basic components. • Design testing: Based on datasheet example circuit, I have used this circuit successfully as

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    Computer Generations

    660 words - 3 pages

    THE COMPUTER GENERATIONS Generation refers to the state of improvement in the development of a product. The term is also used in the different advancements of computer technology. With each new generation, the circuitry has gotten smaller and more advanced than the previous generation before it. As a result of the miniaturization, speed, power and memory of computers have proportionally increased. The computers are believed to have undergone five generations till present. THE FIRST GENERATION: 1946-1958 (THE VACUUM TUBE YEARS) The first generation computers wer

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    Laser Torch

    8148 words - 33 pages

    MAJOR PROJECT LASER TORCH BASED VOICE TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 ABOUT PROJECT LASER TORCH-BASED VOICE TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER Using this circuit you can communicate with your neighbors wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in the circuit. The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about 500 meters. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards the laser beam from the torch. If there is any obstruction in the path of the laser beam, no sound will be heard from the receiver. The

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    Infrared Transmitter Receiver

    15670 words - 63 pages

    Mini Project Course Handout |Project title: |Low Cost Infrared Wireless MODEM for PC-to-PC Communication | |Objectives: |To enable students to learn about RS232 serial communication, simple analogue and digital circuit design. | |1. Introduction | |This project introduces you to the design of a simple half-duplex infrared wireless Modem (Modulator-Demodulator). The Modem will be | |connected to the

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    336 words - 2 pages

    Physics Experiment – Internal Resistance of a Dry Cell May 16, 2009 Written by Daniel Chiuchiarelli 1. Contents Contents Background Aim Equipment Method Results Discussion Conclusion 2. Background Ohm’s law, a law that applies to electrical circuits, states that if the temperature or resistance of a device is constant, and an electric current is sent through it, then the current flowing through will be directly proportional to the electric potential across it. In mathematical terms, I ? V. From this relation, the formula V=IR was derived, whe

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    301 words - 2 pages

    Define and Describe the Issue.                Alcohol problem is one of the major problems in United States.  Alcohol problem can cause serious health and social implication to environment, community and country as a whole. When people drink they believe that their having a pleasure and sense of good mood, but most of them they don’t know the consequence of alcohol, e.g. talkative, become violent when drinking and misses work and daily activity. Using alcohol arise from ancient world by purification and fermentation of various fruits and sugar in order to increase the al

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    Chapt 7 Homework

    555 words - 3 pages

    Chapter 7 Review Questions 4) Use case modeling uses two primary artifacts – the use-case diagram and the use-case narrative. How are these two used and what are their differences? Use-case diagram – graphically depicts the system as a collection of use cases, actors (users) and their relationships. Use-case narrative – fills in details of each business event – specifies how the system interacts with the users during that event. 5) Use case diagrams consist of three components. What are these 3 components, and what is their purpose? Actors/system users - Relationships – w/ the

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    The Abc Computer

    648 words - 3 pages

    The ABC Computer Beginning in 1935, John Vincent Atanasoff, a physics professor at Iowa State College, pioneered digital electronics for calculating. His students were working with linear partial differential equations, and he experimented with analog, then digital calculators to aid in their solution. Atanasoff built a simple model of the ABC to demonstrate his concepts of digital computation. The number stored in one of the capacitor drums is added to or subtracted from the number stored in the other drum. Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry built a prototype ABC (Atanasoff-Berry

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    1076 words - 5 pages

    72 takes off where E11 left off. Because of this, there is certain knowledge from E11 that will be assumed. You don't have to be able to easily apply all the various methods of solution that you used in those courses -- the ones that are important will come back to you as you use them. There are, however, some fundamental things that you should know. The rest of this indroduction is devoted to a re-statement and review of the salient material from E11. Look it over to see if there are any topics with which you feel uncomfortable. If there are any, you may want to break out your E11

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    Science Boon Or Bane

    300 words - 2 pages

    GROUP - A 1) What is the difference between R Firing & RC Firing Ckt ? 2) What Is Safe Operating Area & why it is essential ? 3) What are the difference between Half Controlled & Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier ? 4) Define Commutation &what are the two conditions for thyristor commutation ? 5) Define Softness Factor & why it is essential ? 6) Why quasi saturation occurs & in which devices it occurs ? 7) What is the function of free wheeling diode ? 8) What is spread time ? 9) What are the different control strategies in chopper & which on

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