English As A Second Language Essay Examples

  • Music Assessment

    330 words - 2 pages

    Assessing a Cast of a Thousand I think assessment is overlooked. If we overlook assessment then what are we accomplishing as teachers? We need to make sure we can assess the material that we teach. The assessment rubric was very interesting in the fact that you can see the different levels of completion. My question is how can we assess every student the same way? All students have different levels of learning. I do not believe in seating charts unless the students need to be in certain sections. Let the students have fun. As a teacher it is our responsibility to learn names. If s

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    Why Students Should Learn Foreign Language

    1017 words - 5 pages

    Learning a foreign language takes time and the person who learns must have an effort, but it is a good thing that everyone should learn. There are many different opinions on the subject of learning a foreign language. The opinions may differ by nation, region, community, and even by household. At some point it was realized that learning a foreign language is necessary as every high school and also in the universities or colleges require a foreign language. A foreign language can help you when you go to different countries or regions that do not use your language, you can communicate with

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    Bilingual Education

    688 words - 3 pages

    More people are realizing the failure of bilingual education programs throughout the nation, but still being fought for. California’s Proposition 227 is not only logical, but beneficial to the nations economy and social environment. America should join the majority of California’s voters for this proposition. California’s Proposition 227 has five key factors which summarize the act. The prop. requires all public schools to be taught in English. Parents may waive this requirement for their children if they prove their child can fluently speak English, has special needs, or if they conv

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    277 words - 2 pages

    In “Memories of a Bilingual Childhood,” Richard Rodriquez argues against Bilingual Education with reflection to his own experiences. He states that “It is not possible for a child, any child, ever to use his family’s language in school. Not to understand this is to misunderstand the public uses of schooling and to trivialize the nature of intimate life.” Rodriquez believes that school is a place in which people develop their public identity. To merge “intimate” aspects with public ones creates no distinction between the two and in result, both could be lost. As a child, Rodriquez associated

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    A Universal Language

    313 words - 2 pages

    Think critically about the following statement. A universal language should replace all languages. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a universal language. Language is the best mean of communication. In globalization era, having lots of languages puts many barriers between various people around the world and knowing the local language is not enough for one to be able to communicate well with foreigner. I strongly support the idea that the communities throughout the globe should replace all the languages with a universal language. A universal language will open new frontiers an

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    Bilbiography Of ESL

    765 words - 4 pages

    Aeal Hakki Mirici. (2005). Some communicative activities based on overhead projectors. English Teaching Forum, 43, 46-48. Creating a productive atmosphere and sense of community in language classes is essential for students to use the target language communicatively. And educational technology is one tool for creating joyful, communicative activities such as the overhead projector. Bedjou, A. (2006). Using radio programs in the EFL classroom. English Teaching Forum, 1, 28-30. If appropriately exploited, radio can bring authentic content to the classroom, especially in the EFL environmen

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    Bilingual Education

    1792 words - 8 pages

    Abstract English was not always the primary language used in schools. After English did become the official language of the United States, many non-English speaking students were left behind in the world of academia. Bilingual education programs were implemented to teach these non-English speaking students the English language. Proficiency has always been the goal. The bilingual education programs have been the center of educational controversy for years because many claim it has no merit and is not effective in aiding these children into English proficiency. Another theory emerged called

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    New York State Education Department

    935 words - 4 pages

    Carrasquillo & Rodriguez, Chapter 1 New York State Education Department, Chapter 2 Regardless of language, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, students from bilingual, ESL and LEP programs are assigned to mainstreamed classrooms in the United States. A thoughtful and appropriate mainstream classroom can provide a unique, progressive and cooperative learning environment for ESL, ELL and bilingual students. However, if educators disregard the significance of comprehending learning needs of linguistically diverse students, the corresponding environment can be destructive and unfair

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    Culture In Studying English

    1607 words - 7 pages

    Abstract Language is not only the product of culture, but also the symbol of culture; therefore, learning a language also means learning a culture. For many English speaking countries, especially in Europe and North America, cultural factors are intensively concentrated on learning English by curricula designers. This study focuses on the frequency of accessing culture knowledge of English speaking countries (especially Britain and the US) in studying English inside class of second-year students in English Department of Hanoi University through authentic activities like practicing on prover

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    The Official Language Movement

    525 words - 3 pages

    In the article, Abolish Bilingual Education, the main point the author supports, is the price and flaws of the resources used by the education system for bilingual education. He mentions a proposing government rule that allows teachers of ESL (English as a second language) not to be fluent in English or Spanish. This results in the school districts to look for recruits in other countries, who mostly are not fluent in English. So a translator is needed. This process in returns costs taxpayers $12 billion dollars a year for the Bilingual Programs. According to Woolley (2007), states that biling

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    Bilingual Education Is A Disaster

    873 words - 4 pages

    The United States is one of the hugest nations in the world. It magnetizes immigrants from all over the world and it became the global country that full of thousands of diverse nationalities. Now! It will be one frequently asked question, how can we make those nationalities intermingle with the American language and culture? Is the two-way language system will be supportive for them to understand us? Bilingual program were designed to educate the fresh immigrants student in the U.S. This program started in 1968, when U.S government sat up a budget of$7.6 million to teach Mexican-American Engli

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    How Can Reading Writing Be Effectively Taught To Meet The Needs Of ESL Learners And Students With High Literacy Support Needs In The Mainstream Classroom

    2188 words - 9 pages

    How can reading/writing be effectively taught to meet the needs of ESL learners and students with high literacy support needs in the mainstream classroom? * * * The teaching of writing to an ESL student is an involved process. ESL students need to be explicitly taught the specific language structures and features of texts. Knapp (1994) identifies a teaching/learning model that is based on two core ideas, firstly that writing is learned through writing, and secondly that grammar should be learnt through the students own writing (1994: 25). This teaching/learning model is similar to the genr

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    5270 words - 22 pages

    INTRODUCTION It is a well-known fact that English is a heavily idiomatic language. It is rich in exceptions and spelling traps, where almost every rule is valid ninety percent of the time. Phraseological units or idioms make daily language use much colourful and vivid. English is a multicultural language and at times refills its stocks with the borrowings and neologisms. Idiomatic expressions pervade English with a specific flavor and give it astonishing variety. They help language learners understand English culture, penetrate into customs and lifestyle of English people, and also make a

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    Bilingual Workers

    343 words - 2 pages

    The article “Paga ser Bilingue” by Domenico Maceri discusses why workers should be reward for being bilingual. Growing immigrant population in the United States that is not fluent in English requires providing more services in different languages. Many government agencies and American companies are looking to hire bilingual employees. Instead of hiring expensive professional interpreters, the companies prefer save money by providing stipends for multilingual workers. However, some people disagree with providing services in different languages because emigrants will never learn English. In fact

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    516 words - 3 pages

    The definition of a global language, is a language which has been given a specific place within countries and communities around the world, even in places where there are very few native speakers of this language. Although English is not the most widely spoken language in the world in terms of the number of native speakers - there are many more native Chinese speakers than native English speakers - it is described as a 'global language' and Chinese is not. This is because there are few other communities in the world that give Chinese, be it Mandarin or Cantonese, a particular use or function,

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    To Climb Langue Barrier

    487 words - 2 pages

    Many people live their life with disabilities. Whether it is noticeable physical and mental disadvantage like blindness, deafness, and intellectual retardation or social disadvantage like poverty, low level of education, and race, they may need to develop special skills in order to overcome the barrier and survive like others. Being the minorities in a society, it would be more difficult to survive than minorities without abilities that make them stand out from others. In the article “The Vision Thing” by Stephen Kuusisto, the author writes that blind people are creative and resource and go

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    Causes And Effects Of Studying In Els

    454 words - 2 pages

    Khaled Waleed 109 r/w Causes and effects of studying in ELS One day a guy from Saudi Arabia felt that he didn't have friends , bored , and unhappy . He wanted to change his life so he did many things . It's hard to live without knowing how to talk in English . In the world the most common language is English . English is spoken as a native language by around 375 million and as a second language by around 375 million speakers in the world. Speakers of English as a second language will soon outnumber those who speak it as

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    Second Language Acquisition And Bilingualism

    2199 words - 9 pages

    Abstract This research paper demonstrates that there are plenty of improvements to be made in parents and teachers minds about second language acquisition and bilingualism. The following information presented attempts to show you what is happening in homes and classrooms around the world and challenges readers to open their eyes to a different way of thinking. It includes a variety of strategies that can help teachers identify at-risks students and show them how they can make a few simple changes in their classroom to accommodate for ESL learners. Furthermore, this paper challenges parents

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    Best Teacher

    433 words - 2 pages

    BEST TEACHER DESCRIPTION by Dr. Glen W. Probst There are many characteristics, techniques, etc. that make for a successful teacher. These may be as varied as the teachers themselves. However, there are certain time-tested attributes, characteristics, and practices which contribute immensely to teacher success. The following list contains items that students have used to describe their best teachers. 1.Enthusiasm Students can feel the excitement Students easily detect the teacher's love for job and subject 2.Preparation Teacher knows the subject Teacher plans and prepares

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    442 words - 2 pages

    Company He language is the most important means of communication. It is necessary to be able to communicate not only in your own language but also in a foreign language. That is why people learn languages. The most important language of all is our mother tongue. We learn it from very young and it stay with us until we die. When we want to learn a new language, we must know our own very well. There are many different people and everyone learns a foreign language in his own way. For some people to learn a language is very easy. Usually these people don´t need any help, they learn by

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    Why English Is Important

    363 words - 2 pages

    IF YOU are currently learning English in a school, college or institute of further education, you join approximately one billion other people around the world who are engaged in the same pursuit. However, as you try to memorise proper grammar, and try to avoid the mistakes common to most students of English, you may wonder why you are learning the language in the first place. So, why is English important? After Mandarin, English is spoken by more people than any other language, and is the native language of more than 350 million people. More people speak English than those who speak the

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    Critical Thinking And Language

    432 words - 2 pages

    Critical Thinking and Language I recall having my first boyfriend when I was 14 years of age. My rosy cheeks shined bright like the morning sun whenever I saw my boyfriend. The butterflies in my stomach soar uncontrollably when he looked into my eyes. I thought to myself, “Is this what love feels like? And if so, I was in heaven.” Every time my lips met his lips, chills went up my spine and hearing his deep, sexy voice was music to my ears. The thought of having a boyfriend was exactly how I imagined until he stabbed me in the heart. The devastation of seeing him kiss another girl was

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    Why Learning A New Language A New Language Barrier May Make You Forget Your Old One

    346 words - 2 pages

    ScienceDaily (Jan. 18, 2007) — Traveling abroad presents an ideal opportunity to master a foreign language. While the immersion process facilitates communication in a diverse world, people are often surprised to find they have difficulty returning to their native language. This phenomenon is referred to as first-language attrition and has University of Oregon psychologist Benjamin Levy wondering how it is possible to forget, even momentarily, words used fluently throughout one's life. ________________________________________ In a study appearing in the January, 2007 issue of Psychological Sc

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    Bilingual Education

    3332 words - 14 pages

    Alternatives to Bilingual Education Introduction Bilingual education in America- is it a help or a hindrance to this upcoming generation? An estimated 1.5 million -- one in four -- children in public schools in California speak little if any English (Guthrie, Julian). With such a large number of students not being proficient in English, there is a need for a system in which we can help these children succeed. The United States is inhabited by different people, from all different races, cultures and backgrounds. With this great variety comes the byproduct of many different languages. Children

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    What Is Language

    2946 words - 12 pages

    When we think of an intelligent being we think of someone like us, a creature that is able to think and communicate effectively. Communication or language is a process every child learns from birth, and we continue to use it until our death. The structure of our language gives us the ability for abstract thinking. Because of this we are able to expand our knowledge and evolve as a society. Language is a system of terms that are used in a particular manner and carry a particular meaning. The building blocks of language are words, each one carries a meaning and thought of as having symbolic si

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    Letter To Teacher

    678 words - 3 pages

    Dear Ms. Corso My name is Susy Jones, and I am currently enrolled in your fifth period English 11 class. I am fifteen of age; I will turn sixteen on September 24. This makes me a Libra. I was born in Grossumstadt, Germany. That is a small city which is approximately an hour away from the city Frankfurt. I have one younger sister names Saskia, who is a seventh grader here at Hayfield this year. In my house I live with my father, mother, sister, and my pet cat Pepper. I have had my cat for 15 years. My father is from Atlanta, Georgia and my mother is from Fulda, Germany. When I was six weeks

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    Cohesion And Coherence

    3953 words - 16 pages

    Briefly explain the distinction between coherence and cohesion. Does cohesion need to be taught to learners of English as a second language? If so, why, when and how? Introduction While a variety of definitions for coherence have been suggested, this paper will use the definition given by Nunan; the extent to which discourse is perceived to ‘hang together’ rather than being a set of unrelated sentences or utterances. (Nunan 1993:116) Bamberg (1983) states coherence was first discussed by Alexander Bain in the nineteenth century. Bain examined paragraph structures stating “the bea

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    English As An Official Language Language Issues In A Multi Ethnic Society

    1596 words - 7 pages

    English as an Official Language: Language Issues in A Multi-Ethnic Society The Problem America has always been known to be the “Great Melting Pot”, combining immigrants from all over the world into one county. Along with their cultures they bring with them many diverse languages as well. For example, idioma, språk, langue, sprache, 言語, lingua, taal, язык, linguagem, these are all ways to say the word “language”. One may ask “with all these different languages in one country how do people communicate, learn and even live”? Some people believe that the onl

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    412 words - 2 pages

    English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a subdiscipline of the general English Language Teaching (ELT) tree which emphasizes practical outcomes of a language instruction program (Dudley-Evans & St. John, 1998; Hutchinson & Waters, 1991). ESP should also be understood as an instructional methodology largely resulting from the recognition that since World War II, the English language has become a primary communications medium in business, science, education, and diplomacy (Hutchinson & Waters, 1991). English has become a key to the international global environment and is currently the primary lan

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    Speech Topic How Does The Writing Lab At Purdue Help Us

    944 words - 4 pages

    Speech Topic: How does the Writing Lab at Purdue help us? Useful Information Preparation Outline General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the profit of constructive use of Purdue’s “Writing Lab.” Thesis Statement: No matter how self satisfied we are with our work, we always tend towards help for things like outlines, essays, résumé’s, and for this help we are provided with a “Writing Lab” at Purdue as well as an Online Writing Lab. Organizational Pattern: Topical Introduction I. Attention Getter:

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    266 words - 2 pages

    The Methodogy of the English For me in 7th grade is pretty much based on an integrated approch. All English skills are included and connected to each other. The language is introduced to children by using an inductive approach. Through getting children engaged in many tasks and activities, they discover the language patterns and grammatical rules. Thus, they become active learners. Also, throughout the period of the course, children are gradually taught the basic grammatical terms so that they can build up their knowledge of the language. Vocabuary: Vocabulary is the most important element

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    270 words - 2 pages

    The Challenges Immigrants Face While Living in the U.S. There are three main challenges that immigrants have to face while living in the U.S. First of all, the language is a huge challenge for many immigrants. A large number of immigrants experience an ordeal when they are required to learn English, which is a complex language . According to a survey in 2003 by the “Washington Post”, more than 30% of immigrants said they are not satisfied with their level of English ; as a result, numerous immigrants build small communities where they can speak their native language. Another challenge

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    The Effectiveness Of Games To Teach English

    366 words - 2 pages

    English is the most important language in the world, which is used by people all over the world as an International language to communicate with one another either in spoken or written interaction. Based on the needs to communicate others, people more realize that English is very important to be learnt. Therefore, it is better to encourage the children to learn it from very young age. The aim of the teaching of English at the elementary school is to motivate them to be ready and self confident in learning English at higher level. The scope of the materials covers spelling, vocabulary, writin

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    Personal Statement To University

    411 words - 2 pages

    I dreamed in English. I was in an ecstasy of joy in the next morning. My mother who is an English teacher once told me that people having dreams with English dialogues are proficient English learners. It is because they can master the language well and English has a tendency to supersede their mother tongue. To achieve this is not easy, especially for people living in a Chinese speaking country. However, with my passion in English, I have succeeded after immersing myself in an ‘English World” for years, chatting with foreigners becomes one of my pastimes. Somebody may wonder, ‘An Arts degre

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    I Alway Have To Learn The Hard Way

    279 words - 2 pages

    That was the first time I came to the united state, I was amazed with all everything, which were I felt very novel and strange. I have to study everything again at the beginning. I studied how to drove, how to speak English…etc. So it was very hard with me at the first time. I enrolled to the college, where I began to studied English and took some of my major class. At the first time, I was very worried about my classes; because I didn’t listened what the instructors were talking and how to write the response for my instructors. So I bought the mp3 player to record what the instructor said.

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    New American

    1294 words - 6 pages

    New Americans is a word used to describe an age old phenomenon. This new term is now being used to describe immigrants that have landed upon the shores of the United States. Many of us can trace our lineage back to this cycle of humanity seeking a better and new way of life. Many come to escape from the harsh realities of their native country. In this paper I will explore why one such immigrant came here and how her adjustment to the United States took place. Ute Brunesholz is from the Federal Republic of Germany, a country in central Europe. Compared to the US there are 82 million peo

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    626 words - 3 pages

    The present simple tense is probably the most common verb tense in English. It is used for describing habit, routines and for giving facts. In addition, it is often in dependent time clauses (Aitken, 1992:18). Given this importance for communication in English, it is obvious that learners need to pronounce the tense well. However, the pronunciation of the 3rd person s causes problems for learners because it does not often occur and it has three different pronunciations. The only inflection in the present simple tense is for the third person singular. It is always spelled with the letter s, al

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    796 words - 4 pages

    THE LOVED LANGUAGE Quoting Mr. Bachchan the Senior, “I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English.” Have you ever wondered, what a ‘p-h-unny’ language English is? Having emerged from the Teutonic language, being attacked upon by the Angles, Saxons and the Normans, attempted to be protected by the Celts, acclaimed to be linked to the Aryan language, infected by the French, revolted against by the Americans and recently harassed and avenged by the Colonies (note the title of the book ‘The Empire Writes Back’ by Bill Ashcroft), what else do you expect? Okay let’s not delve

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    Ethnicity Affects On Speaking

    1271 words - 6 pages

    Ethnicity Affects on Speaking In America today, families with foreign backgrounds are suffering greatly in our English speaking society because they don’t speak America’s public language. Children in these types of families have trouble speaking in school because English is foreign to them. A student’s ability to speak in an academic environment can be affected by several different factors. Characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, and personality can cause students to be shy and unsuccessful in an academic environment. These characteristics can extremely impinge on a person’s ability to

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    1493 words - 6 pages

    As I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest goals is to become a teacher. In fact, it’s part of my personal mission statement: “My mission is to experience life through…teaching others.” I don’t want to be a run-of-the-mill boring teacher, though. Not like the “substitute teachers” of my school days. But what makes a good teacher? We all know good teachers when we see them, and bad teachers too. I thought back over the teachers I’d loved and why I loved them. There were only a few, but they all had the following qualities in common. 1. Confidence. Belief in ourselves despite setbacks. Teache

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    1725 words - 7 pages

    Rodriguez and Them In his memoir Aria, Richard Rodriguez opposes the idea of bilingual education (a program that allows non-English-speaking students to be taught in their native language at school). From his own childhood educational experience, Rodriguez believes that people assimilate better into society when they are fluent in the public language, and the benefit of it is even worth losing their private individuality. Authors Rosalie Pedalino Porter and John Fonte, advocate Rodriguez’ claim that bilingual education hinders students’ progress in learning English and is detrimental to stud

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    Bilingual Education

    1467 words - 6 pages

    Our school systems play host to dozens of languages in addition to the standard fare of English. Starting in the late 1960s, partially as a swing off the Civil Rights Movement, school systems were required by law to provide bilingual education anytime twenty or more children spoke the same foreign language, and were found to be limited in their English proficiency. At first, the need for such programs was small, but over time it has been steadily increasing until now where the need has reached what many consider to be massive. In recent years, the population of the United States has exploded w

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    559 words - 3 pages

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background Language is a link which connects all people in the world. People need it when they want to communicate with others. The humans’ ability to learn language is started since they are children. It naturally happens through adaptation because language ability is a simply matter of imitation and habit formation. People hear sound around them and then practice it in conversation. Every country has its own language which is called as mother tongue. It is considered to be the country’s identity because every mother tongue has its own grammar, accent,

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    English Official Language

    1452 words - 6 pages

    The question of whether or not English should be an official language has been a controversial topic since the country was founded. There are many differing opinions on this topic. There are the extremists who feel strongly for it. Then there are the average people who feel that there should be bilingual states such as those neighboring Mexico and Canada. The ACLU who is not in charge of the decision, but very influential in the outcome has chosen not to make English the official language because “from it’s inception, the United States has been a multilingual nation.” There were as many as twe

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    The Difficult Will Take A Little While

    892 words - 4 pages

    “The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while” “The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while”. I think the most difficult experience that I ever had in my life was moving in USA and learning English. I am originally from Kazakhstan, Almaty which is located in a central Asia, which used to be a part of Soviet Union until 1991 and 1992 became an independent country. I was born and grew up over there, and I have never been in USA before and in 2005 my dad invited me over here, and now here I am three years later. It was a really diffic

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    How Do Teachers Adapt And Facilitate The Learning Of Vocabulary To The Age Ability And Needs Of The Pupil

    2516 words - 11 pages

    How do teachers adapt and facilitate the learning of vocabulary to the age, ability and needs of the pupil? Rationale The purpose of this investigation is to find out if different teaching techniques are used to facilitate the learning of vocabulary in the target language (TL) for students of different ages and abilities. This is relevant to me as I am a language learner and also because I will be teaching English as a foreign language next year. I want to specifically investigate whether teachers vary the ways the learning of vocabulary is presented as Howard Gardner’s multiple intellig

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    Learning Styles

    887 words - 4 pages

    The most effective way of learning differs for each individual person. Every person has an entirely unique style of learning that is useful for only them. Learning styles are various approaches of learning, and there are many theories of how people learn. People usually have a mix of every learning style; they are very strong in many techniques, but very weak and others. One theory involves three different learning styles which have a very wide field per style, so it easily covers many different learning techniques at once. The first learning style is a visual learner. This person will lear

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    Presentation Based Activities

    1047 words - 5 pages

    2.4 The Advantages of Presentation - based Activities Chitravelu (1995:294) says that if language learning is to be effectives, students must have the opportunity to use that language. They must actively listen, speak, read and write the language in the classroom. It is a common thing when we keep on doing and practicing on certain skill, after some practices we could see the result, where it helps us to master that specific skill. The same goes to students if they are given the opportunity to use the English language during the learning process and they keep on practicing to communicate in E

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    Improvement On Filipino L Iteracy

    618 words - 3 pages

    Filipinos believe they are now understanding, reading, writing, speaking and thinking English better than they did two years ago, a new Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey revealed yesterday. Latest study results show Filipinos posting an 11-percent increase in self-assessed understanding of English, a 10-percent increase in reading and a 13-percent increase in writing English. The nationwide survey, conducted from March 30 to April 2, and which covered 1,200 respondents, also revealed a 14-percent increase in speaking English and an 11-percent increase in the way Filipinos think in English

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    How To Make Your Plan To Ielts

    3637 words - 15 pages

    Information for candidates The test that opens doors around the world IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is recognised by over 6,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. For a list of organisations that accept IELTS scores, visit http://bandscore.ielts.org Preparing to take IELTS Make sure you are ready It’s important to familiari

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