English As A Second Language Essay Examples

  • Bilingual Education

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    Abstract English was not always the primary language used in schools. After English did become the official language of the United States, many non-English speaking students were left behind in the world of academia. Bilingual education programs were implemented to teach these non-English speaking students the English language. Proficiency has always been the goal. The bilingual education programs have been the center of educational controversy for years because many claim it has no merit and is not effective in aiding these children into English proficiency. Another theory emerged called

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    New York State Education Department

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    Carrasquillo & Rodriguez, Chapter 1 New York State Education Department, Chapter 2 Regardless of language, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, students from bilingual, ESL and LEP programs are assigned to mainstreamed classrooms in the United States. A thoughtful and appropriate mainstream classroom can provide a unique, progressive and cooperative learning environment for ESL, ELL and bilingual students. However, if educators disregard the significance of comprehending learning needs of linguistically diverse students, the corresponding environment can be destructive and unfair

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    Grammar And Reform

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    EL PAPEL DE LA GRAMÁTICA EN EL MODELO DIDÁCTICO DE LA REFORMA El propósito de este trabajo es determinar cuál es el papel de la gramática en la Reforma, enmarcando el modelo o modelos didácticos del área de lenguas extranjeras propuesto en la LOGSE y en su desarrollo legislativo tanto en las diferentes teorías que han influido en los distintos enfoques de T.E.F.L. como en la mismísima práctica docente. Consideramos pertinente aclarar en el inicio de esta discusión que la Ley Orgánica General del Sistema Educativo, con independencia de haber sido propuesta por un grupo

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    Culture In Studying English

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    Abstract Language is not only the product of culture, but also the symbol of culture; therefore, learning a language also means learning a culture. For many English speaking countries, especially in Europe and North America, cultural factors are intensively concentrated on learning English by curricula designers. This study focuses on the frequency of accessing culture knowledge of English speaking countries (especially Britain and the US) in studying English inside class of second-year students in English Department of Hanoi University through authentic activities like practicing on prover

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    How Can Reading Writing Be Effectively Taught To Meet The Needs Of ESL Learners And Students With High Literacy Support Needs In The Mainstream Classroom

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    How can reading/writing be effectively taught to meet the needs of ESL learners and students with high literacy support needs in the mainstream classroom? * * * The teaching of writing to an ESL student is an involved process. ESL students need to be explicitly taught the specific language structures and features of texts. Knapp (1994) identifies a teaching/learning model that is based on two core ideas, firstly that writing is learned through writing, and secondly that grammar should be learnt through the students own writing (1994: 25). This teaching/learning model is similar to the genr

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    INTRODUCTION It is a well-known fact that English is a heavily idiomatic language. It is rich in exceptions and spelling traps, where almost every rule is valid ninety percent of the time. Phraseological units or idioms make daily language use much colourful and vivid. English is a multicultural language and at times refills its stocks with the borrowings and neologisms. Idiomatic expressions pervade English with a specific flavor and give it astonishing variety. They help language learners understand English culture, penetrate into customs and lifestyle of English people, and also make a

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    Second Language Acquisition And Bilingualism

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    Abstract This research paper demonstrates that there are plenty of improvements to be made in parents and teachers minds about second language acquisition and bilingualism. The following information presented attempts to show you what is happening in homes and classrooms around the world and challenges readers to open their eyes to a different way of thinking. It includes a variety of strategies that can help teachers identify at-risks students and show them how they can make a few simple changes in their classroom to accommodate for ESL learners. Furthermore, this paper challenges parents

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    Bilingual Education

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    Alternatives to Bilingual Education Introduction Bilingual education in America- is it a help or a hindrance to this upcoming generation? An estimated 1.5 million -- one in four -- children in public schools in California speak little if any English (Guthrie, Julian). With such a large number of students not being proficient in English, there is a need for a system in which we can help these children succeed. The United States is inhabited by different people, from all different races, cultures and backgrounds. With this great variety comes the byproduct of many different languages. Children

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    What Is Language

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    When we think of an intelligent being we think of someone like us, a creature that is able to think and communicate effectively. Communication or language is a process every child learns from birth, and we continue to use it until our death. The structure of our language gives us the ability for abstract thinking. Because of this we are able to expand our knowledge and evolve as a society. Language is a system of terms that are used in a particular manner and carry a particular meaning. The building blocks of language are words, each one carries a meaning and thought of as having symbolic si

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    Cohesion And Coherence

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    Briefly explain the distinction between coherence and cohesion. Does cohesion need to be taught to learners of English as a second language? If so, why, when and how? Introduction While a variety of definitions for coherence have been suggested, this paper will use the definition given by Nunan; the extent to which discourse is perceived to ‘hang together’ rather than being a set of unrelated sentences or utterances. (Nunan 1993:116) Bamberg (1983) states coherence was first discussed by Alexander Bain in the nineteenth century. Bain examined paragraph structures stating “the bea

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    English As An Official Language Language Issues In A Multi Ethnic Society

    1741 words - 7 pages

    English as an Official Language: Language Issues in A Multi-Ethnic Society The Problem America has always been known to be the “Great Melting Pot”, combining immigrants from all over the world into one county. Along with their cultures they bring with them many diverse languages as well. For example, idioma, språk, langue, sprache, 言語, lingua, taal, язык, linguagem, these are all ways to say the word “language”. One may ask “with all these different languages in one country how do people communicate, learn and even live”? Some people believe that the onl

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    New American

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    New Americans is a word used to describe an age old phenomenon. This new term is now being used to describe immigrants that have landed upon the shores of the United States. Many of us can trace our lineage back to this cycle of humanity seeking a better and new way of life. Many come to escape from the harsh realities of their native country. In this paper I will explore why one such immigrant came here and how her adjustment to the United States took place. Ute Brunesholz is from the Federal Republic of Germany, a country in central Europe. Compared to the US there are 82 million peo

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    Ethnicity Affects On Speaking

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    Ethnicity Affects on Speaking In America today, families with foreign backgrounds are suffering greatly in our English speaking society because they don’t speak America’s public language. Children in these types of families have trouble speaking in school because English is foreign to them. A student’s ability to speak in an academic environment can be affected by several different factors. Characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, and personality can cause students to be shy and unsuccessful in an academic environment. These characteristics can extremely impinge on a person’s ability to

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    As I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest goals is to become a teacher. In fact, it’s part of my personal mission statement: “My mission is to experience life through…teaching others.” I don’t want to be a run-of-the-mill boring teacher, though. Not like the “substitute teachers” of my school days. But what makes a good teacher? We all know good teachers when we see them, and bad teachers too. I thought back over the teachers I’d loved and why I loved them. There were only a few, but they all had the following qualities in common. 1. Confidence. Belief in ourselves despite setbacks. Teache

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    Rodriguez and Them In his memoir Aria, Richard Rodriguez opposes the idea of bilingual education (a program that allows non-English-speaking students to be taught in their native language at school). From his own childhood educational experience, Rodriguez believes that people assimilate better into society when they are fluent in the public language, and the benefit of it is even worth losing their private individuality. Authors Rosalie Pedalino Porter and John Fonte, advocate Rodriguez’ claim that bilingual education hinders students’ progress in learning English and is detrimental to stud

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    Bilingual Education

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    Our school systems play host to dozens of languages in addition to the standard fare of English. Starting in the late 1960s, partially as a swing off the Civil Rights Movement, school systems were required by law to provide bilingual education anytime twenty or more children spoke the same foreign language, and were found to be limited in their English proficiency. At first, the need for such programs was small, but over time it has been steadily increasing until now where the need has reached what many consider to be massive. In recent years, the population of the United States has exploded w

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    English Official Language

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    The question of whether or not English should be an official language has been a controversial topic since the country was founded. There are many differing opinions on this topic. There are the extremists who feel strongly for it. Then there are the average people who feel that there should be bilingual states such as those neighboring Mexico and Canada. The ACLU who is not in charge of the decision, but very influential in the outcome has chosen not to make English the official language because “from it’s inception, the United States has been a multilingual nation.” There were as many as twe

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    How Do Teachers Adapt And Facilitate The Learning Of Vocabulary To The Age Ability And Needs Of The Pupil

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    How do teachers adapt and facilitate the learning of vocabulary to the age, ability and needs of the pupil? Rationale The purpose of this investigation is to find out if different teaching techniques are used to facilitate the learning of vocabulary in the target language (TL) for students of different ages and abilities. This is relevant to me as I am a language learner and also because I will be teaching English as a foreign language next year. I want to specifically investigate whether teachers vary the ways the learning of vocabulary is presented as Howard Gardner’s multiple intellig

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    Presentation Based Activities

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    2.4 The Advantages of Presentation - based Activities Chitravelu (1995:294) says that if language learning is to be effectives, students must have the opportunity to use that language. They must actively listen, speak, read and write the language in the classroom. It is a common thing when we keep on doing and practicing on certain skill, after some practices we could see the result, where it helps us to master that specific skill. The same goes to students if they are given the opportunity to use the English language during the learning process and they keep on practicing to communicate in E

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    To What Extent Do Students Of English Undergoing The Ageing Process Benefit From Topics Which Are Familiar To Them To Use The Language Fluently

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    To what extent do students of English undergoing the ageing process benefit from topics which are familiar to them to use the language fluently? Abstract The purpose of the present study is to do qualitative research to explore the role that topic familiarity plays in helping middle-aged students of English to overcome the obstacles they find when facing communicative activities in the classroom. The research was conducted in two courses, one of adults, the other of adolescents, at a language institute situated in the western area of Gran Buenos Aires. The methodology chosen, parti

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    How To Make Your Plan To Ielts

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    Information for candidates The test that opens doors around the world IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is recognised by over 6,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. For a list of organisations that accept IELTS scores, visit http://bandscore.ielts.org Preparing to take IELTS Make sure you are ready It’s important to familiari

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    The Verb

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    :::::AQUÍ TU CARÁTULA::::: INDEX VERB TENSE 3 Types of Verbs 4 Active / Passive Verb Forms 7 Simple Present 10 Present Continuous 13 Simple Past 16 Past Continuous 19 Present Perfect 22 Present Perfect Continuous 26 Past Perfect 28 Past Perfect Continuous 31 Simple Future 33 Future Continuous 36 Future Perfect 39 Future Perfect Continuous 41 Used To 44 Would Always 46 Future in the Past 48 INTRODUCTION VERB TENSE Types of Verbs )mportant: To understand that NOT all English verbs are the same. English verbs are divided into three groups: Normal Verbs, Non-Continuo

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    The New Language Test 2007 2010

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    The infamous White Australia Policy was finally discontinued in 1973 lifting a heavy burden off the shoulders of most progressive Australians. A new era of multiculturalism was embraced as the policy of all successive governments. Sadly, over the last few years, there has been a widespread belief that all persons applying for migration, education and professional purposes must have high English language proficiency. Although it may be argued that English language proficiency is desirable in most cases, there has been virtually no hard evidence that such requirements are necessary for all pe

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    Learning English Language Problems Remedies

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    Speaking English Language : Problems & Remedies Prof. A. G. Dodewar Assistant Professor of English Mahila Mahavidyalaya, 152, Nandanvan, Nagpur. Email : [email protected] ABSTRACT English is probably the world’s most important language not just because of the people who speak it but also because of its significance in international, professional, social, cultural and political activities. That is why many non-native people want to learn Englis

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    Tai Lieu

    1132 words - 5 pages

    A brief look at the current English langue teaching and learning context in Vietnam will show that the demand for English learning is very great. This is clearly seen in the multitude of institutions and centers that offer English courses as well as in the great number of learners who go to English classes. Among these learners adult learners form a big special group. Due to some of their characteristics the teaching of English to this group of adult learners has some advantages and disadvantages as follows. The first advantage is that adult learners have some degree of extrinsic motivation

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    Teaching Speaking Skills 2 Overcoming Classroom

    1606 words - 7 pages

    Teaching speaking skills 2 - overcoming classroom problems This article is written for teachers with large classes of students who have encountered some of the following or similar problems during speaking activities in their classroom. • Why should we teach speaking skills in the classroom? • Motivation • Speaking is fundamental to human communication • Dealing with the arguments against teaching speaking skills • Student's won't talk or say anything • When students work in pairs or groups they just end up chatting in their own language • When all the students speak together it

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    English As A Second Language Esl

    8043 words - 33 pages

    English as a Second Language (ESL) English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed for students from diverse non-English-speaking backgrounds as designated by the course entry requirements. The students engage in a variety of language learning experiences to develop and consolidate their use, understanding and appreciation of English, so as to enhance their personal, social and vocational lives. 8.4 English as a Second Language (ESL) Overview Preliminary English (ESL) course (120 indicative hours) In the Preliminary English (ESL) course, students develop skills, knowledge and understa

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    1240 words - 5 pages

    There has been a debate on bilingual education for many of years; pros and cons originated from the Civil Rights Act and the Bilingual Education Act; these two acts were the cause of the laws for bilingual education. Bilingualism shouldn’t be frowned upon by anyone. Bilingual education is considered a system that favors education in more than one language. The basic part of this educational system is to teach the uninitiated people to learn English and make it their first language, allowing their original language to not be spoken; forgotten, or made the second language they speak. In her w

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    Qualities Of A Good Teacher

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    ?there should be a rule and punishment for teachers who maltreat and call children names.? • • • • A good teacher is one who challanges her students to be all that they can be. • A great teacher Interacts with the child (physically, and mentally) • A great teacher gives affection to the pupils, makes them understand what emotion is. • A great teacher smiles to his/her pupils even when they screw him up. • A great teacher teaches not only text book materials but also The truth that's happening outside. Practice balanced with theory. • A great tea

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    English Only

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    Americans in the early 20th century held the opinion that immigrants and their children shed their ethnic identity, including language, and assimilate into the dominant English speaking Anglo culture (Mitchell 2005:269). Past and present Legislation has been utilized as a tool to commit linguistic genocide by passing English-only laws. The restrictive nature of English-only policies in the public educational system limits the non-English speaking students to a linguistic education rather than an academic education, which prohibits them from obtaining a job with a decent income as compared to

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    The Role Of The Mi Theory In Improving Efl Learner

    5901 words - 24 pages

    The following review of literature begins with theoretical and empirical research conducted on the MI theory. It also presents a discussion on the role of the MI theory in improving EFL Learners’ performance in vocabulary. English Vocabulary Teaching and Learning EFL teachers in Saudi Arabia have put emphasis on grammar through implementing various techniques and approaches in teaching it. On the other hand, they adopted very few strategies in teaching vocabulary. They used to give vocabulary lessons in a traditional way; in most cases they just give the students a list of English word

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    How To Improve Adult Oral English

    5089 words - 21 pages

    Oral Approach to Adult College English Abstract: This paper discusses some problems in current adult English teaching and learning; analyses the disadvantages of Grammar-translation method; and emphasizes the necessity of relating the structures of a foreign language to their communicative functions in real situations and the importance of the oral approach to adult college English language teaching and learning in adult university. Provide some effective ways such as like English Corner, instilling culture knowledge to resolve the adult’s oral English problems Key Words: Oral English

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    1831 words - 8 pages

    INTRODUCTION: Learning of period The learning of period are useful for TESL teacher because it helps to teach the students by following the the steps in teaching because early childhood is the developmental period that extends from the end of infancy to about five to six years; sometimes the period is called the preschool years. During this time young children learn to become more self-sufficient and to care for themselves, they develop school readiness skills (following instructions, identifying letters), and they spend many hours in play and with peers. First grade typically marks the

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    Teaching Strategies

    2086 words - 9 pages

    Literature Review Journal Section Topic : Web based Institution : The Future Teaching Strategy By Mandeep Kaur Surinder Pal Kaur Dhillon Source: Indian journal of Teacher Education Anweshika, Vol – 7, No-1, June 2010 National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi Patron – Prof. Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui In this journal section the authors discuss about the latest strategy of classroom instruction, that is the web based Institution. Here first they discuss about what is Web Based Institution. It provides a learning environment that is provided by internet /

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    The Intercultural Approach To Teach English As An

    1801 words - 8 pages

    Student: Laura Griboff The Intercultural Approach to Teach English as an International Language “I am Argentinian. Why do I have to learn English? I love my country and I don´t need to know anything about the Yankees”. These were the words of a high school student attending his first English class in a prestigious San Luis High school. He was expressing his disagreement on learning the language of the ones who seem to be imposing their culture in this globalized world. “I reject everything that comes from America, their music, their values, their international policies. T

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    Blooms Taxonomy Of Educational Objectives

    2692 words - 11 pages

    Four elements of English?.. Repetition, the known-new contract, metadiscourse, and parallelism. What are the four language skills in english? 1. Speaking 2. Listening comprehension (that is, understanding the language when it is spoken. This may be quite difficult if you are in noisy, crowded bar, for example). 3. Reading 4. Writing The role of English in India Here s a poser to the reader to stretch

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    13199 words - 53 pages

    CHAPTER 1 5 INTEGRATING THE "FOUR SKILLS" For more than six decades now, research and practice in English language teaching has identified the four skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing as of para¬mount importance. ESL curricula and textbooks around the world tend to focus on one or two of the four skills, sometimes to the exclusion of the others. And a visit to the most recent TESOL Convention will offer you a copious assortment of pre¬sentations indexed according to the four skills. It is perfectly appropriate to identify language performance thus. The human race has fashioned

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    1031 words - 5 pages

    Brian Cunningham 1/20/11 English 100 Comparison Essay - Final Draft “You can agree with me, or you can be wrong.” Pretty good way to describe America. We all know what it is to be an American. Think very stereotypically for a second about an average American, a white male with a flag in his yard, his white picket fence, and the family he provides for. He grew up with the typical American upbringing, parents who spoke English, Mom would bake apple pie in the kitchen while father and son watched football. Through the course of his childhood from a combination of friends, family, and school

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    The English Only Debate

    1245 words - 5 pages

    Running head: THE ENGLISH ONLY DEBATE The English Only Debate Roseann Mazik Grand Canyon University The English Only Debate What is the English only movement? On the most basic level, it is the movement to pass constitutional amendments at the national and state level to make English our official language. These attempts to make English the official English language have created a bitter debate between those for and against the movement. Each side believes their position will make for a stronger more unified America. However, because of strong emotions, the goal on both

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    Are Humans Naturally Violent

    3709 words - 15 pages

    mailxmail - Cursos para compartir lo que sabes Inglés básico. Curso entretenido y efectivo Autor: Ennebbe 09 1 mailxmail - Cursos para compartir lo que sabes Presentación del curso ¿Quieres aprender inglés de forma fácil y llevadera? ¿El inglés te es muy útil y no tienes mucho tiempo que dedicarle, y encima los cursos de inglés que ya hiciste no te sirvieron? Toma nuestro curso de inglés y verás que sí se puede aprender inglés sin mucho drama. Gramática, vocabulario, verbos de inglés, etc., tendrás en el contenido de este curso, de manera fácil, sencilla y entretenida de aprende

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    Global English

    7790 words - 32 pages

    GLOBAL ENGLISH Course assignment English as Global Language – causes and aftermath Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a "world language", the lingua franca of the modern era, and while it is not an official language in most countries, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language. Some linguists believe that it is no longer the exclusive cultural property of "native English speakers", but is rather a language that is absorbing aspects of cultures worldwide as it continues to grow. It is, by international treaty, the offic

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    English In Iran

    4679 words - 19 pages

    ETR Method | EFFECTIVNESS OF ETR METHOD ON ESL LEARNABILITY | Milad Masoomzadeh | Introduction Grammar has traditionally been a source of debate in the teaching of second languages. Its status has been largely determined by prevailing methodologies, themselves the prey of developments in research and shifting fashions. More significant than this, however, is the impact of policy change upon teaching and learning, which can signal a radical reversal of classroom practice, demanding swift and often inadequately prepared implementation. There can be little doubt that policy and syllab

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    Foreign Languages

    7853 words - 32 pages

    Teaching idioms in a foreign language context: preliminary comments on factors determining Greek idiom instruction Georgia Andreou, University of Thessaly ([email protected]) Ioannis Galantomos, University of Thessaly ([email protected]) Abstract In this paper we focus on the theoretical parameters that should be taken into consideration when Greek idioms are to be taught in a foreign language context. Given the fact that Modern Greek is characterized by a high degree of idiomaticity, it is impossible for the foreign students not to engage in idioms not only in ordinary speech but even in ac

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    Language Shift And Maintenance

    4269 words - 18 pages

    REPORT ON “Language Shift and Maintenance: An Exploratory Study among Tribal Bangladeshis Living in Dhaka City” A report submitted to the Department of English, AIUB in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Advanced Sociolinguistics and World Englishes 2010-2011, Fall Semester Word Count: 2,806 Prepared & Submitted By Md. Shanawaz (Sabuj) ID: 07-08422-2 Course: Advanced Sociolinguistics and World Englishes Submitted To Mr. Qumrul Hasan Chowdhury Faculty, Department of English, AIUB Instructor: Advanced Sociolinguistics and World Englishes Date of Submission

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    Total Physical Response In A Beginning Lng Class

    4475 words - 18 pages

    Total Physical Response in a Beginning Language Class 1. Shortly About Teaching Methodologies ....................................................... 3 2. Introduction ………………………………………………………………... 3 3. Background of the TPR Approach ………………………………………… 3 4. Approach …………………………………………………………………... 5 4.1. Theory of Language …………………………………………… 5 4.2. Theory of Learning ……………………………………………. 6 5. Why TPR Works? Brain Lateralization …………………………………… 6 6. Goals of TPR Approach …………………………………………………… 7 7. Strengths of TPR Approach ……………………………………………….. 7 8. TPR Approach Vs. Comprehensive Approach …………………

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    Communicative Language Teaching

    6818 words - 28 pages

    Introduction Background English is widely spoken in the world. It is the language of art, humanities and social sciences. International trade, commerce and diplomacy are conducted in English. Keeping in view the international status of English, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training has made a decision to introduce English as a compulsory subject from primary high school. However, Vietnamese students fail to enhance their English proficiency, especially speaking skill. The majority of them find incapable of expressing their thoughts in English. Conducting the research on th

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    Daily Press

    6403 words - 26 pages

    |[pic] | |Daily Press Briefing | Other State Department News... | |[pic] | | | |

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    1326 words - 6 pages

    Dear Participant,My name is Fatma Mahmud and I am doing MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOLAs part of my studies, I will be collecting data on speaking English from adult Arab EFL Learners and how they could learn speaking .This questionnaire is designed for educational purpose only and the results gathered from the data will be discussed strictly anonymously and in this dissertation only.Thanks a lot for your time, and for participating in this survey. | Questionnaire Part (1) Please complete all questions by putting a tick ( ) in the box where appropriate. 1-Gender

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    Krashen S 5 Hypotheses And Their Implications

    1552 words - 7 pages

    Briefly discussion Krashen’s 5 hypotheses and their implications for teaching second and foreign languages. Five hypotheses proposed in Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition by Stephen Krashen revolutionized the teaching of foreign languages. These hypotheses established a framework to the most common teaching approaches that are currently put into practice around the world. Each hypothesis covers an essential aspect related to classroom application which is naturally the field where we carry out our vocation. The first hypothesis, which according to Krashen h

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    1702 words - 7 pages

    Introduction: When it comes to speaking a foreign language in a class, it is easy to see that there are many students who might be afraid of coming out incorrect. Hence students get nervous when they are exposed to communicative tasks. This situation prevents students from taking part in the speaking activity and therefore from learning. Developing the Speaking skill is of paramount importance to fulfil the main purpose of any language which is to achieve communication. The aim of this research work is to find out the factors that can affect the developing of the communicative tasks and

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