Fencing Essay Examples

  • Inventions Discoveries And Weapons Of The Renaissance Period

    1292 words - 6 pages

    During the Renaissance, there were many scientific advances and discoveries. Weapons and armory also improved to help soldiers fight. The Renaissance Period started around the fourteenth century and ended around the beginning of the seventeenth century. New information was rediscovered by Christian scholars due to the growth of trade and crusades (Centers of Inventions ?). The West learned many things from Arabian thinkers who had a much greater level of scientific success. Arabian astronomers invented instruments that used the stars to determine the absolute direction. They also made adv

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    People Of Medieval Warfare

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    Archers were an important aspect of medieval tactics. Their weapons are what made them so important. The bow was made out of strong flexible wood, usually yew wood. They had different arrow heads for different occasions. Boddins were long and pointy shaped. They were used to pierce armor and chainmale. Broadheads were wider and were used for animals. When it struck and animal the way it was designed would stick in the animal and not fall out. Finally there were arrowheads called general purpse heads. They were a combination of both arrow heads. (Gravett 30-31) For knights the most important w

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    Charecter Exemplification

    640 words - 3 pages

    I hate referring my self to people as types, but this society we live in makes us wonder about the differences. My understanding about the differences or types is however different. There are people who get their energy from other people who are around them, while there are people who are drained when surrounded by other people. When looking at the Artichoke and Onion the differences could be defined in a vivid representation. Artichoke is a representative of a group of people commonly known as Introverts, where as Onion is a representative of Extroverts. The more we try to connect them to

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    How The English Retained India

    374 words - 2 pages

    HIND SWARAJ INDIAN HOME RULE OR READER: Will you now tell me how they are able to retain India? EDITOR: The causes that gave them India enable them to retain it. Some Englishmen state that they took and they hold India by the sword. Both these statements are wrong. The sword is entirely useless for holding India. We alone keep them. Napolean is said to have described the English as a nation of shopkeepers. It is a fitting description. They hold whatever dominions they have for the sake of their commerce. Their army and their

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    Samurai Weapons

    615 words - 3 pages

    SAMURAI WEAPONS During much of the middle ages the states in Japan were battling to improve there hold on nearby land and to gain more power. In these times they would have large armies of normal, common soldiers but they would also hire more experienced and much more deadly fighters, the Samurai. The Samurai was a culture of very highly trained soldiers that were feared. They were a necessity to have these soldiers filling the ranks with the normal soldiers to give the army the very strong advantage. The Samurai were not only very tough and experienced fighters they had a large arsenal o

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    Western Europe Economy

    796 words - 4 pages

    During the medieval times, money consisted of metal coins. Paper currency was unknown at the time. The value of the coin depended on which type of metal it was made from. The most valuable coins were gold then silver, and then copper. This was widely recognized as the 'standard' of currency throughout the medieval world. There were many different coins, each of which had different designs, weights, inscriptions, and the purity of the metals varied greatly. In the Byzantine Empire, gold, silver, and copper coins were minted and used throughout the medieval period. The most important Byzantine c

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    Life Of Excalibur

    1378 words - 6 pages

    The name Excalibur came from Old French Excalibor, which came from Caliburn used in Geoffrey of Monmouth (Latin Caliburnus). There are also variant spellings such as Escalibor and Excaliber (the latter used in Howard Pyle's books for younger readers). One theory holds that Caliburn[us] comes from Caledfwlch, the original Welsh name for the sword, which is first mentioned in the Mabinogion. In Culhwch and Olwen and the Welsh Bruts, Arthur's sword is also called Caledfwlch (derived from caled, "battle, hard" + bwlch, "breach, gap, notch").[1] It is often considered to be related to the phonetica

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    King Arthur

    462 words - 2 pages

    The Legend of Arthur was passed down for over 1500 years. Most people view Arthur as the “ultimate” King with his loyal knights of the round table. With his sword, know as Excalibur he takes on many challenges. As we watched the movie King Arthur we see how the sword is magical and helps Arthur conquer the Saxons. Although this legend has been passed down for more than 150 decades, we still do not have a rock solid story of the King. The sword Excalibur takes a very important roll in the movie King Arthur. In the movie the holder of the sword is the lady of the lake. At first Arthur is

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    Code Of Chivalry

    705 words - 3 pages

    In all Arthurian selections the Chivalric code plays a big role, especially, in the selection of Morte d’ Arthur. The code of chivalry contains many different rules and morals; bravery, loyalty and faith are the main ones demonstrated throughout the story. A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear is the definition of bravery. This is expressed when Arthur is on his death bed. Arthur continues to speak about how he will come to rule again. “I perish by this people which I made through Merlin sware that I should come again to rule once more-but le

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    Feudalsim In Japan And Europe

    1039 words - 5 pages

    The Feudal Ages in Japan and Europe In the past, feudalism has been used successfully as a political system for governing a country. Two of the largest and most well known Feudal Ages have been that of Europe (1150-1600) and Japan (800-1350). Although both civilizations were quite similar during these periods of time, Japan’s civilization clearly is superior in many ways. When compared, the role of religion, the weaponry and armor, and the warrior codes of conducts of both countries can easily prove this point. The roles which religion played in each culture prove how Europe was inferi

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    Pirate King

    3281 words - 14 pages

    Pirate King Born in Rouge Town, Gol D Roger was famed as the man who had done what no one thought possible; he conquered the ‘Graveyard of Pirates’ The ship had been tossing in the windy sea for only five minutes in sight of the island through the thick fog when it lowered its anchor. This ship had been here only once before, but it had taken them two hours then. This island they called Raftel, and no ship but theirs had ever reached it. The tall, imposing cliffs had compelled them to attempt to go around it the first time, in search of a place where they could dock. The Captain had ordere

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    This Is Gay

    5808 words - 24 pages

    Boyce 1 "In a Grove" and "Rashomon" by Akutagawa Summaries: "In a Grove" Seven people are questioned about the rape of a woman and the death of her samurai husband. The last three accounts of what happened "in the grove" are contradictory and the reader is never offered a definitive version of the events. "Rashomon" A thief, who has taken shelter from the rain in the ruins of the Rashomon gate, encounters an old woman stealing the hair from an abandoned corpse. He decides to follow her example and, thus, he robs her of her clothes and disappears into the dark

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    The Rules

    798 words - 4 pages

    The best way to complete the starting area is to turn to the right through the double doors. Take out the guard. In the security room that you are in there is a locked chest. Q-Laser it and take the SSR 4000. You have two bullets so i would recommend you crouch behind the chair. Aim towards the tower on the right. There is two snipers here. One is facing towards you. Quickly kill him. Then look at the tower on the left. There are two snipers here also. Again kill the one looking toward you. Then if you have the golden gun with Golden Accuracy, use it to take out the other two. You can a

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    Cultural Analysis

    1732 words - 7 pages

    .Explain briefly the storyline of your selected project. For this project I have chosen the battlefield epic “The last samurai”. It’s a compeling story which is based on actual events that were then twisted beyond recognition in order to meet the demands of Hollywood. The starring cast include tom cruise playing the part of Captain Nathan Algreen, a washed up and drunken ex-military member who is approached by the Japanese government to help train their army for battle against a group of samurais. Captain Algreen sees this as an opportunity to make a quick buck and decides to take on the job.

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    Gillete Indonesia

    1570 words - 7 pages

    CASE STUDY - GILLETTE INDONESIA 1. Current Situation and Trends 1.1. Market 1.1.1 Definition, Size and Growth Broad - Personal Grooming Products Narrow - Shavers, including double-edged blades, disposables, and “systems” blades Gillette expects to sell 108m units of double-edged blades, 10m units of disposables and 18m units of systems blades. Gillette’s market share is expected to be 50% in 1996, so there is an existing market of double-edged blades of 116m. The >$10k income bracket has grown by 30%, the $5k-$10k bracket by 15% and the $2k- $5k bracket by 3%. The only bracket to red

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    274 words - 2 pages

    Ninja as a group first began to be written about in 14th century feudal Japan as martial organizations predominately in the regions of Iga and Koga of central Japan, though the practice of guerrilla warfare and undercover espionage operations goes back much further.[citation needed] At this time, the conflicts between the clans of daimyo that controlled small regions of land had established guerrilla warfare and assassination as a valuable alternative to frontal assault.[citation needed] Since Bushidō, the samurai code, forbade such tactics as dishonorable,[citation needed] a daimyo co

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    Jack Sparrow The Coming Storm

    462 words - 2 pages

    A. Characters 1. Three Protagonists: Ages 15-16 Jack Sparrow: A teenaged stowaway that was looking for adventure. He had messy hair, wore tattered clothes and a red bandana. He was the leader of the group that was searching for the sword of Cortez. He had a good sense of humor. He also seems to always be getting himself in trouble without really looking for it. Arabella: She was a teenaged waitress that worked in her dads bar. She had long hair and knew how to handle herself in tough crowd. The best part of her job is that she got to listen to the stories that the pirates were t

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    The 47th Samurai

    568 words - 3 pages

    The novel begins in Iwo Jima, when Earl Swagger and a BAR (Browning automatic rifle) team run up a hill heavily fortified with Japanese riflemen hidden deep in monkey holes. The object was to reach and blowtorch the pillbox on top of that commanded the area, killing everyone and anything with fire. Meanwhile, Captain Yano, well aware of the flamethrower attack, ran inside the blockhouse from gun pit to gun pit, preparing his men, building courage for the next few moments. All were down because of a staggering attack of grenades. “No blowtorches today”, Yano courageously thought. Swagger was d

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    Stephen Hunter

    568 words - 3 pages

    The novel begins in Iwo Jima, when Earl Swagger and a BAR (Browning automatic rifle) team run up a hill heavily fortified with Japanese riflemen hidden deep in monkey holes. The object was to reach and blowtorch the pillbox on top of that commanded the area, killing everyone and anything with fire. Meanwhile, Captain Yano, well aware of the flamethrower attack, ran inside the blockhouse from gun pit to gun pit, preparing his men, building courage for the next few moments. All were down because of a staggering attack of grenades. “No blowtorches today”, Yano courageously thought. Swagger was d

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    The Axe Review

    1462 words - 6 pages

    Gender stereotypes have possibly been in existence since time began. The man’s role has often been one of dominance and ruggedness, while women have been seen to be sexy and feminine. It would take an eternity to change what has pretty much, always been. Advertising takes us into a world of fantasy where women are pretty, perfect and sexy. Men are handsome, tough and rugged. Axe body spray (and other similar products from Axe) have made it seem that casual sex is perceived as acceptable when a man is the hound, but is viewed as unacceptable when the woman is the chaser. Has America widely acce

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    Narration Essay

    1108 words - 5 pages

    The sky erupted with color as the twilight was consumed by shades of red and blue. Men raced to get to their safe haven that laid beneath the building I stood upon, the Delta Corporation’s headquarters. A beacon of light, rising above the rest of the concrete jungle, is all that guides them towards me and a shelter from the men that pursued them. As the car drifted around a corner, only a few miles off of the horizon, the pursuer launched a RPG towards my men and within seconds the car was engulfed in flames; simultaneously the car performed a summersault that would have driven a pro gymnast r

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    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

    502 words - 3 pages

    “…the pen is mightier than the sword.” --Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Richelieu, ?. ? People interact and communicate with each other in order to meet the requirements of daily life. There is a lot of ways to express what you think, feel, or want to say. For instance, people talk, write, use gestures and facial expressions, etc. Writing is one of the most important and effective way to communicate and exchange opinions with other people. What the quotation tries to say is the effect of writing, by extension, the power of words. The effect of writing is not only influential but also boundl

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    Faustian Vantages

    475 words - 2 pages

    Faustian Vantages Diving off Cyclopean towers I tumbled through clouds and flowers until I was sitting at the edge of the trees. I dusted my knees as I rose to my feet clearing my eyes to view all I could see. A ravaged land full of beauty and sand lay before my sight as I trembled inside because no man had ever set foot here before. I braced myself for the storm coming due to changes in weather. A softly used feather drifted to my side while an Odyssian man in traveling robes offered me a ride. Through trees we fluttered my pulse was asputter from going nowhere slow. Over hill and dale b

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    Harry Potter

    454 words - 2 pages

    The instance of King Arthur’s Sword Excalibur too has such a story attached to it. The same pattern of the sword being found in a manner that was nothing less than a quest – for instance the sword which is found in a stone and could not be removed by anyone else – many had tried and Merlin (another similar theme of the wise old magician similarly offering the role of a sage and deciding the course of events) and only Arthur as a young boy manages to pull it out simply as if it wasn’t bound at all. The sword thus chooses him instead of him choosing the sword and this sword to has a name it is n

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    King Arthur

    812 words - 4 pages

    Characters rise from the mists of time, to challenge and inspire the modern world. The greatest of them all has to be King Arthur. Was there a real Arthur? Almost 1,500 years after the first known written reference to Arthur, scholars still debate this question. Some believe that King Arthur may be based on a war leader, possibly named Artorius, who defended the native Celtic people of Britain against Anglo-Saxon invaders after Rome withdrew its troops from the British Isles in A. D. 410. According to Malory (an English writer), Arthur was the son of a king named Uther Pendragon, who fel

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    495 words - 2 pages

    Amazon, I was particularly interested because once, years ago, I had turned my own mind in that direction with considerable longing. I knew he would encounter many set-backs, but I never would have predicted the adventures he actually passed through alive. He started in fine spirits: buoyant, strong, vigorous. When I saw him again in New York, a year or so later, on his return, he was an emaciated fever-wreck, placing one foot before the other only with much exertion and indeed barely able to hold himself erect. A few weeks in the hospital, followed by a daily diet of quinine, impro

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    The Immortal

    558 words - 3 pages

    The Magician is the second book in the series The Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. The prologue is that Elders arrived on this world a millennium ago and created Danu Talis, a marvelous city. Eventually there was a schism between the elders and to save the world two incredibly powerful humans (humani), also know as the “twins of legend,” sank the city. Now the dark elders know about the new twins of legend with pure silver and gold auras. Nicholas Flamel is a immortal human who possess the Codex, a book that has spells in it that could make the world a paradise, reverse global warmin

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    A Essay On Julius Ceasar

    259 words - 2 pages

    A tragedy is a work of literature that results in catastrophe for the main characters. Julius Caesar is a tragedy whose main character. Brutus is a brave and noble figure whose poor decision making results from the assumption that honorable ends justify honorable means. Unfortunately, for Brutus, the honorable end is his ultimate demise. Brutus’ major flow is his inability to make good choices. He inevitably makes poor choices regarding country, state, and politics. Brutus’ first mistake was getting influenced by Cassius to kill Caesar. Cassius congratulates himself that he has already inf

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    It S Not That I Planned It That Way

    456 words - 2 pages

    It’s not that I planned it that way. Somehow things just seemed to happen. Call it fate, call it chance, call it life… It’s just the way things turned out. A narrative essay My name is Ragnos, and I ran. I’m ashamed to say it, but I ran. It was fight or flight, and I chose flight. In my defense, they would have killed me on sight. Right? I mean, there were stories about the Kilik being merciful, but there was no proof. Besides, who cares about some street urchin’s life? No one would miss me. Even if I was destined to bring peace. Wait, who am I kidding? The only person who believed that is

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    Vocab Story

    720 words - 3 pages

    Nemuel Morden Period: 6th 09/16/2010 Damsel in Distress Self-proclaimed “prince charming”, Jake, is halfway through his quest. Alongside with his trustee donkey, Neil, they’re on a mission to save the Princess Lily Allie from the Evil Ron, a half man, half dragon villain. Although, “prince charming” Jake here is not your typical fairytale hero. Despite coming from an eminent and respected aristocrat family, Jake is very obnoxious, dim-witted, spineless and contumacious. He doesn’t even show a mien and characteristics of a civilized man. Neil, the goofy, annoying, yet somehow smart don

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    Law Assignment 1

    606 words - 3 pages

    [pic] FACULTY OF BUSINESS School of BUSINESS St Patrick’s Campus SEMESTER 1, 2011 LEGL 601: COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATIONS LAW INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT ( Based On Week 3 Lecture Slides and associated reading from prescribed Text-Book for that week ) DUE DATE: 15TH MARCH 2011 IN 6PM LECTURE AT LATEST LENGTH: 1,500 WORDS WORTH: 15% OF TOTAL MARK QUESTION: Alison is in business selling policing and security equipment to governments and private security companies. For the last five years, she has bought her batons from Ben, who manufactures this equipment. Alison

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    In A Bamboo Grove

    992 words - 4 pages

    Kerrie Brock Dr Howard ENG 1110 12 April 2011 Interpretive Analysis of In a Bamboo Grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa Why does Akutagawa give the bandit and the samurai an inverted sense of good and evil? In Akutagawa’s in a bamboo grove, he gives the seemly characters a sense of moral ambiguity while bestowing the bandit with attributes of integrity. In Tajomaru’s confession he gives the appearance of justice while stating that the other characters give off the appearance of corruption. He says “When I kill a man, I do it with my sword, but people like you don’t use swords. You gentleman kil

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    Undue Haste

    291 words - 2 pages

    Period 1 Spanish 1 May 12, 2011 Mi dia escolar Me llama s. Yo tengo catorce anos. Mi cumpleanos es el trece de Julio. Yo voy baja y atletica. Yo asisto al colegio de Antelope High School en California. Yo vengo a las siete y media y yo salgo a las dos y media. Mi material preferida es espanol proque es divertida. Despues de colegio yo descansar. Mis amigos y yo nadamos en la piscina en Antelope High School. En la primera hora tengo espanol. Espanol empienza a las siete y cuarenta y cinco. Termina a las nueve y trece. En espanol Analisia y yo hablamos. Para espanol

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    337 words - 2 pages

    Character sketch As the tree sway side to side, the leaves start to fall. In the valley there is food for the winter. Nahuel is taking out his son so he tells him to sharpen the arrows and get ready to treed down the hill. When me and Ciquala get to the valleys edge there is no sign of our pray we contemplate whether we should step onto the Comaches land. “We shouldn’t travel outside it could be dangerous we know what the Camaches are capable of.” Said Nahuel quietly. “Yes but we are the providers we don’t get scared when trouble comes our way.” Bravely said Ciquala. Nahuel is a good l

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    2528 words - 11 pages

    Tien Mai Professor Fujimoto English 100 R 6:00 Due Date: 5/5/11 SAMURAI IN MODERN JAPANESE SOCIETY When mentioned about Japan, people would immediately think of the ancient temples with turquoise-blue roofs, the sophistication of the tea ceremony, flower arrangement and the romance of beautiful Japanese girls revealed in the traditional kimono, the national holidays or cherry blossom festivals and the charming top of Fuji mountain covered with snow all year round. But above all the poetic beauty and culture, that is a Japan with honor of the samurai warrior’s spirit until today. Although

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    Sword Interview

    4060 words - 17 pages

    Tanja Guven 0535855 ENG 413 December 2, 2010 Interview with a Sword George Stephanopolous: Hello. This is George Stephanopolous with Good Morning America. As you might know, we’ve been on the air in front of millions of viewers since 1975, and we’re happy to keep on providing your daily news and intellectual discussion for as long as you’re willing to watch us. We hope that you will, especially since our guest today is someone very special indeed—actually we’ve never had anyone like this before, and likely never will again. This is an occasion of great historical interest. Our guest

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    7764 words - 32 pages

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ::: Walkthrough - First Castle :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: [WL1] ::: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= And now, the part you've all been waiting for: the complete Alucard game walkthrough. First off, I make no claims that the walkthrough below is the fastest, easiest, best, or the only possible way through the game. But, it will get you through the game, so want more do you want? :) If you've already played through the game once and don't have 200.6%, but w

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    Pen Is Mighter Than The Sword

    285 words - 2 pages

    We come across the old truth "pen is mightier than sword" in serious discussions. Since the pen is used to espress idesas and the sowrd is used to impose one's will by superior violence, the statement really means that ideas have more influence than violence. Since violence is always used for a purpose, there is a some idea behind violence. What matters is the kind of idea in the service of which violence is used. The sword can only destroy, but the pein-the ideas expressed by the pen-can also build. The pen is the vehicel of thought and ideas have helped man to reise over purely savage condit

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    In A Grove

    548 words - 3 pages

    In A Grove analysis: Who killed the samurai? The three of them confessed. Tajomaru said that he did kill him. For him to have the samurai’s woman, he challenged him to a duel, to which he had accomplished to win in the twenty-third stroke. Masago, the samurai’s wife confessed that she indeed killed her own husband, and that she also tried to kill herself. And the samurai himself confessed trough a medium, that he did take his own life. The three of them could seem believable, but their inconsistencies reflect their own hidden agenda. Tajomaru, told the police commissioner that he have

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    Conflict In Act 1 Scene 1 Of Romeo And Juliet

    253 words - 2 pages

    The main theme throughout Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is conflict which consequently leads to the death of many main characters. Conflict in act 1, scene 1 is set in the streets of Verona and is the result of bravery and honour. “I will bite my thumb at them; which is a disgrace to them if they bear it.” this shows how even just the simplest of gestures can spark the beginning of a possible deadly feud, this shows bravery from the two Capulet servants as they bit their thumb at the Montagues. “Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” This shows that the Montague's were concerned about their ho

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    Romeos Relatives

    803 words - 4 pages

    It all started on a Saturday evening when Julius (Romeo's great, great, great grandfather) and William (Juliet's great, great, great grandpa) went to the weekly market. Julies was not rich but he wasn't poor either. He was a kind man who had just turned sixteen. He was a full year behind William. After Julius's mother's untimely death, his father took up work as a stableman for William's father. William and Julius were always friend but they became more like brother after Williams sixth birthday when Julius first came to stay with his family. Although William had his moods he was mostly a happ

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    Not Sure

    1030 words - 5 pages

    The main weapon used by the Anglo Saxons was the spear, mostly used by peasants, professional soldiers and even the nobility. There were many types of spear or javelin that were used. The first spear Is a light throwing spear that were thrown at the enemy, which is why the warrior carried up to three spear at max while also holding the shield. The last spear would be saved for use in hand to hand combat. Germanic warriors used a special type of javelin called an “angon”. This spear had an iron socket that was often as long as 75cm. Most spears ranged from 5 to 9 feet in length and these weapon

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    Assess The Importance And Influence Of The Meissen

    7885 words - 32 pages

    Assess the importance and influence of the Meissen Factory on figure production in England in the mid-18th century [pic] Two monkies dressed in human clothing, one in the guise of a female singer, the other as a male musician with two drums on his back. Chelsea c.1760, gold anchor mark. Based on originals made by J.J. Kändler at Meissen c. 1747 Known as the ‘Affenkapelle’ Introduction – Meissen Figure production The story of hard paste porcelain in Europe and the first tentative steps in figure production began in the early years of the 18th century at Dresden in Germany. It was he

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    There Is No Place Like Home

    722 words - 3 pages

    there is no place like home. If I had to leave my country forever, my heart would be aching for the Sword Lake, or Hoan Kiem Lake in Vietnamese, one of the most scenic attraction of my hometown, Hanoi. My house is just three streets away from Sword Lake. Ever since I was four years old, my grandma has been taking me on walks to the lake on a daily basis, such that now this has become an essential practice of my life. Whenever I walk along the street paved with red bricks around the lake, the story that my grandma told me years ago would resound in my mind. Thousands of years ago, the legend

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    16 Th Century Weapons

    609 words - 3 pages

    16TH Century Weapons During the 16th century much of England and Europe found itself in war. These conflicts lead to the development of new and improved weaponry. The rapid development of weapons in this time was a trademark in time. This time period , also know as the Renaissance or re-birth on the battle field. The Mace was one of the most deadliest weapons of this time. This was a simple weapon that used a heavy head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows. The mace was influenced heavily , or based on the “club” or blunt object. The mace differs from the hammer, instead on th

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    351 words - 2 pages

    Beowulf Draft The characteristics and actions of Beowulf correspond to those of what a hero is considered in our society. In the poem, Beowulf, the main character, Beowulf, is a consummate example of a hero. Beowulf shows many characteristics of a hero throughout the poem. Beowulf is a strong soldier; as he states to the other soldiers, “My Sword? Oh I left it in the sun somewhere. I need no sword.” He is proclaiming to the men that he is strong, brave, and courageous enough to fight without a sword. He demonstrates his bravery and strength when he fights Grendel and defeat

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    Frost War

    2933 words - 12 pages

    Long years ago the frost guardians of the four swords lived peacefully on Erebus the homeland of the frost civilization. These guardians were the only protector of the four swords. Every century a new guardian was chosen among the habitants that lived in the suburb of Erebus. The ancients of Erebus chose a new guardian for each sword. The elite must protect these swords and to eradicate all outlanders that would appropriate the sword. Each of these swords was carefully hidden at the four most secret places of Erebus. Erebus was a huge continent situated in the north of the planet Glussar. The

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    Samurai Battle

    2221 words - 9 pages

    The samurai had an unwritten code of honor called the bushido. Bushido means “way of the warrior” (History of the Samurai 3). This provided them with a code to help show them how to live and conduct themselves at home and in battle. One of the most important duties of the samurai was their loyalty to their lord. The samurai would defend their lord until the death. Revenge was also central in the samurai’s life and if someone had killed their master or attacked their master’s honor revenge must be gotten. The same vengeance was given if they themselves or their family were disrespected or defea

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    History Worksheet

    257 words - 2 pages

    Mayan History Worksheet Name: ___________________ Date: _________ Period #:__________ 1. What products did the cities of Maya exchange in trade from their local environment? a. Salt, flint, feathers, and honey. b. Silk, wood, oil, and cloth. c. Copper, wool, paper, and pepper. d. None of the above. 2. About how many hieroglyphic symbols consisted in the Mayan writing? a. About 1,000 b. About 600 c. About 800 d. About 33 of the above. 3. What was the Mayan art composed of? a. Painting, models, and terracotta. b. Drawing, sculpting, and sketching. c. They did not have art. d

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    Skyrim Hints

    1205 words - 5 pages

    What not to sell while you adventure: Don't sell armor and weapons with magical effects, you can disenchant them (and learn how to enchant those effects on other gear). Early in the game, if you need to find an "Arcane Enchanter" (which lets you disenchant weapons and armor) there is one on the first floor of Dragonsreach. Pick up all the soul gems you find, as they are used when enchanting gear. Spells and enchantments that trap your enemies' souls are used to fill soul gems, so be on the look out for those, as well. Also don't sell ingredients and materials, you can use them for alchemy, smi

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