Gymnastics Essay Examples

  • Barbell Therapy

    961 words - 4 pages

    I place my hand on the metal loop of the old stainless steel door, squeeze tightly and fling it open with a quick flick of my wrist as I had done countless times before. The door creaked violently and quickly shut behind me. I take a minute to look around—something I had never done before. The cinderblock walls are covered with a rather subtle bone color that had an almost calming effect even though the walls were bare. I walk up the green, grey, blue speckled carpet and into the lobby area. In front of me stands a rather large dark brown welcome desk, I scanned my membership card and continu

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    Can you imagine climbing a wall of three meters in 5 seconds with only the help of your body? That might sound crazy to accomplish for a normal person, but it isn’t impossible if you practice Parkour. Prakour is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment—from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls—and can be practiced in both rural and urban areas. Its practitioners are referred

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    Li Ning Swot

    1143 words - 5 pages

    SWOT analysis can be used to study Li-Ning. It can be split into two parts. The first part is Strengths and Weaknesses, which is used to analyze the internal conditions, and the second part is Opportunities and Threats, which can be applied in analyzing the external factors affecting it. Using this analysis, we can see the advantages Li-Ning has over its competitors, the kinds of problems it faces, the prospects of improving its business and the dangers it faces from other. Strengths The brand awareness and reputation. Compared to similar products, the brand awareness, reputation and market

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    Kerri Strug

    487 words - 2 pages

    The First U.S. Woman’s Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medal Have you ever heard about Kerri Strug? If you haven’t than you are missing out. If you have heard about her then you probly know what an amazing person she is, or wait a minuet do you even know what she did to be so great? Kerri Strug was on the 1992 and the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics teams. Kerri helped lead the 1996 Olympic gymnastics team to get the gold medal, and may I add it was the first time for the U.S. Woman Olympic Gymnastics to ever win the gold medal. Yes I know that you are thinking “oh big deal there is a first for everyt

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    Concepts Of Forces In Equilibrium

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    Abstract: The experiment over here is to find how the vertical displacement of an object suspended on a string between two pulleys depends on the mass of the object. To accomplish this we established a system and observed the vertical displacement as the central weight varied. The experiment is basically about the concept of forces in equilibrium. We used the same weights for A and C and they were kept constant throughout the experiment. We changed the weights of B systematically and noticed how it effects the vertical displacement (height). The results came close enough to our predicted equa

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    2336 words - 10 pages

    It happened again. A hit of salt to a forever unhealed wound. It's not their fault, I know its unintentional but that doesn't stop the sudden heart drop, the emotion, and memories racing through my head. The burning sensation of salt hits every time i'm asked " So why did you quite"? Through out our lives we are all faced with constant life trials and through these trials we are faced with decisions. Some decisions are as simple as choosing paper or plastic but then some decisions can affect your whole life right then and there. I've faced many decisions through my 18 years and cant i

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    The Cask Of Amontillado

    284 words - 2 pages

    It is a story which took place in Italy. The two main characters are Fortunato and Montressor. Montressor vowed to take revenge on Fortunato since he had borne thousand of injuries of Fortunato. At a carnival, he told Fortunato that he bought some Amontillado, which was a kind of expensive wine, without bargaining. He told that he had a doubt on the wine. He used reverse psychology, told him not to come to his vault, his reason was that Fortunato was engaged and he would ask another expert to have a taste. But Fortanato’s jealousy forced him to go. Then they went to Montresor’s vault. Before

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    Olympic Age Limits

    875 words - 4 pages

    Keep Olympic Age Limits to Protect Young Athletes My mom and I followed the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing very carefully. As a gymnast myself, I was very interested in the gymnastics competition. I, like much of the gymnastics world, was fascinated by the controversy surrounding the age of the Chinese gymnasts. As you may recall, the age of four Chinese gymnasts was brought into question during the Olympics in Bejing. Due to how young the gymnasts looked, people were saying that these girls were under the minimum age required to compete in the Olympics. They did look young. Seve

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    353 words - 2 pages

    It happened again. A hit of salt to a forever unhealed wound. It's not their fault, I know its unintentional but that doesn't stop the sudden heart drop, the emotion, and memories racing through my head. The burning sensation of salt hits every time i'm asked " So why did you quite"? Through out our lives we are all faced with constant life trials and through these trials we are faced with decisions. Some decisions are as simple as choosing paper or plastic but then some decisions can affect your whole life right then and there. I've faced many decisions through my 18 years and cant imagine th

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    Youngs Modulus Of A Cantilever

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    Young’s Modulus of a Cantilever Aspect 1: Recording Raw Data TO 1 D.P. Initial length: 82.1 cm ± 1mm Weight (g) ±3% Length (cm) ± 3 mm % Error in Length × 10-2 Extension (cm) Error in Extension (cm) × 10-2 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 78.1 74.3 70.5 66.8 63.1 59.5 56.4 52.9 50.2 47.4 ± 38.4 ± 40.4 ± 42.6 ± 44.9 ± 47.5 ± 50.4 ± 53.2 ± 56.7 ± 59.8 ± 63.3 4.0 7.8 11.6 15.3 19.0 22.6 25.7 29.2 31.9 34.7 ± 1.5 ± 3.2 ± 4.9 ± 6.9 ± 9.0 ± 11.4 ± 13.7 ± 16.6 ± 19.1

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    Speech Can Be Used For Essay

    571 words - 3 pages

    Hi guys my name is (type your name here) and today I will be demonstration basic skills of gymnastics For this all you need is yourself, warm muscles and clothes that will be able to stretch and not fall down or come up when you are upside down. You should listen to my speech as you will learn the proper way to do a handstand and how to manage your splits to the ground. Gymnastics has been around for a while now and has been in the Olympics since 1950’s woman’s artistic gymnastic has 4 main apparatuses including the beam, floor, vault and bar. Gymnastics has change dramatically over t

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    College Essay

    1065 words - 5 pages

    Expected Greatness - Not So Great Scores Imagine that you are sitting in my room, bored, with nothing to do. So you grab the remote and start flipping through the channels but there is absolutely nothing to watch. What do you do next? You press the DVR button to see what recordings I have. But, as you scroll down the list, you see nothing but gymnastics recordings, some from as far back as a year ago. What does this tell you about me? Some people are TV junkies while others are clothes junkies, but I am a gymnastics junkie. For me, gymnastics is life. Literally. It has been a part of me e

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    P 90 X Easy Free Workout

    273 words - 2 pages

    P90X workout chest, arms, and back 1. Average distance(arms) Push-ups (as many as I can) 2. Wide grip Chin-ups (as many as I can do) 3. Continued with one foot on chair (alternate) 4. Close distance(arms) push-ups (as many as I can) 5. Close grip chin-up (as many as I can do) 6. Wide distance(arms)push-ups (as many as I can) 7. Closer grip chin-ups (as many as I can do) 8. Push-ups (as many as I can with feet on chair) 9. Lunge with wieghts (stayed lunged) pull up without moving body 10. Arm circles 10 each arm 11. Triangle push-ups legs spread out(as many as I can) 12. Weights sam

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    At 10

    402 words - 2 pages

    “Aquatic plyometrics are both fun and challenging.” (34) The following quote was taken from the article Recommendations for Implementing an Aquatic Plyometirc Program. The general topic of this paper was to illustrate the important creative technique of using plyometrics within water. Prior to reading this article I considered any type of workout or exercises within water to be fun and no sense of difficulty; however, after reading this article I found myself to be very wrong. The reason why I found plyometrics to be difficult is because it can help enhance power, strength and many other attr

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    866 words - 4 pages

    To most, parkour is often thought of as just another sport. This is a very common misconception. Parkour is an art. It is a discipline, both physical and mental. The purpose of parkour is to help individuals overcome the fears and limitations they are faced with daily by learning to attack them head-on. You learn to adapt to your surroundings in ways you never thought you could. Parkour is a sense of self-awareness. You see an obstacle in your life, whether physical or psychological, and you say to yourself, “I can overcome it.” That is what parkour is about. You learn to master your mind and

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    Increase Your Height By Stretching 2

    888 words - 4 pages

    Hold the stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds each, without bouncing. BREATHE slowly and naturally. Do not hold your breathe while stretching. Relax the stretch. Stretch one or two more times with each stretch. Try to stretch a little further with each stretch. Again, only to the point of mild tension. COOL-DOWNS, consisting of slow walking and stretching, are performed after aerobic exercise for duration of 5-7 minutes. The purpose of cool-downs is to gradually return your heart rate and blood pressure to resting or pre-exercise levels. Di IMPORTANT- If you overstretch you will also cause

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    Price Of Paperwork

    800 words - 4 pages

    The Price of Paperwork John Shepard (4110335) American Military University Jennifer McCoy 06/19/2010 The Price of Paperwork Morgan Hamm born in 1982 is an American gymnast. Morgan has been competing in the international arena since 1999 at the age of 17. Morgan and his twin brother are the only twins to compete in gymnastics at the same Olympic games. Morgan’s most notable competitions have been the 2000 Sydney Olympic games (team fifth place), and the 2004 Athens Olympic games (team second place). Besides the Olympics Morgan has a string of impressive competition stand

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    Shannon Miller

    1127 words - 5 pages

    Shannon Miller Shannon Lee Miller is a very accomplished gymnast and business woman. She was born March 10, 1977. She grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma with her mom, dad, sister and brother. Her dad’s name is Ron and he is a college professor. Claudia is her mom’s name, and she is the vice president of a bank. Troy and Tessa are her brother and sister. The best advice Shannon said she ever received came from her parents. The advice was whatever you do, make sure you have fun. Shannon’s hometown is so proud and honored that she lived and grew up there, that they had a statue of Shannon built that st

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    Time When We Had A Conflict

    1422 words - 6 pages

    Kayla Johnson It was always my dream to one day make the state gymnastics team. I strived to be one of the best in my division, and every day after school practices at river city gymnastics sure proved it. My coach, Mrs. Lee was like a drill sergeant no one knew she had an “inside voice”. She would yell at the smallest mistakes we made. Most people would have taken her screaming personally, but not me, I knew all that screaming and yelling was her way of trying to get me to do my best, I mean that was her job. The tryout day was creeping up on me faster than the seasons change I was beg

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    Part 10

    680 words - 3 pages

    Part 10 My cardio respiratory endurance changed in this project from running 4.5 laps of the coopers test in the beginning to running 104.75 laps of the coopers test in the end. On the first week I ran 4.5 laps then the third week, I ran five laps, the fifth week I ran 4.5 laps and the last week I ran 4.75 laps. I did not reach my goal of running six laps of the coopers and this is because I did not do my workouts I had planned to do. If I had done my workouts, I would probably have reached my goal. I will try to practice more on my running, so I can be able to run faster and run longer.

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    455 words - 2 pages

    Gymnastics On a daily basis, you hear things such as the Toronto Maple Leafs winning a hockey game, or how Miami lost to Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. There are rare times when someone will celebrate a gymnast’s success. Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, balance, agility, flexibility, confidence and passion. Not only does it challenge physical state, but also someone’s mind. Gymnasts all around the world have been taught discipline and gained confidence because of gymnastics. They’ve felt pain and pleasure, faced fear and adversity, but most of all, learned resiliency. In mos

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    267 words - 2 pages

    Kelli Ann Wright showed me what dedication really is like. Kelli and I did gymnastics together for years. Our seventh grade year a truck hit their family car head on. The damage was unbearable, her brother Josh was killed and her legs ruined. Both of her knees were crushed into the dash. Suddenly Kelli could not do the one thing she loved the most. After her surgery, there was still more a long recovery. Months of physical therapy were they told Kelli that she would never be able to compete in gymnastics again. Her world was crashing around her all over. She was depressed, and wished that

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    Peaceful Warrior

    819 words - 4 pages

    PEACEFUL WARRIOR Peaceful Warrior is a drama film based on the novel ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman. The film is starring Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, and Amy Smart.The film takes place at U.C. Berkeley, and features a talented but disturbed gymnast, Scott Mechlowicz, who meets a spiritual guide, Nick Nolte. In the beginning of the film, Scott Mechlowicz (Dan Millman) is portrait as a university student who is a well known gymnast as well. He is very passionate about being a gymnast and winning the National Championship competition. Like the other youngsters even he has a nume

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    Parkour Art

    932 words - 4 pages

    Parkour challenges the person to accomplish physical feats they never thought humanly possible. Parkour is freedom. It is freedom of movement, freedom from rules, and freedom from winning and losing. I would like to do Parkour because it coincides with the Scout Oath, the principle of harmony in Aikido, and my non-competitive nature. Parkour completely fulfills many aspects of the Scout Oath, and therefore would strengthen its values in me. The Oath begins “On my honor I will do my best…” Traceurs, practitioners of Parkour, always try to do their best. However, they do not try for better than

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    English Esay

    296 words - 2 pages

    Nastia Liukin I chose Nastia Liukin for the Wax Museum because she was one of the people to inspire me to compete in gymnastics. She is a wonderful gymnast. It takes a lot of skill to perform at the different events in gymnastics. Did you know that Nastia Liukin started competing in gymnastics at six years of age? She trains in the same gym that gymnast Carly Patterson trains in. Nastia’s parents were also olympic gymnasts so she was practically born to be a gymnast. Nastia Liukin is important to many people especially if you are a young boy or girl wanting to be a gymnast just like

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    Flexible Firm

    941 words - 4 pages

    Assignment 2 (a)Outline the main forms of flexibility as defined in Atkinson’s (1984) model of the flexible firm (b) What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Atkinson model? ANSWER PLAN: * Introduction/Background * What are the aims of flexibility * Guest (1987) de-centralisation helps to create flexibility * What are the main forms of flexibility that modern organisation need * Body: 4 types of flexibility * Functional/Temporal/Numerical/Financial * Body 2: Atkinson’s Model * Core group * Frist/Second peripheral

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