Hobbies And Interests Essay Examples

  • Multifaceted Background University Of Illinois

    480 words - 2 pages

    Writing a self-reflective tirade is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to perform. I have found myself pondering this topic for an unusually long time; no one has ever asked me to write about my culture-- the one thing about myself which I understand the least. This question which is so easy for others to answer often leads me into a series of convoluted explanations, "I was born in the U.S., but lived in Pakistan since I was six. My brothers moved to the US when I was thirteen" I am now nearly twenty, which means I have spent half my life being Pakistani, the other half trying

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    The Daughter Of Time By Josephine Tey

    987 words - 4 pages

    Josephine Tey?s The Daughter of Time is a historical novel that looks at the belief that Richard III, King of England, murdered his two nephews in order to maintain his power. This novel also supports the belief that the ?truth comes out through time.? In the novel the main character, Grant, is concerned with what he believes is a unknown fact of whether or not the long ago King of England was guilty. Throughout his search for the answer Grant discovers many history books which all tend to view Richard in different ways. It is from these different v

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    The Sun Also Rises Response

    701 words - 3 pages

    The Sun Also Rises [I cannot express to you how glad I am that I am taking this class. I am thoroughly enjoying Hemingway. The Sun Also Rises is one of the best books I've read in quite a long time. For a while there, I was, for God knows what reason, taking Physics and Chemistry and Biology. It is really an adventure to be back with books and words and reading. I am also amazed that I never could read more of Him when it wasn't an assignment. And how is it that when I am told to write "a 3-5 page essay" I can only come through with two-and-a-half, but a "one-page response" always wa

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    The Colt Six Shooter

    710 words - 3 pages

    The colt six shooter will always be a legend to Texas. Whether you know it as an accurate, cowboy, Texas Ranger, gun-slinging, out West, corral gun, or as a little protection, the colt will never be forgotten in Texas. Sam Colt is known as the inventor of the first revolving firearm. Sam's mother died when he was six and his father owned a silk mill in Ware, Massachusetts. When Sam Colt was seven, he was fascinated by guns. He took apart his father's gun in a field and was able to successfully rebuild it.

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    Iago In Shakespeares Othello

    957 words - 4 pages

    Perhaps the most interesting and exotic character in the tragic play "Othello," by William Shakespeare, is "Honest" Iago. Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate others to do things in a way that benefits him and moves him closer toward his goals. He is the main driving force in this play, pushing Othello and everyone else towards their tragic end. Iago is not your ordinary villain. The role he plays is rather unique and complex, far from what one might expect. Iago is smart. He is an expert judge of people and their characters an

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    Othello Character Analysis Of Othello

    460 words - 2 pages

    After reading Othello by Shakespeare over about 3 times, I came to feel sorry for a man that I can easily say was gulled into tragedy by his own purity. I can see Othello as a man that could sit at the ?Round Table? with King Arthur and rank among those wonderous knights of chivalry. At his end, he had nothing. The Duke calls Othello ?Valiant Othello? (1057) Othello also stands ready to face Brabantio, Iago tells him to run. Othello - ?Not I; I must be found. My parts, my title and my perfect soul Shall manifest me rightly. (1054) As grand as his internal characteristics are,

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    Scholarship Question

    267 words - 2 pages

    What do you believe best represents why you should be considered for this type of financial support? Limit your response to no more than 200 words per question. I think I should point out that the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University is the most prestigious faculty of Thailand?s oldest and most famous university. Standards are kept very high by imposing an extremely rigid grading system and making it very difficult to graduate. For example, approximately 20 percent of all first-year students fail and are dropped from the University. In my graduating class

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    Othello The Moor And Ensign

    498 words - 2 pages

    In life, one can be significantly affected by his or her encounters with others. Often times, certain individuals gain great control over another?s fate. His or her control can lead to a positive or negative change to the person?s behavior. If negative, the drastic change may lead to a tragic downfall. In William Shakespeare?s Othello, Othello?s fortune was severely affected by his encounter with Iago. In the tragedy, Othello is initially viewed as a rational character. He is called the ?valiant Moor? by many, and is known for his confidence and strength. For example, when accu

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    Anthem By Ayn Rand

    599 words - 3 pages

    A standard rule of writing states that one should refrain from using the word ``I'' in one's writing. Somehow this rule seems singularly inappropriate when writing about the book Anthem. I wish to talk about my thoughts on this work. I will not abstract my ideas so that I can refer to them without referring to myself; they are my ideas, my thoughts, and my impressions. Many years ago, I read my first book by Ayn Rand, Anthem. When I decided to write an essay on Anthem, I needed to re-read it to refresh my memory. As it is a short book, I expected this to be an easy task

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    A Change Of Heart

    311 words - 2 pages

    Jeremy Rifkin, the founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends wrote the article, “A Change of Heart about Animals”, in which he introduced the common idea that animals share many similar behavioral traits with humans. After reading the article, I found that my viewpoint towards animals’ qualities, emotions, and abilities has been affected. I agree with Rifkin’s argument and found his ideas and views very intriguing and persuasive. In his article, Rifkin touches on a few specific characteristics and emotions that animals and humans share: intelligence, self-awareness, gri

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    2376 words - 10 pages

    Introduction: Cellular respiration is the release of energy in the form of ATP that takes place in the mitochondria within each cell. The chemical formula for the process of cellular respiration is C6H12O6 + 6O2 ----> 6CO2 + 6H2O. The complete oxidation of glucose is C6H12O6 + 6O2 -----> 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + 686 kilocalories of energy/mole of glucose oxidized. There are 3 ways that cellular respiration could be measured, such as the consumption of O2, production of CO2, and release of energy during cellular respiration. In this experiment, the relative volume of O2 consumed by germinating and n

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    Evercrack The Legacy Of Online Rpgs

    2271 words - 10 pages

    Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPGs) are a controversial innovation in gaming. Due to their ability to draw in fans for countless hours of gameplay, they are extremely financially successful, but may also pose a health threat to gamers who become “addicted.” With three confirmed deaths from exhaustion due to gameplay, as well as the steadily rising numbers of gamers engaged in their virtual worlds, they are garnering more attention within the gamer and development community every year. MMORPGs allow players to create a fictional character within the set world of the game. Many games fe

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    Violence In Media

    1308 words - 6 pages

    Violence in the media is the cause for a lot of societal violence. Playing violent video games can increase the players aggressive thoughts feelings and behavior while playing the game and in actual life. There have been many acts of violence as well as murder that were supposedly based off video games. Not only do video games cause societal violence, but movies and TV shows can also. There have been many cases of murder where the killer killed their victim based on a movie or TV show they saw. They have made a rating system for video games and movies so that people under the age of 17 are not

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    Law Issues

    1825 words - 8 pages

    Let me start by describing Trademarks. Brinson & Radcliffe (1997) say that a trademarks are "marks and words, names, symbols, or devices used by manufacturers of goods and providers of services to identify their goods and services, and to distinguish their goods and services from goods manufactured and sold by others." For Example, the Trademark `Splinter Cell' is used by the company Ubi Soft to say that this game belongs to the company and so other companies can't use `Splinter Cell' in any title they create. I find this to be a critical issue in the gaming industry for one simple reason, con

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    Thomas Edison

    661 words - 3 pages

    World History 5th Period Mrs. Smith Feb. 25, 2007 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847. At the age of seven after spending 12 weeks in a noisy one-room schoolhouse with 38 other students of all different ages, Tom's teacher finally lost his patience with the child's persistent questioning and seemingly self centered behavior. Noting that Tom's forehead was unusually broad and his head was considerably larger than average, he made no secret of his belief that the hyperactive youngster's brains were "addled" or scrambled. If

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    321 words - 2 pages

    Have you ever been in a room and someone just will not stop blabbing? They remain WOEFULLY ignorant of the fact that you are actually trying to accomplish something. It is definitely annoying to the point that you want to rip your hair right out of your scalp. Your head feels like it’s about to explode, and you feel a sudden urge to –fwap- the person in the head. Extreme conditions of ignorant people talking may result in the actual explosion of the brain. It is mind-boggling how these people don’t realize that people are actually working. The worst types of these blabbers are the ones that wi

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    Yellow For Insanity

    421 words - 2 pages

    I personally found this story hard to read and follow. I do not believe the narrator to be reliable. I think that in the beginning she rather enjoyed being ill in order to be taken care of or to play a victim. In paragraph 7 she tells of her husband being a physician and that being the reason she does not get well faster. Her comments, such as in paragraph 8; ‘you see, he does not believe I am sick! And what can one do?’ and paragraph 14; ‘But what is one to do?’ lets her be helpless to the situation. I also do not feel the husband is not to blame here for some part. As a physician, he should

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    343 words - 2 pages

    November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and bandleader. Hendrix is considered one of the greatest and most influential guitarists in rock music history.[1] After initial success in Europe, he achieved fame in the USA following his 1967 performance at the Monterey Pop Festival. Later, Hendrix headlined the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival. Hendrix helped develop the technique of guitar feedback with overdriven amplifiers.[2] He was influenced by blues artists such as B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Albert King, and Elmore James,[3][4][5][6] rhythm and bl

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    Hamlet Stupid

    599 words - 3 pages

    I’ve followed the journey of The Independent with interest since its inception. When new, it was visually striking. Its then state of the art printing process, together with its editorial policy, led a renaissance in photojournalism. Its initial attempts at political neutrality made it a bit boring, but it soon settled down. As it struggled to find its niche in the market, it sought new stories, often with a strong, sometimes preachy, moral voice. Its international coverage has been better than most. The story of why the Indy went tabloid is an interesting one. Somebody on the staff (I don’

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    Our Perceptions Are Affected By Our Past Experiences

    735 words - 3 pages

    In psychology and the cognitive sciences, sensation is the process of converting of energy from the environment into neural energy. Sensation is the process which our sense organs receive stimulus from the environment. Whereas perception is the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory stimulus.( Mullins 1998) That is, perception is the process which an individual selects stimuli, organizes information about those stimuli, and interprets the information. In this essay, I will illustrate how personal experiences affected people’s perceptions. Perceptions are affec

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    Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    1372 words - 6 pages

    The 1926 published masterpiece “The Great Gatsby“ by F. Scott Fitzgerald has always been regarded as a classic, if not even the supreme American novel. The way Fitzgerald criticised the society and especially the upper classes, can be seen as one of the best description of the early 20th century America, based on the eagerness for wealth. The narrator, Nick Carraway who is living in West Egg, the richer part of Long island, is an average citizen living in cottage next to the wealthy Jay Gatsby. Nick always reserves judgement, throughout the whole novel Nick describes the scene more or less obj

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    Life Is Possibilities

    1101 words - 5 pages

    I would like to start this essay of by apologising to anyone that is offended by this essay. I am extremely sorry that I hurt your feelings I really am. However ironically you are the reason I felt obligated to write this essay; you are the conceited CEO, the morally challenged lawyer, the lying politician; you are the selfish millionaire, the average nine to five employee, you are the passive lonely bachelor. So what do all these people have in common? The answer to this question is the topic of my essay; the answer may not seem obvious, but the answer is in reality surprisingly simple. You w

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    1267 words - 6 pages

    Shadowbane MMORPG stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game and anyone who knows a thing about MMORPGs probably doesn't know about Shadowbane. Its about 10 years old and has never been advertised to Justice. It might be a little old, but there are still thousands of people who still play it across the world and its free. Shadowbane is a really good game to get into if you like PVP (Player Versus Player), not a lot of "grinding," excellent graphics, siege, and loads of variety in choosing characters. Playing Shadowbane can be very entertaining for long periods of time. B

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    Iago Is Evil

    942 words - 4 pages

    Perhaps the most interesting and exotic character in the tragic play "Othello," by William Shakespeare, is "Honest" Iago. Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate others to do things in a way that benefits him and moves him closer toward his goals. He is the main driving force in this play, pushing Othello and everyone else towards their tragic end. Iago is not your ordinary villain. The role he plays is rather unique and complex, far from what one might expect. Iago is smart. He is an expert judge of people and their char

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    Violent Video Games

    657 words - 3 pages

    With the progression of our society, video gamers on constantly on the hunt for the next big game that will satisfy their inner most fantasies of their imagination. The older generations remember the Atari or the NES systems which are considered ancient. The days of Mrs. Pac Man and Super Mario could hardly be called violent or sexually explicit but with new systems came better graphics and thus alternate themes and goals that maybe sexually or violently suggestive. Games are assigned ratings by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) to inform the general public of the vid

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    Kill Frenzy

    672 words - 3 pages

    “Kill Frenzy!!!” People are murdered and killed every day but when a youth participates it is his music or game influences that cause and not lack attention. On the broad subject of multimedia and the effect on society, this research will be to dig deep and focus on the narrow topic of the supposed video game violence and its relativity to human actions. Do video games cause violence or brutality to occur in today’s world? There is not a truly comforting response for the people but what can be positive to say is the cause is not purely fromvideo games, if there is any effect at all, but th

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    Who Is The Reader

    808 words - 4 pages

    Who is the Reader? “Who is this elusive creature the reader?” Well as Zinsser puts it, “the reader is someone with an attention spam of about 30 seconds-a person assailed by other forces competing for attention.” (Zinsser, 99) With all the distraction in today’s society: TV, radio, and the internet, we as the writer need to be able to grab on to the attention of the reader like a cowboy on a bucking horse. How can we achieve this goal? What can we do or say to draw the reader in and cause them to continue reading our writing? Who’s ever approach we apply, we must include the reader in our

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    Othello Report

    461 words - 2 pages

    Othello I would consider to be the most trustful character throughout the play. And because of that I feel that he puts a lot more trust in people. In the beginning he is considered to be this tough, strong guy. But as the play progresses it was as if he changed into a completely different character. Iago is already known for being trustworthy, so Othello doesn’t second guess him when he claims Desdemona is cheating on him. Even though Iago did not have any proof, Othello was willing to risk his love for Desdemona on these claims he was making. One of the main reasons why I think Othello buys

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    1617 words - 7 pages

    Character Analysis: Iago Perhaps the most interesting and exotic character in the tragic play "Othello," by William Shakespeare, is “Honest Iago.” Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate others to do things in a way that benefits him and moves him closer toward his goals. He is the main driving force in this play, pushing Othello and everyone else towards their tragic end. Iago is one of Shakespeare's most complex villains. At first glance Iago's character seems to be pure evil. However, such a villain would distract from the impact of the play and

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    348 words - 2 pages

    In William Shakespeare's "Othello", the character Iago is, at least in my point of view, the main and most interesting character. Iago is in virtually every scene in the play, and has his hands in almost all doings within the play. Iago is truly one of the greatest villans in literature. Iago is viewed by all in the play, with the possible exception of his wife, as an honest and trust worthy man, which could not be farther from the truth. Iago plays all the characters in the play like puppets. He plays Cassio into a confession of his dealings with Bianca to make it look like he is speaking abo

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    Learning Style Inventory

    647 words - 3 pages

    Learning Style Inventory Carefully read each statement and tick on how accurately each statement applies to you. This 24-item survey is not timed. Respond to each statement as honestly as you can. Based on your results from the inventory below, write a 300 word essay on: a) the type of learner you are (briefly state) b) past experiences as indications of the type of learner you are c) how you might improve your study habits in future Often Sometimes Seldom 1. I can remember best about a subject by listening to a lecture that includes information, explanations and discussion. ͩ

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    The Effect Of A Characters Emotional Shift On Narrative Comprehension

    654 words - 3 pages

    While reading a story, readers feel happy when good things occur and worry when characters are in danger (Zwaan, 1999). When readers understand the narrative, they construct situation models (Kintsch, 1998). Situation models are multidimensional representations consisting of five dimensions: time, space, causation, intentionality, and the protagonist (Zwaan & Radvansky, 1998). Zwaan, Langston, & Graesser (1995) developed the event-indexing model to explain how readers construct coherent multidimensional representations of situations. According to the model, events and the actions of

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    Video Game Violence And Its Effects On Children

    653 words - 3 pages

    Video Game Violence and its Effects on Children In this day and age, video games are an almost essential part of a child’s life, and can be found everywhere. They are a sort of baby sitter for parents who need to do chores around the house. Can these simple things be harmful to your children’s mind? Some people believe that violent video games can cause increased aggression in children, making them violent as well. I personally believe that video games, although they can give children ideas on how to let out their built up aggression, are otherwise quite harmless. I mean, they are just game

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    335 words - 2 pages

    In William Shakespeare's "Othello", the character Iago is, at least in my point of view, the main and most interesting character. Iago is in virtually every scene in the play, and has his hands in almost all doings within the play. Iago is truly one of the greatest villans in literature. Iago is viewed by all in the play, with the possible exception of his wife, as an honest and trust worthy man, which could not be farther from the truth. Iago plays all the characters in the play like puppets. He plays Cassio into a confession of his dealings with Bianca to make it look like he is speaking abo

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    Evil Grandma

    1604 words - 7 pages

    Christmas story 3 problems Problem 1.Gets potions and gives to family to make evil monsters Problem 2. A communists war broken out between America and Canada problem 3.Santa Clause looses the N. Pole cause of America The Time When A Grandma Turns Evil at Christmas Once upon a time there was a small town in Alaska with the name dobble dobble town it had a great history of snow dogs and a few sitings of Santa Claus. In this town there lived an 87 year old grandma, who had a very rare cancer. All she wanted for Christmas was to see her whole family together being

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    Tragic Flaw

    1114 words - 5 pages

    The tragic flaw is the most important part of the hero and the events that occur in the work is a reflection of that flaw.” – Aristotle The plot of William Shakespeare’s Othello is a tale of love, jealousy, and betrayal; however, the characters, themes, and attitudes of the works are different, with Shakespeare's play being a more involved study of human nature and psychology. Othello is considered a prime example of Aristotelian drama. It focuses upon a very small cast of characters, one of the smallest used in Shakespeare. In addition, it has few distractions from the main plot, and co

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    Towards A Model Of Reading

    1453 words - 6 pages

    Towards a Model of Reading Overview · Effective teaching of reading comes through an understanding of the components that form part of the reading process and of how these are used by skilful readers. Expert teachers provide their students with a range of experiences to build knowledge and skill in all the elements that make up the reading process. · The model provided here is an attempt to describe the complex process of reading but being a static model; it cannot fully portray the dynamic and interactive nature of the reading process. The Context and Purpose of Reading · Different cul

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    Debating Modern Photography

    513 words - 3 pages

    Debating Modern Photography: THE TRIUMPH OF GROUP f/64 “Pure photography is defined as possessing no qualities of technic [sic], composition or idea, derivative of any other art-form” A group that came about in 1930 in California struggled to shape what direction photography should go in. They decided to exhibit their work as a demonstration of a new aesthetic; calling them selves Group f/64. f/64 referring to a small camera lens aperture that produces everything, including the foreground and distant background in pure focus. As a collection the pictures are in amazing clarity. Exposing

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    Being An On Purpose Person

    753 words - 4 pages

    Being an On-Purpose Person IS YOUR LIFE FILLED, YET UNFULFILLED? Do you feel pulled in a thousand different directions? Are your days and weeks so busy you hardly have time to think? Does your schedule seem totally out of control? Have you been trying to live up to everyone else's expectations while your own plans and dreams go unfulfilled? During the spring break, I read the book “The On-Purpose Person”, by Kevin W. McCarthy. I was intrigued by this book, even though I'm not a fan of self-fulfillment type books. I found it very interesting and extremely helpful. It reinforced a lot of differ

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    836 words - 4 pages

    Gambling has been around for centuries in numerous civilizations. Most “around the table” gambling started with rolling dice and games emerged from that. Also games such as blackjack and poker came from art of Chinese paper shuffling (The History of Gambling). These games all went through many changes through out the years, to make gambling what it is today. Although gambling is fun, it does cause problems and always has. Dating back to 14th century soldiers were being preoccupied with gambling and not working on there drills and marksmanship. When King Henry VIII of England had noticed

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    Midsummer Nights Dream

    1134 words - 5 pages

    What does the audience find enjoyable about A Midsummer Night’s Dream? In A Midsummer Night’s Dream there are many different reasons why the audience finds the play enjoyable. The audience finds the characters, including Bottom and Puck, the events, including the play put on by the mechanicals, and the storyline, including the fact that no one knows who is in love with whom enjoyable. Firstly, the audience finds the characters enjoyable because of what they do and what they say. There are four different groups of people, the court, the lovers, the mechanicals and the fairies, which each

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    The Lottery

    693 words - 3 pages

    Voices That are Loud but Never Speak Up Shirley Jackson uses examples of irony throughout her short story, “The Lottery.” The title itself is ironic; one would think this is a happy story because the lottery conotates hope and happiness. But this story is a story that ends with misery. Jackson uses situational, verbal, dramatic, and visional irony in “The Lottery,” and these are exemplified by looking at how Mrs. Hutchinson’s, examining her desires that culminate into significant action, and by determining what message the author is really trying to convey by this character. Mrs. Hu

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    Is Othellos Fall Deserved

    941 words - 4 pages

    Is Othello's Fall Deserved? In William Shakespeare's play the main character Othello's fall is not deserved. He was tricked by Iago, there were misunderstandings and miscommunications between Othello and Desdemona. Emilia could have helped Othello to expose Iago's tricks. People do not deserve to fall because of people around them and their tricks . Othello becomes Desdemona's husband and the gets attention of Iago and Roderigo which causes many problems. Iago is a good liar, he makes promises but he never keeps them, and he tells fancy stories in order to trap people. He manupulates

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    Family Ties

    754 words - 4 pages

    All eyes were focused on me. This was it. The tension had been building up to this point, and I knew there was no way out. I had gotten myself into this predicament, and I was the only one that could get myself out of it. There was nobody to turn to, for they were all waiting for my final move. I had never felt so alone, so isolated. I thumbed through my cards for the fourth consecutive time, and I could still not decide which one to throw. I glanced up from my cards and caught a glimpse of each player. I immediately felt the intensity of my brother's eyes glaring at me from across the tab

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    Ballt Oss Lab

    294 words - 2 pages

    Nikki Champney Mr. DiMicco March 3, 2008 Ball Toss Lab Data: Time(s) Velocity(m/s) 0.602 0.314 0.688 1.491 0.774 3.476 0.860 3.272 0.946 2.326 1.032 1.548 1.118 0.704 1.204 -0.094 1.290 -0.862 1.376 -1.628 1.462 -2.367 1.548 -3.106 1.634 -3.692 1.720 -0.828 1.806 -1.237 Graph: Analysis: 1. a. When the ball is being tossed yet still in my hands is the part of the graph when it is increasing slowly at the beginning of the graph right before it takes the sharp turn. b. The part of the graph when the ball is in free fall is right after the sharp curve when t

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    704 words - 3 pages

    According to Paul Harvey, the author of the article, reading in a foreign language is a very difficult skill for foreign language learners to develop. As the author points out, good reading ability requires L2 language proficiency. If the language level is low, then the reading skills are also low. Paul Harvey also states that high achievement in reading is impossible without word and grammar recognition, which take a long time and a lot of exposure to develop. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve such a good reading ability in a foreign language as in a native language. As reading in a fo

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    Othello Quotes

    1117 words - 5 pages

    Othello tells about his own greatness and says that he has done good service for his country so he will be respected. Othello says, “Let him do his spite;/ My services which I have done the signiory/ Shall out-tounge his complaints” (I, ii, 17-19). When Brabantio’s soldier were searching for Othello. Othello states that he must be respected because he has good reputation and is also the husband of Desdemona. Othello says, “Not I; I must be found/ My parts, my title and my perfect soul/ Shall manifest me rightly” (I, ii, 30-32). Othello shows his honour by not fighting with Brabantio’s

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    Balenced Literacy

    310 words - 2 pages

    Balanced Literacy incorporates all reading approaches realizing students need to use multiple strategies to become proficient readers. It provides and cultivates the skills of reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening for all students. A Balanced Literacy Program includes: Modeled Reading (Reading Aloud) and Modeled Writing · Shared Reading and Shared Writing · Guided Reading and Guided Writing · Independent Reading and Independent Writing Establish a routine and stick to it. Effective flexible grouping takes time, so don't get frustrated if things don't work immediately. Keep

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    The Art Of Listening And Narrative Skills

    1370 words - 6 pages

    The Art of Listening Easter Sunday morning, somewhere between watching my little sister search for eggs, and listening to my grandmother finish her cross-word puzzle aloud, I found myself in the kitchen, taking in that home-made apple pie smell. Easter Sunday at my house means many things. A busy house, lots of relatives, board games, but mostly, a noisy kitchen. Amongst the buzzing of oven timers, the clinks of pots and pans, and the whirring of electric beaters, I hear my oldest sister, Jessica, discussing her ‘theories,’ with my mother. Jessica is nineteen; she’s obsessed with philos

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    262 words - 2 pages

    Remembering back in my childhood and teen years anything I ate I always had to sprinkle my favorite topping on it. You’ve always been close to home for me, and no matter how far away I was, you were always there. Not knowing if my friends or some family members have Parmesan when I go to their house for gatherings, just in case I bring my own. To this day, and to the day I die I will be always be eating my favorite topping. It’s not just the basic foods that are common like pizza, spaghetti and lasagna that I use Parmesan on. It’s everything burrito’s, tacos, soup, the list goes on and on.

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