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  • Home Schooling

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    Research shows that the home school idea came about from a group of parents who for several reasons, wanted their children to be taught at home away from certain social environments and possible negative influences by other students, teachers and the entire social environment that comes with public school settings. The parents were then and now passionate about education choice and want the right to choose how and where their children are educated (Lines, 2007.) In the early conception of the idea of home schooling, there was little information about the curriculum and very little support.

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    Pro Con Paper

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    Since time ago home schooling has been a popular schooling choice and has gotten to be increasingly more popular to this day. To home school means learning outside of the public school environment in the home instead of sending the children off to school. Mainly, parents choose home schooling because they want an alternative to the problems that may arise in public school. Homeschooling has been criticized for many reasons, but research shows home schooling children within the age range of five to seventeen, in grade levels from kindergarten to 12th grade has increased from 1.7 percent in 1999

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    A Stereotypical Homeschooler

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    Reuben Peck Peck Page 1 WRIT 121 9/23 Essay Two Oh, You’re Homeschooled… The bus was rattling along the highway, with cars passing speedily on the left, and I was sitting on my seat, dreaming of the day when I could drive a car to school. Across from me, a working class woman gave my appearance a once over: blue jeans, modest haircut, and quiet personality. As I sat with a writing book open in my lap, and she began asking me how many classes I was taking at my local community college. Upon finding out that I was dual enrolling while finishing up high school, she gave my

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    This is the most important aspect of the work environment. And the only way to adapt to your surroundings and be able to participate in everyday work life is to communicate with others. Organizational Communication is therefore basically broken up into two parts; The Socialization process of communicating, and the later communication between co-workers in everyday situations. First and foremost we will look at the more complex and significannot process of communication socialization. Sociologist J. Van Maanen's definition of organizational communication is "the process by which a person l

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