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  • The Importance Of The Forum In Popeii

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    The Forum is one of the most prominent buildings in Pompeii, built as a reflection on the town’s inhabitants and of their success. The fact that it was built on a main road, easily accessible for citizens and travellers alike, indicates that it was an important part of the city, therefore being a vast fountain of knowledge. Firstly, it gives people a good idea of the religious beliefs of the Pompeiians, as there were many temples, such as the Temple of Jupiter and Apollo. Many people visited the temples to make offerings and pray for protection and other things. There were also statues of J

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    Early mornings , long days, busy show grounds and the hot sun. To me, this is my favorite place, there is nowhere id rather be than at a horse show with all my friends, riding coach, competition and my best friend, Trick, my four year old horse. I started riding at the age of six after I went to my step dads farm and rode my first horse, Digby. After that I begged my mom to put me into lessons, and a month later there I was at York Equestrian Riding School ready for my first lesson. I was instantly in love. The smell, peaceful sounds, people with the same passions and t

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    My Best Childhood Memory

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    . I remember it well… It was a fabulous February day. I took a glance at the clock on my bedside table and I saw it was only 6:30am, just as I realized the time I realized with a shock that it was also the day of the Co. Clare horse and pony show, my first show ever. I looked to my door to see my beige jodhpurs, cream shirt and my brand new tweed jacket hanging there. Just as I was admiring them the phone interrupted my thoughts with its urgent ring, and that’s where it all started. I ran downstairs to answer the phone. When I picked up the receiver I he

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    A How To

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    It’s your first time ever taking a horseback riding lesson, and you’ve just been assigned what horse you will be using. The horse’s name is Sassy, and despite her name she has a rather sweet disposition, at least that’s what you’ve been told. You stand there wondering, well what do I do now? Well that’s where I come in. I have been riding and working with horses for just over eleven years now. I am here to help you become acquainted with your new friend Sassy, and how to properly saddle a horse, especially one that you don’t know well. There would be nothing worse than to have an accident bef

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    Research On Shatin Hong Kong

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    Brief Introduction of Sha Tin District District Area: 6,940 hectares/ 69.40 km² Population: about over 600,000 (2001 census) Population Density: 9187people/km² Boundary: Sha Tin and Ma On Shan areas Latitude: 22°39' N Longitude: 114°21' E Background and History of Sha Tin Sha Tin is located in the New Territories. Sha Tin is a new town and has mainly residential areas. There are about 29,000 people living in 48 indigenous villages. There are four industrial areas for light industries in Sha Tin including Tai Wai, Fo Tan, Siu Lek Yuen and Shek Mun. Sha Tin was forme

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    Do A Freshman A Favor

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    There are many obstacles that new freshman will face when entering the college life. In this paper I will cover the dos and don’ts of college and how to get the most bang for your buck in your education at post. Incoming freshman will face some hard times and some good times all at once. The students have to learn to deal with these challenges and overcome them and if you stick with it you will soon discover that it’s all worth it. There are many advantages that people have when they are living on campus. For one thing you get to meet people of different cultures and beliefs; this can only ben

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    Histiye W D

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    Life in the 1900's was depressing and was an era filled with extremely hard and strenous work that didn't offer any future for the average canadian in doing better. If you were an average wage earner you would be virtually stuck in the same job for the rest of your life, while rich maintained their wealth mainly caused by the low taxes. Living conditions were poor for average canadians and even worse for the arriving immigrants. At this time some of the modern convienences were just being invented and even if it were for sale only the extremely rich had the option of purchasing the ite

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    Karousel Farms

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    Karousel Farms My heart leapt as the alarm went off sending Madonna’s song, “Like a Prayer” into the darkened room, shattering my slumbered state. I quickly rolled over and shut off the music. Reality came bursting in! It was Saturday, the day I had long been anticipating. Saturday, the day I had an appointment to visit Karousel Farm, start English riding lessons and -- begin my life with horses all over again. I turned into the lane, lined with evergreens, bordered with a white 4-board fencing that glistened with dew and reflected the morning sun. The lane broke to the left, op

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    2090 words - 9 pages

    Dressage Dressage is all about capturing the grace and power of the horse and using it to create a wonderful harmonic feeling between horse and rider. Horses are naturally independent creatures and for humans to be able to train them to this extent is an amazing feeling. It is a feeling worth all the time and hard work that must be put into dressage. What Is Dressage? The aim in dressage is perfection. To find the perfect natural movement so that the wonderful flowing, supple, undisturbed action that horses display while running free through pastures can be reproduced by today’s horse

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    Engish Vs Western

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    Whenever I talk to someone that wants to start riding I usually ask if they are going to be riding English or western, and 99% of the time their response is: “what’s the difference between English and Western?” Which usually leads onto them asking: “Is one easier than the other?” So, I decided to do my speech on these very questions that are asked. There are both differences and similarities between English and western riding. The most obvious is the tack that the horse wears. A western saddle is larger and heavier then the English saddle. It’s designed to spread the weight of the rider ove

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    Dude! Traveling west, I stopped in Montana one summer. I wanted to get a little cowboy culture, so I donned my jeans, spats, boot, complete with spurs. Immediately I felt in the saddle. I got me a horse and headed out to what looked to be a vast expanse of open land. About an hour in, I saw in the distance a shiny black Suburban racing across the landscape then turning abruptly in my direction. Next thing I knew, I saw a man on a horse racing from the opposite direction with the same intent….me. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy at the prospect of meeting two locals on my first time

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    Pony Club Conception

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    GOATHLAND HUNT PONY CLUB NEWSLETTER & CALENDER OF PLANNED EVENTS 2010-2011. DECEMBER Sat 18th Hunt meet at Old School House, Egton Bridge (Mara’s) Tuesday 21st Hunt meets at Wheat sheaf Inn, Egton Tuesday 21st Fundraising Domino Drive White Hart Mickelby 7.30. Friday 24th Hunt Meet on foot Low Farm, Goldsborough. Monday 27th Hunt meets Inn on the Moor, Goathland Tuesday 28th Team Show Jumping Competition Port Royal 10am start. Fancy Dress optional. Thursday 30th Hunt meets at High Farm, Newholm Penny Richardson’s. 2011. JANUARY Saturday 1st Jan 2011 Hunt meets at Mulgrave Castle L

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    Horse Slaughter

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    Horse Slaughter Horse slaughter is a practice that slaughters horses for meat. There are many reasons why some cultures and societies do this kind of slaughter. The main reason is for meat and money. Some of cultures wait till the horse or horses are old or severely injured. Most ex-athletes are slaughtered or sold to slaughter houses because they were not collecting income or were worn out and was physically unable to do anything anymore. Many other species of horses are being sent to slaughter houses such as mothers that are pregnant, general old horses, and horses that are injured. Many ho

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    Rules And Regs Of Show Jumping

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    The Laws of show jumping Rules and Regulations: The rules and regulations are set according to the specific sport, in this case its show jumping. The rules and regulations in show jumping come under three main categories; the rules and regulations for horses which include there tack, what grade they are, height and how much they have won. The rules and regulations for the rider which includes correct equipment and behaviour to the horse. Finally the rules and regulations to the course. Rules and regulations for the horse: • The horses saddle should be a all round or show jumping sadd

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    You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You should always love ponies :) You sh

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    Horse Slaughter

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    I learned a lot more stuff about horse slaughter since I picked this topic to do online submissions every Friday. I enjoyed this topic because I learned a lot more about all what is happening with horse slaughter in the USA. More people slaughter horses every year and it basically sickens me because I am a horse person and I personally think it’s wrong. I hate when people do that because it is cruel to any kind of animal. If you don’t deserve it then either does the animals of the world. If somebody took something of mine I will take something of theirs because it isn’t fair to anyone or anyth

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    Horse Slaughter

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    I sit on the fourth bench up in a diminuative room with dim lights. I look to the left of me and then to the right, observing everything, and everyone I see. It only takes a few minutes for reality to absorb into my skin of what was going on. There is a man in the small ring at the bottom of the benches who walks around with a limp. In his hand he carries a long whip that cracks at the sight of a horse entering the corral. My heart sinks deeper into my stomach as the next horse comes threw, kicking and rearing to save what little life he has left. Horses are fight or flight animals, only doing

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