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  • The American Dream

    1893 words - 8 pages

    What is the American Dream? Is the American Dream still achievable? What is an opportunity and how can we plan for it? The questions remain. Everyone?s dream is to own their own business and to be their own manager. Proper steps and timing must be used in order to reach this so called ?American dream?. However, it is the steps that deter people from achieving their dream. Opportunity is only available for people that desire to achieve. We live in a market economy. A "market" is a place where goods are bought and sold. This also means that the market or marketplace

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    Particpatory Notes

    1002 words - 5 pages

    Introduction India's growth, the second-fastest among the world's 20 major economies, has been luring foreign investors especially hedge funds. As per SEBI estimates, of the total foreign stake in Indian companies ,51.6% of the assets under custody is through PNs .The main reason for the sudden spurt in PNs is due to the regulation imposed by SEBI on who can register as an FII. As hedge funds cannot register as FII’s the only route of entry available to them is through PNs. The appreciating rupee, the galloping stock market and the fear of their being a break in the stock market bubble w

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    Book Review

    1317 words - 6 pages

    Barton Biggs is well-known in the investment world. He was head of investments at Morgan Stanley and well entrenched in the Wall Street establishment. After thirty highly successful years at Morgan Stanley, he left the firm and with two other colleagues, and started Traxis Partners – the largest new hedge fund of 2003. Traxis now has well over a billion dollars under its management. In his book Hedgehogging (2006), through interwoven stories, readers step inside the world of Wall Street with Barton Biggs as he discusses investing in general and hedge funds in particular. Through a collection o

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    Can A Computer Take The Place Of Your Stock Broker

    494 words - 2 pages

    Can computer programs today replace your Investment Adviser? As we move on into the new millennium we also move deeper into the information age and farther away from "the man" as time rolls by computers have replaced more and more human resources but that is not necessarily a bad thing. America's Economy is so unpredictable these day especially post 9/11 which makes people Insecure about Huge investment firms " why loose 2 percent of my earnings to a investment firm when my Computer can do the exact thing." says Benjamin Vander Heide from Chapel Hill , NC. But can Computer programs today

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    Sammy The Opportunist

    517 words - 3 pages

    In John Updike's short story “A&P” we meet a young protagonist named Sammy who works at the “A&P grocery store. He takes notice of a group of girls who, wearing only bathing suits, browse throughout the aisles of the store looking for herring snacks. Throughout the story he appraises the girls sexually and judges them harshly, based on their looks. Towards the end of the story, the girls have a confrontation with the store manager because of their attire. This leads to Sammy defending the girls, and ultimately quitting his job, only to have his chivalric deed go unnoticed. Most critics of the

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    Financial Market

    1643 words - 7 pages

    Definition The term Financial markets can be a cause of much confusion. Financial markets could mean: 1. organizations that facilitate the trade in financial products. i.e. Stock exchanges facilitate the trade in stocks, bonds and warrants. 2. the coming together of buyers and sellers to trade financial products. i.e. stocks and shares are traded between buyers and sellers in a number of ways including: the use of stock exchanges; directly between buyers and sellers etc. In academia, students of finance will use both meanings but students of economics will only use the second me

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    Uptick Rule

    943 words - 4 pages

    The “uptick rule” Suppose I own 10 shares of company ABC at $50 per share. You believe the stock price of ABC is grossly overvalued and is going to crash sometime soon. You are so convinced that the stock will crash, you come to me, and ask to borrow my ten shares of ABC and sell them at the current market price for $50. I agree to lend you my shares as long as you pay me back ten shares of ABC at some point in the future. You take the ten borrowed shares, sell them for $500 and pocket the money (10 shares x $50 per share = $500). The following week, the price of A

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    The Consolidation Of The European Stock Exchanges

    3996 words - 16 pages

    Financial market is a very attractive business not only for the corporations, but for individuals as well. In contrast with other business sectors in the financials markets we have such abilities like its capability to fast reaction on numerous and relentless external factors and of course very high income not only for the individual, companies or worker but for the country as well. Why, because the country is liable for their legal institutions and GDP. Thus the European Stock Exchange has some boundaries when it comes to different countries exchange with one another. But what do we mean by t

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    Trading Discipline

    764 words - 4 pages

    Among the dozens of submissions for the Trading Coach Project, the issue of discipline--sticking to plans/stops--was far and away the most common problem reported by traders. My general experience is that lapses of discipline are usually the result of a problem, not a cause. A key challenge, then, for work on oneself is identifying the cause of the departures from prudent trading. There are three frequent causes worth investigating: 1) Personality Traits - Some people score low on a trait called Conscientiousness. They do not plan and follow through well, and they can be impulsive. This,

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    Price Index

    300 words - 2 pages

    Price weight index is influence by the price changes of each share. This index should reflect only change in share price. It does not regard as the number of shares you own. This means price weight index just affected by the price change from beginning to ending. Thus higher priced stocks and large investment to company, which prices do not significantly increase or decrease compare to others, does not affect this index. If company B that has lower stock price and smaller Total market value than company A increases or decreases stock price rather than company B, change in stock price of compa

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    Lester Electronics

    488 words - 2 pages

    A) What are the pros and cons of each alternative you considered, considering the assessment against goals and the risk assessment? While there are several alternatives available, I will discuss three possible alternatives and their risk assessment. Lester Electronics can borrow money/credit line or issue bonds, issue bonds/stock, or simply issue stock. LEI can create a long term financing plan by borrowing money or issuing bonds. LEI can also secure a credit line from various banks. This would increase LEI's liabilities by the inquiring interest expenses and large debt and interest pa

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    Riordan Manufacturing Synopsis

    5991 words - 24 pages

    Introduction Riordan Manufacturing has been experiencing declining sales and uneven profits over the past two years and to overcome this has changes its sales processes by adopting a customer-relationship management system. The company now has teams made up of a salesperson, a product engineer specialist and a customer service rep that service the customer. Since implementing these changes, Riordan has experienced a decline in employee retention. The company has hired a consulting firm to help it with determining what the problems are within the company. The consulting firm came up with key a

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    Hawaiis Capital

    364 words - 2 pages

    When looking at the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, some general questions come to mind. Like when was the capital city established? Or has it always been in the same place? When was the state capital building constructed? And who was the first state governor? During this brief report on Hawaii’s state capital I will being explaining the answers to these fundamental questions. Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, was established on April 30 1907. The original capitol of the Hawaiian kingdom was Lahaina, on Maui, but it was later moved to Honolulu by king Kamehameha III in 1845, forty-eight year

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    Mba 503 Yield To Maturity Paper

    451 words - 2 pages

    The Concept of Yield to Maturity, also known as the discount rate, is actually the rate of return required by the bond holders. An investor has three factors that adjust the rate of return; Real Rate of return, inflation premium, and risk premium. The required real rate of return means that the investor’s amount that he or she will be paid for the use of their funds, on a noninflation-adjusted basis. Similar to rent on funds the investor is allowing the financial institution to use. The rate is usually two to three percent and varies in time lengths. The inflation premium, is a fee that is in

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    Causes Of The Great Depression

    3782 words - 16 pages

    The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. history, and one which spread to virtually all of the industrialized world. The depression began in late 1929 and lasted for about a decade. Many factors played a role in bringing about the depression; however, the main cause for the Great Depression was the combination of the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's, and the extensive stock market speculation that took place during the latter part that same decade. The maldistribution of wealth in the 1920's existed on many levels. Money was dis

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    Lessons Of The Fall

    497 words - 2 pages

    Lessons of the Fall Envisioning a New Wall Street It was the rough summer this year. A series of Fannie Mae, Freddie and now Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers collapsed. This financial crisis might give an end to an economy because finance is an important vein to all industries. The article speaks up a current state, an alert and a possible image for the future. I read somewhere that a big number of banks on the FDIC's "troubled list". It means that customers’ deposits may get into troubles too when Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation runs out of money and Congress doesn't refill its coffer

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    Options Backdating

    1490 words - 6 pages

    One of the most recognizable characteristics of America and its robust economy is the capitalist ideas on which it is built. It is well known that the capitalist structure creates winners and losers. The desired result, however, is that the winners and losers are created in such a way that is fair and that ultimately benefits the economy and the country as a whole. Republican Senator and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee Charles E. Grassley points out that this concept of fairness is centered around the idea of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. For example, a facto

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    Graduation Speech

    327 words - 2 pages

    I tried to think of something profound to say today, but it may be too naïve to assume that my short life experience is enough to impart any great wisdom. However, I will at least share with you something that I have learned. As a brief disclaimer: individual results may vary; drowsiness and/or dizziness are the most common side effects. Contact your doctor if symptoms persist. Wisdom is something of an enigma that cannot be achieved by the pursuit of knowledge alone. It comes from the lessons of trial and error coupled with determination, persistence, and commitment. This idea can best

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    Why Do Endowments Use Hedge Funds As Part Of Their Allocation

    1176 words - 5 pages

    Why do Endowments use hedge funds as part of their allocation A university endowment as one focal point of its program activities as it seeks to explore the relationship between capital markets and society; university endowments serve as the main nexus where the engines of financial markets and higher education intersect. Universities use endowments to pay for new buildings, salaries and offer scholarships and there's no denying that university endowments are exciting places for managers to be. Endowments are still subject to relatively few regulations apart from a rule in the US forcing mo

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    310 words - 2 pages

    2. Models such as Diagnose, Decide and Deliver are an indespensible aid to decision making for all managers – discuss It is widely accepted that models such as Diagnose, Decide and Deliver are an indispensable aid to decision making for all managers. However, there are some who are quick to point out the disadvantages of decision making models, although their arguments tend to be vastly outweighed by those who feel decision making models are vital. Decision making in business can be a daunting prospect. It is especially difficult for the “higher up” managers, or indeed managers who are

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    2118 words - 9 pages

    Task Objective: In this part of the assignment we sought to identify a mispriced option and develop an appropriate arbitrage strategy to lock in the profits. Discussion: Any mispricing that exists can essentially be decomposed into 2 basic components: (1) Mispricing of the option relative to the asset at the time of purchase. (2) Mispricing of the underlying asset. If either of these two conditions is satisfied, an arbitrage may be possible. In the first instance, the mispricing profit may be either due a superior estimation of volatility or a superior option pricing formula to

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    American Dream

    330 words - 2 pages

    ghzfgsWhat is the American Dream? Is the American Dream still achievable? What is an opportunity and how can we plan for it? The questions remain. Everyone?s dream is to own their own business and to be their own manager. Proper steps and timing must be used in order to reach this so called ?American dream?. However, it is the steps that deter people from achieving their dream. Opportunity is only available for people that desire to achieve. We live in a market economy. A "market" is a place where goods are bought and sold. This also means that the market or marketplace is the possibili

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    Stock Ticker Report Fall 2008

    899 words - 4 pages

    The first thing that needed to be accomplished was to pick a number of stocks that I felt would have continuous growth over the period we were given. I felt that it was key to diversify, as at the time a number of energy companies were struggling (this was before the general stock crash that occurred in October of 2008.) Two of the first companies that I immediately felt were likely to be Bullish were Microsoft Corp (MSFT) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A), two stocks which have historically been both quite steady and consistent. I got said stock around the 17h of September when it was at a fairly

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    4765 words - 20 pages

    COMMODITY EXCHANGES: MCX RELEVANCE AND NEED FOR DEMUTUALIZATION ABSTRACT Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), a demutualised nationwide electronic multi commodity futures exchange with its headquarters in Mumbai began its operations in November 2003, while the organized commodity derivatives in India started as early as 1875, barely about a decade after they started in Chicago. Post independence in 1960s, this futures trading almost completely vanished from the Indian markets after the bans that were imposed on the futures trading. But, with the adoption of liberal economic policies since

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    Economics Concepts

    564 words - 3 pages

    Running head: Economic Concepts Worksheet Economic Concepts Worksheet University of Phoenix Economic Concepts Worksheet Concept Application of Concept from Personal Experience Reference to Concept in Reading Resources in our world are limited. This is a society of wants and our resources are scarce. Decisions in our lives are based on these limitations and sacrifices. August 1, 2007, was my last day employed with a company for 18 years. After searching for a job for four months, I realized that in the area I live in Lab manager or

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    EVA At Vyaderm

    388 words - 2 pages

    Vyaderm Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1945, was headquartered in Seattle, Washington. By 1996 Vyaderm was a $2.7 billion company, with 17,500 employees organized in 15 subsidiaries worldwide. In 1997, Vyaderm’s CEO, Thomas E. Finn, CEO for 18 years and was widely credited for having built Vyaderm to its current market position, retired. Maurice Védrine, his successor worried that the 15 subsidiaries were not working in synergy and profitability had begun to slip in many of the business divisions. Previously, there was a singular focus on earnings per share. Védrine believed that EVA was a com

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    Example Of Poor Professional Behaviour

    417 words - 2 pages

    One real option for the wealthy to avoid taxes and hold onto as much of their savings as possible is the use of unreported illegal offshore bank accounts. A U.S. government investigation has recently discovered illegal offshore accounts in the international bank UBS. As a result federal prosecutors have now arrested and indicted Raoul Weil, the Senior Swiss executive at UBS. Raoul Weil has been the U.S. attorney’s office’s target since he oversaw UBS’s “cross-border private banking operations”. Mr. Weil reacted to the indictment by first resigning and has now begun denying “any suggestion

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    Birla Mutual Fund

    315 words - 2 pages

    Birla Analyst Review By Research Desk | Nov 28, 2007 | Email article to a friend It stole the show in 1999 and then turned into a meager side show for two years. However, after having been acquired by Birla Sun Life, the fund has evolved into a steady performer over the past few years This erstwhile Alliance fund seems to be regaining its days of glory but without the brashness of its youth. After a dazzling performance of 280 per cent (1999) and a miserable two years (2001, 2002), it now seems to be back on track. Like a chameleon, this one constantly changed its colours. In it

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    Canadian Economy

    370 words - 2 pages

    Company Operations o It operates in two segments: Restaurant and Hospitality and Gaming; o The Restaurants operates primarily under the names of Rainforest Cafe, Saltgrass Steak House, Landry's Seafood House, The Crab House, Charley's Crab and The Chart House o Engaged in the ownership and operation of select hospitality and entertainment businesses; o On 30-Sep-2007, the Group operated over 179 restaurants in 29 states. The Group operates in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Mexico and Canada; o One of America's largest casual dining and entertainment companies; o Hea

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    Majid Corp

    329 words - 2 pages

    Analyzing majid’s Income statements and cash flow statements we see that the company had tough time however during good years they did very well. Exhibit 4 shows the companies income statement, which states during 2001 it had a net loss of $9,306 in US millions. However during September 30th, 2003 they were up by $1,424 in US millions. Which is a good improvement that shows the company is growing. The cash flow statements also shows the company is heading in the positive mark by having cash and cash equivalents of $5,186 in US millions. Exhibit 5 shows a forecasted income statement for 2003 –

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    Oppression In The Renaissance

    572 words - 3 pages

    Oppression of the Renaissance Era Painters of the Renaissance era focused on depicting women of the time in an unnatural setting. While one may see the paintings as creating an oppression against women, one may also see that men are including themselves in said oppression. Artwork throughout the era that depicted women in a high-society manner gave women the impression that there was a standard to live up to in order to be beautiful. In creating this image, male painters, in a sense, created an oppression amongst themselves as well by creating unrealistic standards for women to live up t

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    Investments In Stocks Of Companies

    4366 words - 18 pages

    Table of Contents Introduction 3 Financial Analysis of Stocks 3 Fundamental Analysis 4 Fundamental evaluation, a top-down approach 4 Economic Forecast 4 Group Selection 4 Narrow Within the Group 5 Company Analysis 6 Financial Analysis 6 Technical Analysis 9 The Basis of Technical Analysis 10 Price Discounts Everything 10 Prices Movements are not Totally Random 11 "What" is More Important than "Why" 12 Technical Evaluation, a top-down approach 12 Chart Analysis 12 Overall Trend 13 Support 13 Resistance 14 Momentum 14 Buying/Selling Pressure 14 Relative Strength 14 Top-Do

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    278 words - 2 pages

    (This essay grew out of something I wrote for myself to figure out what we do. Even though Y Combinator is now 3 years old, we're still trying to understand its implications.) I was annoyed recently to read a description of Y Combinator that said "Y Combinator does seed funding for startups." What was especially annoying about it was that I wrote it. This doesn't really convey what we do. And the reason it's inaccurate is that, paradoxically, funding very early stage startups is not mainly about funding. Saying YC does seed funding for startups is a description in terms of earlier models

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    2739 words - 11 pages

    1 . Introduction History of the stock market in the world can be traced back to over 300 years ago with the establishment of London Stock Exchange in 1698. And then stock market appeared and developed prosperously in America with the appearance of New York Stock Exchange (1792) and American Stock Exchange (1849). The development of stock exchange in Asia was marked by the foundation of Bombay Stock Exchange (1875), which is also known as Mumbai Exchange. Founded in 1971, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation or NASDAQ was the first stock exchange in the worl

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    517 words - 3 pages

    The general idea behind CAPM is that investors need to be compensated in two ways: time value of money and risk. The time value of money is represented by the risk-free (rf) rate in the formula and compensates the investors for placing money in any investment over a period of time. The other half of the formula represents risk and calculates the amount of compensation the investor needs for taking on additional risk. This is calculated by taking a risk measure (beta) that compares the returns of the asset to the market over a period of time and to the market premium (Rm-rf). Investopedia expla

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    What Are Derivatives

    376 words - 2 pages

    Sharekhan: Derivatives are financial contracts whose value/price is dependent on the behaviour of the price of one or more basic underlying assets (often simply known as the underlying). These contracts are legally binding agreements, made on the trading screen of stock exchanges, to buy or sell an asset in future. The asset can be a share, index, interest rate, bond, rupee dollar exchange rate, sugar, crude oil, soybean, cotton, coffee and what have you. Paisewallah: Why don’t you give me some examples of derivatives? Sharekhan: A very simple example of derivatives is curd, which is deriv

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    22369 words - 90 pages

    A REPORT ON Hedging risk through Derivatives And Portfolio Management By Shruti Goel Religare securities limited A REPORT ON Hedging risk through Derivatives And Portfolio Management BY Shruti Goel (07BS4109) ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL A report submitted to Prof. Kaushik Mukerjee in partial fulfillment of requirements of MBA program ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It gives me great satisfaction on completion of Summer Internship Project entitled Hedging risk through Derivatives and Portfolio Management On the submission of my project report I would like

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    Decision Support Systems

    533 words - 3 pages

    Decision Support System Decision Support systems are computer generated way to help people in their every day life in business, the thing is that most people do not realize that they are using these systems. One program that I find to be intriguing and investments bank use this program, it is a system that tells you when to buy and sell stock. With this system you pick a group of stock that you would like to research, this program will study those stocks that you choose and tell you the best time to buy the stock. Once you buy the stock the program will research the market and recommend a tim

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    1128 words - 5 pages

    Futures Contract Specifications Trading unit - What the contract is based on. For example: one UK Gilt with a face valu£100,000; or 100 tonnes of wheat; or index points valued at £10 per point. Price quotation - How the contract is quoted: per £100 face value of bonds; per tonne of wheat; or Index points. Expiry months - Cycle of months the contract is listed in. For example: March, June, September, December. Last trading day - Day in the expiry month when the contract stop trading (or formula to determine it). Delivery day(s) - If physical delivery is necessary and, if it is, t

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    Management Style In Organizations

    264 words - 2 pages

    All managers in all organizations have to perform some major functions. They are planning, control, coordination, leadership and motivation. However, the way managers perform such function differ from one organization to the next. According to organizational theorists the managment style can be categorized. The management styles according to them are autoctratic management style, charismatic management style, democratic management style, partipatory management style and managment style based on classical management principles of bureaucracy. The choice of managment style or its effectivenes

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    Weighted Average Cost Of Capital

    3332 words - 14 pages

    1 - Introduction Cadbury Schweppes plc, was formed by two different people in charge of different companies coming together. John Cadbury was in charge of making confectionery and Jacob Schweppes was producing and distributing beverages. Both of these came together in 1969 to form Cadbury Schweppes plc. This company is engaged in the manufacturing, distributing and sale of branded beverages and confectionery. It supplies its products through whole sale and retail outlets in almost 200 countries. The company make focus is on two things confectionery and beverages. Cadbury Schweppes has

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    438 words - 2 pages

    DIVIDEND POLICY REVIEW Declaration of dividend is one of the major factors, which affects the wealth of the company. The relationship between declaration of dividend and the wealth of the company are proved by various theories. They are as follows 1. Walter Approach. 2. Gordon Approach. 3. Modogliani and miller approach. The Modigliani miller approach is the most suitable approach for the modern companies, which say that the dividend pay out ratio is indirectly proportional to the wealth of the company. By retaining the profit the company can do new investment and earn more profit. He

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    Federal Bailout

    1042 words - 5 pages

    Federal Bailout In September 2008, leaders of the U.S. Treasury and the Congress proposed a three-page bill called Troubled Asset Relief Program, which was much modified, expanded to 110 pages, and renamed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, a proposed act intended to bail out the U.S. financial system. Experts are cautiously optimistic that the massive federal bailout of the nation's financial sector will solve the credit crisis that hit Wall Street this week. But questions remain about whether it will prevent more failures of banks and Wall Street firms and many doubts this wi

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    Role Of Government In Shaping Entrepreuners Life

    886 words - 4 pages

    Role Governments can play: The supply of entrepreneurship is affected by many factors, not all of which can easily be controlled or changed. Nonetheless, policymakers can implement certain policies in order to encourage entrepreneurship. Based on the above characteristics of entrepreneurs and the factors that affect the supply entrepreneurship, the following policy prescriptions may serve as a general guide for implementing policies that foster economic development through increased levels of entrepreneurship (the recommendations are in no particular order): 1. Increase the market incentives

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    Porsche Buying Vw

    578 words - 3 pages

    Section 1 Summary In our days we are faced to the most serious economic crisis of the past years .Porsche based to an astute mixture of long-term strategic foresight and short-term financial wizardry is in an extraordinarily strong position thanks to his CEO Mr. Wiedeking. More important, Wiedeking has secured Porsche's future through an audacious David vs. Goliath takeover of Volkswagen that has so far weathered the crisis better than most of its rivals. Only 12% of Porsche's profits came from making cars. The remainder is the fruit of a brilliantly sophisticated stock-hedging strateg

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    2255 words - 10 pages

    FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS 1. EARNINGS PER SHARE Company Projected EPS Earnings per Share 2008 2007 2006 2005 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. 3.94 3.61 3.14 2.32 Manila Water Company 1.19 1.06 1.05 0.94 San Miguel Corporation “B” 3.61 2.74 3.28 2.85 CADP Group Corporation 0.36 0.29 0.25 0.24 Alliance Global Group Inc. 0.44 0.38 0.37 0.75 Note: Earnings in Pesos Source: EPS (2008) forecasted using the Straight Line Method. For Years 2005-2007, computed EPS from Reuters. Retrieved January 15, 2009. Earnings per share indicates the portion of the

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    355 words - 2 pages

    By definition, commodities are products and services that customers perceive to be exactly the same. A market becomes a commodity market if the suppliers choose not to differentiate themselves, either through their products/services, or through their brands. Equally, any market can become a branded market if the suppliers choose to differentiate themselves. But companies that sell products such as bulk chemicals, paper, and steel or milk, salt, cement, etc. tend to emphasize operations and sales over marketing, striving to unload as much inventory as possible at the prevailing

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    Efficent Capital Market

    3867 words - 16 pages

    (1) Efficient Capital Market: An introduction Efficient markets theory is the application of rational expectations to the pricing of securities in financial markets. The capital market brings together those who want to invest money and those who want to borrow money. Those who want to invest money include corporations with surplus cash, individuals and nonbank financial institutions. Those who want to borrow money include individuals, companies and governments. Between these two groups are market makers. Market makers are the financial services companies that connect investors and borrowers

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    Atlas Investment Management

    2761 words - 12 pages

    Background Knowledge Although investing in bonds may not be as exciting as investing in the stock market, it takes a bearish market to remind the investor of bonds safety and stability. Investing in bonds depends on the investment goals and time frames, risk aversion levels, issuer’s stability and tax status. Investing decision ideally involves a series of calculations to decide on the bonds one would invest in keeping all the above factors in mind too. Yield Calculation The first step is to calculate the yield on the bond. Yield is the return an investor will receive by holding a bond to

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    Atlas Investment Management

    2635 words - 11 pages

    Case Background The case is about an investment decision to be made by Atlas Investment Management for their clients Green hills. The case is dated at January, 2002. Atlas Investment managed a $600 million fixed-income portfolio for Green Hills. The way these transactions were conducted was that Green hills trustees would provide AIM with some medium term goals, Atlas then got back to Green Hills with some recommendations out of which Green hills chose one. Green hills typically held bonds purchased for more than one year. Trustees of green hills laid stress on preserving their principal

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