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    Steel Industry - a growing industry The steel industry today is vital to both economic competitiveness and national security. Today, it is difficult to imagine a world without steel. Steel is widely used in the construction of a wide range of major infrastructures like roads, bridges, skyscrapers, railroads, airports and buildings. Other common applications include automobiles, construction-related applications (bolts, nails and screws) and shipbuilding, between many others. This global industry has undergone a major transformation since its recession of the late 1980s, investing in new

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    Cost Accounting for a Steel Mill The production of steel involves three basic steps which include; the heat source to melt the iron ore, next the iron ore is melted in a furnace, and lastly, the molten iron is processed to produce steel. There are two ways to manufacture steel; one process produces steel from iron ore after a number of procedures are performed. To produce steel from iron ore several steps must be followed. The first step needed in producing steel is to process the iron ore. Iron ore, coke a product similar to coal, and limestone are all placed in a blast furnace, prod

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    ? Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Global Scenario of Steel Industry: 3 1.2 Indian Steel Industry: 4 1.2.1 Steel industry reforms – 7 1.2.2 The present scenario of the industry 8 1.2.3 Five Trends in Indian Steel Industry: 9 1.2.4 Role of Iron and Steel Industry in India GDP: 12 2. Organizational Background - 2.1 History 13 2.2 Mission 14 2.3 Quality 14 3. Major Problems faced in any steel industry: 15 3.1 Managerial problems: - 15 3.2 Operational Problems: 15 3.3 HRM problems: 16 CHAPTER – LITERATURE REVIEW 1. Introduction 1.1 Global Scenario of Steel Industry: G

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    IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY IN INDIA Corporate Catalyst India A report on Indian Iron and Steel Industry OVERVIEW 1.1 Background The Indian iron and steel industry is nearly a century old, with Tata Iron & Steel Co (Tata Steel) as the first integrated steel plant to be set up in 1907. It was the first core sector to be completely freed from the licensing regime (in 1990-91) and the pricing and distribution controls. The steel industry is expanding worldwide. For a number of years it has been benefiting from the exceptionally buoyant Asian economies (mainly India and China). The economic

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