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  • The Unfair Life

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    Bill Gates once said that, “Life is not fair; get used to it.” Spending fifteen years of my life in a far away country, Taiwan, I immersed myself in Chinese culture. Being one of the best students (aka nerd/geek), I was expected to have a high achievement. My parents were proud of me, but in the fact I did not even know who Jay Chou was (he is the most famous singer in Taiwan). “Life is fair,” was my belief. I thought everyone can have a great accomplishment in every area if they try hard enough, just like Gusteau says, “Everyone can cook” from Pixar’s Ratatouille. For me, those people w

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    Isc Time Table

    620 words - 3 pages

    INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION - MARCH 2012 TIME TABLE Day & Date Monday, February 13 Tuesday, February 14 Thursday, February 16 Friday, February 17 Saturday, February 18 Tuesday, February 21 Wednesday, February 22 Thursday, February 23 Time 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. 9.00 A.M. Subject/Paper Art Paper 1 Physics Paper 2 (Practical) Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical) Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Planning Session Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Examination Session Biotechnology Paper 2 (Practical) Biology Paper 2 (Practical) Art Paper 2 Compu

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