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  • Chanel

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    Company background Black and white tweet suit - the most of well-known classic Chanel time less item. The definition of fashion has been completely changed ever since CoCo Chanel introduced her little black dress in 1926. Chanel is an established luxury fashion and beauty company in France, founded by the stylish Coco Chanel, famous for revolutionizing women?s fashion and introducing timeless elegance and style. Apart from a long history, Chanel?s strength also lies in cult designer Karl Lagerfeld who never fails to interest consumers and a management team that if highly effective in p

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    Business is business-- but when a company secretively buys up a chunk of its rival...does business turn personal? That’s the question after the world's largest luxury group Louis Vuitton, or LVMH, bought up a 17% stake in its rival – Hermes -- for two billion dollars. The Hermes family still owns 73% of the company, but LVMH’s play has rocked the Hermes family empire. We’re unlocking this bag of tricks from the Financial Times, Business Week, Le Figaro, and Bloomberg. First to London’s Financial Times, which asks the question -- where was the night watchman? “What a sneaky company, th

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    Rising In The East

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    As if the collapsed of the financial market in 2008 was not gloomy enough. We now have to hold our breath again watching another disaster unfold in Europe. Today’s high-end fashion market in the west is declining. This is why all major brands are now looking for new markets. Most countries in Asia are now prime target for designer’s goods. This is proven by the number of high-end magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Numéro and L’Officiel with the launch of these upmarket editions from the north of Asia to the south – Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Sin

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