Manufacturing Essay Examples

  • Jit

    1640 words - 7 pages

    Just-in-time (JIT) is defined in the APICS dictionary as “a philosophy of manufacturing based on planned elimination of all waste and on continuous improvement of productivity”. It also has been described as an approach with the objective of producing the right part in the right place at the right time (in other words, “just in time”). Waste results from any activity that adds cost without adding value, such as the unnecessary moving of materials, the accumulation of excess inventory, or the use of faulty production methods that create products requiring subsequent rework. JIT (also known as l

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    Total Quality TQ Model And Methodologies Paper MGT 449

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    Week 5 – Total Quality (TQ) Model and Methodologies Paper University of Phoenix MGT/449 – Quality Management and Productivity Week 5 – Total Quality (TQ) Model and Methodologies Paper A stategic plan is “a document used by an organization to align its organization and budget structure with organizational priorities, missions, and objectives. A strategic plan should include a mission statement, a description of the agency's long-term goals and objectives.” (Glossary of Investment Plans, n.d., p1). I chosed Lean Manufacturing as a methodolgy to be presented and defended to my organiz

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    Kuiper Leda Problem Solution

    2005 words - 9 pages

    Kuiper Leda Supply Chain System Kuiper Leda (Kuiper) specializes in the production of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and its clients include automobile manufacturers and OEMs. Kuiper has recently entered into the Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) line; this product line has been in operation for only a short time. Kuiper has the same supply chain management concerns as many companies do: resources, shop capacity, and deliveries of product. Kuiper works with smaller customers and has a limited daily capacity of ECUs and RFIDs. Kuiper has built a strong reputation with its custom

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    Introduction: In today’s business environment, the battleground is changing from high volume, low variety, make to forecast manufacture to the speed and flexibility necessary to respond to changing consumer tastes and to competitor activity. High quality products and services, lower cost and shorter delivery lead time are the deciding factors to obtain new business or new order. A flexible production system such as Just in time must be in place in order to meet these requirements and stay competitive in the business. Table 1 and Table 2 shown below explain how Just in time can provide differ

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    Lean And Six Sigma

    4200 words - 17 pages

    Abstract This paper attempts to look at the way the lean management system and six sigma principles can improve upon the success and competitiveness of businesses today. We first look at the history behind both the lean management system and six sigma principles. From there, we break down what each of these management and production concepts means in terms of building success and stimulating competition. The paper finally ends showing how lean management and six sigma can be incorporated into today’s businesses and what they can bring to the table. The Impa

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    Materials Management

    3308 words - 14 pages

    Materials management is a coordinating function responsible for planning and controlling materials flow. Materials Management shows us that how we can manage the materials we purchase or make for a particular product when required or needed. Materials Management is not as simple as it sounds but it requires complex calculations which are necessary in solving the complex material management problems. Although this work can also be done by the manufacturing department, finance department or marketing department but the materials department can perform it better, in a more efficient way and ef

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    In this assignment I would first like to define some basic terms, show their interrelationships and point out the some of the main aspects of operations management (OM) in order to build a background with which we can later fall back on when discussing the possible trade-offs, conflicts and priorities in the area of competitive strategy in operations management theory. Introduction Some decisions are very important to an organization, with consequences felt over many years; other decisions are less important, with effects felt over days, or even hours.  Strategic decisions are

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    Total Quality Management

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    Introduction: Total Quality Management In this paper, I will present the definition of total quality management (TQM), a description of the impact of globalization on quality, the compare and contrast of traditional and quality focused management styles, and the explanation in how total quality management (TQM) applies to the Marine Corps organization, and at the end, I will provide an conclusion. Definition of total quality management Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and ser

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    Riordan Manufacturing Technology Integration For Inventory And Manufacturing Processes

    2662 words - 11 pages

    Executive Summary Riordan manufacturing is a successful company that has implemented responsible practices satisfying their customers thus far. However, the growing competition and advancements in technology have necessitated improvements in Riordan operations. Team D has carefully reviewed Riordan’s current warehouse and manufacturing techniques and has found a way to successfully accomplish service request SR-rm-001 for COO Hugh McCauley of Riordan Manufacturing. For the past two months, Team D has collected information and used the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to provide efficien

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    Nuclear Corporation Of America

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    Introduction In the 1950’s and early 1960’s Nuclear Corporation of America was involved in the nuclear instrument and electronic business. After consecutive years of struggling financial performance, Nucor decided it was time for a change in leadership, and appointed F. Kenneth Iverson as president and CEO of the company. Iverson drastically changed the direction of Nucor. Nucor exited the nuclear instrument and electronic business, and built their profits around their South Caroliae based Vulcraft subsidiary, which was in the steel joist business. Iverson saw opportunities to capitalize on n

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    Kudler Fine Foods Operations Management

    1579 words - 7 pages

    Kudler – Operations Management (NAME) University of Phoenix MBAA0D9LI6, MBA 502 Matthew Hazlett November 9, 2008 Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is leading the way in the local gourmet food market; pairing food with good experiences has proven success. To add to this success, Kudler is adding organic produce from local growers. Fully developing this opportunity will include updating the marketing process as well as updating the current purchasing process by fully utilizing the purchasing manager in order to streamline the supply chain. This streamline process will include Kaizen i

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    Critically Analyze The Strategy Of Managing Quality Through The Use Of A System Of Documented Procedures Such As That Described By International Standard ISO 9000

    2715 words - 11 pages

    Quality is measured by cost of quality, which is the expense of doing things wrong. The quality cost is considered to be any cost that the company would not have incurred if the quality of the product or service were perfect. Total quality costs are the sum of prevention costs, appraisal costs, failure costs, and intangible costs. In today's global and hypercompetitive business environment, which is further "spiced up" with the fast changing and highly unpredictable customers' demand, the companies have to directly face their challenges to survive. This indicates that the firms have to be to

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    Kraljic Commercial Relationships

    2134 words - 9 pages

    Introduction Leprechaun Shoes (LS), to the uninitiated would appear to be a successful company who have carved out a particular niche in their business . Suppliers of high quality footwear, over 100 years old, Irish owned, constant annual sales and a recognition from buyers that a high price is worth paying for a brand that they have great faith in. Upon closer examination there are issues facing Leprechaun Shoes that give rise to great concern. The most obvious issue is that although annual sales are constant, in real terms this represents a serious decline in business. In an effort to ide

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    1318 words - 6 pages

    Just-in-time (JIT) is a “philosophy of continuous and forced problem solving that drives out waste” (Heizer and Render 1999, p.480). Another definition of JIT system quoted by Chase et al.2001 p.394 is “an integrated set of activities designed to achieve high volume production using minimal inventories of raw material, work in process, and finished goods”. It also has been defined in the American Production and Inventory Control Society dictionary as “a philosophy of manufacturing based on planned elimination of all waste and on continuous improvement of productivity”. The first JIT system was

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    Bangalore Garment Industry In Bangalore

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    Introduction - Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state, also known as the garden city. Situated at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level. It has a tropical climate which is preferred as a good working environment. Bangalore was founded in 1537 by Kempe Gowda a Vijayanagar Dynasty chieftain. Today Bangalore is the 5th largest city in India with a population of over 5 million. It is one of the country’s main industrial city with 8 huge industrial belts housing about 10,000 industries including, aircraft, telephones, electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, machine tool factories and In

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    Industry Analysis Aircrafts

    4894 words - 20 pages

    INTRODUCTION With the rising trends in economic growth and international business trading commercial aircraft traffic has increased exponentially over the past few years. According to S & P “worldwide international passenger air traffic grew 7.4% in 2007,” resulting in an increase of crude oil prices reaching as high as $130 per barrel. This trend in rising fuel prices is having quite an effect on the Air-Craft Manufacturing Industry. Major Airlines such as Delta, Continental, United, Air Canada, and American Airlines have been forced to significantly reduce their product capacities, th

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    Offshore Manufacturing

    3816 words - 16 pages

    Offshore Manufacturing Introduction Purpose This investigation was undertaken because I am a third year materials management and distribution student. Upon graduating I will be re-entering the manufacturing industry. This investigation was to provide myself, as well as my readers, insight into the future of North America’s manufacturing industry. It is also meant to clarify all the advantages and disadvantages of offshoring for both businesses and our economy. By reading this report, it will be more possible in some situations to determine whether or not a company has a chance of pa

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    INTRODUCTION Organisations and all business entities implement some type of product-costing system which means that they approach and determine the cost of making a product or a service. It is noteworthy to be mentioned that is a requirement for the management to approximate the cost of products for internal and external use. The cost of goods sold figure on the Income Statement and an Inventory figure on the balance sheet are necessary in preparation of the financial statements. Furthermore management needs product cost information to specify prices and for decision making. Of course, people

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    Sport Obermeyer

    1046 words - 5 pages

    Obermeyer Case Questions 1. Define the key problem discussed in the case that Obermeyer is attempting to solve and what key areas of their business and market did they study? Obermeyer is attempting to solve the key problem of “making supply meet demand”. Because of the variety and number of products being produced, it is more difficult for manufacturers and retailers to predict which of their goods will sell and to plan production and orders accordingly. Inaccurate forecasts are increasing making it so that unwanted goods are left to have to be marked down. They

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    Han Kolb

    1898 words - 8 pages

    Case 4 AGNAR BONIFACIO HANK KOLB, DIRECTOR OF QUALITY ASSURANCE GUEVARRA NUCUM SOLEDO INTRODUCTION Mr. Hank Kolb is the newly-hired Director of Quality Assurance of the company. He was just about to start the week in his new office when he discovered the alarming quality control management problems and inconsistencies of the manufacturing plant. Faced with the dilemma of choosing what he should or shouldn’t do, Kolb tried to scrutinize the existing and unearthed concerns of the company. PROBLEM • Lack of strong attitude towards quality in the plant – puts schedule and

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    Just In Time JIT Manufacturing

    5000 words - 20 pages

    Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing Introduction Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing is a combined management philosophy and production system, first pioneered by the Toyota Motor Company of Japan in the 1950’s. “The basic elements of JIT . . . became known as the Toyota Production System (TPS). JIT was firmly in place in numerous Japanese plants by the early 1970's. JIT began to be adopted in the U.S. in the 1980's.” (Just in time (JIT) production, 2004). Just in Time (JIT) is a concept designed to eliminate waste. According to “Just in Time (JIT) Production” (2004), “Waste results f

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    Forefront Holdings Case Analysis

    3715 words - 15 pages

    Intro/Overview ForeFront Wood Products, based out of the Guangdong province, would like to become the leading wood door manufacturer in China. However, currently the company’s financial survival is threatened by capacity constraints and inefficiencies, which are rooted in its unprofitable manufacturing department. ForeFront Holdings consists of two entities: Manufacturing and Contracting. For 15 years the two entities had been consolidated into one, but in 2005 they were split and it was discovered that the company had been suffering from a Portfolio Effect. While the company appeared profi

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    Lean Manufacturing

    3768 words - 16 pages

    The Pros and Cons of Lean Manufacturing for the Small to Medium Size Fabrication Shop The annual (year 2001) survey of manufacturers conducted by IndustryWeek magazine, and reviewed by a national engineering society, indicates that the average manufacturing company is "just beginning its journey to adopt lean strategies". The review confirms there is a small but definite increasing trend in the movement towards the adoption of lean manufacturing techniques within U.S. plants. However, the survey also confirms that many companies are "struggling to adapt their manufacturing processes to lean

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    MRP And ERP Proposal Example

    2656 words - 11 pages

    ABSTRACT Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems have become the most effective and widely used inventory control systems across the world. Many operations have found the vast knowledge that MRP systems provide is absolutely necessary to effectively and competitively succeed in the current global economy. Although MRP systems have been in existence for almost 25 years, they have had their share of problems and are both challenged and enhanced by new supply chain management techniques and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. As the World Wide Web evolves into a global market of inf

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    The Development Of JIT Lean Manufacturing Systems

    2996 words - 12 pages

    Introduction Just in time, is a manufacturing system developed originally by Toyota, based on eliminating the wastes by producing the required amount and filling the stock in the right time, subsequently the concept of lean manufacturing has formed and it focused on using the manufacturing system as a tools mixed together to reduce the inventory and other non added values elements. In this essay we intend to examine the reasons behind the development of JIT and the lean system, what made such processes surpass the other manufacturing systems and how were they implemented, precisely inside To

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    Esterline Case Study

    2064 words - 9 pages

    Executive Summary Team 4 has just completed an analysis of Esterline’s business operations. Our findings are detailed on the following pages. In summary, we have determined that Esterline is in an excellent position to reap the benefits of the investment in Lean Production training and resources throughout the balance of the corporation. Prior to 2000, Esterline had limited results in implementing lean. However, after the management team drove the ownership and authority down to the operator level and provided the necessary tools the enterprise became highly successful. This downward own

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    Myths About US China Trade

    1271 words - 6 pages

    Myths about US-China Trade The US and China are the globally largest and third largest trading nations, respectively, and the US-China trade is one of the most important bilateral trading relations in the world. China is now the United States’ second largest trade partner, overtaking Mexico. In 2007, China surpassed Canada as the largest import supplier, and surpassed Japan as the United States’ third largest export market. However, there are many muddled ideas in the US-China trade. Politicians, business leaders, and even economists frequently make statements that do not stand up to c

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    Marketing Management Samsung Case

    1584 words - 7 pages

    In 1990’s, SEC implemented different turnaround strategies to transform the company’s image to a blockbuster brand. These key strategies can be classified as follows: Human Resource Management: Creating a high level of brand awareness required the education of everyone within the organization about the essence of the ‘SEC’ brand name. To this end, SEC developed a marketing career path to attract, train, and retain talented marketers. Success also required a shift in the perceptions of senior managers, toward a recognition of the importance of marketing expenditure and strategic brand building

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    An Industrial Policy For Pakistan

    1891 words - 8 pages

    For more than two decades since the early 60s, Pakistan followed an import substitution strategy for industrialization. To make domestic production of importable items profitable for the domestic producers, high tariffs along with quantitative controls were levied on imports, particularly in respect of consumer goods. The restrictions on capital and raw material imports were relaxed to some extent in order to support the import substitution policy. To increase exports, Export Bonus Scheme was introduced in 1959 entitling the exporters a bonus in the form of import license equivalent to a ce

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    BM Ws Essay

    1293 words - 6 pages

    Today’s Global market the ability for the company to change how it operate is an absolute much in the competitive world. One method of changing the company operation is by leaning out the process, the process is how company operates its manufacturing or its supply chain. Lean production not only successfully challenged the accepted mass production practices in the automotive industry, significantly shifting the trade-off between productivity and quality, but it also led to a rethinking of a wide range of manufacturing and service operations beyond the high-volume repetitive manufacturing envi

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    Chinese Products Ethics Case

    1816 words - 8 pages

    1. Identify all of the channel organization types involved in these matters. Comment, what could each of them have done, if anything, to have prevented the problems that arose. The process of a product recall can involve a lot of different types of channel organizations. It doesn’t just affect the organization that is issuing the product recall but also the whole supply chain including their suppliers, manufacturers, their distribution centre and their retailers or wholesalers. The organization purchases raw materials needed for their production process from their suppliers. The supplier s

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    M A In The Automotive Industry

    5597 words - 23 pages

    M&A IN THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY INDEX Chapter 1 - INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 – AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 2.1 History and evolution. The evolution of the automotive industry has been influenced by various innovations in fuels, vehicle components, societal infrastructure, and manufacturing practices, as well as changes in markets, suppliers and business structures. It is believed by most historians that the starting point for the automobile industry was the development of the engine in the 1700s and new fuels, such as gas and gasoline in the 1800s. Shortly after the invention of the 4-

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    Toyota Jit Operation Management

    7542 words - 31 pages

    In this paper, we tried to present an overview on the Just-In-Time practices and how it originated and what it involves from goals and objectives; that would make organizations all over the world apply the concept while aiming at enhancing its production, minimizing costs and thus generating more revenues. We also tackled Toyota- Car Manufacturing Company as a case study for being one of the very first manufacturers who gave up old traditional manufacturing practices and started implementing JIT. Table of Contents 1. Executive summary………………………………………………………..……

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    The Goal

    3206 words - 13 pages

    Summary: A new global principle of manufacturing book, The Goal, demonstrates the people trying to understand what makes their world tick so that they can make it better. While they are logically and consistently thinking regarding to their problem, they are able to determine ‘cause and effect’ relationship between their action and the result. The authors who M.G. Eliyahu & C. Jeff attempt to show us the vital meaning of the education in new era. In this book, the authors bring in a lot of manufacturing problems by giving people hide to solve the problems. It is the purpose of encourageme

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    2522 words - 11 pages

    IESE COMPETITION & STRATEGY EXAM HBS 9-705-508(FEB 2009) S A M S UN G E L E C TRO N ICS INTRODUCTORY REMARKS And Response to Question 1 The most recent revision of the HBS Samsung Electronics case (hereafter simply referred to as „The Case’) is up to date except in regard to nanotechnology. 1 The case only briefly mentions new types of memory as essentially „being on the horizon.? Well, new technology is already here today. Just last December, Samsung announced shipping of a new class of NAND flash memory. In fact, the “worldwide market for NAND flash memory is estimated to be worth $13.

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    Human Resource

    8851 words - 36 pages

    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Journal of Management Development 18,9 714 A case study of Japanese multinational companies in the UK Dipak R. Basu and Victoria Miroshnik Nagasaki University, Japan Keywords Human resource management, Management, Strategic management, Japanese management styles, Multinationals Abstract We have analysed the human resources management system in Japanese automobile companies, Toyota and Nissan, in their overseas production plants in the UK and have tried to analyse differences if any b

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    Production Planning Process

    16149 words - 65 pages

    A PROJECT REPORT ON PRODUCTION PLANNING PROCESS IN DHIMAN SYSTEMS (INDIA) LTD. Submitted in Partial fulfilment for the award of Bachelor of Commerce(Professional)-III to be awarded by GURU NANAK DEV UNIVERSITY, AMRITSAR Session :-2009-2010 Supervised By:- Submitted By:- Mrs.Binoo

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    Computer Based Process Planning And Manufacture

    1562 words - 7 pages

    COMPUTER-BASED PROCESS PLANNING AND MANUFACTURE INTRODUCTION Manufacturing in modern days involve lot of computer software and integrated machining, right from start of process, planning, execution and producing the finished goods. This results in improved products, mass scale production to meet surging demands and cheap and efficient production. One of the major considerations in computer-aided manufacturing is Computer Aided Process Planning(CAPP). COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS PLANNING(CAPP) It is a process which transforms information related to design into the steps of processing and gi

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    Method Of Reducing Waste In Mro Organizations

    1462 words - 6 pages

    2. The top management of Air Asia feels that still there are a number of wasteful operations done. Please help Air Asia to identify the wasteful operations (activities that do not add value) and justify your case. Since Air Asia is an airline company, which falls under the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) category, I would suggest they employ the “Lean” approach. “Lean” is a proven and comprehensive approach to operational transformation that by focusing on the customer and eliminating waste enables companies to simultaneously decrease cycle times, increase labor productivity, and impr

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    2669 words - 11 pages

    Pharma Industries - Karachi |ABBOTT LABORATORIES (PAK) LTD. | |Opp.Radio Pakistan Transmitter | |Landhi | |Ph : 5015049-5015045-5015046-5015047 Fax : 5013245

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    Plant Review

    3346 words - 14 pages

    PLANT REVIEW # 1 One of the leading bread manufacturing companies in the Philippines is Gardenia. It offers a wide variety of bread such as loaf breads, buns, muffins and many more. Gardenia in Biñan, Laguna produces two of the different breads that the company makes, the wheat bread and the classic loaf bread. Each kind has different flavors that make every bread distinct among others. The cost of their product is not as cheap as the other bread manufacturing companies have, but since it produces a good quality of bread, consumers avail more of their products though the prod

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    Wilker Case

    1873 words - 8 pages

    Management Accounting for Multinational Companies Solution to the Wilkerson Case Igor Baranov Executive Summary Taking into account the difference among product and high proportion of overheads, Wilkerson should abandon its existing cost system and move to activity-based costing. The profitability analysis indicates that the company earns healthy margins on pumps and valves. However, the margin of flow controllers at actual usage of capacity is negative. Wilkerson should consider action targeted at cost reduction (changes in flow controllers design or in their production and delivery proces

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    How Are Throughput Inventory And Operating Expen

    1530 words - 7 pages

    Essay Adugna J. GENETI BA642 Quality and Operations Management University of Atlanta M.Sc student in MIS and Business Administration Definition of throughput, inventory, and operating expense under TOC Theory of constraints (TOC) is a management approach that emphasizes the importance of managing constraints. A constraint or bottleneck is anything that prevents an organization from achieving the goal. Throughput is the rate at which a company generates money through sales. There is an emphasis that money is generated through sales, not production. The produced products are to be sold

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    Lawn King

    3070 words - 13 pages

    MBA 850 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT WINTER, 2005 INSTRUCTOR: Professor Bill Berry Office: 660A Fisher Hall Phone: 292-3173 (O) FAX: 292-1272 E-mail: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 1 PM – 5 PM (or by appointment) COURSE CONTENT Operations represents a critical area for both manufacturing and service indus

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    Operation Management

    3635 words - 15 pages

    Table of Contents |S.No. |Topics |Page No. | |1. |Introduction |2 | |2. |Business Objectives |2 | |3. |Establishing a manufacturing unit |3 | |4. |Malaysia as a production country

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    Zara Operational Analysis

    1860 words - 8 pages

    Zara is owned by Inditex, one of the largest apparel retailers in Spain. Since its first official international roll-out in 1990, Zara has become Inditex’s largest and the most internationalized chains, operating 500 stores in 30 countries and generating more than 85% of Inditex’s sales. The success of Zara can be contributed to the company’s operational strategy which is to offer the wide variety of utmost trendy and fashionable products in high frequency and to adjust its production by quickly responding to the current sales at the stores. Business System and Process Zara’s operations sy

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    Boys And Boden Case

    4804 words - 20 pages

    Case Background This case talks about Boys and Boden, a company that specializes in manufacturing windows, doors, and staircases made out of timber. The company is considerably successful; however, as time goes by, one of its most important functions, the Joinery department was found to be very unprofitable and is suffering from low productivity. Because of this situation, the entire case would revolve around Boys and Boden’s quest to increase their profitability and productivity. The case is divided into two major portions. Case A talks about the problems faced by Boys and Boden, such

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    Total Quality Management

    8046 words - 33 pages

    | | | | Share/Learn | | Main | | Ask an Expert | | Member Information | | Home | | | | | | Six Sigma™ and Kaizen Compared: Part 1 (Revised) - Raphael L. Vitalo, Ph.D.   | Contents | | Introduction | | The Quality Model | | ? The Origins of the Quality Model | | ? Summary | | Quality's Progeny: Lean and Six Sigma™ | | ? Lean's Emergence and Extension of the Quality Model | | ? Six Sigma™ Origins | | ? Summary | | Kaizen’s Origins and Scope | | ? Varieties of Kaizen | | ? The Beginnings of Kaizen | | ? Summary | | Next |

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    Geoge David

    3912 words - 16 pages

    Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Discussion 3.1 Lower Development and Tooling Cost 3.2 Counter-measures from Detroit Automobile Makers 3.3 Methodologies Introduced by Detroit Companies 3.4 Competitive Advantage of Detroit Companies Conclusion Reference 1.0 introduction The automotive industry crisis of 2008-10 made a major impact on the automobile industry, especially towards companies such as GM, ford and Chrysler. The reason for this is due to the hike in petrol prices, and with the lack of fuel efficient models, Detroit companies were severely

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    1811 words - 8 pages

    Alper Al?an U?ur Önder Umut Ya?ar ? ? ? ? ? Why do we look China? Key factors of innovation in China The most innovative companies in China Innovations in China Innovative regions in China ? For centuries China stood as a leading civilization, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences, but in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the country was beset by civil unrest, major famines, military defeats, and foreign occupation. After World War II, the Communists under MAO Zedong established an autocratic socialist system that, while ensuring China's sovereignty, imposed s

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