Metals Essay Examples

  • Nickel

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    Nickel: A Naturally Occurring Wonder When people think of nickel they usually imagine the United States coin with Thomas Jefferson’s face embossed on it. However, nickel, the famous element that is part of the transition metal family has many other uses besides coinage. It is used to create jewelry, stainless steel, magnets, special alloys, and green glass. Nickel is an element that has been around for as long as man has had intellectual curiosity enough to harvest it. It occurs most usually in combination with sulfur and iron in pentlandite naturally and has many uses since it is ductile

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    Chemistry Lab Report

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    Lab Report Determination of Density of Aluminum January 25, 2011 Tinisha Hallback (Chem 1211L,Tues. 7:00-9:15pm) Partners: Henrietta Mofoke & Shante Blackburn Objective: To determine the Density of aluminum by water displacement and geometric formulas. Procedure: The relationship between the mass of an object and its volume is called density. The mass and volume of aluminum was determined. The density was calculated by dividing the mass of the piece aluminum by its volume. Results/Discussion Table 1 Density of aluminum based on dimensions Trial 1 Mass of aluminum sample 17.

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    Mass Volume And Density Lab

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    Student Name Teacher Class Date Mass, Volume, and Density II. Objectives: Upon completion of the lab, the student will be able to identify metals using density and understand the relationships between mass, volume, and density. III. Theory: Using the mass and the volume of an object, the student will be able to identify a metal by finding the metals density. A balance can measure mass, which is best, defined as the amount of matter in a sample. In order to measure an objects volume, the student will have to use water displacement for irregular metals and various formulas to find th

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    Chemistry Of Copper

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    CHEMISTRY OF COPPER Introduction Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a ductilemetal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable; an exposed surface has a reddish-orange tarnish. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys. Copper was the first metal mined and crafted by man, and has been the most important one in the oldest times of history, because it was available in great quantities and was initially extractable almost at the surface

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    Single Replacement Reaction

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    Single Replacement Reaction between Iron filings and Copper Sulfate In this lab, unlike the previous labs, we had to take safety precautions and procedures in order to not end, well, dead or disable for life. For example, we had to use safety goggles and laboratory aprons at all times in the lab and wash our hands at the end of the lab. We had to take these precautions in order to protect ourselves as copper sulfate is able to make a person blind if it falls on someone’s eyes and be poisonous if eaten or inhaled. A single replacement reaction is a chemical reaction in which an element repla

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    086/X/SA2/19/A1 Class - X ·¤ÿææ - X SCIENCE çß?ææÙ Time : 3 to 3½ hours â×Ø Ñ 3 âð 3½ ?æ´ÅðU Maximum Marks : 80 ¥çÏ·¤Ì× ¥´·¤ Ñ 80 Total No. of Pages : 15 ·é¤Ü ÂëcÆUæð´ ·¤è ⴁØæ Ñ 15 General Instructions : 1. The question paper comprises of two sections, A and B, you are to attempt both the sections. 2. All questions are compulsory. 3. There is no overall choice. However, internal choice has been provided in all the three questions of five mark category. Only one option in such question is to be attempted. 4. All questions of section A and all questions of section B are to be atte

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    Activity Series Of Metals

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    Block 1 Experiment 18 Activity series of metals Purpose: to make observation of the reaction, to write equations, balance them and to determine the relative activity of a metal. Equipment 1. Test tubes 2. Zinc metal 3. Copper metal 4. Iron Metal 5. Magnesium metal 6. Solutions Procedure 1. Obtain 2 clean test tubes and pour 2 ml of each solution. Add a piece of zinc metal to each solution. If there isn’t a immediate reaction allow the test tubes to stand for some minutes. Record your observations. 2. Repeat the step above for each metal. After done

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    Pennies Lab

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    Density of Pennies Lab Introduction “The one cent coin, commonly known as the penny, was the first currency of any type authorized by the United States.” (, pg.1)The first penny was made in 1787, composed of pure copper. They continued to produce pure copper pennies until 1837 when they switched to bronze. In 1857 they began using copper and nickel. The composition of a penny changed twice more before 1982. The pre-1983 penny was made of an alloy of copper and zinc. An alloy is “a substance that has metal characteristics and consists of two or more different elements”. (Coord

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