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  • ADA Requirements Not Met

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    Wheelchair During my time of experiencing being handicap I have learned a lot. With my experiment I had to go to a mall and ask to use a wheelchair for a class assignment and then it begins. I went to the mall with a friend of mine and she help push me around the mall for a while and then I rolled myself around for a while to. When starting off I went into juicy couture at south park mall, while trying to shop I was able to fit in the door I could not fit in between the aisle. At the store the workers weren’t helpful at all they just looked at me like I was weird. Getting around the mall

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    Song Of Solomon Bildungsroman

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    Boys on the brink maturity all come to a destination where their desire for introspection outweighs their desire to hold on to childish characteristics. In Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Milkman finds himself evaluating his life under the dark Virginia sky. In a moment of realization the young man becomes aware of how sheltered and over privileged he has been. His wealth has been nothing but a handicap holding him back from achieving the love of his peers. Milkman resents his privileged life as a child for it has kept him from understanding other people. In his moment of reflection he criti

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