Networking Essay Examples

  • The Water Of Jerusalem

    1136 words - 5 pages

    Since the earliest of times, water served as a primary consideration when deciding upon the location of a city. It was a very important part of life and everyone needed it. That why Jerusalem had to have water near it. Evan today the water is a necessary thing to live by. The Gihon spring served as the primary source of water for Biblical Jerusalem. From the fountainhead of the spring, a number of waterworks were built throughout the Judean period, to transport the Gihon waters and to safeguard access to the city's water source. These included the Shiloah Tunnel, w

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    2751 words - 12 pages

    Analysis of Riordan's Manufacturing IT Systems I. History: Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With state-of-the art design capabilities, they create innovative plastic designs that have earned international acclaim. Attention to detail, extreme precision and enthusiastic quality control are the hallmarks of Riordan Manufacturing. Connected via a Wide Area Network (WAN) it maintains facilities in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hang Zhou, China. The company's research and development is done at the corporate h

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    Summary Of A Consultancy Book

    1651 words - 7 pages

    Table of Contents Summaries of the Chapters Chapter 1: What is Process Consultation? Chapter2: The Psychodynamics of the Helping Relationship Chapter3: Active Inquiry and listening as Status-Equilibrating process Chapter4: the concept of Client Chapter5: Deciphering Hidden forces and processes Summaries of the Chapters Chapter 1: What is Process Consultation? The Process Consultation: the psychological and social process involved in consulting. Models of consultation and the tacit assumptions on which they rest: Consultation and helping process can be distinguished best by analyzin

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    Management Of Information Systems

    4069 words - 17 pages

    Management of Information Systems DATE: April 27, 2005 TO: Dr. Joel Maloff, Chief Technology Officer FROM: Neweleen A. Feldmar, Senior Director – Information Systems SUBJECT: IS/IT Recommended Future Investment Overview We are the leading provider of advanced voice, data, video, and IP services for emerging markets worldwide. We have a long, strong, enduring partnership with proven market leaders in the world’s most challenging regions, which allow the Company to overcome historical barriers and local competition in global communications. The most important asset of the Company

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    Assessment In Social Work Practice

    3315 words - 14 pages

    Assessment is a central element in social work practice. Discuss with reference to relevant literature and practise examples. Introduction It is a common misconception help by the public that social work practice is merely a series of well-meaning but otherwise uncoordinated activities (Haines, 1981). This, however, is not the case. Social work practise is a highly organised profession. A certain process is followed when dealing with a client. The stages of this process include assessment, action and evaluation. ‘Assessment involves gathering and interpreting information in order to under

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    Therapeutic Relationships

    1213 words - 5 pages

    Nursing is not just being able to take someone’s blood pressure and give them an IV; it is showing kindness, showing that you care, and knowing the right communication skills to be able to talk to a client in the appropriate manner. Not only that, but it is a relationship that you create with every client. These are the most important skills a nurse can have throughout their career. With every client, a therapeutic relationship will develop, which is a professional alliance in which the nurse and client join together for a different period of time to achieve health treatment goals (Arnold, E.

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    Vpn S

    1506 words - 7 pages

    There are as many VPN players today as there were a few years ago, but things have shifted considerably. Once dominated by dozens of small companies competing in the VPN hardware arena, the scope of the VPN market now has an expanded spectrum of products. Those include carrier-class hardware, network-based providers, managed services, conversion and compatibility service vendors, and super low-end VPN hardware and software products. The heavy hitters in the network business have made their VPN moves. Cisco acquired Compatible Systems and Altiga, and has begun to push Altiga-based products har

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    1164 words - 5 pages

    In my ICT management experience, I have learnt that in order for any technology venture to be the springboard for economic growth, it has to be well thought, planned, executed and managed. In South Africa I cannot say confidently that this is the case with broadband internet access. This can be quite evident from comments of fellow common South African citizens that are end-users or will be end users of this production in question. It is a fact that in the South African local market we do have bandwidth challenges. In South Africa more than 30 000 ICT companies and residential communities requ

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    Cradle Of Humankind

    1367 words - 6 pages

    1. Introduction About an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind lies. A place of great importance. It was here where mankind first became human. Here were mankind stood up tall on our own two feet, and where we explored our own natural uses of our bodies. Here where we experienced with our environment and where we adopted to it (Safarinow, n.d). While walking through the Cradle of Humankind the next lyrics came to mind, sung by Johannes Kerkorrel: “The earth is a great big blue ball, that falls quietly through space, and you and I are children, alone we are left, and

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    Internet Beginning

    2594 words - 11 pages

    VoIP promised to provide telephony services over the Internet at low or minimal cost, with speech quality similar to that of conventional telecommunications. Regrettably, that promise has not yet materialized. Currently there are many VoIP users, including both individuals and mammoth organizations, who are disappointed and disillusioned about the quality. Users in general expected quality similar to that provided by the mainstream telcos, the crystal-clear ITU-T G.711 telephony (48, 56 or usually 64 Kbps PCM), and its 32 Kbps ADPCM derivatives. Instead, they've found the quality, more often

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    Technologies For The Telecommuter

    4098 words - 17 pages

    Abstract This paper reports on the recent developments in technologies for telecommuters including changes in computers, cellular phones, personal digital assistants, Internet access, and networking. Technology used by the telecommuting workforce is ever-changing, and significant advancements in the nature of telework have taken place as a result of new and developing systems and programs. Traditional cellular phones have been replaced by Smartphones, dial-up Internet has evolved into high-speed connections, and virtual private networks allow teleworkers to stay connected to their organizat

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    Disaster Recovery

    1145 words - 5 pages

    Disaster recovery is an important part of every business. Whether man made or natural disasters, they will eventually happen to every company in the world. Individuals are always finding ways to get around encryptions, firewalls, and other means of blocking intrusion just to destroy a company’s databases and networks. On the other hand, there are many unpredictable things that can create a disaster for any company including but not limited to fire, flood, tornados, viruses, theft and corruption. There are some basics like off site storage and the use of online backup that can help company’

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    5951 words - 24 pages

    MONGOLIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT TERM PAPER “Adverb’’ CHECKED BY………………………………………..D. Ulziijjargal PREPARED BY……………………………………….J. Losolmaa 2010 ??????? ?????: ?????? ??, ??????-????? ??????. ??????? ????: ?????? ?? ????????? ?????: ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? -?? ???, ???????? ???, ???? ???? ???????) ?????????? ?????: ???????? ???? ??????? ??????????? ?????: ???? ???? ??????? ??????? ??? ??? ???????? ??? ??????? ????? ???????: ??????-????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???, ???????? ???,

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    Basics Of Person Centred Psychology

    1820 words - 8 pages

    Basic Conditions for the Person-Centred Approach There are four basic conditions prescribed for the person-centred approach to counselling that all relate to each other and work together in the therapeutic setting. These four conditions are congruence, unconditional positive regard, empathy and personal power. Congruence refers to how genuine and honest the helper is. The helper should always be congruent in their interactions with clients as a client will sense if the helper is being false in their responses. Congruency is not merely a technique employed by counsellors; it is an attitu

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    Facebook Security

    1684 words - 7 pages

    Facebook Security Plan Doing It the Right Way As technology continue to advance companies need to be aware of up and coming threats. Protocols will need to be adjusted to account for new vulnerabilities and more focus will be push on creating improved controls. Various standards, guidelines and regulations have been developed as well as external agencies and organizations have been contacted, to help ensure that security is properly implemented. (McGraw-Hill) In order to help maintain the safety of users online experience; precautions has been placed. Information at rest, in transit as

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    A Storm Gathering

    1014 words - 5 pages

    English assignment – Section B Summary The short story ‘A Storm Gathering’ by Jonathan Falla, published in 2001, takes place in an underprivileged town in Sudan, where we follow the protagonist Malik. Most likely, the story unfolds during a single day in present time, as objects like radio and cars are represented. The plot is based on a single day; from Malik lying in his bed Thursday evening, until the following night where he seeks cover from the storm. It all begins with Malik lying in his bed whilst thinking about the deterioration of his village, even though USA promised they wouldn’t

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    Self Reflection

    2345 words - 10 pages

    A general staff meeting is held monthly at the Oshawa head office between the hours of 12pm -4pm. Mandatory attendance is requested; therefore staffs are advised to schedule appointments accordingly. This block of time is in honor of United Way. Each employee is responsible to prepare a dish to bring to the potluck luncheon. As a result, staff contributes the money they have saved from not purchasing lunch that particular day, to United Way through automatic pay roll deductions or on the day of the lunch. At this particular meeting there were 18 out of 20 employees and students combi

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    It Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

    2554 words - 11 pages

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BACKGROUND: The IT Service Management unit was setup in 2008 as part of efforts to improve the IT Service Delivery and Support function. The unit is responsible for the day-to-day management of IT services across company and the interface between IT and the business. A key component of our Continuous Service Improvement Process (CSIP) is the creation of a customer satisfaction index by business unit. Hence surveying our customers to obtain feedback on their perception of our service delivery will be an ongoing activity. Feedback from the surveys on the long run will for

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    Vpn Security

    4909 words - 20 pages

    Colorado Technical University VPN Security In The Enterprise Project 1 Professor Name Here Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Course CS651 Course Title By Kris Armstrong Colorado Springs, Colorado October 2010 Table Of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Historic VPN Technology 5 IPSEC VPN 7 SSL/TLS Clientless VPN’s 8 Enterprise VPN 10 Vulnerabilities Of IPSEC VPN Technology 11 Vulnerabilities Of SSL/TLS VPN Technology 14 Security Is In The Design & Implementation 15 VPN Policies & Client Guidelines 18 Conclusions 19 References 21

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    Tnt Case Study

    2199 words - 9 pages

    Case S TNT Centrally Manages Global IP Network with VitalQIP® Network Management Software A well-managed IP network, capable of handling tens of IN BRIEF • Goal: For TNT, the world’s leading provider of express delivery services and supply chain solutions, to centrally manage IP on an expanding global network which was being administered on a country-bycountry basis. TNT also wanted to gain visibility and control over IP, DNS and DHCP for its network so that it could deliver new IP-based productivity solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP) and Webbased enterprise applications. • Solut

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    Mister Mean

    1915 words - 8 pages

    HELP WANTED       Farm Laborers (Apply at TN Career Center, 1295 Poplar, Job Order # 138964) Warehouse/Clerical (Interviews Monday, Nov. 16, 9 – 11 am and 1 – 3 pm at 3885 S. Perkins, Suite 1) Labor/Drivers (Apply in person Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 4 pm at 920 Old Hwy. 51, Nesbit, MS, 38651) Clerks/Secretaries, City of Memphis, 125 N. Main Street, Room 1B-33 (Need HS Diploma or GED, experience; Apply in person) Executive Assistant (Email resume and salary requirements to [email protected]) Pickers (Need HS Diploma or GED, some experience; Apply online at M

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    System Analysis Proposal

    1585 words - 7 pages

    James Howard NW 310 Instructor Kim Keel April 3, 2011 Project 1: Research Lab Case Study With the evolution of the Internet, e-commerce, personal computers, smart phones, and computer networks, if not properly secured, our lab environment will become more vulnerable to damaging attacks. These attacks can come in the form of hackers, viruses, malicious employees, and employee error that ultimately will endanger the network. “The security risk level of a system is a combination of the importance of maintaining the availability of that system, the integrity of data housed on or ma

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    Lan Airlines

    1801 words - 8 pages

    ????? 2 Lan Airlines in 2008: Connecting the World to Latin America ?????? ????????? ?"? ???? ?????? ???? ??????, 034298380 ???? ????,      307745075 ??? ????,       310048889 ???? 1 ?????? ???????? ?? ???? Lan ????? ???????? ????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????. ????? ??????? ??????? ????? ?????? ???? Lan ?????? ????? ?? ???????? ??????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ????? ??????? ??? ??? ???????? – ?????? ????? ???????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????. ??????????? ?? ?? ??????? – Lan ????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?

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    Behavioral Therapy

    1007 words - 5 pages

    What is Behavioral Therapy? B. Effectiveness of motivational interviewing- Charlayne 1. Population with which the technique is used 2. Multicultural issues The significance of living a healthy lifestyle is enormous; it can put a stop to countless diseases, show the way and contribute to a higher quality of life, and extend his or her lifetime. The effectiveness of motivational interviewing is to break away the person from his or her problem. It is publicized to be effective in various areas in mental health in the relationship of the clinician and the client. Motivational interviewing

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    What Makes A Good Hypnotic Suggestion And What Oth

    1936 words - 8 pages

    "What makes a good hypnotic suggestion and what other factors have an effect on the success of therapy" Suggestion is not something that just happens during hypnosis, it is in our everyday lives weather we notice it or not. For example, looking at a bill board with an advertisement for a new range of shoes, and the people within the picture are smiling & laughing - making us think that if we purchase these shoes, we too will be as happy & care free. Another example is when you purchase a new pair of shoes & when you get to the till to pay for them the assistant starts explaining about the b

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    Configuring Simple Network Management Protocol

    3511 words - 15 pages

    Configuring Simple Network Management Protocol When networks were first created, problems could be solved only by network gurus using relatively primitive tools such as Internet Control Message Protocol and ping. As networks grew, however, these simple tools no longer sufficed for monitoring every device on a network. The first specific network management tool was the Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol (SGMP), which debuted in 1987. SGMP could monitor gateways but still wasn't a general-purpose tool. SNMP came along a year later, but only for TCP/IP networks. In 1993, SNMP was extende

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    Sales And Marketing

    1589 words - 7 pages

    [SOLUTION PROVIDER] 2011 Infoplus Pvt. Ltd | Confidential [SOLUTION PROVIDER] 2011 Network Management Solutions A Network Management System (NMS) is a combination of hardware and software used to monitor and administer a network. Individual network elements (NEs) in a network are managed by an element management system. An element management system (EMS) manages one or more of a specific type of telecommunications network element (NE). NMS enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. Features: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    What Are The Human Relations Implications Of Emplo

    1742 words - 7 pages

    What are the Human Relations Implications’ of Employee Monitoring? By Human Relations Professor 08 October 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.................................................................................1 History of Employee Monitoring…………………………....…2 Privacy……………………………………...………….……….4 Effects of Employee Monitoring…………………………… ...6 Conclusion……………………………………………………...7 Works Cited…………………………………………………….9 What are the Human Relations Implications’ of Employee Monitoring? Introduction What is involved in employee monitoring? Employee monitoring has to

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    1113 words - 5 pages

    Content to be Covered: 4. Configure Domain Name System (DNS) server role. 4.1: Analyze DNS architecture. 4.2: Deploy a DNS Server and install the DNS server role. 4.3: Analyze the process of queries, referrals, and name resolution in DNS servers. 4.4: Configure DNS zones to meet the various network requirements. 4.5: Integrate Windows Server 2008 DNS with other DNS servers. Student Assignment: Reading: Chapter 5, “Planning File and Print Services” pp. 582-632 Chapter 6, “Configuring File Services” pp. 190-216 Chapter 7, “Configuring Print Services” pp. 217-

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    Remote Access Solutions

    1678 words - 7 pages

    Remote Access Solutions: Virtual Private Networks Moufoulyroun Kouferidji September 12, 2011 Metropolitan Community College REMOTE ACCESS SOLUTIONS: VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS Introduction Remote Access refers to the ability of someone to access data or resources from a remote location where access to that information would otherwise not be possible without the use of specialized software or hardware dedicated to that purpose. Due to several factors including but not limited to management, mobility and user demands, the need for a complete solution for remote access becomes necessary.

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    Voip For Business

    1369 words - 6 pages

    VoIP for Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a 38 year-old technology used for communicating with “Internet Protocol” vice with traditional analog systems. Businesses considering using VoIP must first understand how VoIP works, what advantages/disadvantages exist from the service, and hardware/software requirements for VoIP to properly function. Therefore, in this paper is an explanation of how VoIP works, a discussion covering the advantages/disadvantages of VoIP for businesses, a listing of hardware and service providers needed, and an example of VoIP used in a business envir

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    Aromatherpay Case Studies Fdsc

    4159 words - 17 pages

    Introduction This assignment will be in the form of case studies. It will follow 3 clients over a six treatment period. Each having an aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy oils can be used in many ways, including; body massage, through vaporisers, in a bath, by using oils neat, and by using oils in toiletries. The treatments in the assignment will be using aromatherapy through body massage, where an aromatherapy blend is made by adding drops of essential oil/s to a massage oil or cream. The treatment will start from carrying out a thorough consultation and planning a suitable treatment for ea

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    2821 words - 12 pages

    Running Head: Network Security Solutions: Solutions for Aircraft Solutions Inc. Potential Network Weaknesses: Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Solutions for Aircraft Solutions Inc. Potential Network Weaknesses: A network Security Solution describe tools and policies employed by an organisation to track and thwart illegal admittance, abuse, alteration, or denial of the computer network service and network available resources. Network security entails safeguarding the network’s internal resources by establishing protective boundaries immediately outside the organisation’s ne

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    1797 words - 8 pages

    Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes Keith B. Fuller Sunday February 20, 2011 IT/205 Mark Cherry Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes One concern on the Dirt Bike management is the cost of their communication processes, and information collection, especially due to the many changes happening in the world economy. The motorcycle business is one of those that will be affected by these changes. Before this concern is addressed, a thorough analysis of the recent communication and information retrieval processes of the company will be performed, in order to come up with the most appropriate IT s

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    Anonymity On The Internet

    6180 words - 25 pages

    Anonymity on the Internet Must be Protected Karina Rigby Paper for MIT 6.805/STS085: Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier, Fall 1995 1. Introduction Anonymity: 1. The quality of state of being unknown or unacknowledged. 2. One that is unknown or unacknowledged.[26] The internet community is quickly changing and evolving as more of the world comes on-line. Free speech and anonymity have always been important real-world societal issues and have been the topics of numerous heated court cases. These issues are becoming increasingly important as more people discover the digital w

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    Hcs 324

    1126 words - 5 pages

    [pic] Course Syllabus HCA 250 The Psychology of Health Course Start Date: 03/07/2011 Course End Date: 05/08/2011                   Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document. Copyright Copyright ©2010 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. University of Phoenix© is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft©, Windows©, and Wind

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    Why Is The Intial Consultation Important

    2001 words - 9 pages

    “Why is the initial consultation so important “ An initial consultation is important because, this is the point where the Ethical therapist and the Client will meet for the first time, “Ethical frameworks are divided into, values, principles and Personal moral qualities “(first steps in counselling page92) these moral codes must be used Throughout each and every session. ” All clients are entitled to a good standard of Care from there practitioners in hypnotherapy good standards of practice and care require Professional competence, good relationships with clients and collea

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    5162 words - 21 pages

    ????????????, ??????????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ???????????? ? ????????? ??????? ???????????? • ? ????????? ??????? ???????????? ????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? – ?????????????????? ??????: • ????: ??????? ?????? «???????????» ??? ????????????? • ?????: ?????????? – ??????????? ? ?????????????? ?????? • ????: ????????? ??????????? ??????????? ? ????????????? ????????? (?????????) ?????? ????????????????? ?????? • ?????: ???, ????????????, ??????????-???????? ??????? – ?????????????? ???????? – ?????????????? ????, ??? ??????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ???, ?? ???? ????

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    Appendix B Information Security Policy

    4448 words - 18 pages

    Axia College Material Appendix B Information Security Policy Student Name: Brice Washington Axia College IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Professor Smith Date: 11/7/2011 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Introduction 1 3. Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.1. Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.2. Disaster Recovery Test Plan 1 4. Physical Security Policy 1 4.1. Security of the facilities 1 4.1.1. Physical entry controls 1 4.1.2. Security offices, rooms and facilities 1 4.1.3. Isolated delivery and

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    It 244 Information Security Policy Final Project

    5134 words - 21 pages

    Axia College Material Appendix B Information Security Policy Student Name: Michael Davis Axia College IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Jamie Rost Date: February 24, 2012 * Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Introduction 1 3. Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.1. Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.2. Disaster Recovery Test Plan 1 4. Physical Security Policy 1 4.1. Security of the facilities 1 4.1.1. Physical entry controls 1 4.1.2. Security offices, rooms and facilities 1 4.1.3. Isolated delivery and loading areas 2 4.2.

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    Mtg 210

    4543 words - 19 pages

    Syllabus MGT/210 Version 3 1 Syllabus School of Business MGT/210 Version 3 Supervision and Leadership Copyright © 2009, 2006 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description MGT/210 (Supervision and Leadership) addresses the difference between management and transformational leadership. Students will engage in a self-awareness analysis to determine how best to identify and implement their leadership strengths and to overcome their challenges. Major topical areas include the supervisor’s role in an organization, effective leadership skills, problem-solving applicatio

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    Individual Gestalt Play Therapy

    3210 words - 13 pages

    Contents: Page Individual or group play therapy? 2 Case study 1- Play therapy 3 Case study 2-Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy 5 Advantages of Individual play therapy 9 Disadvantages of Individual play therapy 10 Summary 10 Bibliography 11 Individual Gestalt Play Therapy Individual or group play therapy? West (1996: 136)says that children who may benefit initially from individual play therapy are: - Very chaotic, acting out children - Children with a lot of emotional problems -

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