Networking Essay Examples

  • The Water Of Jerusalem

    1212 words - 5 pages

    Since the earliest of times, water served as a primary consideration when deciding upon the location of a city. It was a very important part of life and everyone needed it. That why Jerusalem had to have water near it. Evan today the water is a necessary thing to live by. The Gihon spring served as the primary source of water for Biblical Jerusalem. From the fountainhead of the spring, a number of waterworks were built throughout the Judean period, to transport the Gihon waters and to safeguard access to the city's water source. These included the Shiloah Tunnel, w

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    Looking For The Right Job

    672 words - 3 pages

    Life. Newborn. Childhood. Teenager. Adulthood. Senior. The stages of life. During those times you are preparing yourself to enter Gods domain. Though some say your early years, newborn to teenager, are preparing you for your adult hood or in other words your career. Most people apply to a job that pays very well. Well most jobs that pay very well means you have to work really hard to achieve that career. Some people become doctors because they know it is a very well paid job and also parents usually push you to do that kind of job. Others might try for a sports career. Now this

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    Lab Rep

    436 words - 2 pages

    Kennywood Lab Report Title: Time vs. the Number of People in Line Prediction: I predicted that as time increases the number of people in line would still be relatively around the same number because the same number of people goes on the ride each time so therefore the time will not affect the number of people in line. Purpose: The purposed of this experiment was to see if the time and the number of people in line at the Cosmic Chaos. Experimental Design, Apparatus, and Procedure Independent Variable: time Dependent Variable: the number of period in line at that time period Constant

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    2476 words - 10 pages

    Analysis of Riordan's Manufacturing IT Systems I. History: Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With state-of-the art design capabilities, they create innovative plastic designs that have earned international acclaim. Attention to detail, extreme precision and enthusiastic quality control are the hallmarks of Riordan Manufacturing. Connected via a Wide Area Network (WAN) it maintains facilities in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hang Zhou, China. The company's research and development is done at the corporate h

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    301 words - 2 pages

    Authors traditionally use symbolism as a way to represent the sometime intangible qualities of the characters, places, and events in their works. In his short story "A Rose for Emily," William Faulkner uses symbolism to compare the Grierson house with Emily Grierson's physical deterioration, her shift in social standing, and her reluctance to accept change. When compared chronologically, the Grierson house is used to symbolize Miss Emily's physical attributes. In its prime, the Grierson house is described as "white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lig

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    315 words - 2 pages

    Claudia Correa Week 4 Individual Assignment CIS/319 Earl Sortor August 18, 2008 Memorandum To: Earl Sortor From: Claudia Correa Date: August 18, 2008 Subject: Database Use The Bank of New York, asset servicing group, provides clients with various products. These products consist of data management such as transaction history, trade activity, and most important; reports. These client services are conducted with the help of various databases that work together to fulfill a client’s need. The Bank of New York seek ways to improve services that help stay a

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    Summary Of A Consultancy Book

    1440 words - 6 pages

    Table of Contents Summaries of the Chapters Chapter 1: What is Process Consultation? Chapter2: The Psychodynamics of the Helping Relationship Chapter3: Active Inquiry and listening as Status-Equilibrating process Chapter4: the concept of Client Chapter5: Deciphering Hidden forces and processes Summaries of the Chapters Chapter 1: What is Process Consultation? The Process Consultation: the psychological and social process involved in consulting. Models of consultation and the tacit assumptions on which they rest: Consultation and helping process can be distinguished best by analyzin

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    Bead Bar Network Paper

    289 words - 2 pages

    Bead Bar Network Paper The Bead Bar Network Paper should be in APA format, and include the following sections and information: • Introduction: The introduction should set the tone for the entire paper, as well as summarize the information that will be covered. The introduction should consist of one to two paragraphs. • Background: This section should consist of background information on the Bead Bar, as it relates to the company’s IT needs. Describe the technology that already exists at the Bead Bar. What could a computer network do for the Bead Bar? This section should consist of one

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    Resume Example

    368 words - 2 pages

    Surjaya Cruz Makeup & Hair 621 A Elvira Ave. Redondo Beach, CA. 90277 [email protected] 562.234.0697 A creative and professional make-up artist for eight years in the industry. Skills include hair and wardrobe styling for a variety of media including HDTV, video, film, print, and runway. A strong client base in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Recent celebrity clients include MTV, Ann Pulice, Robyn Givens, Elizabeth Sergerstrom, Rick Steves and Eleanor Coppola. “I take tremendous pride in providing my clients a fully personalized touch. I consider each

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    Oedipus And Creation

    502 words - 3 pages

    Growing up can be done only after overcoming a challenge and learning what suffer and struggle are. In Oedipus the King, Thebes people are led and controlled by Oedipus, who has a godly image. Oedipus, just like Phan Ku, serves as a connecter between humans and the Gods. In Oedipus’s recognition moment the image he has vanishes, and just like in Phan Ku story,humans and God remain separate. In the recognition moment, Oedipus restores some of his nobility and at the same time, just like the affect of Phan Ku’s death on society, heals Thebe’s society through teaching them how to grow up and dev

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    Osi Troubleshooting Wiht Model

    598 words - 3 pages

    ENGL 100 – 02 October 16, 2008 Process Paragraph – OSI Model Troubleshooting Computers are not perfect. There is no way to prevent errors and such unknown issues from occurring on the networks that connect them. Following the OSI (Open Systems Interconnections) model you can troubleshoot your way out of any computer problem that is connected to a network. This process is guaranteed to work on complications of any severity from, a cable being unplugged at layer 1 (physical layer), to an error within the interworking of a transfer protocol at layer 7 (application layer). The key of the

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    South Coast Compeer

    873 words - 4 pages

    Mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern that occurs in an individual that is thought to cause distress or disability that is not accepted part of normal development or culture. The South Coast Compeer program is designed to help adults and children overcome the devastating effects of mental illness, such as loneliness, isolation and low self-esteem through the power of friendship. The volunteer based program and services, which serve as a complement to therapy, provide supportive friendships for people in mental-health care helping them on their recovery journey. Mental hea

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    From Theory To Practice

    634 words - 3 pages

    Introduction The purpose is to show from both theoretical and practical perspectives that grammar teaching can be made productive and useful in bilingual classrooms. The contribution of the linguistic theories in the methods of the second language they must be give the procedures and characteristics of every type of education to have a better result in the learning of foreign languages and to help the teachers to apply his knowledge in several situations and with diverse types of students. “Teachers familiarity with different approaches to grammar Instruction and language learning can

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    Non Violent Communication

    835 words - 4 pages

    1. Non-violent Communication (NVC) Nonviolent Communication is a process developed by Marshall Rosenberg which people use to communicate with greater compassion and clarity and is sometimes referred to as compassionate communication. Its purpose is to create human connections that empower compassionate giving and receiving and to create governmental and corporate structure that supports compassionate giving and receiving. It is about getting what you want for reasons you will not regret later. NVC is not about getting people to do what we want. It is about creating a quality of connect

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    Management Of Information Systems

    3581 words - 15 pages

    Management of Information Systems DATE: April 27, 2005 TO: Dr. Joel Maloff, Chief Technology Officer FROM: Neweleen A. Feldmar, Senior Director – Information Systems SUBJECT: IS/IT Recommended Future Investment Overview We are the leading provider of advanced voice, data, video, and IP services for emerging markets worldwide. We have a long, strong, enduring partnership with proven market leaders in the world’s most challenging regions, which allow the Company to overcome historical barriers and local competition in global communications. The most important asset of the Company

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    484 words - 2 pages

    You have a remote control for your DVD player and stereo. You can fast forward or rewind (回放) to watch or listen to the parts you enjoy most. But what if you had a remote that could do the same thing for your life? The movie Click takes on that subject. Famous American comedian, Adam Sandler stars as Michael Newman, who is a talented architect with a good job, a beautiful wife and two lovely kids. Michael's life looks perfect. But nothing is what is seems. A closer look shows that Michael's work is stressful and he is not spending enough time with his family. Micheal is fru

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    Assessment In Social Work Practice

    3195 words - 13 pages

    Assessment is a central element in social work practice. Discuss with reference to relevant literature and practise examples. Introduction It is a common misconception help by the public that social work practice is merely a series of well-meaning but otherwise uncoordinated activities (Haines, 1981). This, however, is not the case. Social work practise is a highly organised profession. A certain process is followed when dealing with a client. The stages of this process include assessment, action and evaluation. ‘Assessment involves gathering and interpreting information in order to under

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    Internet Censorship

    501 words - 3 pages

    With the click of a mouse, anyone can access an incredible wealth of information on topics ranging from aardvarks to zygotes. We use desktops, laptops, palmtops, and cellular telephones to connect through telephone lines, cable connections, and wireless ports. The Internet is here. It has made our lives richer and easier; it has collapsed boundaries and expanded horizons. Accessibility of information is one of the Internets fundamental features. Never before have so many had access to so much. Herein lies the paradox; while this increased level of information accessibility is one of the Inte

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    886 words - 4 pages

    personal care in nursing Personal care is provided to help individuals with tasks that they cannot perform independently. Personal care includes assistance with activities of daily living such as assisting a client with bathing, mouth care, transferring positioning, dressing feeding toileting, exercises, medication reminders etc I had an opportunity to provide personal care for a client on my mental health placement. The client was unable to bath because she was highly demented and she wasn’t able to perform tasks like bathing and eating. Before I assisted with the bathing I made sure th

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    Therapeutic Relationships

    1224 words - 5 pages

    Nursing is not just being able to take someone’s blood pressure and give them an IV; it is showing kindness, showing that you care, and knowing the right communication skills to be able to talk to a client in the appropriate manner. Not only that, but it is a relationship that you create with every client. These are the most important skills a nurse can have throughout their career. With every client, a therapeutic relationship will develop, which is a professional alliance in which the nurse and client join together for a different period of time to achieve health treatment goals (Arnold, E.

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    Vpn S

    1368 words - 6 pages

    There are as many VPN players today as there were a few years ago, but things have shifted considerably. Once dominated by dozens of small companies competing in the VPN hardware arena, the scope of the VPN market now has an expanded spectrum of products. Those include carrier-class hardware, network-based providers, managed services, conversion and compatibility service vendors, and super low-end VPN hardware and software products. The heavy hitters in the network business have made their VPN moves. Cisco acquired Compatible Systems and Altiga, and has begun to push Altiga-based products har

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    566 words - 3 pages

    The advent of the Internet has been one of the most exciting major events in the second half of the 20th century. The ancient dream of “a scholar knows all things happening in the world without venturing outdoors” has finally become a reality. Since 1993, the Internet started to take off. At present, the Internet has spread to more than 180 countries and regions, connecting more than 600,000 domestic networks of various types, hooking up more than 20 million computers available to 120 million users (2% of the entire global population). Within the Internet are the information treasures shared b

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    1007 words - 5 pages

    In my ICT management experience, I have learnt that in order for any technology venture to be the springboard for economic growth, it has to be well thought, planned, executed and managed. In South Africa I cannot say confidently that this is the case with broadband internet access. This can be quite evident from comments of fellow common South African citizens that are end-users or will be end users of this production in question. It is a fact that in the South African local market we do have bandwidth challenges. In South Africa more than 30 000 ICT companies and residential communities requ

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    Cradle Of Humankind

    1243 words - 5 pages

    1. Introduction About an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind lies. A place of great importance. It was here where mankind first became human. Here were mankind stood up tall on our own two feet, and where we explored our own natural uses of our bodies. Here where we experienced with our environment and where we adopted to it (Safarinow, n.d). While walking through the Cradle of Humankind the next lyrics came to mind, sung by Johannes Kerkorrel: “The earth is a great big blue ball, that falls quietly through space, and you and I are children, alone we are left, and

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    Example Of Commentry

    509 words - 3 pages

    Commentary I based this article on a football match between Arsenal and Hull City. The audience is very focused by the use of jargon and has a clear purpose but at the same time it is accessible to people with Internet access and is aimed at anyone interested in the match that took place. The purpose of this article is to inform and carries some statistic notes. The fact that it is web based again gives it gives it more boundaries into who keep access it. The title of my piece is the final score line, which makes it more practical in the sense that people who do not have time to read the a

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    675 words - 3 pages

    Corporate Finance School of Business Management, NMIMS University MBA Core I yr Course: 2008 -2009 Trim: III ______________________________________________________________________ Instructors: Dr. Chandan Dasgupta; Extn. No. 124; Email: [email protected] Dr. Vrinda Kamat; Extn. No. 137; Email:[email protected] ______________________________________________________________________ Course Objectives: To introduce the theories in corporate finance, and integrate the same with a scientific decision-making processes. To provide the participants with an exposure and

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    Internet Beginning

    2347 words - 10 pages

    VoIP promised to provide telephony services over the Internet at low or minimal cost, with speech quality similar to that of conventional telecommunications. Regrettably, that promise has not yet materialized. Currently there are many VoIP users, including both individuals and mammoth organizations, who are disappointed and disillusioned about the quality. Users in general expected quality similar to that provided by the mainstream telcos, the crystal-clear ITU-T G.711 telephony (48, 56 or usually 64 Kbps PCM), and its 32 Kbps ADPCM derivatives. Instead, they've found the quality, more often

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    Media And Porn

    578 words - 3 pages

    Media and Porn This article focuses on a study performed by Ball State University, where researchers followed ordinary people around for a day and documented how much and what kind of media they observed. The studies showed that people consumed mass amounts of media, but one form was missing: pornography. The researchers decided to look more closely at their findings so they consulted Hitwise, which is a team that monitors traffic on ISPs. What they found was that 18% of all U.S. visitors on the internet accessed an X-rated site, and remained on that site for an average of 5 minutes an

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    Technologies For The Telecommuter

    3477 words - 14 pages

    Abstract This paper reports on the recent developments in technologies for telecommuters including changes in computers, cellular phones, personal digital assistants, Internet access, and networking. Technology used by the telecommuting workforce is ever-changing, and significant advancements in the nature of telework have taken place as a result of new and developing systems and programs. Traditional cellular phones have been replaced by Smartphones, dial-up Internet has evolved into high-speed connections, and virtual private networks allow teleworkers to stay connected to their organizat

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    Disaster Recovery

    1150 words - 5 pages

    Disaster recovery is an important part of every business. Whether man made or natural disasters, they will eventually happen to every company in the world. Individuals are always finding ways to get around encryptions, firewalls, and other means of blocking intrusion just to destroy a company’s databases and networks. On the other hand, there are many unpredictable things that can create a disaster for any company including but not limited to fire, flood, tornados, viruses, theft and corruption. There are some basics like off site storage and the use of online backup that can help company’

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    The Fugitive What Is It Really About

    924 words - 4 pages

    The story of The Fugitive was adopted from a well known 1960’s TV-series. A brief summary of the plot is as follows: Dr Richard Kimble, a vascular surgeon, comes home one night to find his wife, fatally wounded by a man with a prosthetic arm. The lack of evidence of a break in leads to Kimble being falsely accused of the murder. He is sentenced to death. While he is being transported by a prison bus, the bus collides with a train and Kimble manages to escape. A U.S Marshal, Sam Gerard, is unrelenting in his quest to find Kimble and bring him to justice. Kimble is determined to prove his inn

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    Challenges Of Being An Advocate

    561 words - 3 pages

    Challenges of Being an Advocate and a Mediator There are many challenges that one must face when working in the human service field. Being a mediator and an advocate are two of the many challenging careers. These jobs require one to be fair and unbiased to all clients. Moreover, one must be careful not to have a dual relationship of any kind with any client. In order to truly understand the roles in their entirety one needs to explore ones personal philosophy on the integration of mediation and advocacy in the human service field and my personal philosophy. It is also important to

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    Monkey Rope Moby Dick

    647 words - 3 pages

    On Moby-Dick In Moby-Dick, chapter 72 questions the theme man vs. man and suggests if it even exists. Entitled monkey rope, the chapter describes Queequeg attached to the ship by a rope, tied around several men’s waists, to protect him from falling into the sea. This rope symbolizes the connection between Ishmael and Queequeg. The monkey rope chapter suggests that man needs one another to survive. The ship that Ahab commands is the only ship in which the monkey rope is attached to more than one person. Aboard this ship, the rope is attached to more than one person. One could suggest tha

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    Chinese Web Users Plan Tech Workarounds

    887 words - 4 pages

    BEIJING—For Google Inc. users in China, the big question isn't whether the Internet giant retreats from China, but if Beijing retaliates by blocking Google's international search site. View Full Image Associated Press Google fans show their support. A woman in Hong Kong places flowers near a Google office there Thursday. If Beijing decides to put the site on the other side of the "Great Firewall," as the country's system of Internet controls is informally known, college student Shi Yuchen has a workaround already planned. She'll simply fanqiang, or "scale the wall." "No matter wh

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    Math 115

    717 words - 3 pages

    [pic] Course Syllabus MAT117 College Mathematics II Course Start Date: 11/08/2010 Course End Date: 01/10/2011                   Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document. Copyright Copyright ©2009 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. University of Phoenix© is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft©, Windows©, and Windows

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    610 words - 3 pages

    MONGOLIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT TERM PAPER “Adverb’’ CHECKED BY………………………………………..D. Ulziijjargal PREPARED BY……………………………………….J. Losolmaa 2010 ??????? ?????: ?????? ??, ??????-????? ??????. ??????? ????: ?????? ?? ????????? ?????: ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? -?? ???, ???????? ???, ???? ???? ???????) ?????????? ?????: ???????? ???? ??????? ??????????? ?????: ???? ???? ??????? ??????? ??? ??? ???????? ??? ??????? ????? ???????: ??????-????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???, ???????? ???,

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    Care Plan For Schzophrenia

    309 words - 2 pages

    NURSING CARE PLAN ASSIGNMENT #2 NFDN 1002 CLIENT RESEARCH RECORD |Actual/Potential Nursing |Client Goals(Expected Outcomes) |Level of Intervention |Nursing Interventions |Goal Met |Goal Not Met |Evaluation | |Diagnoses | | |With Rationales | | | | |Impaired social interaction |Encourage and have client participate|Primary

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    273 words - 2 pages

    Health and social care M1 How these theories may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues: It is important on how sensitive you are when speaking to someone and giving them news. For example a doctor has to think carefully to what he says for example if a doctor has to tell a patient that he has cancer spreading around his whole body and they have to operate him before it is too late it is really bad news so it has to be broken down gently to them so the communication cycle would be used. The doctor will start to think about what he is going to say to the client

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    Basics Of Person Centred Psychology

    1810 words - 8 pages

    Basic Conditions for the Person-Centred Approach There are four basic conditions prescribed for the person-centred approach to counselling that all relate to each other and work together in the therapeutic setting. These four conditions are congruence, unconditional positive regard, empathy and personal power. Congruence refers to how genuine and honest the helper is. The helper should always be congruent in their interactions with clients as a client will sense if the helper is being false in their responses. Congruency is not merely a technique employed by counsellors; it is an attitu

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    Facebook Security

    1529 words - 7 pages

    Facebook Security Plan Doing It the Right Way As technology continue to advance companies need to be aware of up and coming threats. Protocols will need to be adjusted to account for new vulnerabilities and more focus will be push on creating improved controls. Various standards, guidelines and regulations have been developed as well as external agencies and organizations have been contacted, to help ensure that security is properly implemented. (McGraw-Hill) In order to help maintain the safety of users online experience; precautions has been placed. Information at rest, in transit as

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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone

    315 words - 2 pages

    The invention of mobiles phones is a great achievement and plays an important part in our daily life. Its many aspects are beneficial but some are negative effects as well. Its development brought convenience and advantages to the world. Communication between people to people becomes so easier and very fast. We put through people from any place on bus, in street or in a meeting to send messages for less than the price of call. Internet can be access through it and also used to make photos and videos. At the same time, parents can control their children and it is essential for emergencies. B

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    A Storm Gathering

    1071 words - 5 pages

    English assignment – Section B Summary The short story ‘A Storm Gathering’ by Jonathan Falla, published in 2001, takes place in an underprivileged town in Sudan, where we follow the protagonist Malik. Most likely, the story unfolds during a single day in present time, as objects like radio and cars are represented. The plot is based on a single day; from Malik lying in his bed Thursday evening, until the following night where he seeks cover from the storm. It all begins with Malik lying in his bed whilst thinking about the deterioration of his village, even though USA promised they wouldn’t

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    977 words - 4 pages

    Translation Jack had seen the cat catch a mouse. It had played with it and killed it in the end. His mother had been terrified. She should not have come. Of course he understood her. He knew that she thought that he would get bad dreams and get nervous and something like that. That he never would be able to forget that little mouse. He sighed, climbed up and sat down on the bench he had made himself, and which now had become his favourite seat. A tree in the garden was brought down in the storm, and by putting some rocks he had lifted the seat, so he had a nice view from there. From this hid

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    Sci Sci 241

    849 words - 4 pages

    [pic] Course Syllabus SCI 241 The Science of Nutrition Course Start Date: 02/28/2011 Course End Date: 05/01/2011                   Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document. Copyright Copyright ©2009 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. University of Phoenix© is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft©, Windows©, and Window

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    Self Reflection

    2421 words - 10 pages

    A general staff meeting is held monthly at the Oshawa head office between the hours of 12pm -4pm. Mandatory attendance is requested; therefore staffs are advised to schedule appointments accordingly. This block of time is in honor of United Way. Each employee is responsible to prepare a dish to bring to the potluck luncheon. As a result, staff contributes the money they have saved from not purchasing lunch that particular day, to United Way through automatic pay roll deductions or on the day of the lunch. At this particular meeting there were 18 out of 20 employees and students combi

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    It Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

    1411 words - 6 pages

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BACKGROUND: The IT Service Management unit was setup in 2008 as part of efforts to improve the IT Service Delivery and Support function. The unit is responsible for the day-to-day management of IT services across company and the interface between IT and the business. A key component of our Continuous Service Improvement Process (CSIP) is the creation of a customer satisfaction index by business unit. Hence surveying our customers to obtain feedback on their perception of our service delivery will be an ongoing activity. Feedback from the surveys on the long run will for

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    Del Monte Case Study

    541 words - 3 pages

    GBA5304, Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Azuaje Case 2 from Chapter 6 Student's name: BABATUNDE BABAJIDE 1.What is a primary concern of making a private network available to employees who are outside the office? why The primary concern of making a private network available to employees who are outside the office is the system security. Del Monte wanted to provide access to its corporate data and services to employees outside the office without putting its network at risk. The reason for that is by opening connection over internet, a company makes its network more vulnerable to harkers. 2

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    Vpn Security

    4820 words - 20 pages

    Colorado Technical University VPN Security In The Enterprise Project 1 Professor Name Here Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Course CS651 Course Title By Kris Armstrong Colorado Springs, Colorado October 2010 Table Of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Historic VPN Technology 5 IPSEC VPN 7 SSL/TLS Clientless VPN’s 8 Enterprise VPN 10 Vulnerabilities Of IPSEC VPN Technology 11 Vulnerabilities Of SSL/TLS VPN Technology 14 Security Is In The Design & Implementation 15 VPN Policies & Client Guidelines 18 Conclusions 19 References 21

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    It 218 Course

    731 words - 3 pages

    [pic] Course Syllabus IT 218 INTRODUCTION TO C/C++ Course Start Date: 03/14/2011 Course End Date: 05/15/2011                   Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document. Copyright Copyright ©2009 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. University of Phoenix© is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft©, Windows©, and Windows

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    Tnt Case Study

    2031 words - 9 pages

    Case S TNT Centrally Manages Global IP Network with VitalQIP® Network Management Software A well-managed IP network, capable of handling tens of IN BRIEF • Goal: For TNT, the world’s leading provider of express delivery services and supply chain solutions, to centrally manage IP on an expanding global network which was being administered on a country-bycountry basis. TNT also wanted to gain visibility and control over IP, DNS and DHCP for its network so that it could deliver new IP-based productivity solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP) and Webbased enterprise applications. • Solut

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