Operating Systems Essay Examples

  • Microsoft Monopoly

    679 words - 3 pages

    By now everyone is familiar with the case U.S. vs. Microsoft. What is all this about? According to my two articles, Microsoft, the world's leading software company, is being sued by the Justice Department joined by 19 states. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system. Almost every computer in schools, libraries, offices, and home is equipped with either Windows 3.X, Windows 95, or 98. As far as browsing the web, there are three major browsers: AOL, Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. When Windows 98 came out, it

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    Operating Systems

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    What is Operating System? An operating system is a program that acts an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware. The purpose of an operating system is to provide an environment in which a user can execute programs. The main purpose of an operating is to make the computer system convenient to use and user can the computer hardware in an efficient manner. An operating system is similar to a government. The components of a computer system are its hardware, software, and data. The operating system provides the means for the proper use of these re

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    The Anti Trust Case Against Microsoft

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    The Anti-Trust Case Against Microsoft Since 1990, a battle has raged in United States courts between the United States government and the Microsoft Corporation out of Redmond, Washington, headed by Bill Gates. What is at stake is money. The federal government maintains that Microsoft's monopolistic practices are harmful to United States citizens, creating higher prices and potentially downgrading software quality, and should therefore be stopped, while Microsoft and its supporters claim that they are not breaking any laws, and are just doing good business. Microsoft's antitrust probl

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    Windows Vs Linux

    610 words - 3 pages

    Nowadays, the computer has become popular all over the world. In a computer, one of the most important parts is Operating System (OS). Since the dawn of the computer, there are many different OS, but only two rules the world: Windows and Linux. One from the biggest software company, one from the Open Source community, the two OS has some similarities along with many differences. There is something similar between Windows and Linux. Firstly, Both OS were developed with the same purpose: to satisfy the computer users, make the computer become friendly. Before Windows and Linux were born, the

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    Microsoft Anti Trust

    297 words - 2 pages

    By now everyone is familiar with the case U.S. vs. Microsoft. What is all this about? According to my two articles, Microsoft, the world's leading software company, is being sued by the Justice Department joined by 19 states. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system. Almost every computer in schools, libraries, offices, and home is equipped with either Windows 3.X, Windows 95, or 98. As far as browsing the web, there are three major browsers: AOL, Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. When Windows 98 came out, it already had Microsoft's Interne

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    756 words - 4 pages

    I have read many examples of essays to get a better understanding of what one would write when it comes to someone’s community. For the most part, I found many papers about religious associations and sports teams. As for religion, even though my family is associated to a faith, I however am agnostic and believe in self sufficing one’s self which in no way I believe can be written within this subject. As for sports, it has been years since High School and that community have long diminished. What I was left with was a bunch of scribbles in a notepad at work. Then it came to me, work! The commun

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    Comparing And Contrasting The Various File Systems

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    Compare and Contrast Windows File Systems When comparing and contrasting Windows file systems, we must consider what structure is used by what operating systems. Gill Boyd and Team (2004) from BuildorBuy Group Network News compiled the following information: The structure used by an Operating System, of naming, accessing, organizing and storing Files and Directories on a Disk. FAT, FAT32, NTFS and HPFS are common File Systems used on Personal Computers. Windows 2000 & WinXP Pro support the first three File Systems mentioned. HPFS is only supported under Windows NT versions 3.1, 3.5, and 3

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    Operating Systems Analysis

    4292 words - 18 pages

    Operating Systems Analysis When people think of operating systems for the PC, most people will think of Microsoft and Windows. For the last few years Windows XP has been the main operating system for the majority of the PC world. However, other operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, and other Windows based operating systems such as Windows 2003, Vista, and so forth. So, what are the differences and distinctions of these operating systems? This paper will compare and contrast three operating systems; Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Linux Linux is a rapidly-growing, mature alterna

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    Trickster Tale

    678 words - 3 pages

    Lion and Tiger had been brothers. One day, these brothers decided to go on an experience of a lifetime by going on a plane to a land called America. These young boys had never been there or seen pictures of America, but they heard many good stories from all of their friends. On the day of the trip, both brothers had been very nervous of boarding an “unknown flying object,” which was the plane. A few hours went by and brother Lion was getting bored. He asked Tiger if he wanted to play a game, but Tiger was too busy wandering off in his sleep. Lion was mad, but he intended not to wake his broth

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    Meeting Specific Criteria Within Webdesign

    443 words - 2 pages

    When putting together a website, most designers hope it accomplishes a specific goal. A website focuses on selling a product, providing a service, or looking for perspective employers; it is necessary for certain key qualities to be apart of your webpage. Three aspects or qualities a web page should address are providing up-to-date information, originality, and creativity. The website created for this project has met all three standards mentioned. Websites should be updated often, keeping links working properly and changing personal information when necessary. While this page has only been c

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    Linux Operating System

    943 words - 4 pages

    Linux should be used as the primary software by everyone. Formaly known as GNU/Linux it was started by Linus Torvalds in 1991. It began when his professor created an O.S. Called Minnix to teach his students the unner workings of an O.S. Dissapointed by the lack of a free O.S. and the weakness of Minix, Torvalds created Linux with a losse net of about hackers. Today it is used by approxatimely 7.5-11 million people. Being released under the GPL((?)(GNU public licsence) ahh can someone help me here), Linux has the advanteges of being an Open Source product. This means that anyone can l

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    History Of Unix

    1611 words - 7 pages

    History of Unix James Campbell University of Phoenix Introduction of Unix POS/420 Mr. Richard Bohn April, 14 2008 History of UNIX Scope: Welcome to the world of UNIX. Once the domain of wizards and gurus, today UNIX has spread beyond the university and laboratory to find a home in global corporations and small Internet servers alike. This capability to scale up or down, to accommodate small installations or complex corporate networks with little or no modification, is only one of the characteristics that have won UNIX its popularity and widespread use. Purpose: During the past

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    Comparision Between Windows Server 2000 And 2003

    1574 words - 7 pages

    This paper investigates and provides a comparison and contrast between Microsoft’s Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 in terms of hardware requirements, file processing, security, and server manageability. The term “Server” can refer to software, or to the machine on which the software is running. A single server machine could be running several different server software packages providing many different services to users on the network. Window’s core technologies are not anchored in a small set of persistent central metaphors; they become obsolete every few years. Each of the technol

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    A Computer

    1350 words - 6 pages

    A computer's operating system is one of the most important "parts" of the computer. Almost every type of computer, including cellular telephones, needs an operating system in order to operate properly. When one turns on a computer, the operating system tells the computer what to do by controlling the system resources such as the processor, memory, disk space, etc. The operating system allows the user to work on the computer without having to know all the details about how the hardware works. When choosing an operating system for a business, the primary considerations should be the hardware pl

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    Windows 98 V Windows Xp

    1156 words - 5 pages

    Windows 98 v. Windows XP Microsoft created many versions of Windows. In 1998, Microsoft came out with their newest model of Windows, Windows 98. This was their newest model with many great features such as having great user friendly options, security new hardware support, speed, stability, and many other features. But this advancement has gone a long way in five years. Microsoft’s newest version of Windows is Windows XP. Windows XP is not based off of this earlier operating system. It too has all the features Windows 98 has, but many are more advanced. For instance, Windows XP is a crash-free

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    3860 words - 16 pages

    Contents 1 History 1.1 MINIX 1.2 Commercial and popular uptake 1.3 Current development 2 Design 2.1 User interface 3 Development 3.1 Community 3.2 Programming on Linux 4 Uses 4.1 Desktop 4.2 Servers and supercomputers 4.3 Embedded devices 4.4 Market share and uptake 5 Copyright and naming 5.1 GNU/Linux Linux (commonly pronounced IPA: /ˈlɪnəks/ in English; variants exist[1]) is a generic term referring to Unix-like computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Their development is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software coll

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    4823 words - 20 pages

    Business Report By Alessandro Cowley This is a business report, on arguably – the most successful business in our world today, and the most successful business in the 20th century. The name of this prolific business which I am talking about, if you haven’t already guessed is Microsoft. A company with an overall revenue of over $60 billion USD, and a market cap of nearly $260 billion USD, making it the most prolific business of all time, the reason I chose to write a business report on Microsoft, is because the story of this organization is something that I admire, it’s a success story i

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    585 words - 3 pages

    History of Operating Systems Historically operating systems have been tightly related to the computer architecture, it is good idea to study the history of operating systems from the architecture of the computers on which they run. Operating systems have evolved through a number of distinct phases or generations which corresponds roughly to the decades. The 1940's - First Generations The earliest electronic digital computers had no operating systems. Machines of the time were so primitive that programs were often entered one bit at time on rows of mechanical switches (plug boards). Progra

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    The Kernel

    294 words - 2 pages

    The kernel is the essential center of a computer operating system, the core that provides basic services for all other parts of the operating system. A synonym is nucleus. A kernel can be contrasted with a shell, the outermost part of an operating system that interacts with user commands. Kernel and shell are terms used more frequently in Unix operating systems than in IBM mainframe or Microsoft Windows systems. Typically, a kernel (or any comparable center of an operating system) includes an interrupt handler that handles all requests or completed I/O operations that compete for the kerne

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    Internet History

    596 words - 3 pages

    History of the Internet The Internet as we know today was not a concept that was quickly enacted when it was first thought up. It was a revolutionary process that was the result of visionary people who painstakingly brought forth the World Wide Web. These individuals saw a promising potential in allowing computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields. This is all started in 1962 when the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a research program. They selected J.C.R. Licklider of MIT to head the work and develop it. Later L

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    531 words - 3 pages

    Chairman William Gates PO Box 23350 Seattle, WA 98102 Dear Chairman Gates, I respect your achievements in the computer industry, and sincerely applaud your progress. The amount of skill and determination to build such a large company from the ground up is worthy of recognition. I have become concerned with the recent distribution of the Microsoft software, Vista. My concern relates to the amount of testing and customer approval before release. As a target customer of Windows Vista I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the new software. It seems that the main goal of Vista

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    Win Server 03 Vs Win Server 08

    1440 words - 6 pages

    Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 operating systems take the best of Windows 2000 Server technology and make it easier to deploy, manage, and use. The result: a highly productive infrastructure that helps make your network a strategic asset for your organization. As of March 28, 2005, all Windows Server 2003 operating systems ship with Windows Server Service Pack 1 (SP1). Windows Server 2003 SP1 provides enhanced security, increased reliability, and a simplified administration to help enterprise customers across all industries. Windows Server 2003 is the fastest, most reliable, most se

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    Mac Beth

    764 words - 4 pages

    Villains play an important role in every story. From comedies to tragedies there always has to be an antagonist. Lady Mac Beth has shown herself to be the true villain of the tragedy where as most see her husband as being the antagonist. Lady Mac Beth is the smart and devious wife who rarely said anything and so was never suspected. She was also shown as being brave and willing to take on the man's job in the family. But, her and Mac Beth's greed lead to their untimely deaths. The horror and suspicion had taken over her body, causing too much pain and guilt. Lady Mac Beth was two faced

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    Operating System Checkpoint

    461 words - 2 pages

    IT 205 Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system and is targeted toward businesses and home users. It has a very wide range of applications, many of which are available online for free. Windows has become well know for some positive and negative characteristics. Some positive characteristics of the Windows operating system are it’s relatively low learning curve, hardware and software support, and third party support. The operating system also has flaws. The most popular flaw is it’s numerous security holes, which allow viruses and malware to attack the computer. Windo

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    The Future Is Only Beginning

    396 words - 2 pages

    The organization that has had the greatest affect on my chosen career path is the Association of Information Technology Professionals. AITP is the leading worldwide society of information technology business professionals and the community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders. Their adopted vision and purpose is “to serve our members by delivering relevant technology and leadership education, research and information on current business and technology issues, and forums for networking and collaboration” (Plunkett, 2008). AITP is dedicated to promoting and evolving the t

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    Microsoft A Preview

    2029 words - 9 pages

    Overview Microsoft’s contribution to global economy and its influence on the life of millions of people worldwide is evident and widespread. Very few companies in contemporary era can boast of such widespread influence and growth in a small span of time. Microsoft is indeed a special company which has created many millionaires within its organsation and continues to grow and innovate at a rapid rate. Its a corporation which is equally loved and hated by many worldwide, its founder Bill Gates has achieved ‘cult’ status among aspiring billionaires, whereas the corporations activities and con

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    2085 words - 9 pages

    Development of Windows Vista occurred over the span of five and a half years, starting in earnest in May 2001, and prior to the release of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, and continuing until November 2006. Microsoft originally expected to ship the new version sometime late in 2003 as a minor step between Windows XP (codenamed "Whistler") and "Blackcomb”. Vista’s original codename, "Longhorn", was an allusion to this plan: While Whistler and Blackcomb are large ski resorts in British Columbia, Longhorn is the name of a bar between the two mountains that Whistler's visitors pass to re

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    Red Hat Inc

    549 words - 3 pages

    Red Hat, Inc. is a company in the open source software sector and a major Linux distribution vendor. Founded in 1995, Red Hat, Inc. corporate headquarters is currently located in Raleigh, North Carolina with satellite offices worldwide. In 2008, Red Hat was one of the hundred largest software companies in the world. Red Hat has become associated to a large extent with its enterprise operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux and with the acquisition of open-source enterprise middleware vendor JBoss. Red Hat provides operating-system platforms along with middleware, applications, and management

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    Windows XP

    1530 words - 7 pages

    With the epic advances in the technology of computer hardware, the software must also take a hopefully equal leap. For operating systems that leap has been maintained by Microsoft in the PC world ever since the inception of their first major GUI Windows 3.x. With their upcoming release Windows 7 estimated to hit the shelves in early 2010; it seems to be holding some vast improvements over Vista with quite a few new features. The most recent announcement from Microsoft themselves will be the ability to “disable” certain features and programs including Internet Explorer 8. Another magnificent ad

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    Jp Morgan

    425 words - 2 pages

    I want to establish if JPM’s stock price will follow the trends in the market by using historical prices of the S&P 500. Since S&P 500 has historically been a good measure for the overall market, there is a strong possibility that JPM’s stock price will be correlated with S&P 500’s performance. I used BOFA as a variable because it is one of JPM’s key competitors and has been one of the most stable banks since it was started. I figured since BOFA is a competitor and belongs in the same industry; it may have similar pattern of returns as JPM. DATA & ESTIMATED MODEL: I ran a regression us

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    POS 427

    3552 words - 15 pages

    In today’s information age, the company who can access and process the most information the quickest wins. It is also true that the company that has access to the most current information also has an advantage over its competitors. Critical to enabling companies to storing, maintaining and accessing information is the core function an operating system with a structured file storage system. Reliable data recovery is absolute critical to storing and retrieving mission critical information. In response to the expanding needs for storage in distributed computing environments, Microsoft Window

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    Why Windows Dominate

    1203 words - 5 pages

    Why windows dominates. No doubt, Microsoft has strong hold on the PC software market since long. It is because Microsoft has placed an enormous deal of stress on making programs simple to use and user- friendly. Windows has several advantages like, easy to install software with comparatively more compatibility. Take, for instance, Microsoft Publisher. Publisher is straightforward to be taught, easy to make use of and be capable of getting a small business up and running with industry cards, flyers and letterhead in nothing flat. Publisher is not just a good quality program; but it is an imme

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    Address Book In Windows And Linux

    2078 words - 9 pages

    Windows vs. Linux Student Conference Address book Abstract. The primary goal of this paper is to compare different address books and see how they work under different platforms. (I am going to give a more clear perception about these programs, how it works in windows and how it works in Linux operating systems, present their important characteristics, their property, give some screenshots on how to start the program etc. 1. Introduction Linux is an open-source OS. People can change code and add programs which will help to use your computer better. It's designed as a reaction on

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    Business Proposal Internet Cafe

    1919 words - 8 pages

    Business proposal The Idea: while I was waiting at the train station, I saw myself looking over to a woman. She had been sat down with a laptop on her lap typing away but, as I stared, I could see that she was paranoid as she looks over her shoulder. She was worried that someone would steal the laptop from her possession. I thought to myself “is what she is typing so important that she has to do it in a train station?”, and that’s when I had an idea. Would it not be convenient if people were able to access a computer on the way to the train station? And that’s when I made my decision…an int

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    Systems Thinking

    560 words - 3 pages

    In our day to day lives we are subjected to a multitude of different systems. There are even systems within systems that influence us in ways that we may not even be aware of. According to Rob Austin and Jody Gittell, the main idea of systems thinking is to learn how to collect relevant data and apply measurement tools as a means to improve performance (Austin, R. & Gittell, J. - 2002). However, systems thinking goes much deeper then that. To put it in a better context, systems thinking are concepts designed to create awareness of multi-level thinking as it guides individual thought and influe

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    Ethical Issues

    782 words - 4 pages

    Question No. 1. Questionable behaviors in the history of Microsoft? According to my views as I have already described in the class discussion there is no questionable behavior in the history of Microsoft, they performed timely decisions and that’s why they are successful. Question No. 2. Characteristics of operating system market which created monopoly? Evaluate it under Ethical theories. Microsoft cannot be reaping monopoly profits in economics, a firm is said to reap monopoly profits when a lack of viable market competition allows it to set its prices above the equilibrium price for a g

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    Customer Relations I S

    253 words - 2 pages

    The sales performance measures I would implement within a customer relationship management system would include the following. The revenue generated per salesperson, per territory, and as a percentage of sales quotas. I would have this information updated on a weekly basis, using it as a basis for incentives, and forecasting new quotas. Margins of profit by product category, customer segment or customer, with information updated monthly. This data would guide future product development, marketing focus for particular customer segments and customer follow-up to strengthen loyalty. I would u

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    363 words - 2 pages

    Holes Stanley Yelnats is an kid with bad luck coming from an ancient family curse. He is overweight, and unlikely to stick up for himself when challenged by the class bully. Even though he is a really big kid for his age. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time when a stolen pair of shoes lands on him after being thrown over an over pass. Stanley later realizes they are Clyde Livingston shoes, the famous baseball player. Stanley is unfairly sentenced to months of detention at Camp Green Lake in Texas, where he's forced to dig one hole in the hard desert soil every day. The hole must be

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    Mr Raj

    362 words - 2 pages

    How is Windows 7 Different from Vista or XP? Based on their customer feedback, Microsoft is promoting that it has simplified the PC experience by making a lot of functions easier to use, such as, better previewing on the Task Bar, instant searching for files or media and easy sharing via HomeGroup networking. They also claim improved performance by supporting 64-bit processing which is increasingly the standard in desktop PCs. In addition, Windows 7 is designed to sleep and resume faster, use up less memory and recognize USB devices faster. There are also new possibilities with media streamin

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    Windows 98 Vs Windows Nt

    1675 words - 7 pages

    Windows 98 Vs. Windows NT Essay, Research Paper It is rather difficult to choose between main operating systems, which exist today. Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows NT belong to one and the same product family made by the same producer, Microsoft Corporation. However, looking so much alike, they have a lot of differences users have to consider. The main difference is that each operating system is used by different kinds of people, according to their goals and expectations. Primarily home users use Windows 98; still supporting business applications while Windows NT is used primarily by busin

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    Linux In 24 Hours

    111296 words - 446 pages

    Teach Yourself Sams’ LINUX in 24 Hours ii Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours Teach Yourself Sams’ LINUX in 24 Hours Bill Ball Stephen Smoogen 201 West 103rd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46290 iv Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours To Cathy and Nat for their kindness, love, and warm fuzzies.—Bill Ball Acquisitions Editor Kim Spilker Development Editor Mark Cierzniak Technical Editor Steve Burnett Project Editors Andrew Cupp Colleen Williams Copy Editors Margaret Berson Howard Jones Software Specialist Jack Belbot Team Coordinator Tracy Williams Cover Designe

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    It 221 Research Assignment 1

    1082 words - 5 pages

    Windows server comes in 10 editions. The 10 editions are as follows; Windows Server 2008 foundation, Windows Server 2008 standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Web Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-Based Systems, Windows Storage Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2008, and Windows Essential Business Server. By having multiple editions Windows Server 2008 comes in an edition that will best suit your needs based on options, and what you will need for your infrastructure. (1) Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation

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    3010 words - 13 pages

    Virtualization technology has long found a home in Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution. Ever since Fedora 4 emerged in 2005, virtualization technologies have continued to advance in the distro and that remains the case with the upcoming Fedora 13 release set for later this month. Unlike Fedora's early virtualization features, which all leveraged the Xen open source technology, more recent Fedora releases have relied on KVM. New KVM performance and scalability features for virtualization will debut in Fedora 13 that will help to push the envelope for large-scale virtualization deplo

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    Hi Sample

    334 words - 2 pages

    About Company i-Source, is a leading IT and Telecom Solutions and services company. We provide spectrum of value added services in the IT and Telecom infrastructure space. The services encompass all phases of the infrastructure including Planning, Designing, Engineering, Implementation, Management and Auditing. i-Source’s partnership approach enables our customers to build solid technical foundation that is highly available, scalable and completely secured meeting their critical business requirements . Job Description Dear Candidate, We have a opening for the position "Network Eng

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    Google Chrome Os

    674 words - 3 pages

    It's been an exciting nine months since we launched the Google Chrome browser. Already, over 30 million people use it regularly. We designed Google Chrome for people who live on the web — searching for information, checking email, catching up on the news, shopping or just staying in touch with friends. However, the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web. So today, we're announcing a new project that's a natural extension of Google Chrome — the Google Chrome Operating System. It's our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be. Google

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    Mac Vs Pc

    518 words - 3 pages

    Adam Hayes Cynthia Alkire English Composition II January 30, 2011 Mac vs. Pc Some people may say Mac versus Pc debate is just like the Coke versus Pepsi debate. That it is just based on people’s opinions and what they like. If you compare the two Apple mac computers are better than Pcs. This is not based on opinion it’s based on the facts. There are some very good reasons to choose a mac over a pc. One reason is that a mac has an extremely fast boot time. Which is well liked among a lot of people, everyone wants their computer to be ready when they need it. Another reason is that it is

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    3073 words - 13 pages

    1: About X-Plane X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers. X-Plane offers the most realistic flight model available for personal computers. X-Plane is not a game, but an engineering tool that can be used to predict the flying qualities of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. This incredible accuracy makes it a great tool for predicting aircraft performance and handling. Since X-Plane predicts the performance and handling qualities of almost any aircraft, it is a great tool for pilots to keep up their currency in a simulator that fli

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    Compare And Contrast

    391 words - 2 pages

    Jerred Ley Professor: Silvola Eng: 3-9A 11/3/10 Windows vs. Linux File System The first thing that I found interesting, when shifting from Windows to Linux, is navigating the Linux file system. The Linux file system functions differently than the Windows file system. I will accurately compare and contrast the differences of both and take you through the layout input/output operation of both systems.  In Linux, there is only a single multi-level directory structure. Everything begins from the root directory, which is represented by a forward slash (/), which then expands into sub-dir

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    History Of Linux

    448 words - 2 pages

    History of Linux Linux was started by Torvalds, Linus Benedict who attended University of Helsiki in 1996. In the 1990’s he started to build operating system similar to UNIX, but he added the Intel microprocessors which created Linux 1.0 kernel in 1994. Other software’s developed under the GNU public license lead to Linux becoming an operating system that became free. In 2003 Benedict became a supporter of Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), in 2007 OSDL merged with Linux. Today Torvalds worked at Transmeta Corporation in California supervising the development of Linux. Linux is a version

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    Linux Vs Windows Essay

    926 words - 4 pages

    Dilkanth Patel Mr.Pranausk NW106 10/5/2010 Linux vs. Windows Many individuals think there are only two operating systems available to consumers Windows and Apple. But there’s really another operating system out there, it’s called Linux. Linux is one of the most widely used operating system for many companies including Google, AT&T and several other major corporations. What is Linux? Linux refers to the family of Unix-like computer operating systems using the Linux kernel. Unlike Windows, Linux is an unique type of operating system due to the fact that it is not copy righted, meaning

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