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  • Sky Diving Bussiness Speach

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    Introduction: Good morning and welcome everyone. Today I am here to display an adventure tourism sport and activity which has the potential to boom in the industry with some of your help. Now before I start, I need to ask a few questions. First of all how many people here have been skydiving? 0-5 Alright then how many people would like to go skydiving? Half the class at least Ok and last of all what has stopped you from skydiving already? Fear of heights Scared the parachute won’t open To expensive Alright well if I told you, that I could solve, help or inform you on the

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    Goerge Bush

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    Agreement. This not only helped with trade, but also helped the American economy grow to great heights. Like father, like son. What better way to describe how George Bush senior fought a similar war to which his son fights today. That’s right I’m talking about terrorism. Bush senior was in office at the start and end of the Persian Gulf War. I think he knew that Saddam Hussein and his extremist party would be trouble in years to come. I wonder what he thought after nine eleven when his son, the current President of the United States launched a war similar to his fight against the same pe

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    On a bright sunny day with the sky as clear as crystal glass, you peer out into the open sky to the land down below. The door opens in front of you the wind rushes into the aircraft. You step out falling freely away as if you were a bird soaring on the winds of time. You peer back to the aircraft for a brief second to see it speeding away. You feel weightless as the wind roars around you. Looking down you suddenly realize that you are falling towards the earth. Someone once said that the sky is the limit, but in skydiving the ground is the limit. Skydiving is not just a free fall and a parac

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    Autobiograph Coursework

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    ENGLISH GCSE AUTOBIOGRAPHY COURSEWORK 2011 SABRINA KIRRANE Parachute Some years back when I was only 2 years old I went parachuting at my dad’s water sports. I was just a little child who was so fascinated and astounded at how this parachute floated into the air with the people dwindling like little ants the higher it went. I would go everyday on the boat with my dad to watch each person fly up. My dad could see that I was very engrossed in it and used to sit me on his lap and observe the people fly up. One day my mum came down to the water sports and glanced at me with an immense smile

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    Brian Thomas Mr. Buck Civics H 3 September 27, 2009 The History of Skydiving Parachuting has been around since the fifteenth century as Leonardo da Vinci has the first drawings of a parachute. This contraption was very crude to what we have today though. Da Vinci had originally come up with the design because he thought that people could use it to escape from tall buildings. Even though da Vinci had this idea down on paper he never experimented with it. The next recorded case was in France in 1785. A balloonist called Pierre Blanchard used his pet dog as the first test subject. The

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    Chapter 1 The crash In 2010 50 men fly out in to a dangers forest to kill dinosaur to bring back to scientist to find the disease that they carry and make sure that no human is in danger of getting the disease. Two hours in to the flight the cargo door brakes off and 29 people get sucked out the door and to stay in I had to push Kevin out the door. Two minutes later Kevin came back up again and landed back in the plane and said that was so close I was so near to hitting the mountain in stead I landed on the trampoline and came back up so that was all fine but 10 minis the pilot said that

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    Parachuting I have decided to do my research paper on one of my favorite hobbies. I love anything dealing with adrenaline. Jumping out of an airplane and floating down to the ground under a parachute is one of the biggest rushes I have ever had. I have jumped from military planes and floated to the ground using military parachutes; I have also jumped from civilian planes using civilian equipment. There is so much more that I would like to do under a parachute that I have decided to write about the numerous things that can be done and also the certifications you can received to become a d

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    Parachuting, also known as skydiving, is the action of exiting an aircraft and returning to earth with the aid of a parachute. It may or may not involve a certain amount of free-fall, a time during which the parachute has not been deployed and the body gradually accelerates to terminal velocity. The history of skydiving starts with Andre-Jacques Garnerin who made successful parachute jumps from a hot-air balloon in 1797. The military developed parachuting technology as a way to save aircrews from emergencies aboard balloons and aircraft in flight, later as a way of delivering soldiers to the

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