Pest Control Essay Examples

  • A Brief Introduction To Termites

    659 words - 3 pages

    A Very Brief Introduction to Termites There are seven families and approximately 2500 species of termites in the order Isoptera worldwide (Waller and La Fage 1987). All are eusocial and colonies are composed of distinct castes which include workers, soldiers, nymphs, and larvae (Krishna 1989). The workers are usually the most abundant caste at any given time of the year (Baroni-Urbani et al. 1978). They are responsible for most of the colony maintenance (i.e., feeding of the dependent castes, foraging, structural maintenance) (Krishna 1989). Soldiers serve to protect the colony from invasi

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    Rats Saw God Anotated Bibliography

    309 words - 2 pages

    Thomas, Rob. Rats Saw God. New York:Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division. 1996. Genre: Fathers and sons, High schools, Divorce-Fiction The protagonist in this novel is Steve York, a troubled teen angry at his father for what he did to his mother. In hopes of graduating, he agrees to complete a hundred-page writing assignment which helps him sort out his relationship with his famous astronaut father and the events that changed him from promising student to troubled teen. Even though the antagonist seems to be his father, the real antagonist is the story is Steve, him self. Usi

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    Interview With Tyler

    669 words - 3 pages

    I have known Tyler from working with him over the last year. Tyler has had his leg amputated for just over five years now. I have never asked such in-depth questions about his injury and from this I feel that we both have a different respect for one another. I thought it would be interesting to hear what life is like for someone who hasn’t lived life as long as some people have with disabilities. Also, it was interesting for me to hear this from someone in my age group and from someone who had only experienced this from the times when we were both growing up. It has been just over five yea

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    The Envy Of The World

    281 words - 2 pages

    There are three great ways to cook a rat: deep fried, barbecued and sushi rat. Everybody loves deep fried rat. We take at least 50 baby rats as they are and tumble them in a basket of Panko batter. We drop the 50 rats into a cauldron boiling canola oil for a couple of minutes. We serve them with fries and a coke for $5.95 at a little league baseball game. The smell of fried rat and the sound of children cheering is the essence of summer in Canada. BBQ rat is great. We take a 15 pound South Hill rat and kill it with a roll of English 11 homework. Then we gut it, cut of his head and skin i

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    The Present Shapes The Future

    550 words - 3 pages

    The Present Shapes the Future Elaine Maxwell: “My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny. “ In todays world one question that strikes both young and old is how do we control our future ,shape in into something that would fulfil all of our worldly expectations. Many of us believe that our future is in the hands of fate or destiny. But does fate really control what’s in store for us,

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    543 words - 3 pages

    To what degree/extent, if any, does intention play an important role in the communicative process Communication can be defined as a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. This process requires a vast repertoire of skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal processing, listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. Use of these processes is developmental and transfers to all areas of life: home, school, community, work, and beyond. It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur. Having a

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    Biodiversity Ants

    720 words - 3 pages

    It is sometimes difficult to understand how the tiny creatures that most consider to be “pests” can play a vital role in maintaining our ecosystem. Ants are a prime example of this dilemma. There is a lot to be said about the impact that they have on the environment. Besides taking a break to stop by unexpectedly during a summer picnic, ants lead very busy lives in keeping up the environment in which they live. Most ants live in complex nests made of soil and plant matter that lie beneath the ground, under logs and stones, or even tree trunks. However, some species such as the army ants of

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    Gravametric Analysis Of Phosphorus

    628 words - 3 pages

    Calculating the Amount of “P” in your Brown Stuff (The Gravimetric Analysis for Phosphorus) Statement of Purpose The purpose of this lab was to determine the amount of diphosphorus pentaoxide in a certain fertilizer via experiment and calculation, and compare it to the advertised amount on the label. Method In order to determine the amount of diphosphorus pentaoxide in our fertilizer we first filtered the fertilizer for insoluble materials with a simple filter paper. Then we added both magnesium sulfate and ammonium hydroxide to create a precipitate which was then vacuum filtered,

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    Cause Amp Amp Effect

    267 words - 2 pages

    THE GREAT FEAST The day started just as any other day had. My family and I are hungry, because the owner of the home we live in is trying to kill us. He has tried many different ways. From the sticky glue trap that got my brother. To the toxic smoke of the roach fogger that took out half of our family. Now that all has failed he is trying to starve us or so we thought. As the day went on our hunger got worse some of us as roaches do turned to cannibalism. Witch I know was part of his evil plain. He has done his research, and he wants us gone. We refuse to leave we were hear first th

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    1328 words - 6 pages

    My room has cockroaches. In the month I've lived in my East Village Apartment, I've not seen a single roach in the kitchen, bathroom, or even in any of the corridors of my marginally-gentrified Jimmy Carter-renovated apartment building, where some of my neighbors confoundingly leave their trash bags for days before hauling them down to the street. Just in my immaculate, well-ventilated, never-been eaten-in, barely-breathed-in bedroom. The first one sent me into the closest thing I've ever experienced to a panic attack when it scurried out of my make-up purse as I reached in to grab some lip gl

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    POW 1 Growth Of Rat Population

    500 words - 2 pages

    Problem Statement Once upon a time two rats, one female and a male rat found there way on a ship and then they set sail across the ocean. On late December the two rats left the ship and made their home on the deserted island. The number of young produced in every litter is six, and three of those are females. The original female giver birth to six young on January 1 and produces another litter of six every 40 days thereafter as long as she lives. Each female born on the island will produce a new litter every 40 days after thereafter. The rats are on an island with no natural enemies and plent

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    364 words - 2 pages

    FATE Fate. Fate is what controls our lives...or so some people think. Now what is the actual definition of Fate? The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events; the inevitable events predestined by this force. Now look at the word supposed. We don't even know if Fate exsists. If it does, why does it have to be predestined or predetermined? PRE is a prefix that means before. Now Fate happens based on something before? I thought it happened then and there not before. Some people believe a certain "god" or a selected individual controls their lives. This weekend I had a dis

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    Enviormental Paper On Velvet Ants

    316 words - 2 pages

    The velvet ant also known as “cow Killer” is one of the tougher creatures in the world. The velvet ant, which is actually a type of wasp, had a very hard exoskeleton from the other asps and bees. The females are wingless. She lays her eggs in to the nest of the ground dwelling bees and wasps so that the larva of the velvet ant has a food source when it hatches from its egg. The velvet ant larvae feed on the larvae in the bee or the wasp nest, and then the velvet ant larvae will kill the larvae of the bee or wasp. Velvet ants do not have antennae. They also are about an inch long, but there is

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    The House Of Bernarda Alba Analysis

    582 words - 3 pages

    The Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca illustrates the play as full of hostility and hatred. He presents us with more than a few themes in the play, for instance intolerance, the way Bernarda treats everyone with disrespect and ignorance, especially towards her daughters and Poncia. 'Yes, to fill my house with the stink of their greasy linen and the poison of their tongues,' this is how she talks of the people who came to the memorial of her husband. In the beginning of the play we are launched off with a stark atmosphere, 'A whiter-than-white inner room,' showing Bernarda's cleanness

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    Essay One

    689 words - 3 pages

    Essay One, or The Biology Trail by Andrew Almonte, a third generation Mexican-American now living in stressful circumstances in Lorton (and studying too much) who, as a young child, gained an intense interest in biology and still lives to learn more about the human body. This is an essay somewhat in the telegraphic schizophrenic manner of Kurt Vonnegut’s planet, Tralfamadore, where flying saucers apparently come from. “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” -T.S. Elliot The slight stinging sensation on his calf; a gift from a vengeful thorn bush for disrupting its tranquility. Salt

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    Wind In The Willows Overview

    2134 words - 9 pages

    Jay Wiley ELIT 1050-A1 Assignment Paper #1 The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Gahame 1. Mole is what one would expect from a "working class" type of character such is natural derivative of what the identity suggests - passionate, impatient, meticulous, eager and moving forward as much as possible yet naive and innocent at the same time. Another distinctive yet endearing quality of Mole is his independent mannerisms despite being a newcomer to the "above-ground." Mole is a very driven individual and psychologically one might observe him to be obsessive compulsive and a control freak but

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    English Short Story

    294 words - 2 pages

    As I walked down the abandoned pathway a mysterious ambience filled the air and I immediately felt unease. Nonetheless I continued my journey down the path when I heard a rustle much like the sound the wind makes against the leaves. However this sound was different. This eerie whisper was the sound that I had come to loathe and fear for many years now. I began to ponder as my pace began to quicken. I could feel my heart beating ever faster and I knew that I needed to escape without delay. I reached a fork in the path. “Left or right?” I thought to myself. I had to make a decision, last time

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    Tale Of The Rodent

    543 words - 3 pages

    In “Tale Of The Rodent” Roger Starr takes a simple animal in a big city and makes it into a journey back home. The rodent makes its way around the city, looking for a place to go or a place to return to. The rodent “crossed Seventh Avenue, climbed the curb and was moving through the shelter and across the sidewalk,” almost like it was on a mission (Starr 33). I believe that he knew exactly where he was going, but just did not know how he was going to make it there safely. Starr even points out that his “speed was so erratic, and its direction so changeable, that it could have been a battery-dr

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    Of Mice And Men

    860 words - 4 pages

    Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck during the late 1930’s. During the creation of the text, the remnants of World War 1, and the Great Depression still lingered in Central America, and thus influenced greatly, the style of Steinbeck’s writing. The novels two main protagonists are Lennie and George, a pair of migrant workers who collaborate to achieve their dream, however, the essay will also include Crooks, a fellow worker at the ranch, as a third protagonist. The three focal themes of this essay are; Georges motivational drive, Lennie’s social disability and how he used a ce

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    Feral Animals

    1617 words - 7 pages

    The consequence of the introduction of feral animals into a new environment has caused many biotic problems and unplanned changes. These species have had detrimental effects on the environment and native animals. This unplanned change has been the foundation for agricultural damage and the alteration of vegetation. An exampled of an introduced species that has caused an unplanned change and effected countries worldwide is that of the feral rat. The rat is an introduced animal that has had a major impact on economic and environmental factors throughout the globe. The following presentation will

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    Tolerance Factor

    1557 words - 7 pages

    Tolerance Factor You might have been in the emergency room in the past, and you probably noticed that all your friends did not come to see you; however, some of them stayed with you till they make sure about you. Friendship is something that is with you from childhood till death. Friends are important to everyone because they are the people who you go back to if things get tough. Friends are the ones who are your advisors when needed, so there is nothing more natural than having friends. Moreover, everyone has a lot of friend, and some people cannot count their friends on two hands. Accordin

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    Of Mice And Men

    570 words - 3 pages

    The two main themes in ‘Of Mice and Men’ are loneliness and dreams. The themes interlock. People who are lonely have the most need of dreams to help them through. George is not lonely during the novel, as he has Lennie. Later in the book he becomes lonely without his best friend. Lennie is the only character who is innocent enough not to fear loneliness, but he is angry when Crooks suggests George wont come back to him. George and Lennie share a dream, to own little patch of land and live on it in freedom. Lennies main desire is to tend the soft – haired rabbits they will keep. Their perfect

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    Control Structures

    1264 words - 6 pages

    Control structures in computer programs allow programmers to create very sophisticated logic flows. These logic flows are instrumental in making useful computer programs that provide value to users. The two categories of control structures covered in this paper are selection control structures and reputation control structures. The following examples of control structures are all based on pseudo code as defined in chapter three of the Extended Prelude to Programming (Venit & Drake, 2007). The pseudo code structures described to not necessarily represent or mirror a single actual programming la

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    Animal Testing

    476 words - 2 pages

    This is a very though subject for me I am a animal lover. I would never want to have a animal in pain and suffer just think how you would feel. They are living creatures as you and I. Imagine living locked inside a closet without control over any aspect of your life. You can't choose when and what you eat, how you will spend your time, whether or not you will have a partner and children, and if you do, who that partner will be. You can't even decide when the lights go on and off. Think about spending your entire life like this, even though you

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    Passage Translation

    506 words - 3 pages

    Hamlet passage (Act 3, Sc 3): “The single and peculiar life is bound With all the strength and armor of the mind To keep itself from noyance, but much more That spirit upon whose weal depend and rest The lives of many. The cease of majesty Dies not alone, but, like a gulf, doth draw What’s near it with it. It is a massy wheel Fixed on the summit of the highest mount, To whose huge spokes ten thousand lesser things Are mortised and adjoined, which, when it falls, Each small annexment, petty consequence, Attends the boisterous ruin. Never alone Did the king sigh, but with a general

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    Pursuit Of Happiness

    1628 words - 7 pages

    Abstract Everyone pursues happiness in a different way. Some may look for it in money accumulation, some may look for it in relationships, while others may look for it in religious activities. At the end of the day, it can be concluded that everyone’s ultimate goal is to seek happiness. This paper describes a few things that can make us happy and others that have been proven to not affect our happiness. Money is one of the objects that does not increase happiness, while good relationships, for example, have proven to make people happier. Introduction According to Webster dictionary the

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    590 words - 3 pages

    The platoon’s medic. Kiley previously served in the mountains of Chu Lai, the setting of “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong.” O’Brien has great respect for Kiley’s medical prowess, especially when he is shot for a second time and is subjected to the mistreatment of another medic, Bobby Jorgenson. Though levelheaded and kind, Kiley eventually succumbs to the stresses of the war and his role in it—he purposely blows off his toe so that he is forced to leave his post. The platoon’s medic, Rat has a reputation for embellishing his stories. O’Brien writes that you need to take the square root of R

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    Original Writing Story

    2251 words - 10 pages

    The Alpha 3000 Biro Striker, of Seamore High, was no mere 14-year-old. His immense brain power and thirst for inventions separated him from his age group. While his friends spent their time playing football and watching TV, Striker spent countless hours reading books on magic and any other subject relating to inventions. Striker’s thirst for inventions started at a very young age when he watched his dad inventing all sorts of quirky things. His dad taught him everything he knows. Unfortunately, on his sixth birthday, Striker’s dad disappeared forever when one of his inventions we

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    Nature Of Man

    1319 words - 6 pages

    The Nature of Man Inherit the Wind Whether it is imprinted in our DNA or picked up as we mature, man has always had certain tendencies that they are inclined to follow. We make a habit of these tendencies unknowingly but nonetheless we continue them. This is called the nature of man. One of the most common natures of man is his tendency to try and impose control over the way others think and act, situations, and fate, as evident in Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence. The human race has always struggled to control other human beings, in how they think and act, shown brilliantly in Inher

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    The Theme For The Fall Of A City

    362 words - 2 pages

    The theme for The Fall of a City A theme could be defined as a moral lesson found in a story that is implied rather than directly stated, in Alden Nowlan’s the fall of a city the most evident theme is circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct and the choices we make are in our own power. There are two parts to this theme, the first being that circumstances are beyond human control. In the fall of a city the character teddy has an unfortunate circumstance where he is having difficulties living with an aunt and uncle that don’t care for him as much as they should. “They [show

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    Natural Habitats

    706 words - 3 pages

    An exotic species is a plant or animal that is not housed in its natural habitat. Not all non- native species cause problems for the environment. For instance, peaches originated in Persia, and have been carried to much of the populated world. Human intervention is required for a lot of exotic species to survive in a new habitat. Ironically, they can increase the biodiversity of the area in some cases. You do have some that cause major problems such as invasive exotic diseases. An example is smallpox, which caused some Native American civilizations to be wiped out. The African rue

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    738 words - 3 pages

    What is Rhetoric? If you asked one hundred people, you would most likely get one hundred different answers, but each definition, with the help of a little rhetoric, would be considered correct. Miriam Webster defines the word as “the aft of effective or persuasive speaking or writing,” yet greek philosopher Plato, in his Socratic Dialogue entitled “Gorgias,” argued that it is merely “the persuasion of ignorant masses within the courts and assemblies.” Whereas, theoretically speaking, both Plato and Miriam Webster cannot possibly be correct, it is the persuasive argument that each gives to back

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    The Ant System

    8165 words - 33 pages

    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics–Part B, Vol.26, No.1, 1996, pp.1-13 1 The Ant System: Optimization by a colony of cooperating agents Marco Dorigo*,^, Member, IEEE, Vittorio Maniezzo%,^, and Alberto Colorni# * IRIDIA, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50, CP 194/6, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Email: [email protected] URL: ^Politecnico di Milano Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Project, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy.

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    435 words - 2 pages

    ASSIGNMENT 1 FOREST HEALTH & PROTECTION… ……TERMITES…… NAME: JOSEVA.S.N ID NO#: 2010005827 TUTOR: MR.RONEIL.L. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary Termites are a group of eusocial insects until recently known at the taxonomic rank an order Isuptera. Termites are consisting of a pair of adults that have discarded their wings. Termite is economically significant as pest that c

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    302 words - 2 pages

    I'm sorry this is my iPhone and I can't paste any papers from my computer to it hdncnxj hdncnxj hd c hen f jd f hd fix fh DVD snug bend h. Did Brit hdnhf. If didn't bring fight. Fit fitn truthful the. Fit f fit fit fbirh d. F t t. G t r t. T r r. Turntable. F r f truth. Thailand. Fungus thickens fm. The jerk the. Chen jd. Rjnf the thug the g ht ht. Bright. TNT by by. End. Thy. T g. H throne htjbt th rhjrjtbh rhjrjtbh rhjrjtbh thrush fjrhbt g fjrhbt tube rh turn t the by t jtnh. Fjrbt fit. Then gr third they. Ruby. Fjbrvgb t find bend Chen chevy. Gbhfvg g ht Brent MTV trbtbg. Gig hmm ghgng. Fi

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    Longxi Machinery Reccommendation

    632 words - 3 pages

    Longxi Machinery Works – Quality Improvement (A) Based from this Article, Longxi Machinery are having problem on their end product which is the multi-cylinder engine used in agricultural sector. One particular component of this product, called DGS (Duo-gear Shaft) was considered as the main cause of failure. There were 14 incidents of breakdown that were correlated to the failure of the DGS. Based from this article, the company was losing profit because they were force to cover the cost of sending a technical personel to replace the broken part (DGS) or in case of major breakdown replacing th

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    Love Conscious And Subconscious

    277 words - 2 pages

    It is the coordination of these two centers (conscious and subconscious) of our being, and the understanding of their functions, which is the great secret of life. With this knowledge we can bring the objective and subjective minds into conscious cooperation and thus coordinate the finite and the infinite. Our future is entirely within our own control. It is not at the mercy of any capricious or uncertain external power. All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in lo

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    The Top Idea In Your Mind

    1083 words - 5 pages

    I realized recently that what one thinks about in the shower in the morning is more important than I'd thought. I knew it was a good time to have ideas. Now I'd go further: now I'd say it's hard to do a really good job on anything you don't think about in the shower. Everyone who's worked on difficult problems is probably familiar with the phenomenon of working hard to figure something out, failing, and then suddenly seeing the answer a bit later while doing something else. There's a kind of thinking you do without trying to. I'm increasingly convinced this type of thinking is not merely he

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    Top Idea

    1085 words - 5 pages

    July 2010 I realized recently that what one thinks about in the shower in the morning is more important than I'd thought. I knew it was a good time to have ideas. Now I'd go further: now I'd say it's hard to do a really good job on anything you don't think about in the shower. Everyone who's worked on difficult problems is probably familiar with the phenomenon of working hard to figure something out, failing, and then suddenly seeing the answer a bit later while doing something else. There's a kind of thinking you do without trying to. I'm increasingly convinced this type of thinking is

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    Deleuze And Foucault

    311 words - 2 pages

    From Foucault’s disciplinary societies to Deleuze’s societies of control there is a comparison that can be made on enclosed spaces. In disciplinary societies, one is controlled at an early age, beginning with the family institution or enclosure. Growing up with a parent enforcing rules and keeping in eye on the child has formed a framework for people to grow up expecting and tolerating control and surveillance. When a child has been bad, repercussions follow; the same is true of a worker with his supervisor. By following rules, the worker is under a constant state of control. In societies of c

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    Animal Farm

    660 words - 3 pages

    In the novel Animal Farm, which is written by George Orwell, the famous words “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” who is quoted by Lord Acton demonstrates that people who come to power want even more power, which therefore leads to corruption as this is evidenced throughout the Russian Revolution and Animal Farm. As shown, the highly educated people were always the ones with leader ship and the uneducated people were always the people who have the strength to overcome their leaders, but never took this into consideration. Nevertheless, the people still intend to work hard

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    Eugenics Essay

    615 words - 3 pages

    According to eugenics is defined as “the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits.” What this means is that Eugenics is to believe in improving certain traits or eliminating diseases from people using genetic engineering. Eugenics is morally wrong, how would you like to be born and have to

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    Late Stage Development

    894 words - 4 pages

    In Erik Ericson’s last stage of psychosocial development, Integrity Versus Despair, we find that older people come to terms with the outcome of their lives. (Ericson, 1982) We see that during this last stage, adults reflect on the choices they have made throughout their entire lives. They think about the happiness they have found or not ever known. They give thought to the success or failures they have found in life. They will consider the personal or professional rewards they have received during this lifetime. When faced with the realities of these truths, it is up to us to choos

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    669 words - 3 pages

    Sigmund freud founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. I like this way of thinking towards the “psychological aspect” of life because I believe and support almost everything freud puts forth. The idea that you control who you are is- in my opinion the truth. The fact that you can take this analyze it, and treat accordingly without drugs amazes me. I feel that in every sub-conscious there is another personality that is suppressed by how one may want to be perceived by the world. I also believe that in times of great pressure or emotional strain that this “sub conscious personality” expo

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    Trichogamma Wasp

    450 words - 2 pages

    Aly Pulford, Summer 2011 Trichogramma Wasps: Fighters of garden foes Beneficial Insects Insects are not the most glamorous of all animals on earth, and often receive disgust from their fellow earth habitants: humans. But there are some six-legged creatures that deserve praise for their predatory skills that not only keep their species alive, but benefit farming and gardening humans all over the earth. One of these beneficial insects is the trichogramma wasp. The trichogramma wasp, a member of the especially diverse hymenoptera order, measures only 0.18mm in length as an adult, has a

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    Datalist Control

    1884 words - 8 pages

    Introduction In Chapter 3, we saw the Repeater control in ASP.NET and how we can use it to bind and unbind data in our applications. In this chapter, we will discuss the DataList control, which, like the Repeater control, can be used to display a list of repeated data items. In this chapter, we will cover the ASP.NET DataList control. We will learn about the following: • Using the DataList control • Binding images to a DataList control dynamically • Displaying data using the DataList control • Selecting, editing and delete data using this control • Handling the DataL

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    Invasive Species

    772 words - 4 pages

    Fire Ants Invasive Species according to Delach 2011, are “plants, animals or other organisms that are introduced to a given area outside of their original range and cause harm in their new home.” Since they were brought into this new environment, they have no natural enemies to slow down and limit their reproduction, causing the species to spread uncontrollably. According to Delach 2011, Invasive Species are recognized as one of the leading threats to biodiversity and impose enormous cost to agriculture, forestry, fisheries and other human enterprises as well as human health. The Fire Ant i

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    Free Will Vs Determinism

    398 words - 2 pages

    Free Will vs. Determinism ZabrynSamar K Data 105 August 31, 2011 Jimmy Leduc Free Will vs. Determinism I chose to write about free will versus determination. There are two beliefs that are both common sense. The first is the behavior of atoms is governed entirely by physical law. The other is that Humans have free will. Most people accept both beliefs. However, they do not get along with each other. The argument is that it is either or, not both. The first belief is that whatever an atom does, it has to do, given the existing circumstances because physical laws determine what e

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    Standardization Of Hydrochloric Acid Using Sodium

    450 words - 2 pages

    Title : Standardization of hydrochloric acid using sodium carbonate. Variables : a) dependant : Volume of hydrochloric acid. b) independant : The colour of the solution. Results : 1) Preparation of the dilute HCl. a) Rough molarities:11M b) Volume in the measuring cylinder : 2 + 0.1cm³ c) Volume in the volumetric flask : 250 + 0.25cm³ 2) Preparation of the Na2CO3 solution. a) Mass of pure Na2CO3 : 1.329 + 0.0001g b) Volume in the volumetric flask : 250 + 0.25 cm³ c) Volume of the pipette solution : 25 + 0.03cm³

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    1325 words - 6 pages

    In the social work field you have to be versatile. Any skill that you have can be a benefit to you and your client or a possible hindrance. As a counsellor you need to be able to adapt and change to fit that specific client and the situation. For instance, a very loud extrovert counsellor can be very useful when trying to get the quiet client to speak up or break the tension during a first meeting. On the other hand an extrovert could come across as to outgoing for a quiet client or butt heads with another extrovert client. It is our goal as counsellors to be able to read the

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