Politics Essay Examples

  • 1984 By George Orwell With Outline

    6200 words - 25 pages

    1984 by George Orwell Outline Thesis Statement- This paper will examine how George Orwell wrote 1984 as a political statement against totalitarianism. I Introduction II Summary of 1984 III Roles of major Charters A. Big Brother B. Winston C. O'Brien D. Julia E. Shop owner IV Propaganda A. Ministry of Truth B. Ministry of Love V Orwell's thoughts on Totalitarianism A. From life experiences B. From a writers point of view VI Conclusion

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    The Apathy Of Generation X

    1477 words - 6 pages

    Subject: Political Science Title: The Apathy of Generation X For the past 25 years it has been wondered why the young people of America have shared the same apathetic attitude towards politics as the older generation of Americans. Indeed, the issues concerning young voters are just as important as those concerning older voters. Why the newest voters choose to abstain their right has long been studied. While it has been proven that the vote of young people can make or a break an election, most candidates are reluctant to relate themselves to young people. When that Tuesday in November

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    My Leadership Role

    607 words - 3 pages

    Lead and Manage People Leadership is the key dynamic force that motivates and co ordinates an organization to accomplish its objectives. A leader creates a vision for the others and then directs them towards achieving that vision. To be a leader you must have followers who have confidence in you and who give you their support and commitment to a goal. My Leadership Role I have been employed at Harley Nursing Home since September 1997 every Sundays. My initial position at Harley was as a kitchenhand. Within this position I was introduced to the o

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    The Growth Of Presidential Power

    301 words - 2 pages

    The presidency is called the most powerful office of the world. The United States is the most powerful country in the world and the President is the leader of the most powerful country. The president has the power to command the armed forces, make treaties, approve or veto acts of Congress, send and receive diplomatic representatives, grant pardons and reprieves, and to make sure that the laws are fully executed. The Constitution deals with the presidential powers in a loose way, therefore the Presidential powers are vague and can be interpreted loosely to the Presiden

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    Populism DBQ

    811 words - 4 pages

    During the late 1800s, a third party known as the Populist Party, driven by the Farmer’s Alliance movement, began to intervene in politics by establishing new goals for the country to pursue. Some of the Populist Party’s main ideas included the direct election of Senators, unlimited coinage of silver, graduated income taxes, and public ownership of railroads. Many of their beliefs however, opposed conventional politics. Ambitious goals of the Farmer’s Alliance and Populists, their mass conventions, and anti-industrialist’s rhetoric frightened mainstream political leadership of the United State

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    Ii Global And Domestic Determinants Of States Foreign Policy Behavior

    314 words - 2 pages

    1. Location, military might, economic powers, and system of gov’t are all variables that affect foreign policy choices. Ex. Why was a small country like England so powerful? Answer location because of the sea area they were in, they could expand and sail quickly to many other country compare to other countries geographical area. 2. Globalization is international integration. It can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society. This process is a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural and political forces. 3. States’ Attribut

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    Higher History Appeasment Why Appeasment

    299 words - 2 pages

    Why Appeasement ? Fear of war - Since all adults had the right to vote the government had to listen to peoples opinion. They feared a repeat of the last war and the new technology involved . Without doubt the British public wanted peace. Fear of communism - A common saying at the time was “ better Hitlerism than communism.” Many people thought that there was no point of fighting Hitler if the result would be communists came to power in Europe. Too weak to fight - At this time Hitler’s propaganda encouraged Britain and France to think that Nazi forces were stronger than they really w

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    Contestation Vs Participation

    637 words - 3 pages

    Contestation and participation are often used to describe the two dimensions of democracy. Contestation is in reference to the amount of people and groups that are competing for control of government and participation is in reference to the amount of people that are able to and do in fact vote during election time. For example, in the post revolutionary war in American society, there was a high level of contestation and very low level of participation. The high level of contestation was reflecting the fact that there were many different individuals and groups opting for government control. Add

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    The 200 Presidential Election

    911 words - 4 pages

    The 2000 Presidential Election By: Tim Suda 10-26-07 T.R. Smith The 2000 election between George W. Bush and Albert A. Gore, was one of the most hard fought and Close elections in our countries history. Not only would a sole states vote be counted again and again, but in the end it Would be up to the United States senate to decide the outcome. The 2000 presidential election was one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. Many candidates of the Democratic Party "tested the waters," but in the end, only t

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    Hillary Clinton

    642 words - 3 pages

    Why I Believe Hillary Clinton Should Be President It has been said over and over again that whoever wins the 2008 Presidential election will change America. Each candidate has presented their own respectable plan for leading our country into a change. While on some points they all agree, I believe Hillary Clinton is the right choice for President because she makes change happen, her plan on getting our troops out of Iraq, and her stance on changing our environment. Hillary is no stranger to change. In fact, she has been known to get things done; she has a long track record of changes she h

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    Prisoners Right To Vote

    1382 words - 6 pages

    Name Teacher Class Date Prisoners with Voting Rights? Voting is one of the most favored given rights throughout the United States. There is a way for this right to be taken away and that is by being convicted of a felony. Some people may agree with the idea, and others disagree. But is it right to take away someone’s ability to vote for how they should live? People should have a voice, no matter who they are and what they have done with their lives. Whether that voice should be taken into account is up for investigation. Certain prisoner’s should be able to keep their right to vote, dep

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    347 words - 2 pages

    Poststructuralist or postmodern feminisms "denaturalize" the concept of "woman" itself, often disassociating it from the system of hierarchies (including body/mind, object/subject, etc.) that bind woman to an abject nature. Centuries of misogynist thought that has justified the oppression of women by casting women as "closer" to nature and that has made nature synonymous with essentialism has produced a discursive landscape which makes it nearly impossible to forge productive alliances between environmentalism and feminism without raising the doubly baneful double-entendre of a "female nature.

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    Us Political System Is It Really Bankrupted

    484 words - 2 pages

    The US Political System 1 The US Political System: Is it really bankrupted? By Farshid Sepassi Strayer University Introduction to Sociology Professor: Debra McCoy Due Date: 03/02/2008

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    Machiavellis The Prince

    542 words - 3 pages

    Machiavelli’s The Prince: Generosity or Miserliness In Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince (1513), Machiavelli (1469-1527) gives advice to people, particularly princes, on how they might act with/towards others (specifically a prince’s subjects). He also discusses how the prince’s actions might effect how his subjects look upon him. Two of the many actions that he talks about that the prince may follow include: generosity and miserliness. Machiavelli warns princes that they should not be very generous because then the people will only like them because of it. Instead he advises princes to be m

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    Julius Caesar And Politics

    1533 words - 7 pages

    Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a play riddled with themes, motifs and symbols. The most evident theme is that of politics. Upon my research for this paper I found it essential to get the actual meaning of the word politics. We all have our own interpretation of what the word means. When I think of politics I think of governing, trickery, popularity. Those words are just a few that come to my head. Some words I can’t write as they would be inappropriate! Here is the actual meaning as defined by the Merriam, Webster dictionary; 1 a: the art or science of government b: the art or scien

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    806 words - 4 pages

    Chapter 16 “Politics, Immigration, and Urban Life” Section 1 “Politics in the Gilded Age” I. The business of politics A. Laissez-faire policies 1. Government should play a limited role in business. 2. Tariffs 3. Subsidy II. The spoils system A. Republicans appealed to industrialists, bankers, and farmers; strongest in the North and upper Midwest 1. tight money supply backed by gold 2. high tariffs 3. generous pensions for Union soldiers 4. strict limits on immigration 5. enforcement of “blue law

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    Foriegn Policy DBQ

    434 words - 2 pages

    Foreign Policy has varied throughout United States history, in order to adapt to changing times and needs. The alterations to foreign policies are generally made depending on the relationship the United States has with other nations, and to meet their own desires. Three types of US foreign policies include imperialism, isolationism, and containment. Isolationism began as early as the 1700s. The United States did want make strong ties with the British, nor any other nation, as they did not want to follow in England’s footsteps. The policy of isolationism became an existent option of foreign p

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    Tourist Season Book Report

    301 words - 2 pages

    09/27/07 Book Report \Article 2 A rotten way to pick a president With the history of past and present elections, there have been lots of doubts. Many feel that the process in which a candidate is elected are a bit on the corrupt side. With the caucuses, open primaries, media, and the candidates’ them self so why not blame the system? Well back in the days the voting systems were never the best things. Primaries and caucuses had been around for much of the 20th century, but until 1972, party bosses, not voters, ultimately had the most say in picking the nominees. But the new ones

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    Civic Involvement

    460 words - 2 pages

    In Robert Putnam's essay "Bowling Alone" he describes the dwindling amounts of people who are active in their own communities. People are now joining groups that require less time and effort from them, or are feeling discouraged when their friends do not show up for the monthly or weekly meetings. However the staff of the "Wichita Eagle" has a different viewpoint on the issue, claiming some studies actually show an increase in those ages 15 to 25 who are being active in their communities. The information that they gathered can be found in their article "Politics, Civic Involvement Interest

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    When Wishes Come True

    341 words - 2 pages

    Few Wishes Come True By Themselves All their life people want something - friends,better job,new computer, love , health , save life,new car.Our wishes are without number and some of them are very difficult to execute.Some things don't depend on us , but for another ones you should work hard to deserve them. If you want something very strongly you thanks God when it happens , but in fact you have done it by yourself on one or another way.You want hard to take your exams and to go to the dream school and it happens.This is a result of your hard work and the knowledge and the skills you have

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    349 words - 2 pages

    The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 set the drinking age to twenty-one, and has been in controversy ever since its inception. The main argument presented by supporters of this act was that raising the drinking age would greatly reduce the number of alcohol related car accidents each year, especially in the age range of eighteen to twenty. Since the drinking age has been raised to twenty-one the rate of alcohol involvement in car accidents has fallen slightly at about four percent in this age group. The number of alcohol related car accidents has, however, risen about the same amount

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    Jimmy Carter

    615 words - 3 pages

    The Presidency of Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter served our country from 1977 to 1978. His real name is James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Junior, born October 1st, 1924. Many people have different opinions on jimmy carter and how great of a president he really was. In my opinion, he was one of the worst presents America has ever seen. Although he was a very religious, honest, and straightforward kind of man, his decisions in office led him to only one term. He was also disliked by both Republicans and Democrats while in office. Jimmy Carter recently stated that President Bush is “exploiting the sufferi

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    Election Process

    966 words - 4 pages

    Election Process Originally, in our nation's infancy, the plan was to have Congress elect the President. Despite the fact that the President of the United States might feel indebted to Congress, coupled with the fact that the intricate system of checks and balances placed in the Constitution would be weakened by such a process, this system was the method of choice and received approval on four different occasions. There were those who did not agree with this method of choosing a President, and while many felt that the American Democracy was sufficiently mature enough to handle a direc

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    Role Of America In The World

    1900 words - 8 pages

    The Role of America in the World Moya Professor Ding The role of the US in the world, as hegemonic power in the political and economic arena, is to work toward a possibly permanent, stable system and create the political avenues for one ordered development. Only a great power can push other powerful countries’ interests in the direction of peace and development. Only a great power has the capacity to lead economic interconnected forces to serve human need and social justice. In sum, only a great power has the unique capacity and the exclusive toolbox to ensure a future for new gene

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    1308 words - 6 pages

    Machiavelli Guidelines Traditional morality is mainly allowing people to choose there path and what is best for them, the biblical text, though shall not kill. When you rule a group of people, you listen to what they have to say, rather then forcing them to follow your beliefs. Machiavelli does not undermined traditional morality in, The Prince. The First thing you must understand when reading this book is that he wrote it for Princes or Emperors. He set rules or guidelines for emperors or princes to fallow so they can rule there Principalities correctly and have control. These guide

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    Progressivism Revival And Reform

    1949 words - 8 pages

    Ideas of reform are born in every generation like children, and like children, ideas need nurturing, education and time to mature. In time children become adults, reform ideas become movements, and each in their turn have offspring. The Progressive movement has an impressive genealogy. Its ancestry includes Jeffersonian Liberalism, pre-civil war social activists and abolitionists- Lincoln and emancipation. After the war, reconstruction made way for expansion and further industrialization. The farmer, who had been encouraged to settle, grow and expand, fell on hard times. Faced with infest

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    Politics In Lebanon

    967 words - 4 pages

    Lebanese politics has always been problematic. Recent years have witnessed some especially serious problems. Since the horrible death of prime minister Rafik Hariri, Lebanese citizens as well as the entire world have witnessed the worst. Every other day there was big protests in Lebanon, they faced a lot of frustrating actions and moves. Rafik El Hariri’s party, Future Youth, made civilized protests. The goal was to force the Syrian army go out of Lebanon and not to put their hands in Lebanese politics. Politically problems aroused and t

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    869 words - 4 pages

    Why Americans Don’t Vote The voter turnout is the lowest in the United States than in any other democratic country. The phenomenon of low voter turnout developed in the early years of the twentieth century, but in the past three decades the turnout rate has continued to slide. In Why Americans Still Don’t Vote, the authors Piven and Cloward argue about what political scholars have to offer in explanations, for why Americans are not exercising their most important role in democratic rights, which is the right of voting. These explanations could be divided in three ways. The first is that the

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    Difference Between Nationalism And Patriotism

    722 words - 3 pages

    In his essay « Notes on Nationalism », George Orwell explains the difference he makes between the words “nationalism” and « patriotism ». But Orwell does not use “nationalism” on a classic way because he thinks there is no word which could describe the phenomenon he is talking about. According to Orwell, a person can be a nationalist about a country, but also about a religion, a group, or even a movement. Orwell says: “nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism.” But what is the difference? Patriotism means a certain devotion to a place or a nation. Patriots believe that what they are

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    Bureaucratic Power

    305 words - 2 pages

    Bureaucracy, simply defined can be called the "red tape" of the American Political system. Also, this red tape can further be explained as the life blood of the very structure. It is the dominant institution, the institution that epitomizes modernity. Bureaucracy is an organizational form of public administration, the very structure of the operating units of government. Bureaucracy takes a very special role in public administration. Bureaucracy has to be competent in order to be able to carry out the laws, and essentially; it can only be competent when its employees are competent, and competen

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    A Neo Liberal Institutionalist Approach To Trade Liberalization

    1361 words - 6 pages

    Julian Switala Feb. 12, 2007 Pol 3835 A Neo-liberal Institutionalist Approach to Trade Liberalization Trade liberalization is a complex phenomenon which can be elucidated by theories of international relations. Liberalism, and neo-liberal Institutionalism in particular, illuminates important aspects of trade liberalization by focusing on the logic of relative and absolute gains, the possibility of creating a regime of fair trade to diminish the fear of cheating, and the ability of institutions to enforce their rules. However, before explaining how neo-liberal Institutionalism accomplishes

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    The Foreign Policy Of Turkey On The Borderline Between Europe And The Middle East

    6138 words - 25 pages

    1 The foreign policy of Turkey on the borderline between Europe and the Middle East Nikolay Valov Fellow School of Foreign Service Prof. S.A. Baynard MSFS-666 November 30, 2005 2 Table of content I. Abstract........................................................................................................................... 3 II. Historic preview of Republic of Turkey ........................................................................ 5 III. Regional policy Turkey-European Union..................................................................... 6 1. EU membership .....

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    The Debacle Of Washingtons Governors Race In 2004

    2558 words - 11 pages

    Rossi led Gregoire by only 260 votes in Washington State’s 2004 Governor’s Race. This was the outcome of the first voting results in Washington state’s Governor’s Race, and as with any race this close; calling for a recount was Rossi’s only option, as it was also mandatory since the spread was less than 2,000 votes, and called for a machine recount, since only a hand recount is called if the spread is less than 150. Three counts of nearly 3 million ballots, four lawsuits, and seven weeks later the state of Washington discovered that what was thought to be a simple recount, turned into months

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    408 words - 2 pages

    A2 Module 5 Britain, 1951-1997 The A level (A2) course allows scope for candidates to build on the knowledge and understanding gained from AS. The study of developments in Britain from 1951 to 1997 encourages a synoptic understanding of key aspects of continuity and of the causes and extent of change. Such issues include the .post-war consensus. In politics and the increase in the polarisation of politics thereafter, together with the concept of a .social revolution. in post-war Britain. The key questions focus attention upon important issues not only in political affairs but also i

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    The European Union

    297 words - 2 pages

    The European Union is a trade organization which 27 European members are a part of. It creates economic opportunity between the members of the organization. It’s becoming a key player in world economics. It influences the world trade and its politics. The EU was created under the Maastricht Treaty in the year 1992. The EU is constructed as a trade organization. It is now slowing adopting the main idea of the United Nations by helping with problems such as poverty etc, etc. At this moment it consists of A Court of Justice, a Commission, a Council of Ministers, and also the European Parliament

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    Political System Of Mongolia

    326 words - 2 pages

    Political system of Mongolia In 1989 when communism was starting to fall elsewhere, many Mongolian weren't really ready for the change. Some a group of young professors and activists formed Mongolian democratic Union. In 1990 March they organized hanger strike in Sukhbaatar Square . The hunger strike forced resignation of the MPRP when the party agreed to meet the demands of the strikers. In the election of July 1990 the MPRP received 60 % of the vote but the party had agreed to a major reformation of government resulting in a democratic revolution and a market economy. So In 1991 Mongolia ha

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    Joseph Stalin 5 Reasons For His Rise To Power

    749 words - 3 pages

    Arguably one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history, Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union for more than a quarter of a century. His rise to power however, may not have happened if it was not for Stalin’s personal characteristics, his political shrewdness, his control over the party as the General Secretary, the fact that people believed he would be loyal to the party and his incredible amount of luck. Stalin’s personal characteristics and qualities helped him become leader of the party. He was at first perceived as dull and mediocre, described by Sukhanov as

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    Political Parties In Africa

    1804 words - 8 pages

    Political parties in African were founded with the basic goal of being the main vehicles for African Nationalism. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o (1992) in his book 30 years of independence in Africa correctly states that Africans were no longer a homogenous people ruled by benevolent chiefs who discussed with the elders under a tree for hours until they agreed. He (Prof. Nyong’o) points out that great division of African people into social groups and categories with different interests and different attitudes towards the colonial state. The consequent of this was their inability to constitute a united

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    A Review Of The Keys To The White House Quot

    1203 words - 5 pages

    Summary of “The Keys to the White House: Forecast for 2008” Professor Allan J. Lichtman (American University, Washington, D.C.) presents a model developed in 1981 for predicting the popular-vote winners of American presidential elections. The model worked accurately when applied retrospectively to every U. S. presidential election from 1860 to 1968, as well as when it was used to forecast presidential winners from 1984 through 2004. The author states that presidential campaigns should be based on issues and ideas important to the functioning of a democracy as set out in the U.S. Const

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    Aristotle S Greek City State

    1566 words - 7 pages

    Aristotle’s The Politics places the importance of the community above the importance of the individual. In Book 1, Chapter II he lays the foundation of this philosophy by referring to human beings as “political animals” who can not be considered fully developed if they do not partake in the politics of the polis or city-state. He proposes that politics and ethics are closely linked and that to live a truly ethical life one must engage in active politics. In this paper I will analyze and interpret his ideas about a city-state, its creation and how its origins are transcribed in nature. Aristot

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    Campaign And Election

    607 words - 3 pages

    Campaign and Elections In order to be a presidential candidate, they have to go through the whole states trying to win votes, winning this votes would make them a presidential candidate where they would have to face the president himself. Money is a very important role in winning the presidential candidate and also the presidential chair, making decisions with the money are very important because it is very important to win the votes of people and also to win delegates. Primary voters go to vote among a party’s candidates. Your primary vote is not really for the candidate but instead for

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    The Forest Of Arden In AS YOU LIKE IT

    754 words - 4 pages

    Pastoral portrays a way of life associated with the contemplative ideal, with retirement, reflectiveness and simplicity; and a popular theme in Renaissance literature sees the pastoral world as a haven for persecuted virtue. The author, aware of the tensions and contrasts between court and country, between active and contemplative lives, presents the pastoral world as an alternative to it. AYL best illustrates that the natural simplicity of the pastoral world is not an end in itself, but a standard against which the court is to be evaluated. Shakespeare's pastoral worlds include Navarre's pa

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    Electoral College Reform

    2000 words - 8 pages

    Time For Reform? Considering The Failures of The Electoral College Description: This paper discusses the many shortcomings of the Electoral College, and posits possible alternative electoral processes which likely be more democratic. A common misconception among American is that when they vote they elect the President. The truth is not nearly this simple. What in fact happens when a person votes is that there vote goes for an Elector. This Elector (who is selected by the respective state in which a vote is cast) casts ballots for two individuals, the President and the Vice-Presiden

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    386 words - 2 pages

    The democrat candidate im writing about is Barack Obama. Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He grew up herding goats with his father, Brack Obama Sr., who was a domestic servant to the british. In 1996, Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate from the south side neighborhood of Hyde Park, in Chicago. He served as chairman of the Public Health and Welfare Committee when the Democrats regained control of the chamber. The Chicago Tribune called him "one of the General Assembly's most impressive members." He also worked for legislation that would cover residents who could no

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    Me And U

    474 words - 2 pages

    he United States has suffered hundreds of years electing the same "man" into office. Sen. Barak H. Obama is a different kind of man. Unlike the Bushes and the Roosevelts, Barak represents the minority. And contrary to popular beleif, Obama is leading the pack on the road to presidency. Barak Obama has all the qualities to recieve the democratic nomination for presdent because he has a different image; he is a good orator; and he shares the ideas of the people. Fact; Barak Obama is Black and Barak Obama is White. When in all actuallity he looks just like 30% of the United States population.

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    591 words - 3 pages

    The case study on Woodrow Wilson differentiated between politics and administration. How would you define “politics”? Do you think that public administration can ever be, or should be, totally separate from politics? Explain your reasoning. The Greek Philosopher Aristotle identified the word politics is as “politike”, a practical science, which is concerned with the noble action of happiness of citizens. My point of view in explanation of politics is concurred with the version of Aristotle. I suggest that politics is the decision making process, the settling of conflicts and the enforcing o

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    Analysis Of Speeches At The National Democratic Convention

    793 words - 4 pages

    Analysis of Speeches at the National Democratic Convention There were many speakers at the National Democratic Convention, but the key speakers promoting Barack Obama’s campaign were Michelle Obama, Edward Kennedy, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama himself. The speeches were full of political discourse promoting change, and the values of the American worker. Joe Biden and Barack Obama did criticize the current administration and the opposing candidate, while promoting their campaign as change for the American people. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife, gave her speech a

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    Book Biography Of Rajiv Gandhi

    1740 words - 7 pages

    Rajiv Gandhi, the eldest son of Feroze and Indira Gandhi, was born on August 20, 1944 and the youngest person to become the Prime Minister of India at the age of 40. He was India’s 9th Prime Minister and 3rd among the Gandhi family. He held his position after her mother’s death on October 31, 1984 until he resigned on December 2, 1989 after an election defeat. Though having no relationship to Mahatma Gandhi, his leadership brought substantial influence in India’s external political relationship. And even though his character was questioned in a controversial scandal which was actually served a

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    Legal Drinking Age

    578 words - 3 pages

    Brad Carter English 1010 September 24, 2008 Drinking Age Currently, the legal drinking age in the United States is set at twenty-one years of age. I believe this to be completely absurd. Who is to say that just because an individual is twenty-one means that they are mature enough to consume alcohol in a responsible manner? The legal drinking age should be changed to eighteen years of age. Eighteen year-old individuals have the freedom to take on many adult responsibilities, yet they do not have the right to consume alcohol. Reaching the age of eighteen is very exciting for everyone.

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    Obama Vs Mccain

    747 words - 3 pages

    McCain Vs. Obama ~ Education I completely agree with Senator Obama when it comes to the education policy. We need quality teachers and that means higher teacher pay. I believe Senator Obama is also right to call for politicians to work with teachers to create high standards for our school classrooms. First off, I am impressed by Obama’s plan and encouraged by the attention of the reforms his campaign is proposing. That said, these reforms are extensive and will require a lot of local oversight from already resource-strapped districts. (themelononline.com) Senator Obama believes that we sho

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