Scooters And Mopeds Essay Examples

  • Product Discription Ripstik

    343 words - 2 pages

    Product Description The product that has been chosen for the marking plan is called a Ripstik. The company that makes the Ripstik is called Razor USA. The Ripstik is the new generation of skateboards and they are calling it a caster board. Unlike skateboards the Ripstik has two wheels that are independent of each other and can rotate 360 degrees. The Ripstik has a concave deck and traction plates where you place your feet. The traction plates are black and help to keep your feet in place. There are two separate decks that are connected by a torsion bar. The decks come in different colors incl

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    Tired of KU on wheels bus schedule, early morning jam-packed buses, walking up the hills back and forth, or pushing bikes up the next street corner? It has always been a work out for KU students living either on or off campus. Students can wind up the hills more than 3 times a day, 21 times per week. It seems like owning a vehicle is the most viable option for saving energy and traveling time on campus. However, a stated-licensed car requires a permit which costs around 200 dollars to a maximum of $285 per year, while motorcycle permit rates range from 45 to 55 dollars per year. Many students

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    5507 words - 23 pages

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report focuses on the study conducted for testing the customer preference for the 125cc bike. The major objective of the research was to identify the existing competitors for Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL), and to determine the customer’s brand preference, loyalty, price they are willing to pay, and the 125cc bike market for Bajaj. To accomplish these objectives an exploratory study was conducted by taking the responses through questionnaires from a sample of 100 which included 50 bike users and 50 non- bike users residing in Mumbai and Thane belt. From the analysis

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    Competition In The Two Wheeler Industry

    2514 words - 11 pages

    COMPETITION IN THE TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY A PROJECT OF MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 22 Aug 2008 COLONEL AJAY REDDY Bajaj and Honda, two friends were going for a walk in the jungle. Suddenly, a tiger appears and both Bajaj and Honda began to run. Honda pantingly asked Bajaj, “Do you think we will be able to outrun the tiger?” Bajaj replied, “I don’t have to out run the tiger. I just have to outrun you”. {the tiger will do the rest!!}. That is the essence of the tem “competition”. The two-wheeler industry in India has been in existence since 1955. It consists of three segments viz., scooters,

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    Unforgettable Experience

    353 words - 2 pages

    Unforgettable experience Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the risk and consequences of disobeying traffic laws when operating a moped. Central Idea: Disobeying traffic laws can lead to serious injury and big fines. Introduction I. What is more likely to be involved in a fetal accident than any other passenger vehicle? II. If you answer, “a motorcycle or moped”, you are right. III. Mopeds are the most used way of transportation for spring breakers. IV. Today I would like to answer two questions. A. What are the dangers and risk associated with violating tra

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    1821 words - 8 pages

    Environmental Factors Consumer Behavior Analysis Owning a HT is more of a social want according to Pavlov’s hierarchy of needs. It seems more of a status symbol of being trendy and cool. No one really needs a HT but it’ll be cool to have one, making this market quite small. Economical Trend If we had more money and the economy was bullish then we would have more money to spend on something more frivolous. Most people don’t have the cash flow to spend on this new and improved big scooter. Therefore, Segway has a very selective market - people with a lot of disposable income. Soci

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    Philip Mccaleb Scooter Company

    1189 words - 5 pages

    1) What conditions do you think opened the door of opportunity for Philip McCaleb two companies? Philip McCaleb is very intelligent and extremely passionate about scooters. While there were several key factors that contributed to the success of his two businesses, his passion for scooters was very vital to the success of his two companies because it allowed everything else to follow with cohesiveness. McCaleb also loved riding scooters. When he worked in Europe as a sales manager, he rode one to his job; he found that scooters were cheap, maneuverable and fun. Owning a scooter played a s

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    Mod Youth Subculture

    3558 words - 15 pages

    CCS Stage 3 Essay Question 3 Owen Knowles Fashion Design Studying youth subculture is not the same as being in one. Discuss how identity and self expression is communicated through Style, Demeanour, Clothing, Graphics and Customised Transport. How much is group defined and how much is individualistic? I this essay I am looking at the 'Mods' as my specific subculture. I will break the essay down into the sections mentioned above – Style and Clothing, Demeanour, Graphics and Customised Transport The 'Mod' (modernist) Sub-Culture originated in London in the late 1950's before being abs

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    Bajaj Auto Limited

    1238 words - 5 pages

    Business Policy Case: Bajaj Auto Limited Submitted To Prof. F.A. Fareedy Submitted By Saima Farheen Affifa Haleem EMBA II Lahore School of Economics Snapshot of the Case Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL), a market leader in the two-wheeler market of India, was serving the world’s second largest market for two-wheelers in the world. The case highlights the boom of BAL in the scooter market and its ultimate downfall due to the changing times that were bringing a change in the tastes and preferences of the customers. The case tells us why there was a change in the deman

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    Social Mobility

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    Social mobility is movement of individuals, families, or groups through a system of social hierarchy or stratification. An example would be a person who moves from a managerial position in one company to a similar position in another. If, however, the move involves a change in social class, it is called “vertical mobility” and involves either “upward mobility” or “downward mobility." The social results of mobility, particularly of the vertical type, are difficult to measure. Some believe that large-scale mobility, both upward and downward, breaks down class structure, rendering a culture more

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    Dirt Bikes Usa

    1204 words - 5 pages

    Management Analysis of a Business Dirt Bikes USA was founded in the early 90’s around the expanding dirt bike culture. The founders, Carl Schmidt and Steve McFadden, started to design dirt bike frames for off road purposes using engines from foreign companies. The goal of Dirt Bikes USA was to create dirt bikes that would rival the foreign brands competing in the US. Steve and Carl felt they had an advantage due to the close proximity of the dirt bike culture in the US. Dirt Bikes USA currently has 4 types of dirt bikes including: the Enduro 250, the Enduro 550, the Moto 300 and the Moto

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    Girc Winning Report 2011

    9914 words - 40 pages

    Automobiles & Parts Politecnico di Milano Student Research This report is published for educational purposes only by students competing in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Piaggio S.p.A. Recommendation: ? Accumulate Price Target: ? € 2.65 Date 01.21.2011 Ticker: ?Bloomberg (Reuters)-PIA IM (PIA.MI) Price: ? € 2.40 Source: Company’s financial statements, PdM estimates Source: Company’s financial statements, Bloomberg, PdM estimates Highlights ? We initiate coverage of Piaggio with an accumulate rating and an end-of-the year target price of € 2.65, that offers a 10.4

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    Libert E Motor

    1257 words - 6 pages

    Diamond Power International (DPI) was a manufacturer of high margin electric-powered toys in china who after seeing their electric bike, initially created as a toy, being used for everyday commute decided to acquire a gasoline-scooter manufacturer and began to develop and produce electric scooters. They have been producing and marketing electric scooters and bikes in Asia since 2001 becoming the second largest manufacturer of electric scooters in China by 2009. In 2008, Kei Yun Wong, who’s family business had ties to DPI, received authorization from DPI to found Libert-E Motor, a brand create

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