Skateboarding Essay Examples

  • Skateboarding Laws

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    Skateboarding laws have been debated and talked about for many months and years in the local and national government. It seems it just get tougher and tougher for skaters. There are two main skateboarding laws in America no skateboarding, and you have to wear helmets and padding. There are also so smaller ones like punishments. As a skater I say we should remove the laws or don't reinforce them as much. First, we should be able to skate where we want if were not risking anyone life. Theres many places like Norway or Philadelphia that try to remove skateboarding. Norway banned all product

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    EA Skate Review

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    EA Skate Review: Redefining How You Play Have you ever played a video game that you really felt like you were in it? What about when you are playing it you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something after completing the task you aimed to do? All these feelings are enhanced in EA’s SKATE. This game has redefined how action sport games are supposed to be played. The game is very addicting at every aspect. And will keep the player wanting to play for hours. For the longest time the leading skateboarding games were the Tony Hawk Series. These were very good games that were very popular

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    The Ollie

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    The Ollie The “Ollie” is probably one of the most basic trick in the world of skateboarding. If you ever decide to become a skateboarder, most likely it will be the very first trick you will learn and manage to accomplish. In basic an Ollie is when you jump with the skateboard. With simple logic, you can figure out that most of the other tricks can only be done, after you have learned to do the Ollie. Emphasizing the important of the Ollie, enough to the point that we can assume that without knowing how to Ollie, you won’t be able to progress further into the world of skateboarding. Withou

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    MY DREAM JOB PAPER I have multiples of dream jobs that I can’t just stick to one. For me, the one of my perfect dream jobs would have to do with four small wheels, screws and bolts, a turning device to cost freely, black or different color grip tape. Skateboarding is one of the sports that drive you to push yourself to the limits. At first this sport seems quite easy and pretty simple to do but once you try it, it won’t seem so easy after. For some people they quit right they’re on the spot but for other like me know it difficult but we gain skill to know what and how to perform a performance

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    Pitching Machine

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    How to Operate a Two-Wheeled Pitching Machine Thank you for buying the inexpensive, great running, two-wheeled, baseball pitching machine from Leading Edge Pitching Inc or also known as L.E.P.I. The pitching machine you have bought, the E-series 3000, can be use to pitch fastballs up to 90 mph and as low at 20 mph. Also it can pitch curveballs, knuckleballs, sliders, and many others. The following instructions with explain how to operate the two-wheeled pitching machine in the right way and safely. 1. Plug the power cord into an outlet. Be sure to keep the pitching machine at a safe

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    Skateboard Assembly

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    Chris Blanker 06/03/08 Lowder Skateboard Assembly Wouldn’t you want to know how to impress people with the knowledge of putting a skateboard together? Or maybe just too have fun with it. There’s a few steps to assembling a skateboard and some of them are complex and take patience, but after reading this you will have no problems putting a skateboard together. The assembly of a skateboard is characterized by picking your parts, having the correct tools, and a good work area to put it all together. Firs

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    Appointment Confirmation Following is the confirmation information for your appointment:  You must bring a copy of this confirmation and any required ID listed below with you to your appointment.   Confirmation #: 2848395 Appointment Date:  8/13/2010 Appointment Time:  12:30 PM - 3:00 PM Name:   Tyler Mooney E-mail:  [email protected] Phone 1:   (410) 236-1365 Phone 2:   (410) 771-4232 Test Name

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    Interview With Rob Dyrek

    825 words - 4 pages

    I kicked off the interview asking Rob to tell us a little about the road he took to becoming a pro skater. “I grew up in Ohio,” Rob started, “and I got my first skateboard in October 1986 from my sister’s boyfriend. 24 days later I entered my first contest, and got into Neil Blender’s car. A month later I was sponsored, and 6 months later I was sponsored by G&S, was in the NSA and winning contests. I was sponsored by Alien Workshop at age 16 I asked Rob how he went from that to where he is now. “I’ve always had a business mind. I started my first company at age 18,” Rob explained. “I’ve alway

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    Super Skate

    858 words - 4 pages

    Angelino Villar Essay fundamentals October 15, 2010 Rob Dyrdek Lurking within the dark streets of Los Angeles layss hopelessness and despair. With armies of the less fortunate living on the streets and the skaters who are arrested every day for riding them, Los Angeles appears to be nothing less than a city of zombies. This is merely a run through for your every day citizen. Not many people seem to have the power to right these wrongs, but when in such trouble, a hero is needed. In 199, young Rob Dyrdek moved to LA, yearning his profession as a skateboarder. Sponsor after sponsor, Ro

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    Somewhere in Hollyfield Park is a teenage or young child blissfully riding his skateboard, and trying to enjoy his childhood years. Suddenly this child is grabbed, given a ticket, and even has is skateboard taken away. Some citizens would call this righteousness; however, this innocent child has been scrutinized for having fun. He has been harassed for being a skater and enjoying the benefits of the city park. Being a skateboarder in the city is becoming more and more of a negative thing. In the city there are skateboarders of all ages constantly searching for places to skate. Unfortunatel

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    1500 words - 6 pages

    While I was growing up my parents encouraged me to do many different things in order to become a well-rounded person. I was pushed to play sports, make a lot of different friends, play music, get good grades, and pretty much everything a parent would dream for their child to do. Obviously not all of these things went exactly how my parents planned but I feel I still turned out to be a well-rounded kid. When I was a child my family moved around my hometown a couple times so I attended all the elementary schools in my school district. Once I got to middle school I was surprised at how many d

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    614 words - 3 pages

    Anthony Estrella Unpaid work, in its truest sense, is doing something that has yields nothing in return. In reality though, that is almost never the case with any type of work. Most people would define unpaid work as anything where you do not get paid money for your services, such as volunteering. I disagree. Even though you do not get paid in cash, the benefits can be far more rewarding. Putting unpaid work in terms of money however, my personal favorite is teaching different people, mostly my friends, how to skateboard. My least favorite, however, is doing favors for people who never repay

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    She’s got wheels; transportation as a cultural practice sk8er boi skateboarding and its Subculture Skateboarding: is the act of riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. A person who skateboards is most often referred to as a skateboarder, or colloquially within the skateboarding community, a skater. The use of skateboards solely as a form of transportation is often associated with the Longboard. The traditional board around 3ft in length was used originally in California to “surf the sidewalk”. Depending on local laws, using skateboards as a form of transportation outside r

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    476 words - 2 pages

    Luminosity Hollie Barrow ENC 1101-107 Composition I-107 Instructor Dietzer August 12, 2011 In 1998, my household went through a very inconceivable encounter. On December 13th, after beautifying the Christmas tree, there was a curious smell coming from the laundry area. My sister revealed smoke after opening the entrance to the room. The stench was intoxicating and took my breath away. The terror I felt when the ashen colored smog rolled over me was that of a paralyzed child. The command of my father to exit the dwelling startled me into motion. As we all scrambled for the doo

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    Skateboard Story

    425 words - 2 pages

    Skate boarding. August campeotto hey, anders I hope you are doing well! This time I want to write about skateboarding because it is like one of my favorite hobby's. I start skateboarding for about a half year ago. The reason why i started was that, one of my friends called Joachim was skating, and i think it looked so nice and fun, so i borrowed a skateboard from my friend Victor, and then we started skating together. He learned me some tips and then i slowly started to learn just to ”drive” on the skateboard. After 3 month i learned the trick called ”ollie” it is the most basic

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    Proving Velocity Decreases Over Time

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    ABSTRACT The researcher attempted to find out whether the velocity of a skateboard, without added propulsion, decreases over time. He did this by passing the skateboard through a sensor and had a computer record how long the skateboard stayed in the sensor. After doing this with several different distances the researcher had found the results that he had expected. The time the skateboard spent in the sensor increases as the distance away from the sensor increased and the velocity decreased as the distance away from the sensor increased. Also the graph showed a very linear correlation an

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    Let Go

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    Let Go: My Story of Longboarding It all began this summer. Whenever we had the spare time we would go to either the Church Hill or Grouse Mountain. I was the driver because I never had a board. Joe and Dylan would be the ones to ride down the pavement, as I would drive behind spotting them. I always envied them and their chance to longboard, so eventually I just had to buy a board. I did not want to invest too much, in case I did not enjoy it, so I had to call up my friend Nick, who was able to sell me one of his old boards. So I got to show up the next day with a used, beat up board a

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    Universal Language Of Skateboarding

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    The Universal Language of Skateboarding There is much more to skateboarding than a deck wood attached to wheels. I am skateboarder, and I have been since I was eight years old. I am so glad I became one too. Being a skateboarder in this era is such a great thing. I could go anywhere in the world and have something in common with somebody I don’t even know. It doesn’t matter where he or she is from, we skateboarders can still communicate. A Backside-Heelflip is a Backside-Heelflip no matter where in the world. Skateboarding is a universal language. Just like other languages skateboardi

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    1453 words - 6 pages

    Informative Speech Outline Title: Speaker: Purpose Statement: Central idea / Thesis Statement: Organizational Pattern (Chap.9): Introduction: I. Attention Getter: II. Credibility Statement (ethos): III. Relevancy Statement: IV. Preview (each main point): • First… • Next… • Finally… (Transition to body/main idea #1) Body: I. Main Idea #1 A. Subpoint and/or supporting material (statistic or quotation) i. ii.

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    Steve O Redemption

    547 words - 3 pages

    Steve-O Redemption Sometimes in life, people do the unthinkable and believe that there is no possible way to recover from their tragic event. Stephen Glover has proved everyone wrong about this theory. Past the arrests for drugs, assault, and alcohol abuse, Stephen is a man trying to make a living. Stephen is world famous for his alter ego “Steve-O”. Steve-O is a famous idiot who makes his living from doing acts of stupidity to entertain the eyes of America. Stephen Glover was born on June 13, 1974 in London, England. Steve-O moved around a lot as a kid. He lived in England, Brazil an

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    Hunger Games Essay

    987 words - 4 pages

    Inside Jokes: Triple swift, beware the bear, 123 rape, got the password... Bitches, I'm gonna stick my wiener in your bum, go ninjas go, sloppy meat, douche bag, I hate MA, mr hock.. Mr what?, katodd, you wanna start shit, vulnerable, I like squirtles... Me too, owls, crosby69ovechkin, never get past three, voicecrack*, NOOO, nice walk Kevin.... What nice cock?, om nom nom bagel, I'll come home at 9.... Or now., Miisss Dooowwwnnneeeyyyy, GRUNT, fuck bitches get money, big decision, they're real if I can touch em, play the objective, pweennny, peanut stick, we all like white socks on our feet,

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    Cultures And Society

    1216 words - 5 pages

    Jason M. Cultural Anthropology Final Paper 8/13/10 Skateboarding as Part of Our Culture Skateboarding has a huge impact on our society and is a big part of our culture. A lot of things can be drawn from skateboarding. It has its own slang language, and has a whole bunch of words derived from it. Its own industry basically drawing out things such as: apparel and shoes, music, skateboards, competitions and is an art in its own. One of the most influential skaters of all time shows this first hand. “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.” What is culture exactl

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    Research Paper About Tony Hawk

    1384 words - 6 pages

    Tony Hawk And Skateboarding Submitted by: Jayster Kieth R. Guce Aira Cyrene C. Aguas Nicole R. Palomares IV-Entrepreneurship Submitted to: Prof. Christine A. Del Rosario One of the things people enjoy, especially teenagers and young adults, is skateboarding. Skateboarding is the term used for riding and doing magnificent tricks on a skateboard – an object made from especially designed wooden board wi

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    749 words - 3 pages

    Jake Bratel Mythology Mr. Christianson HERO A hero is someone who has made a huge impact on your life, someone who goes above and beyond for the good of others and expects nothing in return; someone who has been there for you inside and out, who has never let you down. Shane Bratel, he's my inspiration, my role model, my best friend, and my brother. He is the biggest dork I've ever seen, twenty-one years old and still collecting comic books. Twenty-one years old and still watches movies he watched when he was five. He is without a doubt the funniest person I've ever met. When he's around

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