Soccer Essay Examples

  • Biography Of Pele

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    Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more widely admired by the world as "Pelé", was born on October 23, 1940, in a small village in Brasil called Três Corações in the Brasilian state of Minas Gerais. He was baptized in the municipal church called Igreja da Sagrada Família de Jesus, Maria e José. His father, João Ramos do Nascimento, or Dondinho, as he was known in the soccer world, was also a professional player. He was well-known as one of the best-heading players in his time. He was a center forward for Fluminense until an injury kept him from playing professional division one soccer. His

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    Injured Too Soon Personal Statement

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    Injured Too Soon The nerves are raging, mainly in my stomach as the butterflies flutter till no end. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. Images were racing wild through my mind as my teammates took a knee around me. I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. I had played soccer for years with out a single injury. I hated that feeling of helplessness; laying there with a lame foot. It was two days until the first game of my last year of club soccer. My team and I were going to play our rival club team the “Spartans”, a battle we had persistently prepar

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    The Beautiful Game

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    The Beautiful Game Every four years the whole world seems to stop what its doing and focus on one thing: the World Cup. The World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world, hence the title of the tournament. Although we live in an American football and baseball dominated society, I have grown up playing and loving the sport of soccer. In return, I can say I have learned nearly every aspect, rule and strategy concerning this beautiful game. Even though soccer has not made it mainstream in America yet, the sport is still more interesting than what meets the eye at first glance.

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    A Rough Start

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    For much of history soccer has been a man’s game. Women’s soccer had a rough start in the United States. As the 21st century comes to an end, the US is arguably the top country in the world for women’s soccer, however it got off to a late start. European countries had leagues and competitions as early as the 1930’s; in the United States organized women’s soccer did not take root until the late 1970’s (Litterer). After women’s soccer did take off, it took of with a vengeance. It had enormous support at the youth and amateur levels. The fan base skyrocketed and after two World Cup titles and a g

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    The History Of Soccer

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    The History of Soccer – Ancient Times It's hard to say who invented soccer and there are several opinions regarding this subject. Sure, the country that invented modern soccer as it is known today is England, but historical references attest that diverse forms of soccer were around for ages. You simply cannot call yourself a real soccer enthusiast if you don't own this series of DVDs. The History of Soccer – The Beautiful Game has over 14 hours of impressive footage, legendary interviews and a complete collection of all goals from World Cup finals. Read my review… For exampl

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    Personal Narrative Soccer Injury

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    Personal Narrative- Soccer Injury I went into my junior spring soccer season kind of sad, my past coach, wasn't going to be our team coach this year. I wasn't really depressed though, because I had tons of friends that were playing this year. One of the great things about soccer is that it is not a school-sanctioned sport. To me this said that I was able to play another season of soccer with my friends from Paonia and Hotchkiss without the normal High School rivalry between these schools. Year after year, the schools pulled pranks on each other, sometimes nothing big, but sometimes somethin

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    Soccer In Argentina

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    GOAAAAAAL! Soccer is a lifestyle. You have to be Argentine or related to someone in Argentina to even begin to understand the meaning of soccer. Low culture Americans don’t grasp the concept; there is no understanding of the passion, the tears, the love and the religion that goes into the game. Soccer in Argentina and soccer in the United States are nothing alike. Futbol is far more than a sport in Argentina- it’s a way of life. It’s a culture. Almost 150 years have passed since the inception of soccer. Under the pens of several soccer clubs in England, the official laws of the game were est

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    Soccer Is Who I Am

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    Soccer is Who I Am. Soccer has been a hobby of mine for many years, which has helped me through the years to become who I am. My team is truly a family we are,“ all for one and one for all,” and put each other before anything else. I wake up every Sunday morning to be a part of that family and be their leader both on and off the field. Soccer has helped me become a better leader as a student, and in my community, where I play a role and try to achieve my best at everything I do. Whether, it is working to become a better person, an excellent student, or an outstanding member of my community. T

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    Football And Modernity In Latin America

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    Latin America has taken the meaning of modernity to a whole new level. Leaving behind the old and embracing the new has become a way of life for the people living in Latin America. Over time, modernization led to bigger and wider streets, people wandering around the city with no purpose, and even same sex relationships were being publically exposed. What needs to be further explored is the other aspects of the Latin American lifestyle have really led to this modern way of life. As Latin America modernized, so did the hobbies and sports that the people of Latin America enjoyed. Football is a sp

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    The Bad Side Of The Sudden Death Golden Goal In

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    The Bad Side of the Sudden Death (Golden Goal) in Soccer The “golden goal” is a method used in association football, ice hockey and field hockey to decide the winner of games in elimination matches which end in a draw after the end of regulation time. It is a type of sudden death. Golden goal rules allow the team that scores the first goal during extra time to be declared the winner. The game finishes when a golden goal is scored. Introduced formally in 1992, though with some history before that, the rule was abandoned from the majority of FIFA authorized games in 2004. The similar silver

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    Firstly, Jess's dreams are more important than her culture, as they are who she is as a person. Jess does not merely want to be the traditional indian girl that her parents want her to be, as her dreams are so much more open than that. Instead, Jess enters a territory that Indian girls usually never do: the soccer world. Its not everyday that you see a girl in an indian dress (forget the name?) playing soccer, however, Jess's passion and drive was so strong that she bent all of the rules to play the beautiful game........ I’m just like the rest of you; I was born right here in London; but my

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    Research essay: Soccer Player More than 240 million people around the world play soccer regularly according to the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). The game has evolved from the sport of kicking a simple animal-hide ball around into the World Cup sport it is today. Records trace the history of soccer back more than 2,000 years ago to ancient China. Greece, Rome and parts of Central America also claim to have started the sport, but it was England that transitioned soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the g

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    History Of Soccer

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    History of Soccer Games similar to soccer were played in China as early as 400 B.C. In 200 A.D. the Romans played a game in which 2 teams tried to score by advancing the ball across a line on a field, which means no soccer goals. They passed the ball to one another, but not by kicking it. Also in the 1100's, London children played a form of soccer. In the early 1800's, many English schools played a game that resembled soccer. Players added many rules that changed the game, and each school interpreted them differently. In 1848, a group of school representatives met at Trinity College

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    Ronaldo V Messi

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    Ronaldo versus Messi: The Everlasting Comparison Differences between football players always tend to bring about intensive arguments between people trying to prove their point. One of the most extensive arguments around the world concerns former Manchester United hero and Portuguese Captain Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Barcelona starlet and Argentine prospect, Lionel Messi. Cristiano and Lionel are without a doubt two of the most complete players in the world but they can be contrasted in terms of their personal characteristics, physical and technical abilities, and their overall achievement

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    Amanda Del Real Ms. Teddy English II 21 September 2011 The First and Only Game I’m standing in the freezing cold with the wind hitting my face at around 40 miles per hour, but I can’t really feel it; I’m hearing the leaves roar on the tree. I’m giving the other team a dirty look because I’m determined to win. My adrenalin is rushing up with excitement, but at the same time I’m nervous of what my first step will be. I was anxious for the referee to blow his whistle so the game could begin. I had waited and trained very hard for my first freshman soccer game; finally, it was here. I h

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    Soccer In Africa

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    Bryce Retherford Mrs. Spray Academic English 10 Period 2 22, November 2011 The African Way of Life The main sport in Africa is soccer. Kids in Africa only need a ball to go play soccer; they already have the space and time. If kids in Africa had the same opportunities as Americans, they would be the best soccer team in the world. Americans have public fields and an easier way to make money. If Africans had these benefactors, they could spend more time playing organized soccer and would be twice as good as before. This could be an extremely hard team to beat. Africa has produce

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    1.0 APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION 1.1 Application to and participation in the Buckeye Premier program are by invitation only to US Youth Soccer registered clubs/teams. All US Youth Soccer member teams make application to the Buckeye Premier league with the understanding that final acceptance and placement within the divisions lies exclusively with the Buckeye Premier Board of Directors. Teams from outside of the boundaries of OSYSA require approval from the team’s National State Association and OSYSA. Any rule in place by a State Association requiring their teams to play within their Sta

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    The Heaven

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