Softball Essay Examples

  • You Dont Know What You Have Until Youre Gone

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    You Don't Know What You Have Until You're Gone When I gave my mom and my grandma the last hug they would get from me until Christmas I broke down and cried the whole way back to the dorms at Missouri State University. I thought all was well until a couple of days without anyone I knew went by in what seemed like five years. I called my parents every three hours almost . I just couldn't take it. I guess I thought I was al grown up and ready to be out in the world, eight hours away from home, all by myself. I guessed wrong. The Batters Box I've wanted, for my whole life, to play college s

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    Going Going Gone

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    Going, Going, Gone! Allison Gill 9th Grade East Coweta High School Page 1 Abstract Have you ever wondered why Baseball and softball is played in the summer instead of the winter? The first answer to pop into your head is probably “Well, it’s too cold in the winter to be playing an outside sport.” Think about it for a second. Is there a chance it’s played in the summer because the temperature of the ball from the weather effects how far it goes? That is the purpose of this experiment. If the ball is warmer, then the ball will go a further distance. To test this experiment I purchased

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    History Of Softball

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    Softball was invented on Thanksgiving Day in 1887 in Chicago, IL. It all began while a bunch of Yale and Harvard alumni anxiously awaited the results of the Harvard-Yale football game. When they heard that Yale had defeated Harvard, one Yale supporter picked up an old boxing glove and threw it at a nearby Harvard alumnus, who promptly tried to hit it back with a stick. This gave George Hancock, a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade, an idea. He suggested a game of indoor baseball. Using what was available, he tied together the laces of the boxing glove for a ball. Using a piece of chalk, H

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