Software Essay Examples

  • College Accepatance About Programming

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    My past projects centered around analyzing, formulating and delivering solutions in every stage of providing Microsoft-format software for major Fortune500 companies. I have also designed a database system (implemented in SQL Server) and developed front end applications in Visual C++ and Visual Basic that used ODBC and DAO to access the server. This work piqued my interest in doing research in the field of database systems, and I started to think more analytically about the limitations of relational databases. I became interested in object-oriented databases, particularly their fl

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    Software Licensing

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    In 1993 worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $12.5 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $2.2 billion in the United States alone. Estimates show that over 40 percent of U.S. software company revenues are generated overseas, yet nearly 85 percent of the software industry's piracy losses occurred outside of the United States borders. The Software Publishers Association indicated that approximately 35 percent of the business software in the United States was obtained illegally, which 30 percent of the piracy occurs in corporate settings. In a

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    By submitting this paper to you are verifying that it is your own work. All work that you submit becomes the property of and you relinquish legal rights to it.By submitting this paper to you are verifying that it is your own work. All work that you submit becomes the property of and you relinquish legal rights to it.By submitting this paper to you are verifying that it is your own work. All work that you submit becomes the property of and you relinquish legal rights to it.By submitting this paper to BigNerd

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    Current Information Technology Environment

    1257 words - 6 pages

    Current IT Environment: As a company that will be operating exclusively in the medical field we need to take a look at the predecessors or forerunners to our company to see what IT systems they used to make them successful. Of course we will only use this information as a model to develop and adapt our own model of IT that will be tailor made for our business. The current model used by medical professionals that are affiliated with our business in a relational way to our product is one used by SCIENTIFIC SEARCH INC. In this business they use : · Programmer/Analys

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    Politics And Media

    666 words - 3 pages

    Media Paper In the news today, especially on the internet, issues written that are written about are going to have a certain bias. One of the reasons is because anyone can have website if they have a computer and the proper software. Therefore instead of getting one opinion, or one outlook on stories, news, debates etc., you can get both sides of the story and therefore make your opinion. On the four outlets of these stories you will see how they treat stories differently, or in some cases don?t even carry them. The minute you load up the MSNBC website you can clea

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    1134 words - 5 pages

    Like many writers of his time, Hawthorne emphasized and accentuated on man's inner reality, and those thoughts and feelings which are not immediately apparent. Hawthorne was a very unique writer and N.S Boone adds that “The Minister’s Black Veil is Hawthorne’s most enigmatic tale” (Boone). As Hawthorne explored this internal nature, he not only found the source of dignity and virtue, but also certain elements of darkness and violence. In The Minister's Black Veil, these elements are treated as real and inescapable forces in human existence. The unifying theme is the conflict between the dark

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    Head And Shoulders

    784 words - 4 pages

    Head and Shoulders I. AUTHOR Francis Scott Fitzgerald was an American Jazz Age author of short stories and novels. He was considered one of the greatest writers in the twentieth century. He was able to write four novels and left a fifth one undone. He also had a lot of short stories with the themes of youth, despair, and age. He is really fond writing to the point that it became his obsession. When he was in college, he dropped out from Princeton University to join the army and fight in the World War I. While in the army, he was able to pursue writing and was able to finish a novel

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    669 words - 3 pages

    Section Title Type your section subtitle here. Subtitles can summarize the content in the section or they might emphasize a main point. How To Use This Template Insert the title, subtitle, date and address on the cover page. For the body of your report, use Styles such as Heading 1- 5, Body Text, Block Quotation, List Bullet, and List Number from the Style control on the Formatting toolbar. This report template contains styles for a Table of Contents. The Table of Contents automatically lists Headings 1, 2 and 3 and the page numbers. After you have changed the headings with

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    Can A Piece Of Cloth Be The One Of The Most Important Things In A Country

    2053 words - 9 pages

    Can a Piece of Cloth Be the One of the Most Important Things in a Country? Mehmet Tekeli Missouri State University English Language Institute February 17, 2008 If a piece of cloth is a symbol of the personal freedom and an icon of Islam, yes, it could be the one o

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    Body Parts

    717 words - 3 pages

    Running Head: PRESUMED CONSENT Unit 4 Project: Organ Donation and Presumed Consent Step 1: Present Your Thesis Statement Presumed consent, a policy that assumes an individual is willing to donate his or her organs upon death unless otherwise specified, is an ideal solution to the growing need for organ donors. Presumed consent can save many lives by improving the quantity and quality of the organ pool, guaranteeing that an individual's final wishes are granted and also alleviate the burden family members face while making heart-breaking decisions for their

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    841 words - 4 pages

    Works Cited AKC News. “California Considers Allowing Breed-Specific Laws” American Kennel Club 24 June 2006 Estrella, CiCero. “Woman Mauled By Pit Bull In Vallejo” San Francisco Chronicle 03 October 2006. bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2006/10/03/BAGRLLHSBN4.DTL> Hussain, Safia Gray. "Attacking the dog-bite epidemic: why breed-specific legislation won't solve the dangerous-dog dilemma." Fordham Law Review 74.5 (April 2006): 2847-2887. LegalTrac. Thomson Gale. Woodberry Forest School. 30 Nov. 2006

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    381 words - 2 pages

    You know I would never bring this stupid issue up, but I just have to know how the hell this love shit work. Obviously I am missing something very important so I would like for you to explain the parts that I m missing. How do you say you love someone you not happy with, why do you tell someone you love them when you not even satisfied with who they are. Why do you pretend you like someone you don’t really like and have no reason to like. When I liked you, your faults were included, trust me, you are full of that. I can sit here while I am typing this dumb paper and tell you straight up I used

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    Helmet Laws

    1031 words - 5 pages

    Motorcycle Helmet Laws Riding down the open road on a motorcycle hair blowing in the wind, feeling free from all the problems of the world, this is how some riders feel riding should be, but then out of nowhere a car pulls out in front of the rider and having nowhere to go, the bike crashes into the car. The motorcycle rider is thrown from his bike and impacts the road. Later, during the autopsy, the medical examiner determines that this rider’s life could have been spared if they had only been wearing a safety helmet; this is just one case of hundreds of crash fatalities that could have been

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    Unethical Research Tuskegee

    4595 words - 19 pages

    Introduction There is absolutely no doubt that scientific research with its resultant discoveries is paramount for the welfare and survival of mankind. The status of scientific research has somewhat been put on a pedestal, not for good reason as it is almost always associated with brilliant minds and important findings. But as one delves and learns more about the prevailing environments and the methods used in earlier scientific research, especially where human subjects were used, it is apparent that the emphasis was more on the ‘subject’ and not the ‘human’. For centuries, the questions of

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    Problem Solution Global Communications

    4129 words - 17 pages

    Problem Solution: Global Communications MBA 500 University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Global Communications Global Communications has seen a drastic drop in profits and stock prices in recent years. As a member of the over-represented telecommunications community, it has seen its market share divided and confidence in its industry reduced. It does; however, possess some of the brightest minds in the business, including CEO Katrina Heinz, who brought her experience in the European market to Global six months ago, and VP Sy Rodriguez, the twenty-year veteran of Global’s Consumer M

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    Implications Of Information Security And Privacy On The Internet

    3176 words - 13 pages

    Internet security refers to techniques for assuring that data stored in a computer cannot be accessed or compromised by anyone without authorization. Common security measures are data encryption and passwords. Routers, firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware can also greatly reduce vulnerability to threats. (“Internet Security”, 2008) Information security exists where there are policies and procedures in place as well as physical and technical measures that provide CIA. CIA is an acronym for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality shields information from unwante

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    Designing A Computer System For The Enfield Hotel

    3149 words - 13 pages

    Background The company is called the Enfield hotel. It is located in north London. The Enfield hotel is a well established local hotel accommodating business and leisure needs. It has an excellent well earned reputation for the food served in the restaurant. The Etruscan restaurant is for evening meals and breakfast. Style and décor of the restaurant provides a very special dining experience. The restaurant is capable of holding 40 seated people, and the ratio of people staying in the hotel and eating for evening meals is 3:1. The hotel is conveniently located in a quiet resid

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    The Value Of Conflict

    1383 words - 6 pages

    The Value of Conflict University of Phoenix - January 2008 GEN300 The word conflict stirs up thoughts of anger, friction, mistrust, frustration, and hostility. Rarely does anyone think of conflict as a tool for deeper thinking, better results, and communication that is more dynamic. When unmanaged, team conflict can destroy cohesiveness, but teams that use conflict resolution strategies can turn their conflict into an asset. Managed conflict can promote an exchange of ideas to generate well-thought-out results, encourage team members to think outside of their own ideas, and develop deeper

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    Mind Map

    1746 words - 7 pages

    A hand-drawn mind map A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing. It is an image-centered diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of information. By presenting these connections in a radial, non-linear graphical manner, it encourages a brainstorming approach to any given organizational task, eliminating the hurd

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    Global Communications

    4433 words - 18 pages

    Problem Solution: Global Communications Kathy E. Wagner University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Global Communications Well-known on Wall Street, Global Communications is a confident telecommunication corporation with obligations to its employees and stockholders to remain a competitive market leader in the communications industry and increase profits. To meet the obligations of their employees and stockholders, Global Communications negotiated a strategic plan to reduce costs and increase profits and growth. The initial negotiation was successful; however, the Senior Leadership Tea

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    The Digital Revolution

    295 words - 2 pages

    The Digital Revolution The Beginning - Personal computers began showing up in the late 70's. However, they had no practical or industrial uses. There were no graphics, only text. At this time personal computers were basically just for hobbyists. - In 1984 the introduction of the Macintosh computer foretold the digital revolution. Besides sporting bitmapped graphics, it included a device called a mouse. These two innovations combined made it easy for anyone to use the computer, not just programmers and mathematicians. - The driving force behind making computers convenient to use

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    Homelessness In America Bad Luck

    1100 words - 5 pages

    Imagine traveling during the day having nothing to your name, carrying bags everywhere you go and not knowing where your next meal is going to come from. Now picture thousands of homeless people living on the streets in America and many of them do not choose to live this way. Unfortunately, for some people they are victims of bad luck that leads to homelessness in America. Although, many will argue that being homeless has something to do with a personal choice also, but according to thousands of homeless people, bad luck was present too. Homeless Americans are those people who do not live in a

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    The Applicationof Information Technology

    1274 words - 6 pages

    1 Introduction With the beginning of the 21st century, the information technology is developing at a rapid rate. The IT applications are playing crucial roles in different fields and areas including science research, manufacturing industry, education and so on. The IT application utilized in universities is a typical case which reflects its significant functions. Such university-used applications encompass a wide range of items such as computers, personal communication devices, digital video and sound system, email, the Internet and so on (Davison C, 2005). This paper is based on a research w

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    Trajan Column

    587 words - 3 pages

    Visual Art The exploration of space and narrative strategies come into full bloom in the column of Trajan. The column was erected between 106 and113 ce in a small court yard to the west of Trajan’s forum, and its base would serve as a burial chamber for his ashes after his death in 117. Soaring about 150 Roman feet high, it supported a gilded statue of the emperor, lost in medieval times. Winding through the inerior of its shaft was a spiral staircase leading to a viewing platform, from which a visitor could look out over Trajan’s extraordinary building complex. Free-standing columns had been

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    Flik Spr

    744 words - 3 pages

    Aaron Dominguez US History 1st Period Saving Private Ryan 2-27-08 During the epic battles of the Second Great War, men and women of all ages fought and died gloriously for their homelands. On the American front were brave, yet rather senseless American soldiers. When I say senseless, I mean these young men were naive, believing that there was no chance of being shot. In the film, “Saving Private Ryan” the men soldiers can be seen in the opening scenes removing their helmets, thinking that they are well protected and will not die. However, there was a profound spirit amongst these sold

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    First Phase

    1405 words - 6 pages

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction Page - 1 2. Case Study: “Setting up a scoring/log system to determine the individuals/teams that compete in a karate tournament” Page – 1 3. Top down (Hierarchal) chart outline the soccer system Page – 2 4. Scope of the Project Page – 2 5. Karate Tournament Project

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    Teens And Peer Pressure

    1152 words - 5 pages

    Amanda Webb May 8, 2008 Essay 2-ENG 102 Social Influences on teens today What is peer pressure? Peer Pressure is the social pressure on one of a peers group of friends to take a certain action or behavior because that's what everyone else is doing. Teenagers today are starting to: drink, smoke, have sexual interactions and use illegal drugs and a much younger age. This is caused by peer pressure because today teens are willing to do whatever it takes to fit into so what the so called “popular” crowd. Most teenagers have the goal to fit into these so called groups or cliques and it

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    Should Teens Under 18 Be Allowed To Under Go Plastic Surgery

    2286 words - 10 pages

    According to The American Society Of Plastic Surgery, in 2003, four percent of those people receiving plastic surgery are the ages 18 years and younger. The American Society Of Plastic Surgery has verified that over 330,000 teenagers 18 and younger have under-gone some kind of plastic surgery in 2005 (Plastic 2). Teens should be able to make the mature decision of whether or not to have surgery, because it is healthy that teens know they have control over the appearance of there body. Also, it helps teens feel better about themselves, in which, branches off into more positive reasons on why te

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    Bill Tytla And Robert Mc Kimson

    858 words - 4 pages

    Robert McKimson and Bill Tytla are legends in the world of animation. While both artists have left an impressive legacy, they differed greatly in style and personality. McKimson (1911-1977) created some of Warner Brothers’ most memorable cartoon characters, such as Speedy Gonzalez, Foghorn Leghorn, and the Tasmanian Devil. Although he is considered as a ‘brilliant’ animator by film historians, he has also been referred to as an ‘uninspired’ director (Robert). Nevertheless, his work with two genius animators, Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng, as a team is responsible for a myriad of unforget

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    Is Threat Toindia Software Industry

    1721 words - 7 pages

    Is China a threat or an opportunity? As with many sectors in Indian industry, the Indian software industry too is worried over the threat from China. Yet in software and hardware, India might have an opportunity that more than makes up for any threat, say Srikanth R P and Rajneesh De For 40 years now, since border skirmishes erupted just after some emotional posturing in 1962, Indians and Chinese have viewed each other with mutual suspicion. Over the years, although the two gigantic countries have settled some differences, they still seem to warily circle each other. In recent times, In

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    Beyond Good Evil

    488 words - 2 pages

    Beyond Good and Evil, a Ubisoft creation is the first of a 3rd person action/adventure trilogy. It is brilliantly presented and a master of its genre, with a mixture of pristine and realistic graphics, an in depth plot/story-line, both linear and non-linear game play and a host of never-bofore-experianced features that elevate the game 'beyond!' Jade, an action reporter, living on the planet of Hillys, is aware that the so-called ‘alpha sections’ are feigning the defence of their planet from alien attack. She realises that the media plays a pivotal role in shaping the public’s opinions of

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    Team Dynamics

    1016 words - 5 pages

    Team Dynamics in the Workplace This paper contains the definition of the phrase team dynamics. The roles within a team are also discussed. Many of the pitfalls to proper team functioning are included. The importance of the team manager, controller, and other team members are vital to the success of the team. This paper includes information regarding findings about individual agenda versus team agenda. The Dictionary defines team as “a number of persons associated together in work or activity.” (Merriam-Webster. 2007.) The dictionary also defines dynamic as “the underlying cause of chang

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    500 words - 2 pages

    Scott Computers, Inc. is a large company that manufactures, sells, and leases computers and related software. Our company does extremely well, at the end of fiscal year ’91 their gross income was $339,000,000. In February of 1990, Rapid’s vice president contacted us wanting to speak to a salesperson regarding purchasing computer equipment. Our salesperson, June Robertson, met with Dee Williams in which they discussed Rapid purchasing computer equipment that would allow Rapid’s customers to engage in computerized composition remotely. Rapid’s goal was to allow their customers to transmit in

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    Why Do Teenagers Commit Suicide

    422 words - 2 pages

    Suicide2 Suicide amongst teens is a worldwide problem. Teens are committing suicide younger and younger. Studies show that the majority of teens that commit suicide are 14 years of age. Furthermore, males commit most of these teenage suicides. (Beautrais, Annette 2001) Also in 2003 the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that 16.9% of teenagers in high school had seriously considered committing suicide and 8.5% attempted suicide in the past year. (Cho, Hyunsan, Guo, iritani, & hallfor 2006) So why do teens commit suicide and how can we help them? Is it their environment, or is i

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    Comparisons Of Multimedia Software

    844 words - 4 pages

    Nowadays, there are many text soft wares has been used by users and developers to do various text typing and words creating works. So far a lots of text soft wares has been created and their developers who represent their companies have been raced with each other to provide the best text soft wares. As many people thought, text soft wares are not as awesome it can sound compared to other type of soft wares like game soft wares, graphic soft wares and others. But the importance of this soft wares has been taken seriously after seeing its important role to develop a company which is based on a

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    Women And The Glass Ceiling

    2064 words - 9 pages

    Introduction Physician assisted suicide has been a controversial issue addressing, physical, ethical, religious, and psychological, perspectives. It is debated greatly in the medical community and in government. It is viewed as a personal issue to some, while others view it as a legal issue. Regardless of the manner in which one views this issue, it is widely debated and will always create controversy. While some contend that it is a means of relieving the terminally ill from a painful and undignified death, others believe that it is inhumane and devalues human life. At present, only g

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    What Is Faith

    1013 words - 5 pages

    What is Faith? In “Young Goodman Brown,” Nathaniel Hawthorne uses subtle symbolism and ambiguity to illustrate a more superficial meaning to the story. The tale is allegorical, meaning that the characters and objects in the story represent abstract ideas. Hawthorne expresses symbolism in different ways, but at the same time allows the symbolism to be obvious to even the least attentive readers. The first sign of symbolism introduced in the story is the title, “Young Goodman Brown”, which symbolizes Brown’s youth and good nature and suggests that he is an uncorrupt and innocent man. Mor

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    The Birthmark

    877 words - 4 pages

    In the Birthmark, Nathaniel Hawthorne reveals the individual, yet universal, human struggle of understanding and coping with the conflict between internal beauty and external beauty. Through the complex characters of Aylmer, the obsessed scientist and husband, and Georgina, the beautiful, but physically marked wife, Hawthorne demonstrates that science can be used for the greater good or, when the basis of science is misguided priorities, for the greater evil. He also shows that when we attempt to secure ultimate beauty, we often bring ultimate destruction. It was Aylmer’s desire for perfection

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    Bead Bar Project

    538 words - 3 pages

    As it is today, the Bead Bar locations are not connected to headquarters or each other. Particularly, the Bead Bar on Board cannot connect to the organization’s network while travelling. Headquarters is presently equipped with ten desktop computers; five notebook computers and currently each location is only set-up to work with the technology developed for that specific location. If the locations are able to connect to one central hub, the organization’s productivity will increase. The locations can communicate with each other and perhaps save documents on the network directory for global

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    With Security At Risk A Push To Patch The Web

    1271 words - 6 pages

    Since a secret emergency meeting of computer security experts at Microsoft’s headquarters in March, Dan Kaminsky has been urging companies around the world to fix a potentially dangerous flaw in the basic plumbing of the Internet. While Internet service providers are racing to fix the problem, which makes it possible for criminals to divert users to fake Web sites where personal and financial information can be stolen, Mr. Kaminsky worries that they have not moved quickly enough. By his estimate, roughly 41 percent of the Internet is still vulnerable. Now Mr. Kaminsky, a technical consul

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    The Invention Of 35 Mm Film

    920 words - 4 pages

    The Invention and History of 35mm Film There were a lot of different film gauges invented in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but 35mm was deemed the standard gauge, around the world, in 1909. 35mm or “The Edison Size” [7] received its name from how wide the photographic film is cut, 35mm or approximately 1 3/8 inches wide. It was introduced by Thomas Edison and William Dickson in 1892 and is predominantly still used today—in the making of motion pictures. There have been many attempts to replace it with smaller and larger gauges, 13mm to 75mm, but the cost versus the quality of 35m

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    High Performance Team

    1270 words - 6 pages

    High-performance is a key focal point for several businesses in view of the fact that groups and teams are becoming common amongst businesses. A high-level of performance makes up the foundation for groups and teams in the present day. The compilation of thoughts, wisdom, and skill of diverse people is better than that of one individual. From problem solving to innovation, companies have put their faith in the high-performances of groups and teams to put ones company in front the rest. This essay will discuss how a group can become a high-performance team, the impact of demographic characte

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    Why Children Should Learn To Read Music

    535 words - 3 pages

    Why Children Should Learn to Play Music Learning how to play a musical instrument is a great tool for children, though some kids may hate it (As I did when I first started off) they will ultimately benefit from it in ways never thought before. Learning music is like learning a language, because music is essentially a language, notations such as pentatonics, mezzo forte, crescendo, poco a poco, are learned almost exclusively because of music and if learned early on in life a child will know it leaps and bounds better than an adult, this is the same with any language (Tuttle, 2005) Many profes

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    2576 words - 11 pages

    1. Shareholders : They want to know what has happened since the freeze, when they are getting their money back , how much of their money they are getting back, and in what form. The relevant information in the article is as follows: ( The proposal now was for debenture holders to be repaid 30 per cent of their investment in three equal installments on March 31 2009, September 30 2009 and March 31 2010. The balance of their investment would be invested in three, four and five year secured listed bonds in equal proportions. ) 2. HBOS bank shareholders ‘ Austr

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    Retrenchments And Components Of Remuneration

    1850 words - 8 pages

    INTRODUCTION In this paper the following will be discussed with regards to retrenchments and components of remuneration: selection criteria; disclosure of information; what a severance package is; what the Act says about severance packages; severance package for normal termination; severance package rights; examples of what companies offer as a severance package. “The law allows you to retrench employees when you have a good commercial reason for reducing staff complement. It may also be because of bad economic circumstances, technological advancements, a restructuring exercise to

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    Development Of The Intranet

    1290 words - 6 pages

    The Internet started out as a way to transmit data in real time across a series of linked computers. Text could be typed out and posted on one end and then downloaded and read on the other end. “The precursor to the Internet, ARPANET was a large wide-area network created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Established in 1969, ARPANET served as a test bed for new networking technologies, which linked universities and research centers. The first two nodes that formed the ARPANET were UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute, followed shortly thereafter by the

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    Journal Entry

    1182 words - 5 pages

    January 14, 1846 I found this book laying in the mud as we got off the ship in Quebec. After a little clean up and drying out, my Dad said that maybe I should keep my thoughts in it. I don’t write well, I’ve had no real schooling, but it sounds like it could be fun. We came here from Ireland. Dad said that there was no food left and that is why we had to leave. He wants to go to New York. Says there’s better ways of finding work there than there is here. The reason we came to Quebec is because it was cheaper than going straight to New York. “A ticket to Liverpool would have cost only 1pnd.

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    2129 words - 9 pages

    A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language.[1][2] Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis.[2] Wikis are used in business to provide intranets and Knowledge Management systems. Ward Cunningham, developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".[3] "Wiki" (/wiːkiː/) is origi

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    Mba 570

    1242 words - 5 pages

    Mission, Vision, and Values Paper MBA 580 Inst. Dennis Dwyer Desiree Jarosko Week 1 Gone are the days of high power luxury vehicles, over-built 4-wheel drives and SUV’s that can haul a small army and their gear. In are the days of high fuel prices, global warming and waning economy. So, how does an auto maker reassess their mission, vision and values to better align themselves in the new evolving marketplace? For the purposes of this assignment, the US automaker General Motors will be discussed, their mission, vision and values, and how they can be re

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    IT Army

    1887 words - 8 pages

    Software has become the key element in enabling the military to field warfighting and combat support capabilities, and the importance of software will only increase in the future. The inherent characteristics of software provide three benefits for addressing military requirements: speed, linkage, and adaptability. Well designed and implemented software can be changed in minutes or hours versus the weeks and months required for hardware modification, thus permitting flexibility to address rapidly evolving mission requirements. In addition, software governs most of the interfaces of today's sy

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