Specialty Travel Essay Examples

  • The Outsiders

    1962 words - 8 pages

    A Benign Indifference In The Outsider, the author gives the readers the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the main character Meursault, a seemingly detached and emotionless Frenchman who works as a shipping clerk in Algiers. The Outsider is told in the first person and traces the development of Meursault’s attitude toward himself and the rest of the world. Camus' way of creating a contrast between the two faces of Meursault can be seen by the separation of the book into two parts. The first part describes Meursault as an indifferent character. In this part readers are simply presented

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    1515 words - 7 pages

    “Tourism is often seen as the savior for developing countries. Discuss whether costs outweigh the benefits with specific reference to developing countries.” Tourism can be defined as "travel away from your normal place of work and residence, including travel undertaken for business and pleasure". There are two main types of tourism: domestic and international. Domestic tourism being within the tourists own country and international tourists travel to another country. Tourism is now the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. In 1950, 25 million people traveled internationally, in

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    The Bible And Sula

    1536 words - 7 pages

    The Bible and ‘Sula’ ““Oh Lord, Sula,” she cried, “girl, girl, girlgirlgirl.” It was a fine cry – loud and long – but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow.” (Sula, 174). So ends Toni Morrison her novel Sula. In the novel we follow the life of Sula Peace all the way through her childhood in the twenties until her death in 1941. The novel’s setting entails the black community in Medallion, especially “the Bottom”. By reading the story of Sula’s life, and the life of the people in the Bottom, Morrison shows us the different but important ways in which famili

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    Tourism In India

    1018 words - 5 pages

    Tourism Industry in India (Nov 2006) Contents • Introduction • Incredible India • Boom Time • Economic Growth Engine • India on the World Map • The scene till now • Govt Policies and Initiatives • Open Eyes- Open Arms • Challenges • Conclusion • References Introduction It is boom time for India's Tourism and Hospitality sector. Driven by a surge in business traveller arrivals and a soaring interest in India as a tourist destination, the year 2006 has been the best year till date. Incredible India !! India is probably the only country that offers various categories of touris

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    Tourism Is The Answer To Problems Of The Developing World

    1136 words - 5 pages

    Tourism is the Answer to the Problems of the Developing World Between the years of 2000 and 2007, the number of tourists arriving in developing nations rose a total 54% to 360 million people. Developing countries do not have a remarkable infrastructure or manufacture growth and the only option they could turn to is tourism. Tourism indeed delivers great benefits to these countries in various aspects such as boosting economy and exchange of cultures, although there are also some pitfalls such as emergence of sex tourism as seen in Thailand. This essay will indicate that tourism is the

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    Toni Morrison The Song Of Solomon And Sula

    1528 words - 7 pages

    Toni Morrison: The Song of Solomon and Sula Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Wofford in Loraine, Ohio on February 18, 1931. Her writing was influenced by her personal experiences and cultural background. This is obvious in her two novels Sula and The Song of Solomon. In the novels, Sula and Song of Solomon, you can see a complexity of the characters reflecting the evidence of a good and evil nature. This reflection of complexity is found in the novel, Sula, whose human flaws and various decisions defy categorization as merely good or evil. In Sula, Nel and Sula are shown as opposites.

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    Tourism Impact

    3305 words - 14 pages

    Over the last twenty years or so, tourism has undergone enormous changes and development. The demand of tourism is growing with a rapid speed all over the world. With a fast growth, tourism has become a potential industry not only in developed but also developing countries. Tourism today is a global issue. Not only have international tourism arrivals more than doubled since 1983 but also the number of destinations drawn into the so called ‘pleasure periphery’ (Turner and Ash 1975) has grown to the extent that there are few countries or regions worldwide which could claim to be outside the inte

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    Challenges Of Ecotourism In Antarctica

    1897 words - 8 pages

    Antarctica is one of the largest and most fragile environments on earth. It is rare and unique, and few people get the opportunity to visit such an extraordinary place. Antarctica’s unique environment and climate sets it apart from other tourist destinations. However, the hostile wilderness creates many challenges for ecotourism. There is a concern regarding the high concentration of tourists and their environmental impact at the few landing sites available. The real debate is whether tourism can benefit, or threaten the conservation of Antarctica. Ecotourism, in its early historical origin

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    Sustainable Tourism In Kenya

    3092 words - 13 pages

    Introduction: The purpose of this coursework is to analyze the historical development of Kenya’s nature based tourist industry in order to develop a better understanding of the concepts relating to sustainable tourism in the developing world. I will show how past resource management practices have affected tourism’s carrying capacity. Because of the complicatedness of this paper I will break it down into five sections. In the first section I will define sustainable development. In the second I will briefly describe the history and current state of nature based tourism in Kenya. In the third se

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    Discuss The Argument That Sustainable Tourism Is Less Harmful To The Physical Environment Than Mass Tourism

    1093 words - 5 pages

    Discuss the argument that sustainable tourism is less harmful to the physical environment than mass tourism. Sustainable tourism is defined as tourism that meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) Sustainable tourism is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems." (World Tourism O

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    1328 words - 6 pages

    Organisms in nature rely on one another for their well being. However, sometimes those organisms become greedy and decide to take in the relationship, instead of sharing with their symbiotic partner. Through this action, it takes on parasitic characteristics. In Toni Morrison's work, Sula, Sula Peace and Nel Wright demonstrate how a symbiotic relationship goes awry. When one partner betrays the other, by taking instead of giving, the other partner suffers. Nel and Sula's relationship suffers because Sula unfortunately takes actions that lead to partaking in a parasitic relationship where

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    The Stanger

    1226 words - 5 pages

    The Stanger by Albert Camus, is a novel that is engulfed in existential themes, but none more so than the expectations of life. Life carries with it many things, Meursault, the main character in The Stanger comes to a point in his life where he loses any expectations he ever carried with him, if he ever had any at all. Meursault’s life becomes that of just one long continuous day that never ends and the overwhelming apathy that he possesses facilitates his ongoing meaningless, boring, tiresome, dull, dreary, unsatisfying life. Monsieur Meursault throughout the novel appears ve

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    Tourism Do The Benefits Of Tourism Outweigh The Costs

    1178 words - 5 pages

    Tourism: Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the costs? As the largest business sector in the world economy, the Travel and Tourism industry is responsible for over 230 million jobs and over 10% of the gross domestic product worldwide; however, do the benefits of this industry outweigh the costs? To create a benefit, one will always incur some sort of cost whether it is economically, socially or environmentally. For instance, tourism increases income to a particular area or country but in hindsight could potentially create dependence for that area or country to rely on tourism for their ec

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    1757 words - 8 pages

    Ecotourism and the environment: The environment is one of the primary concerns of ecotourism, which often involves travel to relatively undisturbed areas. As the tourism product is often dependent upon nature, negative impacts upon that resource should be minimized. As Cater [1994] notes, even the most conscientious tourist will have some degree of impact on the environment and so ecotourism should therefore attempt to minimize that impact. Many studies of tourism attempt to identify an environmental carrying capacity but a major difficulty of this technique is that it “implies the existenc

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    Ritz Case Study

    2514 words - 11 pages

    Though Tourism dates back to 3000 BC, it has consistently been developing to newer phases. As we all know, Tourism can be travel for purposes of recreation, leisure or business purposes. Ever since, Tourism has been growing in popularity as a global leisure activity. Reports said that in the year 2008, international tourist arrivals were 922 million; with a growth of 1.9% against the year 2007. The industry of tourism provides opportunities of employement to service industries like airlines, taxicabs, hospitality services, cruise ships, accomodations, amusement parks, fashion malls, e

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    The Stranger Annotations P 1

    1122 words - 5 pages

    The Stranger Chapters 1-5 -When Meursault finds out about his mother’s death he doesn’t show any real emotion. It seems to me like he has lost connection with his mother and so she wasn’t a large part of his life to start with. Maybe Meursault is just in shock from the news and it hasn’t really registered in his mind yet, but it seems to me it’s more likely that Meursault is just a detached man. Maybe something has happened to him in the past to make him act this way. For example he never mentions his father; maybe his father died and traumatized him, leaving him in this detached s

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    1385 words - 6 pages

    The Economic and Social Impact of Tourism Batir Mirbabayev, Malika Shagazatova 1. Introduction Today, tourism is one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities. Its high growth and development rates, considerable volumes of foreign currency inflows, infrastructure development, and introduction of new management and educational experience actively affect various sectors of economy, which positively contribute to the social and economic development of the country as a whole. Most highly developed western countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, an

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    1457 words - 6 pages

    A Relationship to Die For A friend is someone who will always be there for you times of need and is someone who will never let you down. A good friend will never try and stab you in the back by any means possible. However, many friendships have the tendency to crumble because one friend becomes greedy and takes from the friendship and does not give anything at all. In the novel Sula by Toni Morrison, Sula Peace and Helene Wright display a friendship that turns one sided and falls apart. Sula and Nel’s friendships falls apart when Sula decides to take random selfish actions which then

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    Ecotourism In Coxsbazar

    4769 words - 20 pages

    Summary Report on Ecotourism at Cox’s bazar Sharmin Sultana Table of content 1. Executive Summery 1 2. Introduction 1 3. Cox’s bazar Physical Environment 2 4. Impacts of tourism at Cox’s bazar 4.1 Social Impacts 3 4.2 Cultural Impacts 4 4.3 Economic Impact 5 4.4 Environmental Impact 6 5. Necessity of Ecotourism 8 6. Future Plan

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    Sula Compare And Contrast

    1132 words - 5 pages

    This essay is a compare and contrast of the character’s sula and nel from the novel ‘‘Sula’’ by Toni Morrison.Throughout the progression of the novel, Nel and Sula complements each other in ways that allows them to form a single functional unit friendship. The symbiotic nature between Sula and Nel began during their childhood years.  Sula depended upon Nel for sturdiness and comfort, while Nel preferred the unpredictable nature of her sula.  They used the other's lifestyle to compensate for their shortcomings by placing themselves in the other's surroundings.  When Sula visited Nel's home,

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    Toruism In India

    1570 words - 7 pages

    India is one of the oldest countries in the world, full of charming and attractive historical sites and challenging and mysterious stories that laid in the foundation of Indian cities, regions and even buildings. India is the country of contrasts from architectural and cultural perspectives. If you want to surprise yourself with food, culture, language, clothing and various traditions, India is the right place for you to go. With the population of over one billion people, India is very multicultural and each of the twenty eight states in the country has its unique identity that determines and

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    Galapagos Islands

    1048 words - 5 pages

    Ecotourism Concerns Tyler Gunderstreet San Francisco State University Here in the United States, we wouldn’t really think of tourism as a major dictator of our economy. Some might not even realize that tourism is an actual industry or consider it an industry of its own. Although for the countries that we’ve read about, being Kenya, Zanzibar, South Africa, and The Galapagos, tourism affects the lives of everyone in these countries day in and day out. Tourism itself can have substantial environmental, economic, and socio-cultural impacts on a country. Ecotourism on the other hand, which

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    Security Management

    18017 words - 73 pages

    Part - One INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION Bangladesh is a country of vast, largely unknown and unspoiled natural beauty and reserves, which are simply unique and fascinating. These natural phenomena are composed of hills and vales, forests, rivers, lakes, sea and beaches, and the evergreen landscape embracing the country. Bangladesh- the land of Royal Bengal Tiger, nature has bestowed it with all the beautiful shades of green. This large delta rises from the Bay of Bengal and does up to the footsteps of the west, north and east, a little strip of the south-east is connected with Myanmar.

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    Eco Tourism

    1234 words - 5 pages

    IMPACTS OF ECO TOURISM The tourism industry is one of the fastest developing industries in the world today. At the end of year 2007 the industry has contributed around 234 million job opportunities worldwide and is still flourishing. Compared to other industries, world tourism industry contributes 10.3% GDP globally. With the huge and fast development, the industry is in need of many trends and the existing policies need to be restructured in order to go ahead in a more sustainable way. Eco tourism is something that the investors are keen on today. And it is one of the fastest growing sub sec

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    Ransom Priam Is A Man In Conflict Discuss

    1626 words - 7 pages

    Priam is a man in Conflict. Discuss. “Holding in his head all the roads that lead to the distant parts of his kingdom, he feels them at times as ribbons tied at the centre of him, for the most part loose but sometimes stretched taut and pulling a little...” thinks Priam in Ransom. In this retelling of The Iliad, David Malouf primarily centres on Priam, the elderly King of Troy. In many respects, Priam is a man torn between various imperatives. Even though he is the symbol of Troy and aware of the importance of adhering to ceremonial display, he actually feels very vulnerable as an aging mo

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    What Is Tourism Identify And Briefly Describe Fiv

    1878 words - 8 pages

    Name : Tebello Surname : Mokupo Student # : 199800454 Course : EH 407 – Tourism and the Environment Lecturer : Mr. J. Mataga Department: Historical Studies Due date : 11th February 2011 Question : What is Tourism? Identify and briefly describe five types of tourism. When dealing with the issue of tourism, what immediately comes to mind is the idea of people visiting a particular place for various kinds of activities such as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, vacation, having a good time, business, professional activity, educ

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    2115 words - 9 pages

    Biodiversity and Conservation 14: 579–600, 2005. DOI 10.1007/s10531-004-3917-4 Ó Springer 2005 The role of ecotourism in conservation: panacea or Pandora’s box? ¨ OLIVER KRUGER Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EJ, UK (e-mail: [email protected]; fax: þ44-1223-336676) Received 28 April 2003; accepted in revised form 11 November 2003 Key words: Ecotourism, Flagship species, Local community, Nature-based tourism, Sustainability Abstract. Does ecotourism contribute towards conservation of threatened species and habitats or is it just a marketin

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    Environmental Protection In Tourism

    3168 words - 13 pages

    Environmental Protection in Tourism Tourism is a significant and essential component of contemporary human life, it is also already become an important economic sector for many countries and regions around the world. There is no doubt that tourism indeed creates a large amount of economic revenue to our society. However, most people just regard tourism development as a kind of economic activity, emphasis on pursuing its economic benefits, and relatively ignored the tourism negative impact on natural environment. This essay aims at talking about the environmental protection in tourism. Na

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    2356 words - 10 pages

    Tourism is undoubtedly the single largest industry in the world and contributes vast amounts of revenue into any given country. In New Zealand alone, tourism accounted for 10.2% of Gross Domestic Product in 1996 or in dollar terms $11.78 billion (Collier, 1999). In 1999, half a billion people traveled worldwide which indicates the huge scale of the tourism industry. And the speed of tourism growth is also outstanding - airplane numbers have increased thirty times since 1960 and in the last fifteen years the number has doubled. And the amount of international tourists is also increasing rapidly

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    The Outsider By Albert Camus Plot Summary

    1074 words - 5 pages

    Plot Summary of "The Outsider" by Albert Camus Meursault, the narrator, is a young man living in Algiers. After receiving a telegram informing him of his mother’s death, he takes a bus to Marengo, where his mother had been living in an old persons’ home. He sleeps for almost the entire trip. When he arrives, he speaks to the director of the home. The director allows Meursault to see his mother, but Meursault finds that her body has already been sealed in the coffin. He declines the caretaker’s offer to open the coffin. That night, Meursault keeps vigil over his mother’s body. Much to his

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    The Stranger

    1061 words - 5 pages

    Albert Camus wrote The Stranger during the Existentialist movement, which explains why the main character in the novel, Meursault, is characterized as detached and emotionless, two of the aspects of existentialism. In Meursault, Camus creates a character he intends his readers to relate to, because he creates characters placed in realistic situations. He wants the reader to form a changing, ambiguous opinion of Meursault. From what Meursault narrates to the reader in the novel, the reader can understand why he attempts to find order and understanding in a confused and mystifying world. The c

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    17169 words - 69 pages

    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Eco-tourism is about conserving resources, valuing the local culture and contributing to the local economy. It focuses on local traditions, wilderness conservation, volunteering, personal growth and discovering constructive ways to experience our fragile planet. Recycling, energy efficiency and the creation of economic opportunities for local communities are integral elements of eco-tourism. Its purpose is to make the development of tourism ecologically supportable and sustainable Eco-tourism however involves more than providing s

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    Quantitative Analysis Assignment

    1175 words - 5 pages

    MEMO Napa County Conservation development & Planning To: From: Date: Napa County Board of Supervisors Farah Saud, Staff Planner 2/15/2012 Subject: Population research Analysis of Napa County and California State. Napa County: Napa County is a county located in San Francisco Bay Area in California State of U.S. Napa County was created in 1850 and is one of the original counties of California State. According to 2010 Census Napa County has a total population of 136,484 and the county has a total area of 788.27 square miles.1 Napa County has maintained a large portion of it for the agricu

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    Project Report

    3398 words - 14 pages

    Narendra Singh Bohra.,et.al., Int. J. Eco. Res., 2011, 2(2), 10-18 ISSN: 2229-6158 FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) IN INDIA SERVICE SECTOR (A STUDY OF POST LIBERALIZATION) Dr. Arjun Singh Sirari, Principal, Government UG College, Satpuli (Pauri), Uttarakhand Mr. Narendra Singh Bohra, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, Graphic Era University, Dehradun ABSTRACT FDI is a tool for economic growth through its strengthening of domestic capital, productivity and employment. FDI also plays a vital role in the up gradation of technology, skills and managerial capabilities in various sec

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    1787 words - 8 pages

    1. Based on Leiper (1979)’ work, there are three ways of approach to tourism: economic, technical, and holistic. The economic definition is that tourism refers to the provision of transportation, accommodation, recreation, food, and related services for travelers. The technical definition of tourist covers three elements: distance travelled, duration and purpose. The holistic definition is embracing many facets centering around the tourists. Tourism study could incorporate many fields, e.g. anthropology, sociology, economics, geography. Leiper(1979) proposed tourism is “the system involving th

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    Tourism Essay

    1287 words - 6 pages

    1. Introduction Today tourism industries are increasing rapidly and have become one of the most influential sectors of countries’ economic development. Since the late 19th century, many countries have tried to manage and improve their tourism activities in order to maintain their sustainable tourism trends. In fact, there are 3 main factors of sustainable tourism; which are environmental, economic, and socio cultural sustainability; that should be satisfied and well managed in order to be successful. However, many tourism countries only think about short term profit and ignore the long term i

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    1125 words - 5 pages

    One Soul Cannot Split for a Lover and a Friend Nel and Sula’s relationship took many twists and turns throughout Sula, but in the end, it was Nel that missed Sula, and not her husband who was stolen away from her. Tony Morrison developed an intense and conflicting friendship between the two, built on their differences and how they seemed to be each other missing halves. Although one may believe this trait to be reserved for their lovers or spouses, Sula and Nel represents Morrison’s thoughts that a friend can fill this space up and in this novel, even better than a lover. Through the novel S

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    Changing Business Environment In Tourism

    5536 words - 23 pages

    Project report on: SUBMITTED TO: Prepared by:MBA1st-A VINITA KAURA Asmita Kumari Gupta Avantika Shekhawat Nimisha Biyala Table of Contents |S. No. |Topic |Pg. No. | |1. |Preface |03 | |2. |Introduction |04 | |3. |Clas

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    Sustainable Tourism In Gran Canaria

    9945 words - 40 pages

    Sustainability in Gran Canaria A research report about the sustainability of accommodation providers on Gran Canaria, and on their customer’s expectations of sustainability Table of content Group information 4 Foreword 5 Summary 5 1. Introduction 5 1.1. Substantive exploration 5 Tourism 5 Sustainability in tourism 6 1.2. Neckermann / Thomas cook 8 Thomas Cook 8 Neckermann 9 Sustainability 9 1.3. The destination 10 Sustainability policies and protective measures 11 1.4. Trends and developments 12 Social trends 12 Rural tourism 12 Demographic trend

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    Sacred Groves An Overview

    10848 words - 44 pages

    Ramanujam, M.P., Kadamban, D., Kumaravelu, G. and K. Praveenkumar. 2002. Sacred Groves - An Overview. In: Ethnobotany, P. C. Trivedi (ed.) Aavishakar Publishers and Distributors, Jaipur, India. pp.13- 53. SACRED GROVES - AN OVERVIEW Ramanujam M.P, Kumaravelu G,, Kadamban D. and Praveenkumar K Botany Laboratory, KM Centre for PG Studies, Pondicherry 605008. General Introduction Sacred groves are patches of natural vegetation demarcated by ancient societies and protected on the basis of religious practices and cultural traditions. They are distinct segments of various landscapes containin

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    Sector Touristic In Panama

    9098 words - 37 pages

    Indice Introducción 2 Desarrollo del Sector Turístico en Panamá 3 Turismo en Panamá 4 Destinos más visitados. 5 Que hacer en estos Destinos 6 Lo que se está Haciendo 8 Infraestructuras Turísticas: 9 Facilidades Turísticas: 9 Espacio Natural: 9 Espacio Cultural: 9 Desarrollo e inversión de Hoteles en el País 10 CONSTRUCCIONES 10 Los principales hoteles en construcción 13 Transporte Turístico en Panamá 17 Servicios por parte de agencias de viajes 17 Metro de Panamá 18 Transporte Aéreo 19 Inversión Privada en Panamá 21 Inversión Hotelera 22 Regiones de Inve

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    The Negative And Positive Effects On Tourism

    5447 words - 22 pages

    The Negative and Positive Effects of Tourism Submitted by Arianne Smith DeVry University Tourism Management, Warren John Fall 2011 Abstract The current research paper covers the main effects of global tourism, both positive and negative. International tourism is a significant sector of business. For some countries it is one of the main sources of national income. The most important positive economic effects of tourism are as follows: increase in budget revenues, production expansion, stimulation of investments, and improvement in the population’s welfare. Tourism influences social and

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