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  • Disciplines In Exercise Science

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    There are various disciplines within exercise science. You can choose different disciplines depending on what you want your career to be. Three different types of disciplines are Athletic Training, Exercise and Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. They are all different and have different purposes within. Athletic Training deals with prevention; care and rehabilitation of injuries to people that are physically active. Exercise and Sports Psychology deals with the importance of body movement and the effect the mind has on it. Lastly Sports Nutrition deals with food and good eating habits (4

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    Sports Fitness

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    Guide to College Majors in Sports Medicine & Science Sport is imposing order on what was chaos. --Anthony StarrWhat is Sports Science? The study of sports medicine and sports science involves applying medical and scientific principles to sports, exercise, and the ability of the body to perform physically. These two fields are broad and can lead to many different educational and career opportunities. Exercise and sports science is the scientific study of physiology and biomechanics in relation to the ability of the human body to adapt to motion, movement, and physical activity. Because gr

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    Taping Or Bracing

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    A Critical Look on the Effectiveness of Prophylactic Bracing Abstract I took four different scientific journals from various authors and websites. Then came up with supporting facts as to why I think that bracing is the correct way to go about to prevent further injury to the ankle. It is through these web journals that I discovered many facts I had not known. The journals brought to my attention about allergic reactions, cost, bulkiness, effectiveness, and mobility. There were different studies on basketball players, soccer players and American football players that were put into my t

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    1 INTRODUCTION: Football is the most popularly sport in the world and like other contact sports, it has an inherent risk of injuries ranges from 70% to 90% (Nielsen and Yde, 1989). In Europe alone, football was estimated to be responsible for 50% to 60% of all sport injuries (Ekstrand et al, 1983). The lower extremity is the most common site for football injuries and the most common injury in football sport is ankle sprain which most of 85% are the inversion injury especially those involving the lateral ligament complex (Seligson et al, 1980 ;Tropp et al,1985; Hawkins et al, 2000). This is

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