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    Resolving the conflict of Reliability vs. Accuracy in the 16 PF test Introduction: For psychologists, one of the more popular theories espoused is the trait approach to personality, or “the idea that people have consistent personality characteristics that can be measured and studied” (Kalat, 2002, 512). However there are several problems that arise. First, there are significant cross-cultural differences, so one set of personality traits for one culture may differ considerably for another. The next problem would concern the creation of a test that could accurately measure these traits. While

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    Franco Custodio HIS233 Jason Treter 25Sep10 The Vikings In 793 AD, a peaceful monastery in the northeastern England called Lindisfarne was savagely attacked by strange new invaders (“The Viking,” 2000 ). These warriors were described as blue eyed barbarians in horned helmet and believed to have been Norwegians who came from the North Sea. The attack was marked the beginning of the Viking Age. Just who and what are these Vikings? What is their main intention of attacking the monastery of Lindisfarne? In this essay, I will discuss that the Vikings are not a race of people but a band of di

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