Surfing And Bodyboarding Essay Examples

  • History Of Surfing

    1884 words - 8 pages

    The Introduction The history of surfing dates as far back as the origins of the Hawaiian people. What began in Hawaii, has quickly expanded throughout the world to almost every beach and to places where people never thought that could be surfed. From a long, heavy plank of wood, the surf board evolved to a shorter, lighter fiberglass and foam board. Because of the far travels of many ambassadors of Hawaiian surfers, the once small sport of surfing in Hawaii began to spread to many other countries. Today, it is not only a popular sport, but a widespread art, a growing business, and an

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    Business Plan Sand Pointe Surf Shop

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    I. Sand Pointe Surf Shop A. Description of Business Sand Pointe Surf Shop was formed over many countless hours of dreaming in the summer of 2006. Being a very independent person with big ambitions and goals I knew one day I would be living the life I love. I have a huge passion for the ocean and everything that is in it. Surfing has been a part of my life for 7 years now and it is the only thing that keeps me going. I wanted to be a pro surfer for the longest time but all of the competition got boring to me and I started free surfing. So I knew opening a surf shop would be the most reaso

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    Eddie Aikau

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    Hello. My name is Edward Ryan Makuahanai Aikau. I was born in Kahului, Maui on May 4th, 1946. I have 6 brothers and sisters. My dad, Solomon Aikau, who we called pops, taught us how to surf in the old Kahului Harbor. We didn’t have that many things, so we relied on family for entertainment. In 1959, my father and mother, Henrietta Aikau, moved all of us to Oahu so we could have better opportunities. Pops got a got a job as a cemetery worker, so we lived in a house at the graveyard and our family had to take care of the land. My family loved the beach and we would be there 24/7 if we could have

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    641 words - 3 pages

    cean Circulation o Driving forces of Surface Ocean and deep-water (thermohaline) circulation: 1. Winds-controls direction 2. Coriolis effect 3. Continents Deep-water circulation: driven by ètemperature salinity (DENSITY) o Ekman Transport: water below the top surface layer is moved at a 90-degree angle wind direction o Gyres- what are they? How many currents are they composed of? Def: Circular flow of surface water along the edge of an ocean basin. o Surface ocean currents-types, characteristics TYPES: 1. Cold-water currents-flow from high latitudes toward the equator

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    If a professional surfer loses all twelve events in a year, he comes away with $36,000, if he wins even one event that’s $30,000 alone. But the big bucks come from endorsements and sponsors which can earn you any where from a $100,000 a year to around $650,000 a year, with further bonuses available for championship wins and such (Carroll, Nick). There’s a lot of money to be gained in surfing but that’s the opposite of what surfing is about. Surfing an art, a sort of connection with the ocean and the waves that are ridden. People surf to forget about the financial and other social problems they

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    What Is A Standing Wave

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    Generally speaking, a standing wave is a wave that remains in a constant position. There are two ways that standing waves are produced. One way a standing wave is created is when the medium and the wave are moving in opposite directions. Another way they are created is through a stationary medium and two interfering waves. Standing wave patterns are the result of the repeated interference of two waves of identical frequency while moving in opposite directions along the same medium. During this interference resonance is created in the system. This interference creates an optical illusion of the

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    Rouge Waves

    1018 words - 5 pages

    Demetrius Cameron Gordwin 07/25/2008 Rogue Waves Since the first ship set sail on the deep blue sea there has been many stories and myths. Stories of pirates and their treasures and monsters that live in the deepest parts of the ocean. There were even tales of waves that were so high that they could swallow a ship and destroy it in a matter of minutes. They called them freak waves or massive waves. But like all old stories and myths, for centuries the idea of such a thing was only a folklore. But could you imagine such a thing. A wave so big that it can get as high as 35m or

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    945 words - 4 pages

    Influence-*to have an effect on the condition or development of; MODIFY. Hot summer days were the most exciting days for me when I was a child. My brother would drag me out to the beach, but I felt like today wasn’t going to be an average beach trip. There was almost this sense of accomplishment in the air. I knew that today was the day I was going to learn how to serf. We got up early in the morning and my brother borrowed my dad’s car. This meant that we were going far. I was so excited because I knew that I wouldn’t forget today. Two hours of bad Euro Pop later, I start seeing

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    333 words - 2 pages

    “ Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal,” T.S. Eliot once observed. It is unlikely that this insight, pithy and eloquent though it is, would be of much use during any intellectual property dispute. Corporations guard their assets jealously. The realities of competition mean that complacency about patents and copyright could be fatal. It is fine for artists to joke about plagiarism. Business leaders rarely do. If you attended the Association of American Publishers' annual conference in New York last week, you will have seen a senior corporate executive having a major sense-of-humour

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      Contents: Introduction: surfing History of Surfing Kelly Slater Shaping the Board Layne Beachley Conclusion References.  A photograph taken in January at Poll A chapaill beach. Surfing I first went out surfing when I was thirteen on a visit to Colaiste Uisce, I didn’t enjoy the sport at first as I was very weak and couldn’t handle the power of the waves but over time I have gained strength and advanced in the sport. I st

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    957 words - 4 pages

    We have all had friends our parents didn’t like. You know, friends whose charms weren’t obvious to the average or unobservant person. Maybe it was a misunderstood girlfriend, “I don’t know what you see in her” or “she’s a nice girl but....” Well, I have a special relationship like that: I love Cowell’s. For those who don’t make it to Santa Cruz too often, here’s the skinny: Cowell’s is the furthest inside break of Lighthouse Point. A sandy bottomed, redheaded stepchild of a longboard break. Lighthouse Point is best known as the home of Steamer Lane- the Lane is the outside break. Then ther

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    Increase In Shark Attacks

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    As a keen fan of channel seven’s Sunrise program, it was only natural that the three recent shark attacks on Australia’s east coast would grab my attention. The recent shark attacks on the Eastern coast of Australia were broadcasted on every major news program and newspaper across the country. As many people fear the thought of having any limb mauled of by a Great White Shark, or any shark in that matter, what a great opportunity to discuss the recent attacks and the possible reasons behind the increase of shark attacks. With new statistics showing a rise in Great white sharks caught in shark

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    SURFING Pounding waves, rushing water, the ocean is my playground, these are some of the feelings I get when I think of surfing. Growing up in Hawaii, surfing was much talked about and done. For those of you who didn’t have the luxury of growing up in Hawaii and know little about surfing, I will explain. I’ll brush upon what surfing is, what equipments and supplies are needed, the dangers of surfing, and lastly why I love it! Surfing is a surface water sport which includes a long board called a surfboard and waves. The basic idea of this sport is to ride waves into the shore. Dated as f

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    376 words - 2 pages

    Aimless life is certainly a sin. Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like the travelers going a head without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Aimless people do not achieve any thing in life. They just live because they have to live. One should have a definite purpose of life. The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their virtuous, their qualities, their talents an

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    San Diego Beaches

    961 words - 4 pages

    San Diego Beaches Black’s Beach is a famous surfing spot. Though not officially sanctioned, it is well known for its nude bathers due to its isolated location. The 300 foot cliffs surrounding this 2 mile stretch of beach make this one of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches. This uncrowded beach with its gorgeous ocean and cliff views is one of the most romantic beaches in San Diego. Directions to Blacks Beach from San Diego:Take I-5 North to La Jolla. Exit at Genesse Avenue and drive west up hill. Turn left onto North Torrey Pines. Turn right onto Torrey Pines Scenic Drive. Take this road u

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    Survival 101 S Amp Amp Sb

    535 words - 3 pages

    In the deep and tragic movie Cast Away, Chuck, played by actor Tom Hanks, finds himself stranded on an island for several years after a devastating plane crash. This great movie has enticed arguments and debates among friends and family as to what would be the two best items to have if one were stuck on an island or even in a desert. The best two items to have if one were trapped in an isolated place would be a twelve-pack of peach Snapple and a surf board. A twelve-pack of peach Snapple has many advantages for one marooned in the desert or on an island. First, this drink can quench one’s

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    Dude Is That A Shark

    1399 words - 6 pages

    Marcus Faria March 10, 2009 Professor bender “Dude, is that a shark?” “Surfing refers to a person or boat riding down a wave and thereby gathering speed from the downward movement.”(surfing) wikipedia gives that as the definition of surfing, but ask a surfer what surfing really is and they will tell u something completely different. A true surfer doesn’t care about the scientific part of why his board gets speed or floats on water, but rather he cares about the feeling he gets while waiting for that perfect wave, or rushing to escape the closing end of a toned wave. Until I was able to ex

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    S URF

    1606 words - 7 pages

    B. On his voyage to Hawaii Captain Cook, a British explorer witnessed a man riding a wave while standing on a board. in 1778. 1. Cooks Lt. James King devoted two full pages to a description of surfboard riding, as practiced by the locals at Hawaii which is the earliest written account of surfing. C. The undermining of Hawaiian culture accelerated in 1820, when the first of the Calvinistic Christian missionaries arrived from England and began to convert the Hawaiians from polytheism to the one True God 1. The Calvinists insisted that the Hawaiians wear more

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    Apostrophe To The Ocean By Lord Byron

    326 words - 2 pages

    The greatest human fear is that which is unknown, and impossible to predict or anticipate. Byron vocalizes the Ocean’s extreme and often frightening force against human nature in this poem, “Apostrophe to the Ocean”. The ocean is an impregnable force impossible to attack, or conquer. However, our Byron, rather than feeling fearful of the ocean, is inspired by the toll it takes on human life. Byron resents humanity because of its rejection of nature’s natural path, instead modernizing the world. His hope is essentially that the ocean will get fed up and have its revenge against them. It can be

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    666 words - 3 pages

    In the early 1960’s choosing a surfboard was a fairly simple procedure. One simply strolled into the neighborhood surf shop, picked out a board with an appealing color scheme, paid the money and walked out; equipped for an adventure in the sun and the surf. But times have changed, and so have boards. They have been shaped and shifted in many different ways since the beginning. In 1960 you had one style of board for all styles of riding, as well as level of skill. The different types of surfboards can be divided into three categories: long boards, high performance surfboards, and hybrid surfboa

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    Beach Safety

    1602 words - 7 pages

    SURF AWARENESS 1. What are some visual signs that will indicate a rip is present? A rip is a fast flowing current of water moving out towards sea from the beach. There are many visual signs of rips. First of all, in rips, the water is unusually calm and this is caused by water flowing out to sea. There will not be any waves approaching the beach in a rip. Also when a rip is current, the depth of water at the shoreline will look shallower than normal. The water is of a different colour in a rip and often, it is churning or chopping. Another sign is easily seen by seaweed, debris, sediment

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    Surfers A Subcultural Perspective

    1580 words - 7 pages

    Surfing has been around longer than most sports. It has evolved from a tropical pastime to a world-wide competitive lifestyle. The surfing culture is rich and full of diversity. Surfing has been in multiple facets of media. It has influenced luxury retailers as well as budget brands. Surfing has even created its own universe of clothing and society. The sport of surfing originated in ancient Hawaiian culture. The first documentation of surfing was observed by Captain James Cook in 1778 when he stumbled upon an island called Hawaii. News spread about how these indigenous islanders stood upon

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    Aim Of My Life

    384 words - 2 pages

    Aimless life is certainly a sin. Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like the travelers going a head without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Aimless people do not achieve any thing in life. They just live because they have to live. One should have a definite purpose of life. The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their virtuous, their qualities, their talents an

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    Billabong International

    489 words - 2 pages

    Billabong International Limited A surfer and surfboard shaper named Gordon Merchant and his partner founded it on Australia’s Gold Coast back in 1973. Billabong started out just making boardshorts and found immediate success with surfers drawn to the superior functionality and durability of the Billabong boardshorts. By the 1980s, Billabong had firmly established its place in the Australian surf culture and was ready for international expansion. The initial focus was the large North American market and, again, the brand enjoyed success. Through the 1990s the surf industry grew exponen

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    Here In There

    586 words - 3 pages

    Ode to a Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley                    Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!                     Bird thou never wert -                  That from Heaven or near it                        Pourest thy full heart In profuse strains of unpremeditated art.                 Higher still and higher                      From the earth thou springest,                 Like a cloud of fire;

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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet

    517 words - 3 pages

    The term Internet was practically anonymous to most of the people. And today Internet has become the most ever powerful tool for man throughout the world. The Internet is a collection of various services and resources. However, like every single innovation in science and technology, Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Internet has played an important part in our daily life, and in fact, it brings us lots of advantages, and the first I want to mention is communication. The foremost target of Internet has always been the communication. Now thanks to the Internet, we can communi

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    Advertisement Comparison

    917 words - 4 pages

    Essay #1 Advertisement Comparison             G-shock and Rolex, two very different watch companies with two very advertisements. The Rolex commercial depicts Pierce Brosnan (James Bond from 007) at some sort of social gathering, probable a bar or something. In the back ground are several women, two of which are both looking at Pierce Brosnan. There is a picture of the watch they are trying to promote in the bottom right corner with the word choices next to it. The G-shock advertisement depicts a surfer riding on a wave. The body of the surfer is completely white and displays no physical char

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    The Outsiders

    306 words - 2 pages

    WHY IS THIS RELATIONSHIP IMPORTANT? Karl’s obsessive nature and actions show the theme of betrayal and how ‘obsession’ can be destructive to peoples lives – both their own and those around them. His obsession with surfing prevents him from having a real life. Also that ‘outsiders’ often have trouble finding ‘acceptance’ in cliquey small town NZ. Justine illustrates the theme of naivety or innocence and also obsession. She is obsessed with Karl and is attracted to him largely because he is different and provides some excitement and change in her monotonous life. Due to Justine's naivety and

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    Kite Runner

    437 words - 2 pages

    Kites are popular today but they have ancient origins. It is believed that they date back at least three thousand years and originally came from China. Kites are particularly popular in Afghanistan as they symbolize national pride, history, independence, personal pride and religion. Then I glanced up and saw a pair of kites, red with long blue tails, soaring up in the sky. They danced high above the trees on the west end of the park, over the windmills. This description from the novel appears on page one. The kites represent the relationship between Amir and Hassan, they float close to one a

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    Origin Of Surfing

    683 words - 3 pages

    Origin of Surfing Imagine yourself sitting under the radiant sun overlooking the ocean’s surface as it forms friction pushing up against the blue waters forming such beautiful ocean swells. That is the beauty of a wave and the art of surfing begins. What is surfing? According to the Wikipedia website, by definition, is a surface water sport in which a person (surfer) encounters breaking waves on a surfboard. It is a well-known leisure cultural sport to the Hawaiian Islands. Many of the Locals do not believe surfing as just a sport but an outlet for a connection with the ocean and the

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    Lockie Leonar Human Torpedo

    339 words - 2 pages

    With Miss Vinciullo this year we have been studying thie novel, Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo. The novel was written in 1990 by the Booker Prize nominee, Tim Winton. It was so well received that it was soon made into a television series. This essay will outline the key elements of the story, Characterisation, Setting and Theme. Firstly, Lockie is the main character of the story, He is a pre-teen, who has recently moved from Perth, and out to Angelus, Western Australia. Being the main character, he plays a giant role in the book. Vicki Streeton is the other most reliable character of the bo

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    Case Study

    950 words - 4 pages

    Running head: Firewire Surfboards Firewire Surfboards Introduction Firewire Surfboards was launched in 2005 by a group of friends who wanted to create surfboards for just anyone that wanted to go out and enjoy the waves. The claim is that the Firewire surfboards are lighter, stronger, and more flexible than the based competition’s surfboards. Firewire decided to start making custom surfboards instead of just their usual off-the-rack sizes in order to keep up with the competition. Along with making custom surfboards Firewire is doing other things in order to stay ahead of their comp

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    Optimal Dividend Policy

    4408 words - 18 pages

    Optimal Dividend Policy and Growth Option Jean-Paul D´camps† St´phane Villeneuve‡ e e June 2005 ? Abstract We analyse the interaction between dividend policy and investment decision in a growth opportunity of a liquidity constrained ?rm. This leads us to study a mixed singular control/optimal stopping problem for a di?usion that we solve quasi-explicitly establishing connections with two auxiliary optimal stopping problems. We characterize situations where it is optimal to postpone dividend distribution in order to invest at a subsequent date in the growth opportunity. We show that unce

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    Wow Is Wow

    351 words - 2 pages

    ?? ??? v? ???????v?.. | Smart Search Results: |   | 1. ???????, ????? ?????, ?????, ????????, ??????, ?????? - aim - ???????? c????? - shine utga oruulah 2. ?????????? - aimless - ???????? c????? - shine utga oruulah 3. ???????, ??????, ?????? ???????? ??????? - goal - ???????? c????? - shine utga oruulah 4. ??????, ????? ???????, ???????????, ??????, ?????? - intent - ???????? c????? - shine utga oruulah 5. ??????, ?????, ?????, ?????????, ????????? - intention - ???????? c????? - shine utga oruulah 6. ???????, ????????, ?????, ???????? - objective - ???????? c????? - shine utga or

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    Deserted Island

    482 words - 2 pages

    EKS Club News Report by: Disha Power kites have been around for over 30 years, and in that time the sport of power kiting has progressed unbelievably , from the early forms of two line traction kites to the immense power of a 20 square meter surf power kites. Power kites have been around for over 30 years, and in that time the sport of power kiting has progressed unbelievably , from the early forms of two line traction kites to the immense power of a 20 square meter surf power kites. Power kites have been around for over 30 years, and in that time the sport of power kiting has progress

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    Sex On A Surfboard

    1101 words - 5 pages

    Sex on a Surfboard Many companies today use sex as a way to sell their product. They will have a picture of an attractive man or woman in the ad because they want it to catch people’s attention and make them want to buy what they are advertising. There is nothing wrong with doing this to sell your product but when you have an ad from the same company with two different people and the ad with the woman is based more on sex appeal than the one with the man then there is an issue. Visual 1 The first ad is from the October 2011 issue of Transworld Surf and it was created for a pair of sunglasse

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    The Most Frightening Experience Of My Life

    353 words - 2 pages

    Thinking about water, I always remember my bad experience at the beach. Nine years ago, during my summer vacation, I went to the Sami beach in the Southern part of Japan. At the time, I was with my best friend, Ken, who wanted to go there for surfing. The beach was very beautiful. With clean, white sand, and the sun shining down, the beached seemed like the best place to be that day. I heard from Ken that this beach was popular among the young surfers. When we arrived, it was still early in the morning, and so we decided to hang out for awhile and walk around, and then go surfing i

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    History Of Surfing

    1160 words - 5 pages

    Peter Garcia Ms. Tenorio/ Mr. Hernandez English I/ World Geography 13 May 2011 Almost Everything about Surfing in a Coconut Shell My grandpa has been surfing since his grandpa took him to the sandy beaches of Tahiti to teach him what he knows. My grandpa told me that we only reveal our secrets to our grandsons. He said that when a 3rd son turns 5, he’s ready to find out what his grandpa has to offer and teach. He also said that only 1 year would be given to a 3rd son and that he would move on to the great beyond. Sure enough, my grandpa kept his word; he died 3 weeks after I tu

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    Water Sports

    262 words - 2 pages

    WATER SPORTS Water sports are very important and fun for people all over the world. Some people play water sports for money and fame, but I think the true meaning is to have fun. You can also enjoy sport because you know that you are doing exercise,and it feels amazing to have muscles,doesn’t it? .There are many types of water sports,such as swimming, surfing, boating. The aquatic sport of swimming is an ancient sport.It is the art of self-movement in water by use of hands and feet.Current and tides can make swimming dangerous especially for beginners with little experince

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    Maverick Wave

    1444 words - 6 pages

    Maverick’s Wave The Mavericks is one of the most world renowned big wave break in Northern California. It is located about half a mile from the shore of Pillar Point Harbor just north of Half Moon Bay, California. The area is a shallow near shore reef in the locality of the San Gregorio fault, a major active fault within the San Andreas fault system. Motion on the fault zone has uplifted and deformed the rocks in the area near Mavericks into the S and J shaped folds we see on the seafloor (NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries). It contains the biggest waves that attract many surfers around the w

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    The Art Of Wave Riding

    3523 words - 15 pages

    Sports play a role in society in every developed country in the world. And even in the most primitive cultures there is some form of competition, some means of displaying athletic prowess. Many games, such as soccer, have crossed oceans and are played on several different continents. Many sports have hundreds of years of history behind them, such as lacrosse. But only one, perhaps the oldest of all sports, can claim to be global. There are approximately 17 to 23 million active surfers in the world today, residing in every county that has a coast (Flint). No other sport has transcended la

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    Study Guide

    534 words - 3 pages

    11/15/2011 Study Guide Test 4 1. All waves begin as disturbances; the energy that causes ocean waves to form is called a disturbing force. Wind blowing across the surface of the ocean generates most ocean waves. The waves radiate out in all directions, just a when the rock is thrown into the pond, but on a much larger scale. The movement of fluids with different densities can also create waves. These waves travel along the interface (boundary) between two different fluids. Both the air and the ocean are fluids, so waves can be created along interfaces between and within these fluids as

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    Patagonia Case Study

    881 words - 4 pages

    Patagonia Philosophy and Background Patagonia, a subsidiary of Lost Arrow Corporations, is a privately held company that debuted in 1973 by a group of surfers and climbers. In 2006, Patagonia totaled $270 million in revenues, achieved with 1080 employees, wielding market power in the green apparel market. A purveyor in outdoor clothing and gear, Patagonia manages its research and development, design, manufacturing, merchandising and sales of all its products. Holding a competitive advantage in technical innovation, it is the leader in the outdoor retail industry. Patagonia prides itself on

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    She Has Courage To Last 10 000 Lifetimes

    651 words - 3 pages

    She has courage to last 10,000 Lifetimes Research for Courage Misty Bay, Kaplan University, 2011 Courage differs from one person to the next. Courage defined in my eyes is quite simple, a person having the will without fear, to face any adversity full of heart and determination no matter what the outcome may be. A person exercising one’s ability to sacrifice one’s self for the benefit of another or for personal morale while always remaining courageous. A young woman with a passion, a connection, and a dream who was on the rise to stardom, it seemed her future was right before her ey

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    Sunset Surf

    441 words - 2 pages

    Think about surfing, and images of freedom, excitement and health immediately come to mind. There are no lift tickets, greens fees or membership dues. Nature's waves are free and have been for millions of years. Waves are gifts from the sea, surprising surfers each day. Things are always new and exciting. Surfing is the movement of a board through the face of the wave. Surfing is becoming a very popular sport and it seems like once someone starts surfing they never stop. Some famous surfing spots include Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Southern Africa and more. Surfing is all about the wave an

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    585 words - 3 pages

    Adversity is a state of wretchedness and misfortune created by financial, political dangers, or unfortunate hardships, but how does adversity play a role in an individual’s life? According to the Roman poet, Horace, adversity brings out or “elicits” talents that may have not been created if it were not for adversity. This misfortune and difficult time in an individual’s life does play a large role in the establishment of talent and accomplishments, defending Horace’s point. In the novel Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, the protagonist and narrator of the novel, Jane Eyre, experiences this out

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    People Learn From A Variety Of Resources

    353 words - 2 pages

    Our world abounds with knowledge and wonders that amaze us. Some people pay a lot of dollars to gain knowledge; however, there are a variety of resources you can use to learn without empting you wallet. Knowledge can be easily perceived by watching T.V, surfing internet and communicating with friends. Watching T.V is a pleasurable tool for students to learn. For example, T.V has sounds and images that are great for visual learners. Students do not only learn new information, but also hear sounds and pictures relevant to the information, which helps them learn more efficiently. F

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    362 words - 2 pages

    The currently target market of Billabong is every phase of its operation to become one of the world???s leading manufactures of surf wear and surf accessories. They target both the age of 12-20 males and females who live in Australia, USA, Africa and Euro. (Billabong, 2007) Moreover, Billabong has expanded its product range to include boardsports products such as watches, surfboards, snowboard outerwear, wetsuits and skateboarding apparel. The brand is success because the products are top quality and functional, that associates the wearer to the lifestyle Billabong represents. (Billabong, 2007

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    1279 words - 6 pages

    We shall now look at what happens when two waves interact. If two jets of water interact, they will mix and there are collisions between droplets causing a change in speed and direction. This does not happen with waves. If two waves interact, a new wave is temporarily formed, after which the two waves carry on with exactly the same properties as before, as if nothing had happened. The waves are superposed. Superposition can only be applied to waves of the same kind. Light and sound waves cannot superpose; light and X-rays can. Let us look at two waves of different wavelengths crossin

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    252 words - 2 pages

    SURF SKIING 1 Are you willing to try Surf Skiing even if there is storm? 2 Do you think it is dangereous to do Surf Skiing when the weather is not good? 3 Is there any part of the year that is hard for you to try Surf Skiing in San Juan, La Union? 4 Does the climate in the Phils affects the activities in La Union? 5 Do you think it’s safe when you try Surf Skiing during Dry Season? STAND-UP SURFING 6 Do you think it's good to try Stand-up Surfing if it is Sunny in San Juan, La Union? 7 In your Opinion, it is safe to do Stand-up Surfing when there is a typhoon? 8 D

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