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  • Classroom Behavior

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    The appropiate classroom behavior and expectations are to respect the teacher for example if the teacher is teaching you are supposed to be quiet, listen and pay attention, another thing is that when you are in a classroom you're supposed to do follow directions and rules like for instance you are supposed to be seated when the classroom bell rings, if you have any questions you are supposed to ask the teacher because is disrespectful if you interrupt the class to ask a student, some of the rules you have to follow and are expected to be follow would be no cellphones during class b

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    Differentiated Curriculum Enhancement In Inclusive Middle School Science Effects On Classroom And High Stakes Tests

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    Summary This study looks at 13 middle school science classrooms that included 213 students. Of these students, 44 were classified as students with disabilities. These disabilities ranged from learning disabilities in reading to emotional behavior disorders. Researchers divided the classes into two groups. One group was the control where they received traditional science instruction with worksheets, lecture, and teacher centered instruction. The experimental group had instruction that was composed of a variety of instruction, but centered on the idea of peer mediation and pairing. This study

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    Multicultural Activities For Diverse Cultures

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    Multicultural Activities for Diverse Cultures The internet provides various websites that teaches can utilize for their classrooms to integrate multicultural activities with their students. Depending on the source of the website you may find valuable information on topics of diversity that helps equip a teacher with useful readings, videos, activities, or events to help educate students on culture and diversity. Three websites that are supportive to teaching multiple cultures and diversity are the following: http://www.col-ed.org/cur/social.html from the Columbia Education Center in Por

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    Everyone has a passion. Some people are extremely lucky and find out at a very young age. For others it can take a lifetime. For me it took twenty years to find out what I am truly passionate about. My passion is people, all different kinds of people. People from opposite ends of the globe, with different religions, cultures, customs, and beliefs. I love meeting new people and helping others. This is just one of the reasons why I decided to be a Chicago quarter mentor and ultimately become a high school social sciences teacher. During the last 8 weeks as a mentor I have learned a l

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    Care Group

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    ICareGroup Case What business goals was the IT infrastructure at CareGroup attempting to achieve? How did the infrastructure and the way it was managed contribute to those goals? The business goals that the IT structure at CareGroup was attempting to centralize six different hospital systems where none of them had standardized operations. All the hospitals had been brought together on a common system with Meditech software at the center. All had state-of-the-art email, networking, PCs, and clinical/financial information systems. It served 300 physicians, processed 40 terabytes of data

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    The Five Senses

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    Lesson Outline For Five Senses Unit Essential Question 1. What are our five senses? Lesson 1: What is important about our five senses? Lesson 2: Which of your five senses do you use to help identify an object? Essential Question 2. How do our five senses help us gather information? Lesson 3: What part of the body do we use for smelling? Can we identify things by their odor? Lesson 4: What parts of your body do you use to help you find out how things feel? Why is the sense of touch important? Lesson 5: Can we discover things

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    Curriculum Development

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    Running head: LESSON PLAN Abstract Reflecting on my lesson performance to my three Literacy classes, has afforded me more insight on how to make adjustments to lesson strategies and to better teach my students. This use of the lesson plan also was used as a tool to measure comprehension effectiveness. The report contains analysis of data (collected during and after instruction) feedback from students upon evaluating my teaching demonstration and my own reflection and critique of my performances and the future modifications to be made during the presentation of the same instruction.

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    Learning Perspectives

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    Running head: LEARNING PERSPECTIVES Learning Perspectives Rebecca Terry Grand Canyon University EDU 313N October 16th, 2010 Learning Perspectives In the broadest sense learning perspectives can be divided into three general theoretical groups; cognitive psychology, behaviorism, and social cognitive theory. Each of these differ in their main focus about learning but it is the ways that they are similar and possibly compliment each other that help teachers create successful learning environments. Ormrod emphasizes the following point about diverse learning perspectives; “Diverse pers

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    Pgce Reflection

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    Module Assignment: Reflect on your Placement 1 Experience. Learning is a complex process, and no one single academic theory could possibly express this rich complexity. Only by considering learning in a variety of ways can learning be more fully appreciated and understood. I believe by utilising and applying a variety of approaches a creative and dynamic classroom culture can be created to improve the learning outcomes for pupils. The variety of approaches and academic theories that underpinned the successful lessons I initially observed and then taught have been many and varied, an

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    Impact Of Culture Psychology

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    Unit 1 n Impact of Culture o The Psychology A. Situated Practice Task A 1 Discuss the following questions. 1. What do you think makes people different? 2. At first glance on the topic, what do you think you will learn from the passage, ‘The Impact of Culture on Psychology’? 3. What do you think could possibly be the connection between ‘culture’ and ‘psychology’? 4. Have a quick look through the overall passage, what do you think would make it difficult for you to read this text? What would make you want to read this text? Task A2 : Read the following passage. Pause at the end of each parag

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    Around The World In Eighty Websites A Web Quest Adventure

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    Around the World in Eighty Websites: A WebQuest Adventure Veda M. Scholle Lesley University ECOMP 5100 Las Vegas 08/10/2010 Abstract This paper explores the definition of WebQuests and gives brief points to why they are educationally sound, the importance of a assigning a great task, and how WebQuests motivate students. The reader will learn about a WebQuest called Around the World through Music and why it is a good topic for arts integration. This paper also provides ways to integrate this world music WebQuest into your school and how it addresses the importance of using world music

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    How To Teach English

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    Name: Date: Worksheet #1: Getting to know you! Answer the following questions as best as possible. My questions are italicized. Sorry that they are scattered, but I find that it helps students be more on the ball. Please answer the questions in English. We will ease into the Spanish language later on to prevent confusion. 1.) How much do you know about the language? Give me 3 examples of phrases that you know in Spanish while using proper grammar. 2.) Tell me a few things that interest you in learning a new language. 3.) Do you have any questions or concerns about wri

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    Reflective Practice

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    The importance of reflective practice (RP) for classroom teachers. It deals with the definition of RP and its steps. It also represents how it is helpful to classroom teachers. Many questions are raised in modern days regarding the need and significance of reflective practices by classroom teachers. Reflection denotes thoughtful consideration of a situation or event that has taken place with the intention of understanding and learning from it and changing or improving future actions. Reflective practice is defined in a most recent literature as a vehicle through which one can improve his pra

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    English Lesson

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    Lesson Plan – Key Learning Area: English Lesson Topic: Grammar and Punctuation Recent Prior Experience: Class 3B is familiar and comfortable with the use of nouns. Including common nouns, collective nouns, abstract nouns and pronouns. They also have a good understanding of simple punctuation. Capital letters, full stops etc. Syllabus Outcome(s): . - WS2.10: Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type. - WS2.11: Uses knowledge of letter– sound correspondences, common lette

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    jgyfffffffffffffffffffuigug jgfhfhghg jgfhjftfhjlkjl;koiuiuj jhjkhkjjlkjol;ui8yujgyfffffffffffffffffffuigug jgfhfhghg jgfhjftfhjlkjl;koiuiuj jhjkhkjjlkjol;ui8yuiy7yt6kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjgyfffffffffffffffffffuigug jgfhfhghg jgfhjftfhjlkjl;koiuiuj jhjkhkjjlkjol;ui8yuiy7yt6kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjgyfffffffffffffffffffuigug jgfhfhghgjgyfffffffffffffffffffuigug jgfhfhghg jgfhjftfhjlkjl;koiuiuj jhjkhkjjlkjol;ui8yuiy7yt6kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjShould school uniform be abolished? School uniform, this has been a topic of many arguments and debates across the world. This topic is also hot in exam questions

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    Bics Calps

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    | Brandman University CALLA LESSON PLAN ASSIGNMENT EDUC 52-528 Content-Based Instruction for Linguistic and Assessment for Linguistic Minority Students: SDAIE Mrs. Kimberly Di Camillo SPRING 2011 CALLA Lesson Plan GRADE LEVEL: 7th ESL Levels: Intermediate and Advanced Topic: Cell Division and Mitosis Content Objective: Students will: explain why mitosis is important, examine the steps of mitosis, compare mitosis in plant and animal cells, and list two examples of asexual reproduction. Language Objective: Students will: use key voc

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    Managing Time Schedule

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    Abstract It seems that postgraduate students devote more time to their studies than undergraduate students. In order to evaluate this hypothesis, a survey was conducted through 38 postgraduate and undergraduate students at the University of Surrey. Results indicate that overall hours devoted to studies by postgraduate students from timetabled work to additional and self studies are more than time which undergraduate students spend in that way. 1. Background The efficient use of time is an important variable in helping student achieve learning goals and making the classroom a pleasant

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    Accommodating Differences

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    Running head: ACCOMMODATING DIFFERENCES Accommodating Differences Grand Canyon University Educational Psychology EDU 313N July 31, 2011 Accommodating Differences There are many different individuals that contribute to the classroom. The three groups of students that I am focusing on are the English Language Learners (ELL)/ students with culture and ethnic differences, gender differences between boys and girls, and students with special education needs. I will provide common characteristics of each group, some of the challenges that an educator may have to overcome within t

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    Foundations For Learning Foundation Phase Literacy Lesson plans First term Grade 3 FOUNDATION PHASE 2 LAYING SOLID FOUNDATIONS FOR LEARNING Kindly send any response that you may have to: Dr Jennifer J Joshua E-mail: [email protected] Department of Education Sol Plaatje House 123 Schoeman Street Pretoria South Africa Private Bag X895 Pretoria 0001 Tel: +27 12 312 6220 Fax: +27 12 312 6222 www.education.gov.za © Department of Education Design and layout: Shereno (012) 344 2817 3 Grade 3 LITERACY: First Term Lesson Plan Table of Contents 1 Introduction................

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    What Makes A Good Teacher

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    What makes a good teacher? Teachers vary in effectiveness and can be viewed differently by different students depending on that student learning style and how well the teacher can teach to those individual needs. Everyone has had teachers, and everyone understands what it’s like to have a bad teacher and hopefully they have also experienced an outstanding teacher. But how does one judge the performance of a teacher? The student may enjoy a teacher but never learn anything. Most people would judge teachers ability by pedagogy; what the teacher teaches and what the student learns. South Carolina

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    Pe Activities

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    | |Brendan McCaughey |Jack |Pauric and Karl |Brendan | | |(Warm Up) |(Floor Work) |(Apparatus Work) |(Cool Down) | |Appearance |Brendan adhered to white top and black |Jack adhered to full dress code of white t|Again Pauric and Karl followed the full

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    Lesson Plan Map Scales

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    Lesson Plan Template LESSON TITLE: Maps and Map Scales GRADE LEVEL: 7th Grade SUBJECT AREA: Geography TIME ALLOCATION: 40 minutes OBJECTIVES (with active verbs): After a brief lecture, 7th grade students will be able to compute distances on a map using map scales (cognitive). After completing a worksheet, the 7th grade students will be able to understand the basics of map scales and map symbols (cognitive). After the worksheet, the students will be able to help draw a map of their classroom using a scale, legend, and proper symbols (cognitive) STANDARDS: BIG IDEA(S)

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    Learning Communities

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    EDSC 246 11-25-11 Teaching Philosophy Statement "Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own." -- Nikos Kazantzakis Constructivism, dialectical method, critical pedagogy – this is the rhetoric of educational academia, however these are not merely trivialized idioms of an aspiring teacher. Instead, these concepts reflect a method of instruction in which the teacher acts not as the imperious dictator of knowledge, but instead a

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    In order to explore the ways in which American’s judge similarity and difference of colors, I interviewed two of my male coworkers, and two female friends. The males that participated in my project were over 40 years of age. They were both alumni of the University of Connecticut, and had both come to work for UConn some years later. The two females were current students at UConn. One was a pharmacy major, the other an English major. I came upon my first problem right away. What exactly constitutes a color name? The obvious answers are “red, blue, green… etc” but what about “grass green”? D

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    Excel 2003 Identifying basic parts of the Excel window Page 1 Introduction Microsoft Excel 2003 is a spreadsheet application in the Microsoft Office Suite. A spreadsheet is an accounting program for the computer. Spreadsheets are primarily used to work with numbers and text. Spreadsheets can help organize information, like alphabetizing a list of names or ordering records, or calculate and analyze information using mathematical formulas. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to: q q q q Identify the parts of the Excel window Understand the differences between a Workbo

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    Five People Ill Meet In Heaven Project

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    Jr. English Alicia King The Five People I’ll Meet in Heaven Project In my collage I have a lot of things that represents me. The love I feel for all the people I chosen. Also I may have been hurt but in the long run I learned to accept it because I know it was better off that way anyways. Another thing is that even if your not getting along with someone you shouldn’t make it even worse of someone who is friends with them and try to make them choose sides. Those are some of the ways my collage represents me. The first person I would meet in heaven would be Brianna Coon. The reason why I

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    World Civ Paper

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    COURSE SYLLABUS Teaching Elementary School Math EDEL 433 Dr. Lawrence Rudd Instructor Information Semester: Spring 2012 Day/Time: Thursday, 2:00 pm – 4:50 pm Location: Sewell Elementary School, 700 East Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson, NV 89015 Room 21 Credit: 3 credits Office Hours: Office – Basic and Water II, room 220 Monday: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and by appointment Email / Telephone: [email protected] / tel: 992-2521 / fax: 992-2516 My preferred method of email contact is through WebCampus email. Course Description The NSC Cata

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    Best Practices of Technology Integration Title: Contributions of Ancient Civilizations Applied to Multimedia Subject(s): Social Studies Intended Grade Level: Sixth Grade Description: In this unit, students will create multimedia presentations that will demonstrate knowledge of early civilizations. These projects will be used to enhance student collaboration of information and impact the learning of other students in the classroom. Students will build on the skills used to conduct research through a variety of resources. Students will learn to put facts together in an interesting forma

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