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  • Beauty

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    Alexandra Legendre Fall 2009 Psychology: Dr. B. Saich MWF: 10:00-11:00 Introduction As a young woman in this millennia where beauty is one of society’s most important attributes, I have often pondered the correlation between age and the value of an outer appearance. I have always been fascinated with people and how important they say beauty is and I have often felt frustrated whenever I hear how “beautiful people” get jobs easier and are treated better. I soon got to thinking; maybe there is a reason why young people who are attractive get jobs easier, and are treated better in soc

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    Chapter 1

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    Dialogue Parent: I love you and I’m concerned about you. Teen: Huh? Parent: It’s hard for me to start this conversation, because I never imagined I’d have to and also because you might be upset with me. Teen: So don’t. Parent: Believe me, I’d rather not! But I have a genuine worry about you and your drug/alcohol use. Teen: What? Parent: I’m pretty sure (or very sure) you are smoking pot (or using a drug/or drinking). I’m going to ask you to come clean with me and tell me what’s going on. Teen: Nothing. Parent: Well, my job just got harder. I was hoping that you would be eye to ey

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    Jacob Lawrence

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    Jacob Lawrence was an African Ameican painter who was born September 7, 1917 in Alantic, New Jersey. Lawrence was in his twenties when his “Migration Series” made him nationally famous. This series reflected the epic Great Migration of African Americans from the rural South to the uban north. He typically used primary colors and geometric shapes as his style, with the use of abstract to a realistic subject such as his work”The Cabinet Maker”. Lawrence’s earliest paintings reflected the busy streets and colorful characters that he saw on the streets of Harlem. The artist’s work from the 30s foc

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