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  • Sri Lankan Economy

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    Sri Lanka is a tear drop shaped island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India. Despite its modest size, Sri Lanka has a population of 20 million people. The island is rich in natural resources and has a diverse economy based on agriculture, mining, fishing, manufacturing and tourism ("Sri Lanka: History, Geography, Government and Culture") which gives it a varied list of exports as well as imports. Sri Lanka’s top exports as well as imports are mainly apparel based. Exports include: outwear (textile fabrics, unknitted and crocheted), tea and mate, unde

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    The Various Ways By Which Countries Protect Their Domestic Industries Against Competition From Imported Products

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    Protection stands for restrictions imposed on the import of foreign goods. The theoretical and logical arguments for free trade have equal validity in all countries, yet the international trader must face the reality that he lives in a world of tariffs, quotas and non-tariff barriers. All these governmentally imposed barriers are imposed through the political pressures of business for protection of their markets. Thus one can see that the arguments of classical economists based on assumptions of full employment, economic growth etc., and will not yield the benefits of free trade as implied in

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    Term Paper

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    TEXTILE INDUSTRY When we think of manufacturing industry in Pakistan, it is the textile industry that immediately comes to mid that is playing an important position in terms o the employment generation and value added special contribution towards the exports. The textile industry which is endowed its strong base of raw material has started its journey from non existence in 1947 with meager size of 78000 spindles and merely 3000 looms that is too in the unorganized sector, with only one textile unit and it could supply only 8% of the domestic demand derived from its population of 76 million pe

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    Dear ?????, My name is Zsofia Szegedi and I am a student in Applied Environmental Sciences at Halmstad University, Sweden, while also working at a municipal company for water, wastewater and waste management. I am doing my master’s thesis on behalf of the working group 4 of STWI (Swedish Textile Water Initiative) as partial fulfillment of my Master in Environmental Science. As part of my thesis I would like to investigate the current wastewater treatment and textile sludge management at different textile mills. I am sending my questions to you by your client company?????, and I would be gra

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    Financial Project

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    RESEARCH REPORT GUL AHMAD TEXTILES LTD.? ? PRESENTED BY Fouzia Sultana L1F03MCOM7121 University of Central Punjab Lahore, Pakistan ? DEDICATION I would like to dedicate my work to AlMIGHTY ALLAH, who has always showered His endless blessings upon me and always guide me through the right path. Acknowledgements “We know how the word works We don’t know how he does He is our LORD No one else only ALLAH is the GOD” ? Great is Allah. It is through his boundless and infinite mercy that I have been able to complete this project report. I invoke peace for Hazrat Muhammad PBU

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    Critical Analysis Paper

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    Critical Analysis Paper Erma Hollingsworth 515 December 4, 2011 University of Phoenix Critical Issue Analysis 1. What are at least two facts presented by each side of the critical issue? * * The facts in the article were not that clear. The facts were mostly contradicting. One fact that Devilly and Cotton stated that was clear is that CISD and CISM have to be classified as a falsifiable intervention system that have the same meaning until each can be defined clearly. Also the long term pathology of CISD and CISM has not been proven so the interventions can possible re

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    textileReport on Textile Industry of Pakistan Textile Industry of Pakistan Yasin Ahmed Research Assistant Table of Contents Page 1. Overview of the Textile industry 2. Global Developments 3. Domestic Overview 4. Export Performance of Textile Industry 5. Ancillary Textile Industry i) Cotton Spinning Sector ii) Cloth Sector iii) Textile Made-Up Sector iv) Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Sector v) Filament Yarn Manufacturing Industry vi) Art Silk and Synthetic Weaving Industry vii) Woolen Industry 5. Cotton Textile Statistics 6. Economic and Social Indicators 7. Decline in Textile industry

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    Aamir Alauddin

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    A Study of the Skills Gap along the Cotton Value Chain: Garments Segment Atiq ur Rehman1 , Ghulam Ali2* (1.Consultant CABI South Asia, 2.Commodities Co-ordinator, CABI South Asia,CABI South Asia, Opposite 1-A, Data Gunj Bakhsh Road Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan) 1 Introduction The cotton value chain (CVC) has a strategic importance in Pakistan, as it accounts for 8.5 percent of GDP, 46 percent of manufacturing, 61 percent of the total export earnings, and 38 percent of employment in Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, 2008, p. 39). The textile and clothing sector alone provides em

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