Tourist Facilities Essay Examples

  • 8 Ps Of Hilton Hotel Kl

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    INTRODUCTION Marketing efforts once focused primarily on the selling of manufactured products such as cars and aspirin. But today the service industries have grown more important to the economy than the manufacturing sector. Services, unlike products, are intangible and involve a deed, a performance, or an effort that cannot be physically possessed. Currently, more people are employed in the provision of services than in the manufacture of products, and this area shows every indication of expanding even further. Tourism sector being our main area of concern we have chosen the hotel industry

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    Hotel Property

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    Hotel Property “It’s not just property risk it’s business risk – and that’s like having two assets.” (Domestic fund manager – hotel investor) The returns to hotel investment are inextricably linked to local and foreign tourist demand. Therefore the relationship between the hotel industry and the wider tourism industry is two-directional. Without tourists there can be no hotel industry and without hotels there can be no tourism industry. The volatility of the tourism industry is well known and demand for tourism services is particularly sensitive to both price competition and non-predict

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    The Dark Brotherhood

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    The Dark Brotherhood Chapter 1: Awakening You awaken on the floor. It is cold, and as you rise you realize you are in jail. You wipe your face, and walk to the door. As your vision adjusts to the dim light the man in the cell across from you calls out to you, “Hey Dunmer!” You rise to greet the man, but choose to stay silent for he does not seem friendly. You shoot him a dirty look for calling you that name. He whispers “The Guards are coming! This one is a drunk, maybe you can snatch the key from him!” You nod in agreement and bring your finger up to your mouth as if to signal silen

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    Taj Mahal

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    Informative Paper On Taj Mahal If there's a building, which represents a country- like the Eiffel Tower for France, the Sydney Opera House for Australia- then it has to be the Taj Mahal for India. The Taj Mahal, often called the most beautiful building in the world, was built by an emperor as a memorial to his beloved wife. Visitors visiting Taj regard it as literally breathtaking, being the most beautiful, astonishing and inspiring sights that they had the privilege of beholding. This most famous Mughal monument was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in

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    Economic Outlook FY 20089

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    Economic Overview Regional Economy The uncertainty of the economy is definitely the single most significant factor influencing travel and tourism. During 2007, the Hampton Roads economy has grown approximately 2.6%, which is significantly below the average of 3.7% increase enjoyed each year since 2001. Economic growth in Hampton Roads decelerated to its lowest level since 2000 and is approximately the same as the reminder of Virginia and the Nation.

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    No Country For Old Men

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    The book starts with a lawman explaining how he sent a young man to the gas chamber in Alabama. He talks about how he visited the man three times, once on the day of his execution, and how the young man had told him that he had planned to murder someone for a long time, and how he'd do it if he got out again, and how he knew he was going to hell. The lawman thinks about how he didn't want to see anyone like that ever again, but it was nothing compared to what was coming up. In the next scene, we have a deputy and a man named Chigurh handcuffed in a small town jail somewhere. The deputy is c

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    Westin Case Study

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    Westin Hotels and Resorts: Operations of a Lifestyle Experience a)Utilizing one or more models from either or both the Gronroos text and the Hanson & Kalyanam text, choose a case study from your assigned groups and describe how well the business in the case study implements their marketing strategy in order to achieve a total services business philosophy According to the case we know that Westin has done a good job at the moment of dealing with customer satisfaction. Because of that is why they have captured more clients through out the years and not only that, the customers are loyal to

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    Journeys End

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    Dennis Stanhope is the main character in the play Journey’s End. He is presented as a company commander in WW1. It is not said in the play how old he is exactly but he is described as ‘no more than a boy’ and thus could be estimated at about 20 or 21 years old. Even though he is only a boy he has already obtained a Military Cross which is quite a feat for only a boy. This in itself shows the extent of Stanhope’s capabilities as a commander. Stanhope is very much the ‘hero’ of the play. He is a very complex individual and he is flawed which is a surprising trait for a potential “hero”. At th

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    19th Century Florida Hotels

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    The Gilded Age in the United States saw unprecedented wealth being amassed. It coincided with the Industrial Revolution that brought about such innovations and technology as the telephone, growth of machine tools, the broad use of iron in construction, and assembly lines that allowed industrialists to increase production and reduce costs. Great wealth lead to increased leisure time and the rise of grand resort hotels throughout the United States. Railroad developments were key to both the Gilded Age and Industrial Revolution. Their magnates grew wealthy as they opened up the country and c

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    Classic Airlines Problem Defense

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    Running head: CLASSIC AIRLINES PROBLEM DEFENSE Classic Airlines Problem Defense Deirdre Loosli University Of Phoenix Classic Airlines Problem Defense Classic Airlines (Classic) is a highly profitable airline and a key competitor in the industry. The world’s fifth largest airline, Classic has grown to an organization of 32,000 employees. Last year, it earned $10 million on $8.7 billion in sales (University of Phoenix, 2007). Along with all other airlines in the industry, however, Classic is currently facing many challenges due to increased consumer uncertain

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    The South Ural State University The paper work: TOURISM IN GERMANY Written by: Shamanova Nadejda Andreevna Group: S-151 Checked by: Kovaleva Olga Ivanovna Chelyabinsk 2004 INTRODUCTION. 4 1. GERMANY 5 2. GETTING THERE 7 3. ACCOMMODATION IN GERMANY. 10 4. WHERE TO GO. 13 4.1.FESTIVALS 13 4.2. NATIONAL PARKS 15 4.3. ROUTS IN GERMANY. 20 5. A JOURNEY TO BERLIN 24 5.1. ACCOMMODATION IN BERLIN 24 5.2. SIGHTSEEING IN BERLIN 28 5.3. EAT, DRINK, NIGHTLIFE 32 CONCLUSION. 34 LITERATURE 35 SITES 35 Introduction. Germany is rich by its tourist

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    "There can be no improvement where there are no standards". Imai (1986) However, when dealing with the issue of standards and standardization, the perceived meaning needs clarification in order to place it in the proper context. Generally speaking, a standard is a “model to refer to” or “a procedure the repeated use of which allows for delivery of products or services with same specific characteristics”. Standards in that sense are common and are very useful to hospitality establishments. ( Standardisation is a voluntary process based on consensus amo

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    The Ritz Carlton

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    Introduction Prior to its grand opening on October 11, 2000, the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC administered an intensive seven day training period for all of its charter employees that would prepare them to operate the hotel. What has become known as the “Seven Day Countdown” has proven to be a successful way for Ritz-Carltons throughout the world to orient their employees on the tasks and challenges they face as they operate the hotel. James McBride, General Manager of the Washington DC Ritz-Carlton, wondered if this “Seven Day Countdown” was sufficient to fully prepare the employees of R

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    Eastbournee Geograhpical History

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    Eastbourne is a large town on the Southeast coast of England, with a population on 94,816 as of 2007. This area has seen human activity since the Stone Ages. In the 19th century its four hamlets grew and merged to form the town of Eastbourne. With the introduction of a railway, it became a large Victorian seaside resort, and still continues to provide for many tourists each year who wish for a holiday within the UK. Tourism remains the biggest source of income in Eastbourne. The sheltered position of the town makes it the sunniest place in Great Britain. Two landowners, the Duke of Devon

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    Romulus My Father And Belonging

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    Does Romulus My Father show belonging as a positive thing that should be pursued? Belonging is when someone feels that they are in the right place and are connected to others around them. This belonging may be on many levels, be if belonging to a family, to a particular people …. (be in race, gender or otherwise) or belonging to a group of similar interests and values. It is a feeling which is sought out by humans during their whole lives, as we are social animals. The novel “Romulus, My Father” by Raimond Gaita, a story of the life of Raimond’s father Romulus in his coming to Australia as

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    Trojan Horse Sales Techniques Powered By Hiltons

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    Trojan horse sales techniques powered by Hiltons In Greek mythology, Paris was the name of a Trojan prince who sparked the Trojan War by kidnapping the beautiful Helen. According to the USA Social Security Administration, in the 21st century, the name Paris is ranked in the Top 600 most popular girl's names every year from 2000 to 2007. ( Famous in the ancient times, quite common nowadays, Paris only became a buzz-name in the unique combination with a number of six letters: H-I-L-T-O-N. Paris Hilton is aspiring to be seen as

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    HILTON HONORS WORLDWIDE: LOYALTY WARS Introduction to Loyalty concept in Hospitality Market. The loyalty program main objective is to attract and retain customers that will provide repeat business. Hotel profitability is very sensitive to revenue. The ultimate objective of a hotel is to maximize the occupation rate, which in a chain like Hilton should be above 68% in order to be break even. The reason why Hilton and Starwood are so focused on loyalty is that a loyalty program is an essential and powerful tool to gather customer preferences and behaviour in order to provide value ad

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    Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

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    Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (Malay: Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur) is a train station located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Completed in 1910 to replace an older station on the same site, the station was Kuala Lumpur's railway hub in the city for the Federated Malay States Railway and Malayan Railway (Malay: Keretapi Tanah Melayu), before Kuala Lumpur Sentral assumed much of the its role in 2001. The station is notable for it architecture, adopting a mixture of Eastern and Western designs. The station is located along a road named Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, previously known as Victory Avenue, w

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    Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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    Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel, which opened in 1997, is operated by the Dubai-based hotelier Jumeirah. The hotel contains 598 rooms and suites and 19 villas. This wave-shaped hotel complements the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, which is adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The hotel occupies a location on the beach. Visitors to the hotel have at total of 33,800 square metres (364,000 sq ft) of beach for their use. Beside the hotel is the Wild Wadi Water Park. All guests in the hotel have unlimited access to the waterpark. When completed in 1

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    Placement And Employment Opportunities Upon Completion Of Hotel Management Degree

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    Hospitality and tourism industry has been globally recognized as the largest service industry that has been infinitely rising in the last few decades. The industry has employed millions of people to work in hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, cruise lines, private clubs and bars throughout the world. Although many of these jobs may be entry-level positions, the industry is well known for promoting job oriented and talented employees up the career ladder. “The hospitality and tourism industry in the United States alone employs 10.5 million, or one in twelve, workers and the United States Bur

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    Crowne Plaza Times Square Business Center

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    Crowne Plaza Times Square Improved Business Center Project Table of Contents The Summary 3 Introduction 5 Internal & External company analysis 7 Literature Review: 15 Conclusion literature review: 22 Issues for investigation 23 Goal of the project 23 Problem Statement 24 Methodology 25 The Questionnaire of the survey: 26 Results chapter 27 Findings 28 Competitive analysis 29 Conclusion of the Competitive analysis: 38 Comparison of the Business Centers 38 Position of the Crowne Plaza Business Center among the competitors: 39 Conclusions & Recommendations 40 Ans

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    Batesian Mimicry Examples In Nature

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    Batesian Mimicry: Examples in Nature Batesian mimicry is defined by Tim Walker as “the protective resemblance in appearance of a harmless species to a dangerous species, which is usually avoided by predators” (Butterflies and Bad Taste). The word Batesian comes from the name Bates, and more specifically, Henry Bates. After observing butterflies in the Amazon in the late 1800’s, Bates came up with a theory. He stated that some organisms will mimic another (usually more successful) organism, by looking similar. (O’Leary). In reality one of these organisms may actually be harmful, but the o

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    Analysis Of The Spanish Tourist Sector

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    Analysis of the Spanish tourist sector   Index 1. INTRODUCTION 2. SECTOR RESTAURANTS. 2. 1. ANALYSIS SECTOR RESTAURANTS 2. 2. EVOLUTION AND COMPARISON. 2. 3. SECTORIAL MARKETING. 2. 4. PARTICULAR MARKETING. 2. 5. FINDINGS OF FUTURE. 3. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 4. ATTACHMENTS. 1. - INTRODUCTION Such how it is evident in the index, work the aforementioned própia consists of five parts; Since we have that way believed it convenient for a better development. A vision becomes descriptive in

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    Four Season Hotel

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    Boomers Investment Group BIG

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    Boomers Investment Group (BIG) Group Case Study MGMT 122 (730) Organizational Behavior December 6, 2007 Fedchuk, Laryssa Kafle, Dipa MacDonald, Sasha Way, Nadine Synopsis Boomers Investment Group (BIG) is a group of people who buy & sell stocks. It is comprised mostly of middle-aged professionals, some retirees and homemakers. Billy Volks who was interested in joining an investment club heard Russell Carlton, a member of BIG, speak at an investment club seminar. Billy was extremely impressed with what Carlton said during the seminar

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    Tough Love

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    Tough Love I was once “so in love” with a boyfriend from my sophomore year of high school. It was summer break of my upcoming senior year and my boyfriend Charlie informed me that he was moving back to Portland in two weeks with or without me. I had made up my mind the second after he told me that I was going with him. I didn’t cry or beg him to stay. The thought never crossed my mind to do so. The only concern I had was that he was leaving and I was going with him. From then on until the day we left my days consisted of planning to run away from home, because I knew there was no way

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    BA (Hons) Marketing Management (2010-2011) Programme Code: 19310 Timetable for Trimester 1 (Sep 2010 - Jan 2011)_Week 1 Time 9:30 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:30 12:30 - 13:00 13:00 - 13:30 13:30 - 14:00 14:00 - 14:30 14:30 - 15:00 15:00 - 15:30 15:30 - 16:00 16:00 - 16:30 16:30 - 17:00 17:00 - 17:30 Module Code & Title: 20-Sep (Mon) 21-Sep (Tue) 22-Sep (Wed) 23-Sep (Thu) 24-Sep (Fri) IM (L) Gp A-E Eric Lau Venue: HKPC- 1008 MR & C (L) Gp A-E Kelston/ YO Lam Venue: HKPC- 1008 Public holidayThe day following Chinese Mid-Autum

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    Marketing Management Project Submitted by: 10609147 Faisal Shah 10609186 Yugasha Gupta 10609130 Abhishek Kumar 10609182 Uday Prasad 10609172 Shantanu Rana 10609148 Gaurav Bhatt Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Company History 2. Industry Structure 3. Environment 4. Products 5. Price 6. Distribution Network 7. Promotion 8. Financial Analysis 9. Customer Survey Analysis 10 .Appendix a. Sample Customer Questionnaire b. Sample Dealer Questionnaire c. Financial Statements d. Bibliography EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After going thick on the things, now time is to make a complete picture. W

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    [pic] INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT AURANGABAD, INDIA ‘ENHANCING CONCIERGE SERVICES IN TAJ BENGAL’ Aakarsh Bhargava (H-15001) Biswadeep Chowdhury (H-15021) “Submitted in fulfilment of the requirement for B.A. (Hons.) in Hotel Management” UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD, U.K. 2009 – 2010 DISCLAIMER The information contained herein is in no way to be construed as recommendation by the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, India, for laying down any industry standards or as any kind of proposal to

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    Information System

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    Based on the case study above, respond to the following task: 1. Compare and contrast the different functional areas in Primula Parkroyal Kuala Terengganu. COMPARE | FUNCTIONAL AREAS | FUNCTIONAL AREAS | | FRONT OFFICE | FOOD AND BEVERAGES | MAKING ARRANGEMENTS | Making the rooms reservation for the guest’s request | Making menu arrangement for guest’s request | In Front Office department, they always make the arrangements for the customers like room reservation, determining the room pricing and as well as arranging every activity for guest. In the Food and Beverages, t

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    Little Saigon

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    Departure I had been dreaming of an albino peacock strutting before me along the sun-washed hallways of my school, the best school in all of Saigon the nuns had told my shy mother as they chatted in French that day. A lovely girl, they cooed to my mother as they stroked the length of my braid. That day, I looked out of the tall scrubbed windows of the office and saw it, white as ash… The love of a family member is one of the most important relationships we have in life. Without family, many of us would be incomplete. However, when a family member does pass away, we all find our o

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    Bellagio Casio Resort

    1367 words - 6 pages

    Issues in Management Accounting Bellagio Casino Resort Word count 1064 Introduction Based on my assessment of the management control systems used by the Bellagio Casino Resort, it illustrates a control system that is dominated by action and personal controls, rather than result controls. An analysis of this system reveals some insights of some of the factors that limit the practicality of result controls. This paper will identify the types of control devices used by Bellagio Casino Resort. It will focus on three roles at three levels of authority in the casino – blackjack deale

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    13168 words - 53 pages

    G Model HM-1001; No. of Pages 11 ARTICLE IN PRESS International Journal of Hospitality Management xxx (2010) xxx–xxx Contents lists available at ScienceDirect International Journal of Hospitality Management journal homepage: The role of middle management in the execution of expansion strategies: The case of developers’ selection of hotel projects Ines Ghorbal-Blal ? Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Le Chalet-a-Gobet, Case postale 37, 1000 Lausanne 25, Switzerland a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t This research is based on the strategy

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    Travel Destinations

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    Unit 3 – Travel destinations Section 1- AO1 Long Haul - Sydney The map below shows where Sydney is situated in the world. Australia is below the Equator so it is in the Southern hemisphere. It is on the Tropic of Capricorn. South- east of Australia is New Zealand. The temperatures in the table are typical for suburbs near to the coast. Sydney, New South Wales Sydney is situated in South East Australia. It is the administrative capital of New South Wales (NSW). The city is located in Easter

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    Aarey Colony

    8257 words - 34 pages

    Project Report On “AAREY MILK COLONY” Ecology, Environment and Tourism – Potential for the growth of tourism By: Dimple Gupte 1|Page Contents Sr No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Topic Introduction Places of Attraction in Mumbai Elaboration of Aarey Enhancement of Revenue In the Heart of Aarey Current Affairs Conclusion Suggestions and Recommendations References Page No. 5 7 22 25 28 52 55 57 59 2|Page Ecology, Environment & Tourism Subject: Aarey Milk Colony Introduction: Mumbai is the main international gateway, biggest commercial and industrial centre of India. Innumera

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    From Bubbles Back To Miracle

    3588 words - 15 pages

    s Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah’s Interview article with Nan Yang Siang Pau – 25/5/2008 Jeffery Cheah Fook Ling – From Rubble to Miracle Tin and Sand turned to Gold Useless land turned to Wonderland Many of the family businesses which made their initial fortunes from tin mining during the industry boom in Ipoh could not elude the “2nd generation wealth destructors” curse, where the 2nd generation would usually gradually but surely squander away the wealth created by their predecessors. However, there is one person, who is an exception to this rule. That person is none other Tan Sri Cheah F

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    Russian Hotel Market

    4670 words - 19 pages

    1.0 Introduction Page 3 2.0 Current Russian Environment Page 3 2.1 The Competitive Market Page 3 2.2 Market Opportunities Page 4 2.3 Current average Hotel returns on Investment Page 5 2.4 Economic Factors of operating in Russia Page 7 2.5 Political Factors of operating In Russ

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    Room Division Management

    5730 words - 23 pages

    Abstract Revenue management is a very controversial jargon used in the hotel industry. As with many common terms, revenue management seems to have various definitions depending upon whom one asks. Since its inception in the early 80’s, thousands of hotels and just about every airline have used revenue management successfully. The Brief History of Revenue Management The airline industry launched revenue management practices after government deregulation in the early 1980s. Although yield management techniques became a common practice among airlines during that time, revenue management may

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    2462 words - 10 pages

    Research Paper: The Goal Eliyahu Goldratt’s book, The Goal, talks about the principle objective of a company, which is to make money. When employees and managers of a company do not know what the goal is, they cannot gain a full understanding of the meaning of productivity. Alex Rogo is the main character of this story, and plant manager for a manufacturing company called UniCo. Bill Peach, the division vice president, comes to UniCo and tells Alex that the plant is not performing well. He shows Alex how the company has lost market share, is no longer competitive, and is not ma

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    The Hotel Of Your Dream

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    Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself in all the corners of the world simultaneously? So now your dream has become true! The Modern West and The enchanting East, Hot and Attractive Africa and Great and Hospitable Russia. All of that you can find only in our hotel! Our unique hotel will charm you at first sight and will leave unforgettable impressions after visiting us. Why? That’s obvious. Let’s begin with location. WWW is perfectly located in the most beautiful and peaceful place - the delta of the river Volga. It is absolutely right for people who adore nature and who would like to be i

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    8201 words - 33 pages

    CHR Industry Perspectives, No. 1, September 2006 The Power of Personal Service: Why It Matters • What Makes It Possible • How It Creates Competitive Advantage Industry Perspectives: A white pAper series from Cornell University by Barbara M. Talbott, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts The Robert A. and Jan M. Beck Center at Cornell University Advisory Board James C. Allen, Executive Vice President, Wines, Southern Wine and Spirits of New York scott Berman, U.S. Advisory Leader, Hospitality and Leisure Practice, Pri

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    Operations Management Kitchen Nightmares Gorde

    3154 words - 13 pages

    The Sandgate Hotel Operations Management – Rooms of Improvement Abstract Operations management is focused on the operations of the entire organization, rather than managing a product or service. At the Sandgate Hotel, bad management was the main reason behind in-effective operations, incompetent services, inconsistent food standards etc. leading to small covers of customers and hence a very less turnover. Gordon Ramsay studied the whole situation of the in-effective operations management at the Sandgate Hotel and brought in major strategic changes in operations which lead to striking impr

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    Amber Inn

    1105 words - 5 pages

    Case of Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. Integrated marketing communication strategy and management Problem The problem that Amber Inn & Suites has to face is to decide whether or not to expand their marketing and advertising expenditures between pleasure/vacation guests or business professionals. Primarily, Amber Inn & Suites promotes their commodities vastly to business travelers who usually only stay in the hotels for one to two nights. Business users are the target market that is in the company mission. After three years of continue loss, company must find a strategy that will

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    Hr Strategy

    3904 words - 16 pages

    Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 1 2.1. Reward in Modern Strategic Human Resource Management 1 Concept, theories and definition 1 Reward systems VS. Recognition programs 3 2.2. Reward system of Marriott International 3 Working environment-related rewards 4 Learning and Development Initiatives 5 Recognition programs 6 3. DISCUSSION 6 “Hands-on” management 7 Organizational integration 7 True listening 7 Fair treatment 8 4. RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION 8 4.1. Recommendations 8 4.2. Conclusion 8 5. REFERENCE 9 1. INTRODUCTION

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    Aitken Spencer

    2338 words - 10 pages

    Aitken Spence Hotel The situation The Aitken Spencer hotel is a successful project that has achieved its purpose and goals beyond the initial expectations. Like many projects undertaken in ecologically sensitive places, the project initially generated controversy and invoked resistance among the population of Kandalama community. However, the current picture speaks differently about the attitude of the people of Kandalama towards the projects and the awards and recognitions too are a proof that the hotel has lived to its pre construction billing as environmental friendly. The hotel has eng

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    10459 words - 42 pages

    Acknowledgment I would like to thank the following people who have helped in compiling this research project. 1. Mr. Monish Gounder the manager of the hotel. 2. Miss. Dorothy Reddy for helping me to give the questionnaire Declaration I, Doreen Reddy, hereby declare that this project is the result of my own original mark and has not been copied from any external source. I take full responsibility for any error oversight in the presentation of facts __________________________ Doreen Reddy 17-04-11 Thesis The development of Tanoa International has vastly helped its surroun

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    The Art Of London

    1210 words - 5 pages

    CROYDON Buses from Camberwell Green 36 24 hour service QueenÕs Park Harrow Road Police Station KingÕs Cross for St. Pancras International 45 Royal Oak Paddington 436 12 24 hour service 176 Oxford Circus 24 hour service Tottenham Court Road CENTRAL LONDON Euston 68 GrayÕs Inn Road Chancery Lane Holborn Circus Ludgate Circus for City Thameslink Key Shoreditch Town Hall Shoreditch High Street Commercial Street 35 — O Connections with Underground Russell Square R Connections with National Rail D Connections with Docklands Light Railway

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    Cox Bazar

    7098 words - 29 pages

    A FIELD STUDY IN COX’S BAZAR Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful sea-food--this is Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world's longest (120 kilometers.) beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spot in the country. It’s also a tropical paradise. There is hot sun with fun, sandy beaches and Enjoyable moment. Beachcombers paradise, having world’s longest beach stretch of beach sloping gently i

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    4240 words - 17 pages

    Table of content Pages * Executive summary 2 * Corporation direction 3-4 * Mission statement * Corporate Philosophy * Corporate goal * Environmental analysis and forecasting 5-10 * Market analyze (STEEP) 5-7 * Company analyze(SWOT) 8-9 * Competitors analyze 10 ; Anatara resort Hotel * Segmenting and targeting 11-12 * Next year’s objectives 13-14 * Action plan strategies and tactics 15-18 * Marketing Mix; 4P’s * Business Implication 19-23 - Resources needs to support strategies and meet object

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