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  • Essay For Stanford

    525 words - 3 pages

    As the beast ran rampant through the streets, I couldn't help but wonder if my work had been for naught. Trying to salvage any remains, I chased my dog from the room and stared at the havoc left in his wake. The city lay in ruins; the buildings were razed. The prospect of beginning from scratch was ponderous, but I instantly welcomed the challenge. With patience and determination, I began returning the small plastic bricks into their former glory; and then greater glory. Block by block I rebuilt my cities and block by block they built me. From these Legos I learned valuable lesso

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    Normal Girl In A Barbies World

    1296 words - 6 pages

    I can remember waking up before the sun came up on Christmas morning, running downstairs in my pajamas and plunging down towards the base of the tree, frantically trying to get my hands on all of the neatly wrapped gifts that had “To Ashley, Love Santa” written on them in big, black letters. I’d carefully organize all of my presents into a pile as I waited impatiently for my parents; as the rule was that I couldn’t open up any presents until they awoke. Quickly, my anticipation began to grow as I started to feel around on all of the gifts, putting them up to my ear and shaking them up and down

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    707 words - 3 pages

    Mattel Toy Company has cretaed a doll that will always be a top seller. Barbie is an idol for many little girls. She has only the latest cars and clothes. She as had many careers and a family. Elliot and Ruth Handler created the first Barbie in 1959. The names ' Barbie' and ' Ken' came the Handler's children's names : Barbara and Ken. Barbie was introduced in February 1959 at the American International Toy Fair ( Barbie's birthday is on February 9, 1959 ( Barbie started

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    Michael Kimmel

    487 words - 2 pages

    “Those that are privileged are blind to It,” that was the consistent them of the Michael Kimmel speaker on last Thursday. He first started off with a very broad perspective of the issue talking about worldly issues and slowly focusing down into the issue of gender. The speaker’s main points were the differences between men and women are actually their similarities. This continuous idea was reiterated through numerous statistics that have been taken more then 30 years ago and then taken in the past 5 years. Michael then began to show that the range and adjustment of these figures from the 1970’

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    Little Melody

    1491 words - 6 pages

    She sat with her small doll on her lap being ever so still. Her hair was a mess and so was the dress. The dress had been pulled at and ripped in some places, the right sleeve was torn off, the lace that was attached to the sides of the dress to tie a bow in the back had now been untied, the small detailed stitching at the bottom of the flowing dress had been unstitched. The white stockings had gotten holes and were stained with dirt, grass, and blood. Her little black shoes lost their impeccable glisten and the side buckle in one. The bow, which was carefully and gracefully placed on top of he

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    Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

    1641 words - 7 pages

    SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL The ideas in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll are conveyed through the forms and conventions commonly used in realism. Lawler brought the theme of change to the Australian stage and he uses realism to express key themes and ideas. Lawler wanted to create the illusion of real people dealing with real problems. He wanted a naturalistic depiction of Australian characters and their environment. The main two themes maintained throughout the play is the theme of change and dreams versus reality. These ideas and the sustained belief of realism expressed is through

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    Dreadful Event In My Life

    1045 words - 5 pages

    Everybody has some alarming events in their life and so do I. In the book Tuesdays with morrie, there was a person called Mitch, a young student, who had done many mistakes in his life. He was well advised by Morrie (his professor) about what to do in life and what not to do in life. Mitch wanted to be a musician and Morrie supported him with his decision of being a musician and told him that it is good to do whatever one likes to do. He also said to Mitch to not just run after money. Then too, after graduating, instead of being a musician, he became a journalist, just for the sake of money. T

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    Stereotyping In Childrens Toys

    750 words - 3 pages

    Every child growing up plays with toys no matter how young or how old or if they are a boy or a girl. Some toys are strictly gender oriented and some are geared for both male and female genders. This project has the sole purpose of discovering if children’s toys are gender typed. Our hypothesis was that children’s toys are gender oriented. All we had to do was go to a toy store for this project. A group of friends and I decided that Toy’s R Us would be the best choice to conduct our observations since they have the largest selection of toys. We walked around the store and looked at all the

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    Mattel Toy Recall

    2705 words - 11 pages

    Executive Summary Mattel has been criticized heavily for having to recall not once but thrice in 5 weeks 20 million toys manufactured in China with lead paint and/or loose, potentially dangerous magnets. Clearly Mattel does not have sufficiently tight quality control procedures in its supply chain to compensate for the extra risks of outsourcing to Chinese subcontractors and clearly there are design flaws in the toys with the magnets that could come loose. Although many observers give the company credit for responding to the crisis quickly with an apology from the CEO and pledges to institu

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    All About Me

    303 words - 2 pages

    Intellectual curiosity is a person’s way of expanding their horizons and discovering what’s out there. One way to aggrandize horizons is to learn about people, their ethnic background, and culture. Understanding the people that you work with can lead to excellent leadership. Why, how, when, and where are some of the questions that I would annoy my parents with. Ever since I was able to hold things in my hand, I wondered how they worked and their purpose. My mom tells me stories about how I would destroy expensive toys to. My name is Kimberleyann Louise Wheelhouse and i'm 15 years of age.

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    Gary Heidnik

    2156 words - 9 pages

    Gary Michael Heidnik was born on November 1943 in Eastlake, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. His parents, Michael and Ellen, divorced and he went to live with his mother and her new husband until he started school. After that, he lived with his father and his new wife. Heidnik would later tell psychologists that his father had continually ridiculed him especially when he wet his bed, which was often. At these times his father would hang the stained sheet out a second story window in full view of the neighbors. By the time Gary had reached eighth grade he had developed two main obsessions, making m

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    Differences Between State And Private Universities

    395 words - 2 pages

    “Differences between state and private universities” The universities which are run by the state are called state-run universities. Students don’t have to pay much. They enjoy facilities more than their payment. The state bears the major portion of the expense. The campuses of the state-run universities are spacious. There’re residential halls, play ground for the students. The students of state-run universities enjoy all the physical facilities the university which is governed by a governing body which follows the rules of university Grants Commission is known as private university. Here t

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    Female Foeticide

    492 words - 2 pages

    Female Infanticide and Foeticide It is regrettable that female infanticide and foeticide are rapidly decreasing the female population throughout India. The main factors that is responsible for the increase in the incidence of female infanticide and foeticide is the low status of women, son preference, and the practice of dowry across all casts groups. The low status of women and girls is due to cultural beliefs and the material cost they represent to their families. Vanaja Dhruvarajan says that there is a belief regarding the nature of men and women: "Men are ritually pure, physically stro

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    Intro To Business

    769 words - 4 pages

    Amoung the chains of large discount stores, there is no larger corporation as the well known Walmart. Walmart is the largest grocery, apparel corporation and general merchandise retailer in the world all a result of their incredibly low prices on products. Beginning in 1998, Walmart also cornered the toy market with their sales accounting for one-fourth of all U.S. toy sales. Again, this holiday season, Walmart will not be undersold when it comes to the toy market. Walmart has ushered in the holidays with their new tactic, the $10.00 toy list. Walmart made it clear that their toy sales w

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    Aisles Of Memories

    1608 words - 7 pages

    Aisles of Memories- a memoir I walked down the aisle where the dolls are. There are so many options now; My scene, Brat'z and there's Barbie, she's still around and available in every girls dream, she's a princess, doctor, mom, teacher, ballerina and so much more. I saw one that was wearing a bathing suit and I was taken, back 20 years to my old house in Oakland, oh how I remember Beach Barbie, she was always my favorite one. I had maybe 6 others but Beach Barbie was extra special. Funny how seeing that Barbie doll had me thinking of Erica most of the day- I hadn't though of her since I mov

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    Study Case Walmart

    1882 words - 8 pages

    Study Case Wal*mart Stores, Inc. 1. Sources of Wal*Mart's competitive advantages in discount retailing After a detailed analysis of Wal*Mart's main departments it is obvious that they have many competitive advantages in comparison with their business rivals. Wal*Mart has developed to a leading and fast growing company with a huge market value of $ 57.5 billion. Their average 20 year return on equity is 33% and their compound average sales growth amounts to 35%. Sales per foot² is nearly $ 300,00, while the industry average is $ 210,00 per foot². The total sales volume in

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    1027 words - 5 pages

    Through out time America and China have established an important relationship. However, now in recent years this relationship is starting to rumble due to the many toys that were recalled made in China. Americas favorite toy brand, Mattel Inc. has been affected the most. Although many people blame China entirely for the recall and lead tainted products, I believe that not all of the mishaps are their fault. I believe this major problem can be resolved with both parties working together to ensure quality products and making sure both are satisfied with results. Due to the major recall many hav

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    Mattel Recall Of Toys

    768 words - 4 pages

    The following article analysis will pertain to the article, “Mattel to recall a third batch of toys.” It was located in the “Money” section on and is originally credited to the Associated Press. The issue in this article is Mattel announcing a recall on several hundred thousands of Barbie play sets. The issue arose because these play sets, produced in China, may contain excessive levels of lead paint. The recall has been prefaced by two larger Mattel recalls this summer. Both previous recalls also involved concerns of Chinese manufacturers using lead paint. Mattel therefore m

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    Observation Toddler Little Scientists

    522 words - 3 pages

    Toddler Observation - Little scientist theory The child on this project is a 1 ½ year old male. He looks very healthy, in his normal weight, and very active. He is white, and has blue eyes, blond hair and cute pink chubby cheeks. In the middle of the afternoon he is playing with a female toddler about his age in the living and dinning room area of his home. The environment provided to the children is peaceful and relaxed. The parents specifically designated this time just for the two children so they can freely interact and play as they please. They also placed quite a few toys scared ar

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    To Old For Dolls

    1048 words - 5 pages

    Too Old For Dolls: An Analysis of the title of Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House The play A Doll’s house is a play that depicts a woman awakening to find how deep her false persona has hindered her relationships and growth as a person. The title of this play goes along with the character interaction and the theme. The title is also symbolic of Nora’s place in the house. Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House reflects its title as it is based around one big illusion of character. The title A Doll’s House is symbolic of Nora breaking from her Doll like shell and her assumed personality and emerging

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    Death Becomes Her

    526 words - 3 pages

    “Death Becomes Her” Some days ago I so a very amazing film. It’s title is “Death Becomes Her”. It is the American comedy. In fact I don’t really like this kind of films very much but this very piece of art made me laugh sincerely a lot. Moreover I and my friends watched this film without the translation into Russian. Nevertheless it was quite easy to understand everything. The main characters are Helen, Madeline and Ernest. When they are young and Helen was Ernest’s fiancé, Madeline got acquainted with him. As a result he gave up Helen and married M

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    Russia 1917

    340 words - 2 pages

    The content of the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell is satirical to the Russian Revolution. The narrative is developed by means of an establishment of events that correlate directly to changes that occurred in Russia [mainly] in the early 1900's. The events and characters in the book are comparative to important figures and affairs in the Russian Revolution. Although Orwell wrote the book to clearly reflect that distinct era, this novel can also be viewed as an allegory on any revolution Through this generalized approach to the presentation of the novel, Orwell creates a more identifiable wa

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    512 words - 3 pages

    I want everyone to take just a moment and picture the most beautiful person you know. I'd be willing to bet there's not two people anywhere with the exact same mental image. "Beauty" is a relative term. It's not just one thing or another. Today, I am going to talk about the media and the influence that it has onn the girls in today's society and I'll discuss the different ways that the media distorts the beautiful image. First, I'd like you all to meet my very famous friend, Barbie. Barbie has the perfect body and she is adored by young girls everywhere. Even as young as two years ol

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    728 words - 3 pages

    Emperor’s Club tackles question of virtue from an unusual angle as it does not go for a traditional elevated approach and give the audience the right to judge characters and their actions themselves. William Hundert is a strict, stern, and even stuffy teacher who predictably cannot be content with his initial purpose and tries to bring his students up in the spirit of high moral ideals. At first glance the fact that he concealed Sedgewick Bell’s cheating at the prestigious contest contradicts to this image completely. However, there is more to Hundert than it first seems. Bell, a rebelliou

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    Fifth Business

    1596 words - 7 pages

    he feeling of guilt can only be present in someone who has come to the realization that they, or someone around them, have done something wrong. In the Robertson Davies novel, Fifth Business, the concept of guilt, both for one's self and for others is a major recurring theme. The reader sees this theme grow and materialize through the eyes of Dunstable (Dunstan, Dunny) Ramsay, who is the major character in the novel. Dunny, as Davies implies with the title, fills the role of "fifth business". The definition of which being, "Those roles which, being neither those of Hero nor Heroine, Co

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    368 words - 2 pages

    The original Barbie was launched in March 1959. Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara at play with paper dolls, and noticed that she often enjoyed giving them adult roles. At the time, most children's toy dolls were representations of infants. Realizing that there could be a gap in the market, Handler suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company. He was unenthusiastic about the idea, as were Mattel's directors. During a trip to Europe in 1956 with her children Barbara and Kenneth, Ruth Handler came across German toy doll called

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    Romeo And Juliet

    280 words - 2 pages

    Romeo and Juliet are intricate puppets. The puppeteer is none other then fate. In this elaborate play Romeo and Juliet are bound together and should not be held responsible for what happens in the play. Their actions obviously affect it but it seems as though they cannot help it. Fate in this play plays a major role in the affecting what happens like it does with anything. It is simply their fate to die the way they did. It’s just the way Shakespeare wrote the play, that these two lovers are destined by fate to both die. “Destiny is no matter of chance it is a matter of choice. It is not

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    Pain Of Animals

    1604 words - 7 pages

    “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.” – Alice Walker. This quote is significant because every living creature has a purpose on this earth. Animals were not created to be exploited. The human race has exploited animals in several different ways for their benefits. These animals are not only being used in experiments, they are also forced from their environments, and used for human benefits. Physician Peggy Carlson, author of article, “Why We Don’t Need Animal Experimentation”

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    Critically Examine The Argument That Barbie Represents Middle Class White Emphatic Femininity

    1877 words - 8 pages

    Critically examine the argument that Barbie represents middle-class, white ‘emphatic’ femininity. Blonde hair, blue-eyed 11.5 inches tall and the easily the most popular doll for sale in the world. Debuted in 1959 Barbie turns 50 this year and still continues to dominate the toy doll market. ‘According to the manufacturer, every three seconds a Barbie doll is purchased. Barbie has been said to touch every girl's life’ (Rogers, 1999). She is everywhere and with this has become more than a toy - she is a cultural icon. So it is little surprise that the controversy and cultural issues Barbie

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    Typing Tests

    326 words - 2 pages

    The steps that might be taken to ensure that the typing test is administered properly and fairly to all applicants should start with standardization. The test should be administered to all applicants with the same time restraints and regulations. The clerical assistants need to pay more attention to the process of administering the test so that each applicant is given the same chance to prove their skills and abilities. The machine that is being used to administer the tests needs to be standardized to match the ones used in the everyday business of the company. The fact that it is not a ty

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    599 words - 3 pages

    Analysis of Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part VI In this part of the poem, Coleridge chooses to open with the fronted conjunction ‘but’ which makes the poem more continuous and shows that the voices that we are met with have been having a conversation. There is a strong sense of a supernatural being or power through the poem and is also found in his section, ‘still as a slave before his lord’, this simile reminds the reader of the religious tones of the poem, in this context showing the reader that God controls everything, he commands the waves of the oceans and thus nothing happens by chance

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    Lost At Fair

    471 words - 2 pages

    Lost at the Fair It was a cool summer evening. I was 8 years old. My family and I were walking through the street at the town fair. The fair was celebrated every year at Petlad a town which is located in the state of Gujarat in India. The fair was very as big as a cricket ground. Many people rushed around us. The rides lit up with many colors moving around quickly. Everywhere there were so many shops of every kind with things such as toys, ornaments, food, and many other things. When we went to the fair, I was in big hurry to look at all the shops. I was very excited from the day before tha

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    379 words - 2 pages

    Every child growing up plays with toys no matter how young or how old or if they are a boy or a girl. Some toys are strictly gender oriented and some are geared for both male and female genders. This project has the sole purpose of discovering if children’s toys are gender typed. Our hypothesis was that children’s toys are gender oriented. All we had to do was go to a toy store for this project. A group of friends and I decided that Toy’s R Us would be the best choice to conduct our observations since they have the largest selection of toys. We walked around the store and looked at all the t

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    Gisele Bundchen Autobiography

    810 words - 4 pages

    AUTO-BIOGRAPHY CHILHOOD Gisele Caroline Bündchen I was born on July 20, 1980. Weighing 2.700kg, and I already thought it was about time to start nagging my parents. I did not arrive alone, Pati came along with me to help. Our poor dear folks. Hobby Playing with my sister and the kids of my neighborhood in the doll house or hide and seek in the street was one of my favorite hobbies. In the doll house, we used to pretend we were in class, preparing food and also playing with dolls, of course. As, there were 6 of us, all girls, you can imagine how many dolls we used to have. During my child

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    Toys Boys Or Grls

    319 words - 2 pages

    Every child growing up plays with toys no matter how young or how old or if they are a boy or a girl. Some toys are strictly gender oriented and some are geared for both male and female genders. Toy’s R Us, The toy store for Kids would be the best place to conduct my observations since they have the largest selection of toys. I walked around the store and looked at all the toys they had and randomly grabbed three toys from every department. Three from the girl’s section, three from the boy’s section and three that I felt could be played with by either boys or girls.
 The toy’s I grabbe

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    Hello Girlz

    593 words - 3 pages

    As a child there were certain toys that I played with a lot more than other toys that I had. There were toys that I absolutely loved and then I had toys that I might have played with a few times and then they were left alone. Having a sister that was only a year younger than me meant that I always had someone to play with. She and I pretty much loved the same toys since we were always playing together. The things that I loved playing with were my swing set, the swimming pool, and my bike. My sister, Tiffany, and I used to play on our swing set all the time. We loved being outside. We had a

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    952 words - 4 pages

    Barbie. Barbie. One toy that can please children across generations while being ruthlessly criticized at the same time is Barbie. As she soon turns 50 this month, Barbie was created by Mattel in 1959. Barbie’s an icon; for many she’s their role model, she has taught young girls that Barbie can be anything she wants and to some extent it makes young girls want to be just like her. Barbie, unlike any other doll, exhibits a higher mature stage and has everything she wants. She has the dream house, the dream car, the dream guy and has all the dream jobs she wants. However, Barbie, at times give

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    Using Nested Functions In Ms Excel

    1350 words - 6 pages

    Nested Functions Using nested functions 1. Sumproduct function: Suppose you have a case where you have two columns of data and based on the number of text entries you have to find out the ratio between column A and column B. Column A Column B A 34 23 43 Week Product 78 There is no way to directly do it but a mix of formulas can help you here. The process is called nesting of functions in MS Excel. Here’s how to do it: =SUMPRODUCT( --ISTEXT( A1:A5))/SUMPRODU CT(--ISTEXT( B1:B5)) There can be other wasy of doing the

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    447 words - 2 pages

    Animal Testing I. Animals may help in society today for the things that humans need but the animals shouldn’t be put through pain and suffering. II. Animal Testing hurts animals and should stop. A. Hopefully find something else to test other than animals. 1. “20 million animals are being used for testing and killed annually.”(Fano, 1997) a. Around the world animals are being used to test products like shampoo to cancer drugs. b. Most of each of the products that humans use today was tested on animals first. c. Also used to try anesthetics are used to ease humans un

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    Educational Toys

    620 words - 3 pages

    Educational Toys In our economy the toy industry has tried to broaden the interests of children by making educational toys, books, and software. It is a great resource for parents and people who work with children. The key point of this subject is the benefits of maximizing children’s skills to supplement school-based learning and strengthen their growth development in the real world. According to Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D., “the truth is that all experiences develop the brain” (TD monthly vol. 11). There are two different basic types of educational toys, curriculum-based toys and cognitive

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    826 words - 4 pages

    BSI British Standards is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB) and was the world's first. It represents UK economic and social interests across all of the European and international standards organisations and through the development of business information solutions for British organisations of all sizes and sectors. BSI British Standards works with manufacturing and service industries, businesses, governments and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and international standards. TOYS • Any toy in Europe should have CE marking • BS EN 71 Parts 1-8 Safety of toys •

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    H Ow To Travel With A Small Child

    681 words - 3 pages

    The Diaper Bag: Why it is so important When you travel with a small child, a properly packed diaper bag is the key element to a successful journey. The necessities of young children are many, and a pre-prepared satchel containing all of the required paraphernalia is of fundamental importance. When the diaper bag is not well stocked, the minutes before leaving the house are spent snatching diapers, seizing bottles and formula, searching for pacifiers and scouring the playroom for favorite toys in a haphazard attempt to collect all of the essentials; certain fundamental apparatus must be con

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    375 words - 2 pages

    There is never a boring moment in our house. That's because of my best friend Jughead. Jughead has got to be the funniest dog alive. In my family he is the clown of the bunch. From his clown-like capers, and the way he picks fights with the cats in the house to his non stop playing with his collection of stuffed animals. The best place to start would be to describe his jealous nature. Jughead has this idea that he's number one, and everyone else is second. Due to this idea of his we make it a point not to pet any other pet in the house when he is around, and if we do he makes it clear that

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    Avenue Q

    446 words - 2 pages

    In the musical production Avenue Q, the lights, music, and characters pulled the story together so it was believable and it sucked the audience into their world. The plot of the story was about a guy who just graduated from college with English major, and is trying to find his place in life. He doesn’t have a job or any money so he finds himself only able to afford an apartment on the street Avenue Q. While he is there the audience meets his neighbors, a comic who doesn’t have job, a psychologist whose patients all commit suicide, a monster, and a teacher’s aide who is a monster. The cast doe

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    The Skinny On Barbie

    317 words - 2 pages

    Most girls yearn for what Barbie has; the handsome boyfriend, the convertible car, and the beautiful dream house, however almost all of these girls want the tanned flat stomach, long lean legs and flawless hips. Ultra thin images of women are plastered in magazines, on posters, and pretty much everywhere you look, so why make a 3d version of these skinny socialites? These exceedingly lean plastic divas not only lower young girl’s self-esteem but also increase their dissatisfaction of their body image. Studies show that Barbie dolls which are far thinner than traditional shapes make girls

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    607 words - 3 pages

    In the story “Beauty” Susan faces problems with her mom and having to deal with a baby. Susan is the daughter who never feels like she’s good enough for her mother. Susan’s mother is a very controlling person that treats her like a child. Susan wants to be free and take control over her own life her mom treats her like child. Susan is a grown woman and wants to take control of her own life. Her mother talks about her looks, is very controlling, and looks down on her. Susan will never live up to her mother’s expectation of being a perfect figure like the dolls. In the story Susan’s mom

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    1647 words - 7 pages

    Mattel was believed to be one of the most trusted toy companies around the world that operated in 155 countries. They produce the most famous toys for children, such as Barbie, Cabbage patch kids, Fisher-Price, and some many other amazing toys. Beyond concerns about marketing to children, Mattel, Inc. is making a serious commitment to business ethics. For example, Mattel instituted a code of conduct called "Global Manufacturing Principles." These principles required all business partners to commit to ethical standards that relate to safety, wages, and adherence to local laws []. Ho

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    A Comparision Contrast Between The Destructors And The Rocking Horse

    1171 words - 5 pages

    A Comparision/Contrast between “The Destructors” and “The Rocking Horse” In both “The Destructors” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” the characters give in to the forces of destruction because of the “destructive” war torn environments that they live in. I. Introduction a. Setting of Stories b. Summary of Main Characters c. Thesis statement: In both “The Destructors” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” the children give in to the forces of destruction because of the “destructive” war torn environments that they live in. II. Cast of Character a. Trevor “T” and the Gang b. O

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    D Isney

    275 words - 2 pages

    What competing organizational goals are present in this scenario? The goal of the organization is to receive the funding in order to continue operations and eventually restructure the hospital. 2. Daniel was clearly not satisfied with Susan’s explanation. What could Susan have done differently to convince Daniel to wait? Susan should have used a strategy that was valuable for Daniel. She could have suggested to double check the research in order to establish clear links between the discovered information and the patient injury and death incidents. Also, she could have provided

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    Build A Bear

    1538 words - 7 pages

    Marketing 201 Section 1 Assignment: Case Study Build –A-Bear: Build-A-Memory Synopsis of the Case According to this case, in the 1990s dot-coms were very popular. The walk-in stores were not excelling and at this time it seemed like a bad idea to open one that will be selling stuffed animals. Despite this fact, Maxine Clark founded Build- A-Bear Workshop in 1996. Unexpectedly, Clark’s store excelled quickly and greatly, having more supporters versus non-supporters. Not only is the company continuously excelling in profits, but it is also expanding the availability of its products

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