Travel Guides Essay Examples

  • Than Lot Kong

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    It was early dawn as we prepared to take a river taxi to Laos. Already the temperature was rising as the gigantic red sunrise reflected of the rippling Mekong River. Michael, my son and companion had just turned twelve years old and I had decided he was old enough to endure the rigours, and enjoy the thrills of travel in a very different world to our own…. We struggled down steep stone steps sculpted into the river bank, crossed a rickety bamboo bridge, fought for balance on an equally unsteady pontoon, and finally stepped cautiously into a wooden longtail boat. Finding ourselves seats among

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    Tour Guide

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    Tourism has been one of the big businesses in most countries. People travel to see pristine nature, ancient buildings, or unique life – pretty much everything that they cannot find in the place they live. Tourism is not only a name for bringing foreign people and showing what the country has, but also it is about satisfying them with everything they want. So what do the tour companies need to satisfy their guests? Besides having all the fundamentals for a successful business, a tour company will need skilled guides whose role is presenting the company, and furthermore, the country. A guide is

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