Walking Essay Examples

  • The Subway Hero

    777 words - 4 pages

    Did you know that people can make an important decision in 0.3 seconds? Scientific research has proven it takes 0.3 seconds for a person to blink and react to something; furthermore, this short time can decide a person’s life and death. My definition of a hero is someone who has the courage to not only help others but also increase people’s hope. According to the definition, I chose Mr. Kim-Dae-Hyun to be my hero. A few years ago, a heartwarming story received full coverage on the Korea newspapers. It was a story that about an eighteen-year-old high school student named Kim-Dae-Hyun. He rescu

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    Situational Awareness Skills

    760 words - 4 pages

    I believe that there are many skill that people take for granted and do not practice or exercise that they should all master. Among these skills is situational awareness. I believe that situational awareness is the one skill that everyone should master and use every single day. As the term implies, situational awareness refers to ‘awareness’ of the ‘situation.’ Grammatically, situational awareness refers to awareness that only happens sometimes in certain situations. "Situation awareness" is the correct term for the field of study that concerns the knowledge and understanding of the environme

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    A Worn Path

    541 words - 3 pages

    Arnold Palmer The story a Worn Path by Eudora Welty is a complex story that dictates the plight of an old woman that faces a handful of conflicts that she faces through her struggle to help her ailing grandson. The first conflict that I feel is the most apparent is the external conflict of Man Vs Nature. This conflict is apparent in the description of her travel to town through an old path in the woods. She follows this path and is met with a number of challenging obstacle

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    Fortunado S Point Of View

    861 words - 4 pages

    Fifty years ago, around Mardi Gras time, something terrible happened to me. In this exact cell where my body lays now. I remember every little detail like it was yesterday. I was standing around a couple of old friend drinking and enjoying the nice carnival environment and ourselves, when out of the corner of my eye I saw Montresor walking my way. Montresor and I were really good friends when we were young lads, but some things went down between us. I’ll explain what happened before you get totally confused. We were hanging around down town a couple years ago with some buddies from high sch

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    657 words - 3 pages

    A cool draft flurried silently past the curtain, creating an occasional rippling in the thin fabric. A gentle pitter-patter of rainfall could be heard throughout the darkened room as the fresh aroma of moistened greenery seeped in through the open window. There was a small puddle of water on the wood-paneled floor as the mist continued, but it failed to be noticed. There was only one occupant in this room, a young woman at the pinnacle of her youth. She was dressed in her usual casual attire: a fitted shirt and flowing skirt. She also wore a tattered and oversized jacket which she clutched

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    The Monster In My Bedroom

    532 words - 3 pages

    It started a couple of weeks ago. Some nights when I would go to bed, I would hear things. Noises, bumps, scratching, tapping, whispering. Sometimes it even sounded like it was coming from inside the house. And I would see shadows across my window. I knew I couldn't tell 'cause no one would believe me and that would just make it worse. Then one night, a monster came into my bedroom. It was a Tuesday. I remember the day 'cause it was my birthday. Mommy gave me a cupcake with a candle in it. Daddy didn't say anything. Sometimes it's better that way. But that night after I went to bed, the monste

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    668 words - 3 pages

    In most people�s lives, there comes a point in time where their perception changes abruptly; a single moment in their life when they come to a sudden realization. In Langston Hughes� �Salvation�, contrary to all expectations, a young Hughes is not saved by Jesus, but is saved from his own innocence. �Salvation� is the story of a young boy who has an experience of revelation. While attending a church revival, he comes to the sudden realization that Jesus will not physically come save him. In the first three sentences of the essay, the speaker adopts

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    Dead Poets Society Essay

    357 words - 2 pages

    The producers of Dead Poet’s Society wanted to showcase through the film that it is possible to be your own self within a uniformed society. The era in which the film was created had a lack of orators that students could look towards for inspiration. Through this film, the writer was able to influence his viewers. The film presents the school of Welton as a drab place. Everything is based upon tradition and is monotonously the same. The students are suffering under the perception that they exist only to attend their classes and roam the corridors as mere zombies. This can even be seen in the s

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    402 words - 2 pages

    Dislocating and breaking my leg changed my life. In October of 1978 I was attending Oakland City College. My best friend and I were goofing around in the comma area with two other guys. We are horse playing shoving each other around just having fun. T he other two guys are bigger so it was attack and run. I take out the door and jump from the deck, which is about Eight feet high at the time, I did not know that I had broken a bone my leg. I continued down the hill and went to jump over a stone wall and my foot caught on the wall and dislocated my knee ninety Degrees out

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    The Face Of Death

    1926 words - 8 pages

    The Face of Death The fire was lit high, surrounded with 8 friends’ and their tents put up. A cool night breeze brushed against me where I was lying counting the stars in the open sky and was no longer interested in my friend’s conversation of how he managed to ask out the prettiest girl in college; well, it’s his usual topic with of course the only difference being the change in girls. Astonishingly, they didn’t have any other topic to discuss, in the middle of some forest. It was a beautiful night, obviously if my friends weren’t jabbering about their boyfriends and girlfriends, they woul

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    783 words - 4 pages

    Growing Pains Analysis of “Sophistication” In the short story “Sophisitication” by Sherwood Anderson we notice the official turn from childhood to adulthood of two friends from their small town in Ohio. They not only have physical changes but changes in the way that they think too. Their thoughts become more complicated and harder for them to know what to do about them. The two main people of this story, Helen White and George Willard, try to overcome a few common stereotypes about breeding in order to figure out what they are feeling and why. George, nervous and upset by the fact that th

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    Mission Inn

    895 words - 4 pages

    It was one of the hottest days of the month. I parked the car on Mission Inn Avenue hesitating to open the door and step into the blazing heat outside. As I got out of my car, I paused for a moment to get a glance of what I was about to walk through. Before me stood a beautiful,19th century gothic style building that captured everyone’s eyesight. The building included random architectural styles such as rounded and pointed archades, a medieval style clock, numerous bells around that where viewable from the balconies and a massive Mediterranean dome. The stained glass window reflected sunligh

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    My Observations

    611 words - 3 pages

    My Observations I stepped into Penn Square Mall to find a rush of noise and constant movements. I could hear the sounds of teenagers laughing and smell all the food from the food court. I could see the excitement in the eyes of all the young kids as they tried to talk their parents into buying them that one special thing. It’s constantly a rush of people, and it seems like they all know where they are going. I decided that I needed to move towards the food court, since that is where most of the entertainment lies in the mall. As I am making my way over, I get behind a young couple an

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    Healing Dreams

    1301 words - 6 pages

    Most go to sleep to get some rest, let go of the stresses of the day and forget it all for six to eight hours. But little do most know that in our sleep the things we try to not think about or deal with comes in our heads and creates a vision to let us know that it does exist. Some awake startled from the dreams wondering if they were real in some way others brush them off as if they were nothing. But why/how would our minds conjure such images and interactions with no precedent? “Healing dreams can lift us beyond the narrow confines of our ordinary conscious life and present us with a larger

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    Being Blind For Forty Five Minutes

    533 words - 3 pages

    I remember my childhood as being generally happy and can recall experiencing some of the most carefree times of my life. But I can also remember, even more vividly, moments of being deeply frightened. As a child, I was truly terrified of the blindness and as I grew up I brought it up to my attention. I realized that it was because when I was about six years old, I started to help my grandmother goes to the restroom; to church, and sometimes to visit some of her friends. She couldn’t go any where by herself, since she couldn’t see the beauty of nature for many years. Ever since the day she beca

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    Jakes Story

    1359 words - 6 pages

    my name is jake. Let me tell you my story. It all started from babyhood, I already was considered a freak. My own mother thought I was strange. she told me that I was a strange child because I never cried and while in her stomach I never had a heartbeat. I was born blue and I was always cold. I was almost albino and I got sunburned quickly so I spent most of my time inside the house. I never ate my veggies and I am lactose intolerant. Well enough about my background time for my story… “JAKE WAKE UP!” I hear my mother scream at me from the kitchen, it is only 7 am and I look outside and

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    433 words - 2 pages

    Essay One day I was walking by woods. Suddenly I decided to go in. I was just walking and walking. It was getting late. I thought that I should go home. After all no one knew where I was. But suddenly I noticed that I didn't know where I was. It was almost dark and because of trees it seemed to be even darker. I tried not to panic. It was hard though. At least it Was summer I thought? It wasn't freezing, but it wasn't warm either. I was wondering which way I should go. I looked around and decided that I should turn around couple of times and go where I stop. I did so. I wasn't sure but I t

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    1141 words - 5 pages

    As she walks the halls with purse in hand she is startled by the yells and screams surrounding her. She has just entered the flea market off of Nihuang street in Beijing, China. The flea market appeared as an old rugged building that had been worn down for years, but there were still hundreds of people walking in and out of the twirling doors. She enters, there is a refreshment bar filled with drinks ranging from burning hot green tea to ice cold Mountain Dew. However, as she turns the corner, the scenery turns from a nice relaxing refreshment area into a crazy competition. There are a to

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    Summary Of A Amp P

    678 words - 3 pages

    In "A&P" John Updike paints a picture of a young boy transfering to adulthood in a much more innocent time. In the story, Sammy begins the story bored and ends up as hero, if only to his own knowledge. Here, the people and setting of the story work together to establish a theme of maturity. This is done by showing what Sammy does and is early on, how the girls affect him, and what he eventually does not just for them, but also for himself. When you first meet Sammy, he is working for the summer at an A&P store as a cashier. He is bored, and annoyed at having to deal with "one of the

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    437 words - 2 pages

    My heart is almost jumping out of my chest. How do I ask her, what do I say. What does she think of me, does she like me; think I’m funny, does she find me attractive. What if she doesn’t like me, find me funny, or attractive. All these thoughts are racing through my head. My hands are sweating as if I was pouring water on them; my legs feel as they are filled with Jell-O. Ok here it goes as I start to stutter what are you doing Friday night?” She reply’s “I don’t have any plans.” I feel a harm relief come over my body, “would you like to go out to dinner with me?” What felt like an eternity t

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    Animal Farm Old Major S Speech

    1924 words - 8 pages

    Animal Farm Essay on Old Major’s Speech The novel Animal Farm by George Orwell begins with Old Major’s famous speech, which incites the other animals to form a rebellion; similar to the events leading up to the Stalin era and the rise of Bolshevism. The actual story is the most famous satirical allegory of Soviet totalitarianism. To begin the story, George Orwell narrates how ‘Old Major, the prize Middle White Boar, had had a strange dream on the previous night and wished to communicate it to the other animals.’ Major’s speech was a mixture of Marxism and Lennism, both famous Russion Re

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    The Journey Of A Walker

    574 words - 3 pages

    Thoreau’s metaphoric description of a walk as “a sort of crusade…to go forth and reconquer this Holy Land from the hands of the Infidels” (28-31) depicts a journey of self-discovery—one of those routes to the depths of the inner heart, where, upon discovery, it could almost be termed “holy.” Thoreau describes walking as a necessary journey in which a person is able to reconquer his identity and defeat the “Infidels”—or all the affairs and people and things that make life unbearably chaotic—of this world. Before partaking in the act of taking this walk, it is necessary to look ahead to the f

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    Macbeth Passage

    444 words - 2 pages

    Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow The passage I have chosen is right after Seyton arrives to tell Macbeth about his wife’s death, in the midst of all the turmoil he helped create. She should have died hereafter. There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It

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    1516 words - 7 pages

    Combs 1Casey Combs          Lavonne WellerEnglish 101 11:30Definition paper1/21/09WISDOMWisdom is the seam of what we are left with, the circumstances we cannot control mixed with the decisions and actions we choose to make. As a result of those things like circumstance and free will, the paths we walk on can seriously be altered, thus changing the experiences we have and what we learn from them. Once the sands of time have caught up with you, when the experiences have made you weary and frail, and you are at the point of peace of mind towards your own self reflection, you

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    Notes On Acquainted With The Night

    308 words - 2 pages

    In the first line of the first stanza, he is telling something that he has suddenly discovered about himself. The tempo at the beginning did still seem as slowly paced as when I read it to myself. But, as he progressed into the poem I actually began to feel the sensation of him walking down a lane in a city, casually strolling along with no with a particular direction in mind, but almost oblivious to his surroundings. However, by the beginning of the second stanza, “I have looked down the saddest city lane.” I had the distinct feeling that he had been down this particular road many times be

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    Short Story For English

    339 words - 2 pages

    It was cold, wintry day. The snow was heavy, my boots sunk into it like quick sand. My friends all lived the opposite direction, so I was left alone. That day, a boy named Aiden was mad at me. Tonight was the Spooky Spectacular dance, and I turned him down as a date. No one liked him, he was small, skinny, and had thick black glasses. A perfect poster child to parents; he was every mother’s approved son-in-law. I cut through the woods behind his house, as a short cut to go back to mine. Tale’s lie in the darkness of the woods, it gets deeper and deeper, though I wasn’t superstitious. I heard

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    335 words - 2 pages

    William Shakespeare's Macbeth In a practical sense, we are able to see more clearly in daylight, and so we are also less fearful. When night comes, our sense of sight is restricted and we are less able to deal with the unexpected. Also, in Western culture we have come to associate dark with evil and light with goodness. So Shakespeare uses this as one of his major images to enhance the horror of the evil deeds carried out by the Macbeths. Duncan is killed at night. Banquo is murdered as he rides out into the twilight, just before the banquet. Repeatedly Shakespeare makes

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    What Makes Us Human

    1156 words - 5 pages

    Humans are bipedal primates. Physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species has a very close relationship to another group of primate species, such as the apes, the chimpanzees and the gorillas. They all share a common ancestor or a history that lived sometime between 8 million and 6 million years ago. The earliest humans grew in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. The fossils of early humans who lived between 6 million and 2 million years ago come entirely from Africa. Most scientists make a distinction among 12 to 19 different species of earl

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    Look Both Ways

    941 words - 4 pages

    ‘Look Both Ways’ is an Australian film directed by Sarah Watt, it explores the idea of fear and how people are controlled by it. All characters begin the weekend ‘with little or no relief until Monday’ and ultimately change their perspective that fate is actually in our own hands and when we can grab a hold of our fears we can take control in a world that is shown to be random and unpredictable. Not even looking both ways can save you. Meryl finds something to be scared about in every situation, she finds ways in which she will be hurt or killed by just walking down the street. Nicks diagnosis

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    Dream Of Being A Model

    1449 words - 6 pages

    I constantly get told that I should be a model. I never felt that way myself until I sent my picture into this simple prom magazine contest and actually was a finalist. That’s when I knew I had the potential. From then on I dreamt of becoming a model. I became determined and booked my first fashion show after months, and months of auditioning. I tried out for a fashion show that was sponsored by Nautica and I.N.C. from Macy’s department store. I went inside when my number was called and the judges pierced me up and down. The judges were intimidating but I didn’t give up. I introduced myself

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    The Mysterious Place

    366 words - 2 pages

    How I ended up there? I do not know. Did I return to civilization? I eventually did. I remembered hearing the howling of the bats, the wooing of the winds and the footsteps of many small creatures. I felt as if I was walking through a jungle or maybe a nightmare. I thought I saw a man. I felt safe for an instant but then the thought frightened me. He might hurt me, but no, it was not a man. It was just a monumental statue. As I walked along this lonely road, I passed broken down houses that seemed to be once lived in. The windows were broken, weeds were growing on the ext

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    The Big Chase

    689 words - 3 pages

    The Big Chase One day during last summer, I was walking through the streets in my way to home after finishing my French class at the French institute. The weather was wonderful and the streets were full of people walking. It was dusk time and the sky looked magnificent because of the blazing sun. This glowing sphere was partially covered by the transparent clouds and, decorated by the beautiful birds cycling in front of it. All these scenes together, created an incredible painting drawn by the hands of an outstanding artist. As I was walking home at sunset, I could feel a shadow lurk behind m

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    852 words - 4 pages

    Chase Dreams Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you didn’t know what to do? Do you believe in your dreams? Although dreams are not real to most people, they seem very real to me. I never believed in my dreams until after one specific dream. I had this one dream for several days in a row, and then one day it stopped. The day I didn’t have that dream anymore, someone’s life was changing. One day I came home from school, just like a normal kid I was hungry and needing a snack. I grabbed an apple and a juice pack from the fridge and decided to go check the mail. It was a b

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    Activity Plan

    666 words - 3 pages

    This Weeks Activity Plan 2nd through the 6th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 6:00/8:00 Children Arrive/ Wash Hands/Breakfast time Children Arrive/ Wash Hands/Breakfast time Children Arrive/ Wash Hands/Breakfast time Children Arrive/ Wash Hands/Breakfast time Children Arrive/ Wash Hands/Breakfast time 8:00/8:15 Diaper Changing/potty time/Wash Hands/ Clean up time Diaper Changing/potty time/Wash Hands/ Clean up time Diaper Changing/potty time/Wash Hands/ Clean up time Diaper Changing/potty time/Wash Hands/ Clean up time Diaper Changing/potty time/Wash Hands/ Clean up ti

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    The American Dream

    748 words - 3 pages

    I have given quite a bit of thought to what English and the American Dream really mean to each other and some how there is this invisible but very real two-way door that interlocks them together. Now and then, people will seem to just lump the two together thinking they go hand in hand with each other. I believe that when a person makes this assumption it can show how close minded and educated and more ignorant than anything else. I want to provide an alternative view to this overly misapplied phrase. Many Americans prefer to speak of how they value the “American Dream”, and how America

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    Loch Ness Monster

    1167 words - 5 pages

    “Zoë, wake up! You’ll be late for school!” Zoë yawned as she got up and stretched her arms over her head as she thought I wish something would happen in this dull, boring town. As she walked through the hallway and she looked in the mirror and saw her dark brown eyes and her black hair. She smelt pancakes and smiled. She changed and rushed downstairs and quickly sat down. The table was made of dark oak and has been in the family for generations. Her mother put the pancakes down and Zoë ate them. After finishing, she said, “Bye, mom.” And grabbed her bag then walked out the door. But as she was

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    My Super Love

    429 words - 2 pages

    Methods: 1. Work in groups. Individuals have to complete the task. 2. Go to a flight of steps and measure the vertical height of one step with the ruler. 3. Multiply the height of one step by the number of steps in the one flight. 4. Measure and record the time it takes each member to walk normally up the flight of stairs. 5. Record the distance in feet. 6. Measure and record the time it takes each member to run, safety up the flight of stairs. 7. Record the distance in feet once more just to be sure that it is recorded correctly. 8. Calculate the work that was accomplished, power le

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    784 words - 4 pages

    As in Dante’s Inferno, I have envisioned my own hell. This hell has four levels, and as you move down this hell, each level holds a more intense sinner. Each level has its own way of keeping the sinner there. In the first level given the name Stolen, Sharon Walker resides. In the second level named Drugs, Manuel Noriega is seen. O.J. Simpson is in the third level called Murderers, and Adolf Hitler is in the fourth level called Dictator. As I open the gates to the first level of hell, my journey begins. Being guided by Jordan, I arrive to the first level of hell called Stolen. As I wal

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    Sexual Crimes

    392 words - 2 pages

    Lately, there has been a sharp increase in the number of sexual crimes in society, such as rape and sexual harassment. Many of these victims are of course, teenagers and young women. Many women are unaware of the dangers that they could face. Therefore, several steps can be taken to reduce these crimes. Firstly, women can learn how to protect themselves. A basic knowledge of self defence is very useful and could also be life-saving. Furthermore, nowadays it is not hard to learn such knowledge. You can learn from the internet, classes, and magazines and newspapers. Secondly, do not

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    Walk For Awarness

    619 words - 3 pages

    At first I was surprised because not many people were there, but I arrived around 8:35. Then all of a sudden thousands of students, staff, and neighbors came to join in on the silent walk. On the small walk across Stanford mall where the first guest speakers were, many students were acting very “unsilent,” probably because they knew that for the next 30 minutes they could not talk at all. However, once Dr. Chris Hogan began to speak the crowd died down in its rowdiness. Dr. Chris Hogan’s speech was just the same one it seems that is told by everyone at the counseling center, but I guess

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    564 words - 3 pages

    Both Merleau-Ponty and Brakhage alike advocate the importance of thematising phenomena from the first-person perspective of the embodied subject. Already a fair bit has been said about Merleau-Ponty and the phenomenology of perception, so I'm going to shift the focus a little more to Brakhage in my post (: Brakhage's works proceeded by intuition rather than by reason or argument. Most of the films are pre-reflective whilst they attempt to convey something personal about some of Brakhage's own subjective experiences. His eclectic usage of colour and amorphous blobs (formless-form?) veer awa

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    Childhood Story

    822 words - 4 pages

    My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, and my breathing was heavy. Why would i agree to do this? I continued to walk slowly making sure every step i took was completely hushed. I felt like every sound i made was 100 times louder then what is was. How was he being so calm? He looked completely and totally relaxed, like he has done this 40 thousand times before. How was he walking so quietly? He was 2 steps ahead of me but i could not hear a sound he was making. As we passed by the completely empty living room, all i could think was this was my last night living in campbellford i had to

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    Hereford Enviromental Quality

    713 words - 3 pages

    Conclusion An increasing demand for a more relaxing atmosphere within a city centre and an increase in leisure amenities, places being pedestrianised and most importantly litter free is what the public want to see in Hereford. Our questionnaire results support this theory. The main reason for people visiting Hereford is either work or shopping. In the survey ‘How often do you visit Hereford’ the main place always visited was High Town. Furthermore in the questionnaire, High Town was considered the most pleasant street/place. In additions it also scored highly in the pedestrian count. High T

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    Someone You Hate

    374 words - 2 pages

    I can’t say I hate anyone. I was contemplating really hard on who to right about and luckily an event happened last night or better yet early this morning that made me furious with someone. My lovely friend at the time being decided to take six zanac bars and an adderall last night. Mind you he is already a pothead so he was filled with THC also. He seemed to be ok in the beginning but an hour went by and he was acting very annoying. So he went to his ex girlfriends room and tried to cuddle with her. Of course she kicks him out. So now its almost 1am in the morning and he is miserable walking

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    An Evening At Home

    1025 words - 5 pages

    AN EVENING AT HOME Pitter, Patter...It's raining. I woke up from siesta. It feels good and calm to look at the rain..Like Bill Adam says, "There is an ache in my heart and I can't tell why, something to do with the sea and the sky". I feel the same about rain. The rain always brings back memories, memories of a bygone era and brings an ache in my heart. It takes me back to my childhood days, the evenings at my home , with pa and mum. I remember walking in the evening rains, The smell of rain and the smell of earth intoxicating me. I always marvel, on seeing the rains while the sun, stil

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    Science A Boon Or Bane

    308 words - 2 pages

    he core of this topic frequents the home page of many prominent websites, the thrust being technology- more harm than good. Telling and judging by the experiences of my immediate relatives, walking does you much more good than exercising your foot on the accelerator. Agreed, cars and certain vehicles reduce the time taken to reach a place but what good does it do to YOU in person, leave alone the environmental degradation it brings about. Not only does walking bring about external transportation but better transportation of essential components within your body. It has been medi

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    Path Of Love

    561 words - 3 pages

    The Path of Love In Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path,” Phoenix Jackson is described as a feeble, old, black woman with a thin body and very wrinkled skin. Her loving, brave spirit makes her continuous fearful journey very noble and admirable. Phoenix is faced with many physical obstacles such as her old age, blindness, and hallucinations, yet she overcomes adversity with inner strength, determination, and commanding courage. Walking slowly using a cane to guide her path, Phoenix Jackson has a sense of purpose to make her long, hard trip through the woods. Although “her eyes are blue with age”

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    566 words - 3 pages

    The sunrise. What a sight. The dreary dark of the night is lifting. It is being invaded by my strong sunrays. The silver ark has finally vanished. The night finished, my stretched arms appear filling the beach like a toddler coloring in their coloring book. Not perfect but getting there. My vibrant yellow and orange rays pierce through the cold of the night seeking out the damp from under the rocks warming every crack. As I was filling the beach with warmth I noticed a beautiful looking crab scuttling across the shoreline zigzagging and darting across the golden sand, trying to get to the

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    312 words - 2 pages

    In this passage Macbeth is finally realizing the consequences of his horrific actions that he has committed through out the book. This passage is significant because the reader can see how Macbeth has changed drastically from the beginning acts to the final lines he speaks. In act one, Macbeth is a very heroic, trustworthy, and, most of all, loyal. By the end of the story he has become apathetic, emotionless, and numb. It seems that the once powerful king, turned tyrant, can only hold his position of power by oppression of the ones he once loved and cold blooded

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    The Treadmill Summary

    577 words - 3 pages

    Rebecca Solnit’s essay, “The Treadmill”, reveals a startling connection between the suburbanized world's technological advances and the deterioration of worldly experiences. Solnit claims that technology, despite having many benefits to society, may have many hidden negative effects. Solnit draws attention to various forms of technology, such as farm equipment, although her most persuasive argument is based upon the treadmill, and the simulated walking it provokes. Solnit believes this concept to be “perverse, because [she] can understand simulating farm labor, since the activities of rural l

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