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  • Weight Lifting

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    Weight Lifting I lift weights regularly; here are the reasons why. Weight lifting helps keep my body in great physical shape. When lifting weights, your heart, as a muscle, gets a workout, which in turn makes it stronger. Lifting helps build up my bones. Bones respond to lifting, making them stronger and then helping to prevent osteoporosis. Your metabolic rate increases, as lifting builds muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat. When you lift, it rips little strands of muscle tissue, and the muscles grow back bigger and stronger. This makes me stronger, and able to do

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    Guest Speaker

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    Little Green Men It appears that these little green men are the blue color working type. In two of the three pictures the little green men are hard at work lifting huge boulders. Even though lifting huge boulders doesn’t look like much fun the third pictures shows that there is always time for work and time for leisure. The third picture is of a little green man relaxing on one of the huge boulders he worked so hard to move. The look of satisfaction and great pride of the work he has achieved to move such a huge cumbersome rock fills his eyes. This little man believes the good life is a

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    OHS Risk Assessment

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    Monitor a sefe workplace OHS Risk Assessment Report Kale Dempsey Outline of the business The organization and workplace that I have chosen is Harvey Norman, located in Manly Vale. Harvey Norman is a large retailer of electrical, computer, furniture and bedding goods based in Australia. It is effectively a franchise and the main brand owned by Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd. Currently there are more than 160 Harvey Norman Stores in Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore. Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd control other Australian retail chains such as Domayne, S

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    The Art Of Tennis

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    The key for athletic success begins in the weight room. Studies have shown that athletes who participate in a strength training program are faster, quicker, and more explosive, and they have fewer injuries. Several guidelines should be followed before any athlete is permitted to start a strength training program. The main goal of a successful strength training program is to improve the movement patterns of a particular skill. This goal can be accomplished by conducting a movement analysis to determine which muscles are being used to perform that skill. For example, in football, a quarte

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