Welfare Essay Examples

  • Andy Warhol Bio

    3784 words - 16 pages

    "I just paint things I always thought were beautiful, things you use every day and never think about? I just do it because I like it. (Beckris 110) I just do it because I like it is Andy?s philosophy on life. Andy might just be the most interesting and and at the same time the most confusing individual you will ever read about. Andy?s work is like none others. His art brought common day people together and showed the impact of contemporary society and the idea of mass media on values. Andy?s father Ondrej Wharhola is best described as a bald, burly man with a bulging

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    A Farewell To Arms

    675 words - 3 pages

    In "A Farewell To Arms" by: Ernest Hemingway, American Fredric Henry and Englishman Catherine Blakely are serving in the Italian war. Fredric as a solider and Catherine as a nurse. When Fredric and Catherine first meet Fredric doesn?t think anything would come of a relationship with Catherine and Catherine was very self conscious of Fredric braking her heart. As time went by, their feelings for each other grew into a passionate love for one another and was the reason for Frederick?s desertion of the war, so that they could be together for the rest of their lives. Whe

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    After The Bomb Book Summary

    822 words - 4 pages

    After the Bomb written by Gloria Miklowitz is a thrilling novel that takes place before, during, and after a bomb which supposedly was sent from Russia by accident. L.A. and surrounding cities are all altered by the disastrous happening. Philip Singer a teenager is in a position as leader of the family. His brother Matt is awfully sick, possibly from radiation, his father was away at work during the blast and for all Philip knows he might be dead, and his mother was desperately injured and needs immediate attention. Hospitals are

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    Crime Of Passion By Barbara Huttmann

    440 words - 2 pages

    The essay ?A Crime of Compassion? was written by Barbara Huttmann. A story of love, dedication, moral values, and a nurse who loved her job and her patients very dearly. One of her patients was a young police officer who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Within six months time, he had lost his youth, two of his five senses and his ability to do anything for himself. He had stopped breathing numerous times, and each time he was resuscitated. Eventually the pain became unbearable and he begged for God to take him. Being resuscitated wasn?t what he wanted anymore, he wanted to

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    Facts Backing Up The Preamble Of The Constitution

    937 words - 4 pages

    American Government Preamble Essay By Mike Workman The essay we are writing about deals with the Preamble to the Constitution to the United States. It justifies whether or not the goals of the Preamble are upheld in the United States or if they are just in writing and not being enforced. Each student has to voice their own opinion on the matter and have to show evidence for they?re thinking. The first goal of the Preamble is to form a more perfect union. The first question about this goal that we have to answer about this goal is, Are we more u

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    Healthcare History

    2274 words - 10 pages

    The historic payment system for reimbursing hospitals both by insurers and by Medicare has been Retrospective Cost Based Reimbursement(RCBR). This system of reimbursement encourages hospitals to over charge in order to cover the costs of the uninsured who utilize the hospital. Charges have continued to rise year after year eventually putting the employers at a point where they could no longer afford the payments. For physician reimbursements, both insurers and Medicare employed the Usual and Customary(U+C) approach to reimbursement. T

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    Societys Restraint To Social Reform

    2040 words - 9 pages

    Of the many chatted words in the social reform vocabulary of Canadians today, the term workfare seems to stimulate much debate and emotion. Along with the notions of self-sufficiency, employability enhancement, and work disincentives, it is the concept of workfare that causes the most tension between it's government and business supporters and it's anti-poverty and social justice critics. In actuality, workfare is a contraction of the concept of "working for welfare" which basically refers to the requirement that recipients p

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    Drug Testing In The Workplace

    373 words - 2 pages

    Many employers are now requiring mandatory drug testing for applicants and current employees. Drug use has risen sharply over the past years and employers now need to take further precautions in order to maintain a reputable work environment. I believe this extra precaution will improve the workplace by creating a safer atmosphere, keep integrity and honesty in the staff, and eliminate many illegalities that go along with drug use in the workplace. These qualities would be further infused if drug screenings were mandatory. First, drug use has been proven to alter judgmen

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    306 words - 2 pages

    An article in Science magazine recently shouted at America’s high school teachers for “not showing students how crazy and fun science and engineering can be.” It is passages like this that make me realize how lucky I am to have developed my personal qualities, including compassion, reasoning, and work ethic, to the level of a university’s desirability. The Presidency of the Model United Nations Club seemed like a cushy job when I took over as a sophomore; I soon discovered, though, that I was mistaken. By working like a madman up to ten hours per week, I was able to plan every meeting with

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    Louisa May Alcott

    449 words - 2 pages

    Louisa May Alcott Louisa May Alcott was an American author who lived during the Civil War. She was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1832, but her family moved to Concord, Massachusetts when she was young. Her father was a philosopher and an educational reformer. Because her father could not guarantee a steady income, they moved to Boston in 1849. After they moved, Louisa felt like she should work and help support the family, and began to take any job she was offered. She soon started to work as a governess, and published her first poem in 1852, which got her onto the track of writing. Th

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    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Analysis

    1558 words - 7 pages

    The tables are turned in the ward as everyone watches Ratched in the glassed-in Nurses’ Station after her outburst. She cannot escape the patients’ stares, just as they can never escape hers. Ratched strains to regain composure for the staff meeting she called. Bromden says the fog is completely gone now. He always cleans the staff room during meetings, but after his vote, he fears that everyone will realize that he is not really deaf. He goes anyway, knowing that Ratched is suspicious of him. Doctor Spivey attempts to get the meeting started while Ratched uses silence to assert he

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    The Outsiders Plot Summary

    2165 words - 9 pages

    The main characters in The Outsiders are Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Dallas "Dally" Winston, Darrel "Darry" Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews, and Steve Randle, a gang of greasers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The story is narrated by Ponyboy, younger brother of both Sodapop and Darrel, or Darry. The three boys are orphaned after a car accident that kills their parents. Darry assumes the parental role to keep them from getting sent to different homes. Darry feels overly burdened and cannot provide all of the things they need. Although he is smart, he didn't pursue college so he could get

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    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

    659 words - 3 pages

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Have you ever sat back and examined a group of people interact before? Whether it is family, friends, or even some random people at a party; sometimes being an observer can be significant. Whatever the situation is, it can be interesting to watch. Ken Kesey wrote this book with a great deal of passion and thought. He also put a lot of emotions into it considering mostly the whole book takes place in a mental institution. The plot basically consists of a criminal, McMurphy, who acted in a deranged way in order to get out of the prison he attended. When he initi

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    Dorothea Dix One Of The Great Women Of The 1800

    1329 words - 6 pages

    Dorothea Dix – One of the Great Women of the 1800s Once in a while a truly exceptional person has made a mark on the growth of mankind. Dorothea Dix was an exceptional woman. She wrote children’s books, she was a school teacher, and she helped reform in prisons. Some of her most notable work was in the field of making mental health institutions a better place for the patients that lived in them. Dorothea Dix gave a great deal to humanity and her achievements are still being felt today, especially in the treatment of those with mental disabilities. Dix started out though with very humble begin

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    727 words - 3 pages

    shrinks??? wow...ok so like it's 2AM i can't sleep, so much is going through my mind, and mind you i've taken a muscle relaxer and a hyrdocodone for my back pain...yeah not the least bit drowsy...neways so i guess that i'm up i might as well write about some things i've come to terms with.... so what triggered all of this was my friend went to the ER today and well she called me up and wanted me to go with her being that she had a bad experience there before with a doc she hates going, so being the best friend that i am, i went over....so the ER+ME=doesn't mix, so i drove around the b

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    Death And Life

    483 words - 2 pages

    Death, we think it will never happen to us soon. Most people think they are going to die of natural causes like old age. But the reality is that death comes to us young or old, healthy or sick. People also assume there is going to be a tomorrow and procrastinate. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. My story begins when I was a little girl around eight or nine years old. I used to be a good girl in school, never fought with my little brother or sister and loved my mom a lot. But when my mom tried to show me responsibilities, like cleaning my room or washing a few dishes, I would get so

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    Effects Of Cloning

    271 words - 2 pages

    According to new studies and scientists, Method 4 should’ve prevailed over the rest. In the initial runs, this was happening. But as I continued the experiment, the theories were proven incorrect. I thought reading aloud repeatedly was going to work, because that’s what works for me. Once again I was proven wrong according to the results. Even though my results proved something wrong, my data could’ve been wrong. A number of mistakes could’ve been made and I would’ve never known. For all that I know, my subjects could have already known the material and this could affect my result

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    Poverty In A Rich Society

    1354 words - 6 pages

    The biggest obstacle to tackling poverty in Switzerland is its invisibility. When one walks the streets, one does not see poverty or beggars, and since being poor is considered shameful, people hide and are very reluctant to ask the state for money (Zarifeh). Switzerland is a very rich country, but the problem is that three percent of the inhabitants have ninety percent of the wealth, while the remaining ninety-seven percent have to share the rest. According to Regina Aeppli, a Swiss parliamentarian who has campaigned for legislation to combat poverty, the international reputation of Switzerla

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    Hiroshima The Book

    550 words - 3 pages

    Chapter One introduces the six main characters of the book, describing their activities in the minutes or hours before the explosion. On the morning of August 6, 1945, all of the characters are either engaged in their everyday activities or preparing for a possible B-29 raid. Unlike many other cities in Japan, Hiroshima has been spared any raids thus far in the war, and there are rumors that America has saved “something special” for the city. The Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto, who was educated in America, is especially anxious. He has recently volunteered to organize air-raid defenses,

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    Towards An Improved Business Impact Analysis

    604 words - 3 pages

    Introduction An emergency room in a hospital environment is basically an apartment meant to urgently cater for the resuscitation of patients rushed to the hospital. These patients are likely to drop dead if unattended to within the next fewest minutes. All apartments are simply important to make Business Impact in a private hospital where profit matters for sustenance. In the shortage of funds to cater for all the needs as a whole, there is a need to perhaps prioritize the procurements that will enable the maximum utilization of emergency room. As the name implies in some hospital that refers

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    I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

    877 words - 4 pages

    Introduction I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is a story about a 16 year old girl named Deborah Blau and her quest for mental health. She has been schizophrenic since her early childhood, but it was only when she tries to commit suicide that her parents decided to admit her to a mental hospital for treatment. Section 1 (ch.1 – ch.10) Jacob and his wife Esther take their teenage daughter (Deborah) to a mental hospital after a suicidal attempt. Sadly Jacob and Esther have to make up a story for the members of their family who cannot handle the truth of Deborah's illness. As for Suzy,

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    440 words - 2 pages

    I have recently, in the past few years, realized how much I enjoy helping people and animals grow stronger and happier. I think of volunteering as being a fun way to meet new people and a way to feel fulfilled and proud of yourself for making a difference. At ARF, a no-kill animal shelter in Walnut Creek, I help socialize cats so that they can be adopted into loving and caring homes. I enjoy doing this because it is fun and I like to contribute to rescuing and saving animals that become abused, abandoned, and homeless. I decided I wanted to volunteer at ARF because my parents don’t want pets,

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    4436 words - 18 pages

    Blindness By José Saramago Chapter 1- A man suddenly goes blind for no apparent reason. This happens while he was waiting in his car at the traffic lights. He can see only see whiteness. When the blind man's wife takes him to the ophthalmologist to have his eyes checked, the eye doctor cannot find anything physically wrong with them. A few hours later the ophthalmologist also loses his sight, as does he first blind man's wife. The white blindness is turning into an huge out break. Within days, there are hundreds of newly blind people and within a few months, the entire nation has g

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    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

    406 words - 2 pages

    The movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a story about a criminal named Randle Patrick McMurphy who is transferred to a mental instituion due to his deranged behavior. McMurphy is a charater that is described as an energetic, swaggering, wisecracking, non-conformist, rebellious patient. In the story he pretended to be mental ill in order to get out of the prision he was at for saludatory rape. There in the mental institution he meet some interesting people. First there is “Chief” Bromden whom the patients described as a "deaf and dumb Indian" "as big as a god-damn tree trunk." Believe

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    The Inheratnce Of The Nhs

    21661 words - 87 pages

    The inheritance of the NHS Of course the health service in this country did not begin in the year 1948. Many of us have associations with the between-the-wars health service; a great patchwork, a good deal of good intentions, a great deal of inadequacies. The Rt Hon Jennie Lee MP, Minister of State, Department of Education and Science (Aneurin Bevan’s widow)1 The designers of the NHS did not start with a clean sheet of paper. The service was a rationalisation of what existed, conditioned by a need to cajole rather than coerce somewhat reactionary interest groups. Some countries, such as New

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    Medication Errors

    653 words - 3 pages

    Introduction A medication error is preventable and errors can be caused by a variety of reasons. Errors in prescribing and administering medications occur at all hospitals in the United States. Medical errors result in up to 80,000 deaths each year in American hospitals. About 60 percent of all medication errors were caught before they reached the patient, and another 37 percent of all medication errors caused no harm to the patient. Three-percent of all medication errors did result in serious harm to the patient, and permanent harm occurred on 0.1 percent of all medication errors

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    Prvention Vs Treatment

    296 words - 2 pages

    There are a variety of issues that can affect the healthcare system of a country. Once I successfully complete my medical training I plan on practicing in the United States. In my opinion, by the time I enter the medical field in the U.S. the most significant issue affecting healthcare will be its rising costs due to treatment of patients. The focus of our current healthcare system is based on treatment rather than prevention. There are literally billions of dollars pumped out each year towards developing medications and healthcare equipment in an attempt to pr

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    Norwich Insane Asylum

    2452 words - 10 pages

    Norwich Insane Asylum Recent archaeological evidence from digs at the site of the abandoned Norwich State Hospital indicate that it was the site of a Native American village about 5,000 years ago. According to State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni, about 8,800 artifacts have been uncovered so far, which suggest a “unique village setting for the time.” The original asylum, dubbed the Norwich State Hospital for the Insane, was established in 1904. The site comprised two two-story buildings, one for women and one, known as Salmon Hall, for male patients. A cottage on the grounds was erec

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    Tree House Mishap

    679 words - 3 pages

    We had to rush him to the hospital, towels wrapped around his head, blood still gushing everywhere. Would you like to know what happened? Well it all started when me and my dad built a tree house about the age of 8 or 9. we had it about 75 feet off the ground, and had to find a way to get stuff up there with out carrying them up the ladder. well after a movie we watched one day, we decided to make something like a dumbwaiter, sounded like a good idea. the way we decided to do this was we took a crate, cut the bottom out of it, and attached it to another one to make it bigger. we tied a rope to

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    Poverty Project

    310 words - 2 pages

    Poverty Project The article “Studying the Quagmire of Welfare Reform” by Sharon Hays, is relevant to the poverty project in many ways. Firstly, in this article, Sharon Hays examined the experience of women in welfare reform, by visiting welfare offices and home of families in welfare. He did this, to know how families on welfare are able to get by with $350 check every month and also what exactly the Governments are doing to help these families to be off Governments dependence. In this project, we discussed about a single mother of two who worked at a daycare center and her hourly wage is

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    Ems System Abuse

    758 words - 4 pages

    System Abuse of an EMS System Every day all over the country EMS systems answer thousands of calls for help and requests for service. These range from the sprained ankle of the 10 year old who was playing sand lot football to the 20 car accident on the highway, to the request to take the elderly nursing home resident either to the hospital or back from the hospital.. Every call is important and potentially life changing. They answer these calls day in and day out, 24 hours a day with limited resources and manpower. In most large and busy EMS systems it is not uncommon to be holding and to p

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    Mc Cain

    263 words - 2 pages

    I believe John McCain should be President. He has been in Office for 26 years. Obama you can count how many years he has been in the Senate on one hand. McCain has served in our armed forces, been a POW, and understands not only how the military works in a time of war, but also understands that the middle class is who supports the pay of those in public office and also funds the entitlement programs that Obama wants to increase taxes for. McCain understands Health Care. Those that pay for healthcare should be entitled to a tax break. Just like those who receive it as a privilege get it through

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    Technology And Medical Security

    1245 words - 5 pages

    Technology and Medical Security Many health care organizations have already switched to electronic medical records (EMR) and with this new technology come the question about confidentiality. What technology threats can affect keeping records secure? What information do EMRs contain that need to be protected? How can the organization keep a patient’s medical information secure? Those questions will be answered in this paper. There are certain things to protect a computer system from hackers such as an intranet or a firewall and organizations can do things to protect their patient’s information

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    349 words - 2 pages

    Though students may not recognize the value of community service until later in life, hish schools should require community service to their students so they can feel a sense of personal accomplishment, to teach them responsibility, and to also find positive personal interests. Feeling a sense of personal accomplishment can be overwhelming and empowering. Just by giving back to your community you will have a chance to experience these aura's. The Dalton High School explains that "When an individual goes out in the world and interacts with other people in the spirit of bettering,

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    363 words - 2 pages

    Session C8. Acute Rehab Services Assessment. Adrienne Elberfeld, Black Belt, Operations Improvement department, Virtua Health. In the year 2000, Virtua Health made a strategic cultural decision as an organization to implement Six Sigma to reduce the variations throughout the organization in order to better meet the needs of their customers. Three years ago, two hospital systems merged to create Virtua. The rehabilitation departments were some of the first to integrate their services throughout the organization. The opportunity to have an integrated team of physical therapists from multiple si

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    Comber State

    361 words - 2 pages

    The narrative perspective within the story is known as first person narrative. This is due to the fact that the narrator uses the personal pronoun “I”. The state of perspective is immediate because of how the story is told, in present time not retelling a past story. The narrator was in fact a character in the story, the young girl to be exact, she played a major role in the story. Some of the characteristics of the narrator are trustworthy, risk taker, impatient and disrespectful. She is trustworthy because when the father has to go into the hospital and doesn’t want the wife to know he get

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    Merchant Of Venice

    354 words - 2 pages

    How does Portia define Mercy? She says, “the quality of merci is not strain’d”. Mercy is absolute and knows no bounds. Portia places mercy in high regards stating that mercy is the “throned monarch better than his crown”. She defines mercy as being above kings and queens; mercy is “above [the] sceptered sway”. Where the scepter is a sign of power and authority, mercy is above this power and authority. When an individual exhibits mercy, the individual is then most like God since mercy is “an attribute to God himself”. To Portia, mercy is a flavored means through which justice is served: “Merc

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    572 words - 3 pages

    Public assistance is a term for the many programs that are meant to help people out of poverty or hard times, yet some people abuse these programs and find ways to stay on public assistance for a long time. To prevent this, Welfare should be temporary. One of America's biggest misconceptions about public assistance is the people on welfare. Rita Jensen, an investigative journalist in New York City and a former welfare recipient states that “When one says 'Welfare mother' the listener hears 'black or Hispanic welfare mother.' This is a perception that leads to an ongoing racial motive

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    The American Sick Healthcare System

    1850 words - 8 pages

    I see big debate among all the candidates for the presidency, but the most time their critics focus just about their personal matter, gender, race, ethnicity, or believes. I wonder who will be the one that could make right decisions to lot of issues that Americans face in daily basis. One of the issues that close to my heart is the universal healthcare system. This issue it is one of fundamental and basic of human dignity, it is right for every citizens. According to the Census Bureau, 43.6 million Americans had no health insurance in 2002. American expansive healthcare system got thousands

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    Decatur Generals Implications

    1430 words - 6 pages

    DECATUR GENERAL’S IMPLICATIONS Everyone envision making the American Dream come true for them, as many other generations and ancestors have done before them. Many risk their lives to come and live in America. Even though, we pride ourselves as the “Land of the Free”, there is rarely anything free in America. As more undocumented Hispanics pour into the cities and towns of America, we have started to see the affect on the health care system. By providing medical care to undocumented Hispanics with little or no insurance, it is causing a financial hardship on our hospitals, more specifically D

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    A Day In The Hospital

    1501 words - 7 pages

    The halls are crowded; there is a sense of panic throughout the Intensive Care Unit of Las Palmas Medical Center. The sirens are ringing of a code blue alarm going off, sending vibrations and chills through everyone’s veins. The white halls are blinding as one walks to get a better look at the patient fighting for his life. The heart monitor seems to be going haywire as the patients’ heart is slowly coming to a halt. The nurses scream “PADDLES!” and his chest jumps in the air like a bat out of hell with the electric currents streaming through his body. This is a day in the ICU. As one watc

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    If I Could Change The World In Any Way

    698 words - 3 pages

    If I Could Change the World If I could change the world in any way, I would find a way to care for our elderly properly. With the baby-boomers getting on in age I can only hope for a better future for our loved ones. More attention must be given to the current state of available benefits and services for our aging population. Just a little more love would carry us a long way. I am currently sitting in a geriatric psychiatric hospital, my Mom is an inpatient. She has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia which is an aggressive form of the disease similar to Alzheimer’s but

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    Tma 3

    516 words - 3 pages

    1. For hospitals to be healthy places they need healthy environment. 2. The Natural Step (TNS) construction firm and the NHS financing the relocation of Princess Margaret Hospital. 3. The hospital emits 40% fewer greenhouse gases in addition to other environmental protection aspects. 4. Princess Margaret Hospital model for future hospitals to be built after its relocation (Anna Kennedy). 5. The important role of the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) engagement in building hospitals in London. 6. TNS are joining up with London NHS, the King’s Fund, London First and Consultants Brook Lyn

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    Buisness School Sop

    788 words - 4 pages

    When I completed my undergraduate degree in India, I set out for graduate study in the United States, with an obsession to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science. I call this an obsession, because I was in a small world, thinking only about advanced studies, research, and scholarships, and had no clue of the larger effect of what the United States culture was going to do to me. When I landed in the University of Kentucky at Lexington in 1992, I thought it was going to be a smooth ride, since this country was so rich, and also highly valued computer researchers. My seniors gave me th

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    Tariff Qouta And Welfare Effect

    9254 words - 38 pages

    TARIFFS, QUOTAS & WELFARE EFFECTS International trade International trade is the exchange of capital, goods and services across international boundaries or territories. In most countries, it represents a significant share of GDP. While international trade has been present throughout much of history (see Silk Road, Amber Road), its economic, social, and political importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. Industrialization, advanced transportation, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourcing are all having a major impact on

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    Best Paper Ever

    519 words - 3 pages

    Nathan LaVanchy UI 100 Pollina Tuesday Thursday 8:00am 11-12-2008 Asylums Paper Not all hospitals are for people who are physically unhealthy. Insane asylums are hospitals for the mentally unhealthy. These places are sometimes referred to as “the nut house,” a place filled with all sorts of crazy people. Insane asylums were brought about near the end of the middle ages. They are very different from the institutions we have today, and use much more advanced forms of treatment. Insane asylums are not always bad and they are needed to keep the mentally ill off the streets an

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    Leaving But Never Losing

    978 words - 4 pages

    Leaving but Never Losing When I was a kid I experienced my first loss when my goldfish Lucky died. I wasn’t prepared for it and was upset that I hadn’t played with him enough. Flushing him down the toilet was too painful. I put him in one of my mom’s old purple nylons inside a shoebox and in the ground forever. As a tear rolled down my cheek I never realized that this would be the easiest thing taken away from me. Years later, summer vacation had been going all too well. I was in Tahoe with my best friend enjoying every minute of the sun drenched days. Mornings were spent tubing, afternoon

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    Does Politics Matter

    1838 words - 8 pages

    When it comes to considering the question ‘Does Politics Matter?’ in relation to the provision of healthcare services, politics can be understood to refer to involvement of governmental and political entities in the management of healthcare structures. Globally, governments have a role to play in the provision of healthcare, the level of input can vary but the fact remains that in today’s society, politics is present in healthcare. Having recognised that it is present, the next question is whether or not this presence is significant. It comes down to a question of importance; in today’s socie

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    A True Life Hero

    1012 words - 5 pages

    A True Life Hero Ambulance sirens sound throughout the halls, people are rushing around from room to room, and the waiting room is piled up with people. This is how Lori Breaux describes a typical night in the emergency room. “I’ve been doing this for so long now you would think it would feel natural to me, but sometimes I just have to stop and take a deep breath and make sure this is all real”, she explains. Going through nursing school she wondered if it was worth all the stress, but the thought that one day she could be saving peoples’ lives kept her going. Lori started nursing schoo

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    Tyco Internatinal

    1466 words - 6 pages

    Tyco International Tyco International has had to reinvent its image in the corporate world. This report will show how Tyco International has overcome adversity to maintain its corporate integrity. One primary factor that can influence any company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning is the human factor. Tyco International understands this and strives to make certain that its employees also know this. Tyco International’s management should strive to employ the best possible personnel to manufacture products of the highest quality. Management should have training progra

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