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  • Britain Return To Gold In 1925

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    Economic History The Gold Standard, like the Exchange Rate Mechanism, ensures stable exchanges and economic discipline. Why, then, was there so many criticism of the return to gold in 1925? In March 1919, the large trade deficit and low level of gold reserves resulted in formal abandonment of the gold stand by the UK. On Apr. 28, 1925, Churchill announced in his Budget speech that there would be an immediate return to gold at pre-1913 parity. Reddaway (Lloyds Bank Review, 1970) expresses in his article that returning to gold at $4.76 was a fai

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    The economy was strong, inflation was falling, and real GNP was growing at a steady, confident pace. Corporate profits had reached historically high levels, and investors were on a buying spree in the stock market, pushing it from one record close to the next. Unemployment had fallen to a level that many economists felt was consistent with non-accelerating inflation. Expectations of inflation were abated, and the boom seemed to be poised to last for a long time, with no economic downturn in sight. At the same time, the major corporations in the US appeared to be fir

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    Economic Analysis Of Hawaii

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    Hawaii, with an area of 28,313 sq. km (10,932 sq. mi.), is the 43rd largest state in the U.S.; 6.9% of the land is owned by the federal government. It consists mainly of the Hawaiian Islands, eight main islands and 124 islets, reefs, and shoals. The major islands in order of size are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Nihau, and Kahoolawe. Population growth has increased by 80,000 persons over the past five years. Demographics show a large number of Hispanic origin: Asian Hispanics are the most populated with white Hispanic and Asian non-Hispanic following. Hawaii's economy h

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    The Fed And Interest Rates

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    Dave Pettit of The Wall Street Journal writes a daily column that appears inside the first page of the journal's Money & Investment section. If the headlines of Mr. Pettit's daily column are any accurate record of economic concerns and current issues in the business world, the late weeks of March and the early weeks of April in 1994 were intensely concerned with interest rates. To quote, "Industrials Edge Up 4.32 Points Amid Caution on Interest Rates," and "Industrials Track On 13.53 Points Despite Interest-Rate Concerns." Why such a concern with interest rates? A week before, in the

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    Theory Of Consumer Choice

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    I think that it is right to begin with the Theory of consumer choice. The above consumer has expressed his preference of choice. He has a taste for seafood which he prefers above all other types of food. This does not mean that he only eats seafood, but in line with the last two elements of the theory of consumer choice, he has shown his preference for taste and on that assumption, will do the best that he can for himself to consume as much seafood as he can. The elements of the theory which govern exactly how much seafood he will consume are the first two, namely the consumer?s

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    Labor In America

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    The Industrial Revolution was dawning in the United States. At Lowell, Massachusetts, the construction of a big cotton mill began in 1821. It was the first of several that would be built there in the next 10 years. The machinery to spin and weave cotton into cloth would be driven by water power. All that the factory owners needed was a dependable supply of labor to tend the machines. As most jobs in cotton factories required neither great strength nor special skills, the owners thought women could do the work as well as or bette

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    The Effects Of Poverty In Our World

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    All over the world, disparities between the rich and poor, even in the wealthiest of nations is rising sharply. Fewer people are becoming increasingly ?successful? and wealthy while a disproportionately larger population is also becoming even poorer. There are many issues involved when looking at poverty. It is not simply enough (or correct) to say that the poor are poor due to their own (or their government?s) bad governance and management. In fact, you could quite easily conclude that the poor are poor because the rich are rich and have the power to enforce trade agreements, w

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    Problem With American Schools

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    Education is the key to any countries economic success. For a country to be economically sound, the business and industry within that country must be financially prosperous. In today?s high tech world economy, businesses and industries need well-educated employees to prosper. Therefore, the deterioration of a countries educational system should be considered a major economic problem. Between 1965 and 1980, the performance of American students dramatically declined, the educational system fell backwards, and it is affecting today?s schools, as well as the future of the US's work

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    Social Security Reform

    2655 words - 11 pages

    The year is 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is sitting down to add another item to the new deal to try to spark the recovering economy of United States. F.D.R is creating a way to spread the wealth of the nation over the entire population. He creates the Social Security program, which takes pay out of workers' checks and pays it out to the elderly to create a means of income after retirement. This is to be paid to citizens for the rest of their lives. The system works great in theory. This system, however, will fail if certain conditions exist. For the current system to functio

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    State Intervention On Working Time In France

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    Introduction “More than in other Western European countries […], the state defines industrial relations” (Van Ruysseveldt and Visser, 1996. p.86) Many characteristics are specific to France, such as the underdeveloped system of collective bargaining, fragmented labour movement, organizational weakness of both unions and employers associations and traditional conflictual relations. But as Van Ruysseveldt said, extensive state intervention is the most important one. While the first state intrusion on working time occurred in 1841 (Jefferys, 2000. p.255), extensive interventionism seems

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    Mininum Wages

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    The debate over minimum wages in the United States, and when to raise those wages, has been in existence for decades. While business owners opt for no wage increases, workers scramble to make ends meet. Minimum wage has been an issue in the United States since as early as 1786, when a group of printers in Philadelphia walked out of their office to protest a reduction in their wages. They succeeded in securing a $6.00 a week minimum wage (Illinois Labor History Society, 4). The result of that protest can be considered the first minimum wage victory in the United States. In

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    CSR in Action? Why does McDonald’s advertise its support of the Olympics, its environmental protection activities,…in the bags?  Because some of these advertisements gives the impression to consumers that they are a good supportive company  The company is interested in attracting more long-term customers  By drawing away from the fact that there food is not healthy they put the attention on something else  The company is trying to enhance there market of corporate laws CSR: The social responsibility of corporations to enhance society’s welfare OBJECT

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    Monetary And Fiscal Policy

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    Monetary and Fiscal policy What is the difference between fiscal and monetary policy? Monetary policy is typically implemented by the central bank, and refers to actions which influence the availability and cost of money and credit, as a means of helping to promote economic growth and price stability. Tools of monetary policy include open market operations, the discount rate and reserve requirements. Fiscal policy decisions are set by the national government, and include decisions about the amount of money it spends and collects in taxes to achieve full employment and a non-inflationary ec

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    HR Ethics

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    INTRODUCTION It is a curious fact that the current surge of interest in business ethics has largely bypassed the theory and the practice of human resource management (HRM).While business as a whole is presenting itself more and more in terms of social responsibility, and employees are routinely accepted as crucial stake- holders in most business organizations, HRM practice continues to affirm its significance for corporate profitability and prefers to distance itself from its traditional welfare image. It is, therefore, timely to revisit the subject of ethics in employment with respect to

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    Environmental Analysis Of Comerica Inc

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    Environmental Analysis: The Banking Industry Banks have existed longer than money has. It evolved from a community making deposits which consisted of grain and later other goods including cattle, agricultural implements, and eventually precious metals such as gold, in the form of easy-to-carry compressed plates to a global phenomenon. ( The banking industry now has evolved to do so much more than what it originated from, it now plays a crucial role in the ecnonomy. Banks in reality do not create new wealth , but the stability of the banking industry is very closely linked to th

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    Initiatives For A Stronger Lesotho Economy

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    Because of the noticeable impact that policies from America, Europe, and international organizations such as the World Trade Organization have demonstrated over the economy of Lesotho over the past two decades, and onto the future, the World Bank would like to lend its support. Currently, the structure of the Lesotho economy consist mainly of agriculture, the textile industry, and water exports, with agriculture accounting for approximately 20% percent of GDP and textiles for 45% to 50% percent. Unfortunately, the agriculture practices have been considered unsustainable and at present 86% pe

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    Inflation Economy Phenomenon

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    Introduction Recent years witnessed a serious inflation economy phenomenon incurred in our country. Since the fist half year of 2007, nearly all the foodstuff has raised its price as twice as it was before. The macro economy circumstance is that all the goods raise the price and the whole economy is too hot. Not only the price of the necessity for life is higher than before, but house prices have escalated rapidly as well. And the stock market is hot of all time. As it is reported, the Shanghai Stock Index reached to 6000 point by the date of Dec. 11, 2007, and it is still keep increasing.

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    The Gilded Age

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    The "Gilded Age" is an accurate name for the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Gild refers to something that is gold plated, and in this case is a metaphor and describes how this age may appear attractive, but underneath the deceptive layer of gold lays an unforgiving reality. The technological advances in this time period did not reverse the low standard of living for the everyday person. Businessmen in this age made advances not for humanity, but to make themselves millionaires and billionaires. Not only were the economic and social balances disrupted, but also the governmen

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    Economic Development Of India And China

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    1.0 Introduction India and China are both vast countries just opening to development, filled with opportunity and risk for private equity investors. Inevitably, the two countries' rising economic fortunes invite debate over which offers the better climate for investment. Yet China and India, despite their massive populations and growing importance, are quite different. Their economic structures, sources of growth, areas of competitive advantage, and the impact they have will remain different in the coming years. Today, many global business leaders believe that they must have a strategy for

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    Getting fired is one of the most feared events in corporate America today. No one wants to go home to their wife and kids and tell them that they do not have a job anymore and no longer have a source of income. It is embarrassing, life changing, and overall depressing and draining for the person involved. This does not only affect the person laid off but also the employees who survived and in turn the company’s performance itself. The person laid off is now unemployed and insecure, survivors are confused and don’t know what to think, and the organizations performance is initially greatly affec

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    Bait And Switch

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    Introduction The book that I chose to read was “Bait and Switch” by Barbara Ehrenreich. This book appealed to me because of the fact that it focuses on the people with higher education, good resumes, and lots of experience that are still unable to find steady employment to meet the needs that they have. I found myself agreeing with much of the information that was presented in the book because I find myself in a similar struggle as I sit here writing this. As a student, I will be completing my degree in approximately two weeks and as I search for jobs, I find that there is really not much ou

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    American Economy 2005 2007

    2822 words - 12 pages

    Over the past three years American government has seen some changes in its economy that were influenced not only by the economical but as well political and environmental factors. We will study the development of economic factors such as, inflation, unemployment, growth, balance of payments and the overall well being of the population and how the wealth of the nation was distributed, on the period going from November 2004 to November 2007. The steady economy is always growing and developing at a slow pace, which allows us to see that the Starting 2004, President G.W. Bush was reelected for a s

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    Social Secuirty

    1685 words - 7 pages

    Fixing the Social Security Deficit Social security was one of the greatest moral achievements of the 20th century. It provides a critical foundation of income for retired and disabled workers. Social security was a plan instated because of the great depression to help those in need for money to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Times were extremely rough, people struggled to feed their families, children went hungry, and many of the elderly perished because they were malnourished and had no financial basis on which to rely on. The name social security fits its own description, for it helps to sec

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    4092 words - 17 pages

    INTRODUCTION This report assesses the current performance of the Australian economy, and makes predictions for the coming year, 2008. Our analysis focuses on the domestic economy, on the one hand, and international factors that affect the Australian economy. The report is divided into two broad sections, reflective of this dual focus. We begin our analysis by looking at the current national accounts and balance of payments. Snapshots of two domestic sectors – housing and the government sector – are provided, as a point of focus for the domestic economy. We assess specific indicators

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    Global Communications

    1456 words - 6 pages

    Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification In this situation excessive competition in the telecommunications business caused Global Communications beneath economic stress to go into the international market. Global Communications was a booming telecommunications business that headed the market. On the previous three years, the company’s accomplishment has started to wane because of the insistent competition with cable businesses presenting new equipments and recommending ease for their customers. This has brought about a stock decline of 50%. Consequently, the company has produc

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    Ticket Cases

    2304 words - 10 pages

    INTRODUCTION The task given to us in this question falls in the category of UNSIGNED DOCUMENTS – THE “TICKET” CASES. According to my view, ticket cases are those cases in which you are legally bound in a contract even though you do not formally sign a contract in person. Such type of situation often arises at public places like car parks, public transport, etc. In this situation the dockets or the tickets in terms of public transport, are the proof of evidence that you are in a contract and legally liable for misconduct. The terms and conditions would have been mentioned on the docket it

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    Unemployment In The United States And Italy

    1690 words - 7 pages

    One macroeconomics parameter of interest is that of unemployment. Unemployment is a term referring to the inability for workers who are willing to work to find gainful employment. Gainful employment implies that a reasonable profit should be derived from it by the worker(s). The level or degree of unemployment in a nation is one measurement and indicator of the economic health of the country (What is Unemployment). There are a wide range of many factors that can negatively affect the unemployment rate of a country. Some of these include corporate downsizing, mergers, implementation of automati

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    Poverty In America

    1054 words - 5 pages

    Four decades after President Lyndon Johnson called for a "War on Poverty," poverty remains a major issue in the United States. Taken as a whole, the United States is one of the world's wealthiest countries, and undoubtedly even many Americans whom we would regard as poor live better than hundreds of millions of people in the world's poor nations. However, the US has a poverty rate that is strikingly high in comparison to other post industrial countries. According to official government figures, 11 percent of Americans live in poverty, and many experts consider the real poverty rate to be hi

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    1232 words - 5 pages

    Demand-Pull Inflation and Natural Unemployment Inflation can simply be defined as a persistent and appreciable rise in the general price level of prices. There are two kinds of inflation that can evolve. They are (i) Demand-pull inflation and (ii) Cost-push inflation. Depending on the economic situation of a country there are different factors that contribute to inflation. Each cause has its own cost and effect. Monetary Causes of Inflation The monetary causes for inflation are: 1. Over expansion of money supply 2. Excessive expansion of bank credit in a country 3. A high level of

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    2305 words - 10 pages

    INTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE The purpose of this report is to investigate the reasons for low morale amongst older workers (aged 45 years and above) at FJ Red Private Limited and recommend measures to build and maintain the morale of our valued older workers. 1.2 BACKGROUND FJ Red Pte Ltd is in the retail business dealing in home appliances, electronics and furniture. It has a current employee strength of 120. A people oriented company since establishment, morale and welfare of staff has always been amongst our priorities. A preliminary internal inquiry done by the human resource

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    The Revolution In Information Technology

    3065 words - 13 pages

    The Revolution in Information Technology ''In the last few years it has become increasingly clear that this business cycle differs in a very profound way from the many other cycles that have characterised post-World War II America. Not only has the expansion achieved record length, but it has done so with economic growth far stronger than expected. Most remarkably, inflation has remained largely subdued in the face of labour markets tighter than any we have experienced in a generation. A key factor behind this extremely favourable performance has been the resurgence in productivity grow

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    Australian Government In The Contemporary Economy

    2161 words - 9 pages

    Evaluate the effectiveness of Australian Government economic policies in achieving their objectives. The government implements an economic policy mix involving macroeconomic and microeconomic policy in order to achieve their objectives. The three main objectives include: • Internal stability – low inflation (price stability) and full employment • External stability – stable exchange rate, a sustainable level of foreign debt and the current account deficit (CAD)  • Economic growth Other government objectives include equal distribution of income and environment

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    Macroeconmic Policy In Australia

    3022 words - 13 pages

    Macroeconomic management is the use of government polices to influence the economy with the aims of reducing large fluctuations in the level of economic activity and the achievement of certain objectives. It is comprised of both Monetary and Fiscal policies, which operate with the aim of managing and achieving economic growth, low inflation, full employment, external balance, an equitable distribution of income and wealth and ecologically sustainable growth. Over the past decade, there has been a shift in emphasis from fiscal policy to monetary policy, which has been seen to be more effective

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    3377 words - 14 pages

    In the long run inflation is generally believed to be a monetary phenomenon while in the short and medium term it is influenced by the relative elasticity of wages, prices and interest rates.[1] The question of whether the short-term effects last long enough to be important is the central topic of debate between monetarist and Keynesian schools. In monetarism prices and wages adjust quickly enough to make other factors merely marginal behavior on a general trendline. In the Keynesian view, prices and wages adjust at different rates, and these differences have enough effects on real output to b

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    A Look Into Outsourcing

    1535 words - 7 pages

    For several years now, some American politicians have sited the outsourcing of American jobs as a threat to America’s economy. Some of these politicians claim outsourcing of American jobs to be a major problem for American workers and the American economy. The outsourcing of American jobs to other countries has become a growing issue in politics, but not in America, as they would like us to believe. According to the election-year speeches of politicians, the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries has become a monumental problem. Fortunately, their fear is misguided. Offshore outsourc

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    Ecenomic Indicators

    1852 words - 8 pages

    Economic indicators help us to track or predict the success of our economy. They help us to see where the economy is and where it’s heading. Macroeconomic objectives can conflict with each other and thus affect the results produced by the indicators. There are thousands of economic reports released from Australia; some are watched by the market more so than others, these are called the key economic indicators. An economic indicator is a statistic about the economy. Economic indicators allow the analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. • Economic Indicator Cat

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    Contract Law

    3325 words - 14 pages

    Part A Issues: 1. Are the essential terms of the contract complete? 2. Where the agreement is incomplete in part, can the option clause be sufficiently complete to be enforceable (by specific performance)? Authority: 1. A contract will fail for incompleteness if an essential element is excluded . This is highlighted in Fraser Edmiston Pty Ltd v AGT , where no contract was established as essential terms were omitted. In, King’s Motors (Oxford) Ltd v Lax , the option to renew the lease at a rent to be agreed was declared void because it excluded the price (the court was unable to discer

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    Inflation Control

    4525 words - 19 pages

    Inflation Control Hyper inflation has plagued most of the world's developing countries over the past decades. Countries in the industrialised world, too, have at times duelled with dangerously high inflation rates in the post WWII era. With varying degrees of success, all have employed great efforts to bring their inflation rates within acceptable limits. Generally, a moderate rate of inflation has been the ultimate goal. More recently, however, a few countries have pursued policies that strive to eradicate inflation altogether through complete price stability. This has proven to be a c

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    9895 words - 40 pages

    PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY POOR ABSTRACT Nearly 60 years from independence it is shameful for a country if the word “poverty” does not lose its currency. What is the life force of this word that despite of several attacks reign cheerfully? Now it is time to question the ways by which the poverty has been measured and countered. The reliance on governmental measures and control has been decried. On the other hand, the experts and scholars are not unanimous in their views. Their suggestions are inadequate and unheard by the appropriate authorities to alleviate poverty. In the mean ti

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    1432 words - 6 pages

    Executive Summary John and Mary Jordan are a typical couple with expectations to retire in three years at the age of 65 and live comfortably. They would like to spend time traveling, visiting their grandchildren and on the golf course. They are in the process of planning for their retirement. They have already established an investment portfolio, a 401(k) through John’s company, and IRAs for each of them. The Jordan’s have also set $60,000 (in today’s dollars) as the amount they would need per year at retirement. Taking an average of four percent inflation over the next three years into

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    Would Increasing The Minimum Wage Force The Hand Of Small Businesses

    2427 words - 10 pages

    The federal minimum wage has not been increased since the enactment of the Small Business Job Protection Act in 1996. Would increasing the minimum wage force the hand of small businesses? Would small businesses succumb to hiring less qualified employees (welfare recipients) so they can receive tax breaks and deductions for property leases? How should small business owners handle an increased minimum wage? What additional changes would small business owners make with the increase to the minimum wage law? The Small Business Act states that a small business concern is "one that is indepe

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    4111 words - 17 pages

    INFLATION Inflation can be defined as a rise in the general price level and therefore a fall in the value of money. Inflation occurs when the amount of buying power is higher than the output of goods and services. Inflation also occurs when the amount of money exceeds the amount of goods and services available. As to whether the fall in the value of money will affect the functions of money depends on the degree of the fall. Basically, refers to an increase in the supply of currency or credit relative to the availability of goods and services, resulting in higher prices. Therefore, inflatio

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    Performance Of The Aust Economy

    2217 words - 9 pages

    Executive Summary The purpose of this report was to evaluate the performance of the Australian economy over the last five years (2003-2008). To critique the performance of the economy, the five economic objectives of the Australia economy were used as criteria in judging its performance. The five economic objectives are: • Economic growth • Full Employment • Price Stability • External Balance • Standards of Living Australia’s position in the trade cycle was also examined. After extensive analysis of the criteria, this report concluded that Australia’s biggest problems lie in price sta

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    Minimum Wage Position Paper

    1316 words - 6 pages

    The federal minimum wage should not be raised to $10.00 an hour. Occupations that pay only the minimum wage are meant to lead on to lifetime careers or higher levels of employment, which offer higher wages. To the naked eye, it may seem that raising the minimum wage would help people in poverty with limited job skills afford the necessities of life as we know it, but raising the minimum wage would ultimately be detrimental to their life. As employers would be forced to pay their employees more, they would encounter several issues involving payroll and product pricing. Raising the minimum wage

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    Ocean Carriers

    1020 words - 5 pages

    Ocean Carriers The question is to help Linn to decide if it should commission a new ship for delivery in early 2003. To make the decision, we should estimate the project’s NPV to see whether it’s positive or negative. Assumptions: You can use 9% for the cost of capital for Ocean Carriers, and 35% as the corporate tax rate in the US and 0% in Hong Kong (for owners of Hong Kong registered ships). 1. cost of the ship The ship would cost $39 million, with 10% of the purchase price payable immediately and 10% due in a year’s time. The balance would be due on delivery. 2001: $3.9million

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    Liquidated Damages And Intriem Funding

    1257 words - 6 pages

    A - What is meant by the term liquidated damages? (13 marks) B - In what circumstances might you use a LD clause? (7 marks) A- A liquidated damages (LD) clause within a contract is meant to achieve delivery/completion times and to motivate the supplier to achieve this. For failure on his part (breach of contract) will make him liable to pay compensation for his this failure. Such compensation being a genuine pre-estimate of loss to the contracting authority. Compensation, for example may be for loss of time, I.e. staff standing idle, or perhaps accommodation that can't be utilise

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    Stopping Development At Hastings Point Persuasive Essay

    1448 words - 6 pages

    Special Interest Group: Earth Watch Institute Australians have always had a love affair with the beach and its surroundings and family trips to the beach are an Australian tradition. This tradition was crafted quite easily as Australia’s coastline stretches more than 45,000 km and is home to more than 10,000 beaches, more beaches than any other nation in the world (Australian Government, 2008). One of those beaches is currently under attack by commercial property developers. It has been proposed by an International Consortium that a five star resort be built at Hastings Point in Northern New

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    1556 words - 7 pages

    Macroeconomic Issues Question 1 Assuming no changes in Government spending, taxes and the money supply, explain, with the help of suitable diagrams, why aggregate demand depends negatively on the price level. AD = C + I + G + (X – M) While there are no changes in government spending, taxes and the money supply, (law of demand) aggregate demand depends negatively on the price level. The effect of law of demand is illustrated in the graph above. When price level rises, quantity falls; while P moves upwards to P1, Q shifts to the left, Q1. As price rises, consumers are not so w

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    Critical Overview Of The Chapter Foreign Trade Balance

    2113 words - 9 pages

    BALANCE OF TRADE, a term in economics belonging originally to the period when the "mercantile theory" prevailed, but still in use, though not quite perhaps in the same way as at its origin. The "balance of trade" was then identified with the sum of the precious metals which a country received in the course of its trading with other countries or with particular countries. There was no doubt an idea that somehow or other the amount of the precious metals received represented profit on the trading, and each country desired as much profit as possible. Princes and sovereigns, however, with politica

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    Harrison Keyes

    2111 words - 9 pages

    Contract Creation and Management Span Systems is one of the leading and most prestigious banking software companies located in California. Span Systems develops custom e-banking software. The company is valued at $85 million. Kevin Grant is the Director with Harold Smith being the Transaction Attorney. Span Systems was approached by Citizen-Schwarz AG (C-S) to develop a Java-based transaction processing software program. C-S is a German bank located in Stuttgart and has revenues in excess of $20 billion. Leon Ther is the Outsourcing Director for C-S. Span Systems and C-S signed a one y

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